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Gaithersburg, MD

#1 Mar 29, 2013
How can so called men make a child and then just go on about their life and act as if its no concern to them at all?

United States

#2 Mar 29, 2013
Well its time to forget him all u need to do is go to court and make him pay that's all there worth. If its this bad already u have no future with the sperm donor GET OUT NOW

Charlottesville, VA

#3 Mar 30, 2013
First, take them to court and have a judge make them pay child support.

Second, keep your panties on and or get on birth control before you make a child with someone you know is not 100% committed to a long term relationship.

When you sleep with dogs you will get fleas!

Post their name so other women will know the dog!
who you kidding

Ardsley, NY

#4 Mar 30, 2013
Funny wrote:
First, take them to court and have a judge make them pay child support.

Second, keep your panties on and or get on birth control before you make a child with someone you know is not 100% committed to a long term relationship.

When you sleep with dogs you will get fleas!

Post their name so other women will know the dog!
Courts a joke anymore. Scot Vanhoozer is over $10,000 dollars behind and still walking the streets.

Gaithersburg, MD

#5 Mar 30, 2013
Court is a joke! And try $40, 000 and still on the streets. Also we were married for 6 years before we ever had any kids so panties on is not the issue at hand!

Richlands, VA

#6 May 8, 2013
Nick Matthew " WOODLE " WORST FATHER INB THE WORLD. I heard he told his daughter to sit on her porch he was coming to see her. 5 hours later baby stilkl on pourch crying her little eyes out and refusing to go in saying my daddy is coming. Tabatha why keep trying to let this man be apart of Kamilyas life she is to precious to put up with that BS she don't need him in her life !!!! HE IS NOT WORTH IT !!!!!!

Falls Church, VA

#7 May 9, 2013
Ricky fields is another one.....6,000 behind!!!

Richlands, VA

#8 May 9, 2013
I know exactly what ya'll mean & it's not as easy as just going to court. My ex-husband is 10s of thousands of $'s behind & still no jail time. All they did was take his license. In my case I couldn't just put my foot down when he didn't show up, he took me to court when I wouldn't let him see the kids. The judge didn't seem to care if he had missed months & months of visitation. He didn't care that it was hurting my children terribly each time he ditched them. It's a fucking joke trying to get the courts in Tazewell County to hold these deadbeat dads/moms accountable.

North Tazewell, VA

#9 May 9, 2013
stop bitching and complaining. The only people i feel sorry for are the ones who have been and had children and have gotten divorced. All you others shouldnt have spread your legs and got knocked up. point blank. thats a dead beat mother in my opinion.
Fed up

Richlands, VA

#10 May 9, 2013
What about dead best mom's? Leave their kids for someone else to raise.

Since: Apr 13

United States

#11 May 10, 2013
Paul 'Bo' Osborne is another deadbeat dad too!!!

Tazewell, VA

#12 May 10, 2013
Chad Griffey Is a major deadbeat
you know

Richlands, VA

#13 May 12, 2013
M. Howell, you know who you are.
good single man

United States

#14 May 12, 2013
My case to except it's my sons mom that's the dead beat I've had full custody for almost 4 years and haven't seen a dime of support and they haven't fine anything about it

Richlands, VA

#15 May 13, 2013
You sound like a really good man. I give you props for taking care of your son like a real man should instead of pawning him off on your mother. I don't know your situation but I can tell you as a mother that ANY woman who would walk off & leave her child needs to have her a** beat. Being a single parent is hard work. Everyone seems to think that it's easy to get child support if you go to court. How wrong they are. I got 1 payment in almost 5 years. ONE. That's all. My ex-husband got a suspended jail sentence and the judge postponed our hearing for 9 months!! That means he gets away with it for almost another year!!! Honestly, I don't care if he ever pays any support. All I want is for him to sign his rights away. I hope everything works out for you. I hope you get back to work soon. Good Luck honey, you're going to be just fine if you keep doing what you're doing.

Floyd, VA

#16 May 13, 2013
thank you and your right it is hard being a single parent we had our son while we was married nice house everything then one day she decides she don't want to do it anymore I don't understand how anyone can just walk away from a child like that

Richlands, VA

#17 May 13, 2013
I don't either. As a woman I just can't imagine how after carrying a child for 9 months you could just walk away!! It sounds like you all had a decent life. If she wanted to quit you that's one thing but you don't quit your child. It makes me so mad everytime I think about a deadbeat dad/mom.
Anon Y Mous

Bumpass, VA

#18 May 26, 2013
As I sit here and look through this thread, all it appears to me is that some women come in here to complain that "yo man no good, he not pay his moneyz" but yet, you allowed to get yourself in this situation with that person, you most likely seen traits in him that you knew would lead to this, but yet, lets have a kid with him, that seems like an amazing idea.

However, its not only men who are the "deadbeats", as "good single man" said. Lets talk about the women who do receive there child support only to turn that money around and use it for themselves and others around them instead of the children. O, even worse, leave the child with the dad and do not go any further with them and refuse to pay child support because they are the mother, those are some real deadbeat qualities if you ask me.

But, to all of you women (and men, for the matter), the ones who do not come to an "internet forum" to complain and bash the other person online, are the ones who are really the bigger people in this situation. People who decide to come on here and post that other people are deadbeats, by name worst of all, are also the deadbeats. Keep quiet and go to your local offices and go through those means, if you don't like it, tough.

Child support in America is a shallow and jaded beast in this country. Child support should be more regulated, and just handled better than it is right now, but will it happen though? Not for a very long time, not until we get over this fascination that "single parents are so helpless and strong at the same time" feel we have in this country.
u r clueless

Richlands, VA

#19 May 26, 2013
Clearly you have never gone to the "local offices" to get child support have you? Do you have kids? When you write a bad check at some businesses they post your name with the hopes that it will embarrass you enough to fix the problem. Deadbeat parents should have their names posted in the Busted Paper and the Booked section of The Voice. It takes a real loser to walk off and leave their child and then not bother to make the measly support payment. Nobody on here said it was just men, that's why the thread is called "deadbeat parents" not deadbeat dads...I know a lot of single parents and none of them have this "helpless" mentality that you speak of. You don't have a clue about single parents or collecting child support.
Anon Y Mous

Bumpass, VA

#20 May 26, 2013
Pretty sure the thread name is Deadbeat Dads there, Clueless.

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