da vargason is corrupt

da vargason is corrupt

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Billie Jo Kuczynski

United States

#1 Nov 2, 2006
When election day comes please please vote Tom Leone in for judge in Cayuga County. James Vargason is very crooked and always has been. His very first case as DA he locked up my INNOCENT brother Roy Brown. We have pleaded with Vargason to allow Roy to have the DNA testing that would prove Roy’s claim of innocence. He continuously refused until the Innocence Project got involved in the case. Even though the law said Roy could have the testing Vargason still refused. There was also a point in all of this where some hidden statements were uncovered that proves who the real killer was. Vargason said these statements wouldn’t have made a difference in Roy’s trial. On Sept. 13, 2006 all the remaining evidence in Roy’s case was submitted to a lab for the DNA testing to be performed. The lab was given 30 days to get the results back. Well here we are 50 days later and we still have not gotten the results. The results of the DNA testing first goes to Vargason. He in turn informs Roy’s attorney and Judge Corning of the results. Well would the lab really run this far behind when a court order gave them 30 days to complete the test? In my opinion NO. Besides if they were running behind wouldn’t the judge want to know why? This next statement is based solely on my opinion but it seems to be the only logical explanation. Vargason has had the results for days or maybe even weeks. He is sitting on them until after the election is over so no one will know he knowingly sent an innocent man to prison when he started his career. I’ll bet a million dollars that when we can finally view the results that there will be a date on them from before the election. C’mon a few months back when Vargason was forced into allowing us to have testing done on 2 pieces of evidence that he knew contained no DNA on them he ran to the media the second he got the results saying the testing was inconclusive. This time he is hoping to deceive the people in Cayuga County. Don’t be that fool. Please cast your vote for Leone. I have only heard good things about him and I would rather have a judge like him than some crooked son of a bitch like Vargason. He started his whole career out as District Attorney by locking up an innocent man. He is very proud that he won his first case and locked Roy up. He brags about it in the media every chance he gets. Well I can’t wait to see him eat crow when he has to face up to the fact that his career was started out on lies. If he was elected judge just think of how many innocent people he will do this very same thing to. Vargason doesn’t care about justice he just cares that he wins a case, no matter how crooked he has to be to do it. He wants desperately to be judge as he knows that Roy’s future release is going to show what he has personally done in this case. There will be no shot that he will be reelected as DA next year. He has to jump in and become judge now before the results come out or he will no longer hold a legal position for Cayuga County. If he can deceive enough voters then not only does he stay a part of the crooked legal system of Cayuga County but he becomes the head of it all. What he is really asking the voters for is to give him more power to manipulate the county for his own personal gain. Don’t vote for him now and what’s more definetly don’t vote to reelect him as DA next year!!
New Yellow Lines

Fairport, NY

#3 May 23, 2009
Actually, I just heard a rumor on Friday during my lunch break about this case. CCDA Jon Budelmann and about 1/2 dozens officers with the Auburn Police Department, including the leadership of the detectives office, the chief of police and his deputy, are under investigation for being bribed by Lee Enterprises, which owns The Citizen.

The APD and DA's also are helping Lee with several ongoing felony fraud cases that have kept Lee busy for a while.

Even some judges in Auburn, such as the current sitting city judge, have helped Lee, APD and the DAs. The city judge, I was told, is helping his pals in the DAs and APD with the case instead of reporting the case to higher authorities.

We all agreed, things are not looking good here.
Real Estate Agents Little

Fairport, NY

#4 May 23, 2009
Former Cayuga County DA James Vargason was the first to authorize the agreement. Like with Roy Brown, Jim withheld evidence and also notified Lee and APD that his office would go along with the fraud and help Lee with its fraud and in return Lee bribed the DAs and APD.

Since Jon took over, like Jim, Jon also is using his office to help Lee with a fraud case. In return, Lee bribed Jon and so Jon refuses to stop the fraud being committed by Lee because Jon was bribed.
Sick of Cayuga County

Galeton, PA

#5 Dec 16, 2009
Leone ... the current judge has allowed my children to have visitation with a SEX OFFENDER. Cayuga County only gave this sex offender 4 months in jail ... yet, he's a level 3 and allowed to be around children.

Rome, NY

#6 Dec 22, 2009
Sick of Cayuga County,
Pics or didn't happen sucker.
New corrupt judge

Alden, NY

#7 Jan 12, 2010
The story at the court house is Judge Leone was fully informed recently of corruption between Budelmann and his corrupt friends at the Auburn Police Department, but he is covering for these guys so The Citizen news paper will support him. And Leone worked with some of the police, Doug Parker and Lt. Shawn Butler, and he doesn't want to be the guy to report them and get them indicted for fraud and tampering with evidence.
joey m

Somerville, MA

#8 May 11, 2010
Let's not forget the corrupt State Troopers in Waterloo , NY. Trooper Kenneth Smith works with and is on the take with criminals. He takes dirty money knowing the people giving the money are crooks. Kenneth L. Smith should be in jail- behind, not in front of bars.

Jacksonville, FL

#10 Apr 7, 2011
I just watched a program about Roy Brown and how he was wrongfully convicted by Vargason. How in the hell can you prosecute a murder with bite mark evidence from a man who is missing two front teeth? I don't know how this man sleeps as night. I am shocked. Any idiot could have figured this out, except for the auburn police, da vagason, and the judge. I believe this person vargason is a horrible human being and should be prosecuted for his actions for railroading an innocent man who could have potentially died in prison for his own political career. SHAME ON YOU! If this is how Cayuga County and the Auburn Police run their area of the country, they don't need any tourist dollars from me or anyone else. Sounds like there needs to be some MAJOR house cleaning up there.

Rochester, NY

#11 Jun 25, 2011
Cayuga County District Attorney Jon E. Budelmann is a criminal. When this criminal finds evidence that would raise doubt, this criminal hides it with the help from his criminal friends, such as Auburn Police Sergeant Joseph DiVietro. Don't forget this criminal's campaign manager is evidence supervisor for Auburn police, Auburn Police Sergeant Joseph DiVietro.

When Auburn Police Chief Gary Giannotta and Auburn Police Deputy Chief Thomas Murphy need evidence to disappear, Budelmann the perjurer and Auburn Police Sergeant Joseph DiVietro to hide the evidence.

Judge McKeon, city judge for Auburn, knows of specific trials where the criminal Budelmann withheld evidence, but being McKeon has the ethical standards of a criminal, he did nothing. In return, the judge is bribed by local media.
other judges

Rochester, NY

#12 Jun 25, 2011
The other judges in Cayuga County are as corrupt. When these degenerate liars, aka, Cayuga County judges, hear that the criminal Cayuga County District Attorney Jon E. Budelmann hides evidence, these corrupt judges make one excuse after another or just refuse to acknowledge the criminal activity of Cayuga County District Attorney Jon E. Budelmann.

Judge McKeon and his corrupt pal judges knowingly ignore perjury and then invite perjurers to their houses to help get them reelected.

Right guys. You can admit it. Budelmann perjures himself with the Auburn police and the judges in Auburn and Cayuga County bury their heads.

Saranac Lake, NY

#13 Jun 29, 2011
look at roy brown now.... hero to the max if I might add.
Washington Jackson

Shelbyville, IN

#14 Aug 2, 2011
the lawyers in that city are corrupt. Judges, DAs, city cops, city paper: All wrapped up in corruption.

Judges ignore the corruption and make endless excuses.

I bet Budelmann withheld evidence in the city cop case. Wasn't Jon and Vargason involved in a scheme with the city paper & and parent company?

Ithaca, NY

#15 Sep 15, 2011
Vargason; something for you to think about son.

[i][1]11-09-14 List of Incidents of Civil Unrest in the United States _ Wikipedia

Moron nomorecorruption

Penn Yan, NY

#16 Nov 17, 2011
Hey nomorecorruption,

Don't call me your son. I ain't your mother, you commie loser.

Here is something for you to think about,:


chris murphy

Perrysburg, OH

#18 Feb 24, 2013
I know nothing about the Monson case, but I searched the internet with anything at all related to the most dishonest, corupt, prosecutor I've ever hear about in my life. I have to somehow, some where, express my disgust at what I saw on television last nite in reference to Jim Vargason's prosecution of of an innocent man named, Roy Brown. According to what I watched on CNN on Feb 23, he boldly, knowingly, FRAMED Mr. Brown for a crime he knew he didn't commit simply because he could. He withheld evidence which would have absolutely exonerated him and, worse yet, let a dangerous man who he knew committed the crime. Finally, after I believe about a dozen years, this innocent man was released from prison after the Innocence Project made public campaign to out the real story. Just amazing that this poor man was inprisoned while this sick prosecutor knew for all those years that he was in there for a crime he didn't commit. How could this of happened? Especially in New York? Just outrageous and disgusting. Why isn't he in jail? He is lower than any meth head who goes around robbing people, at least they have some underlying issue, this man is just a pig and will certainly have to answer for it one day. If he has kids, one day, they'll know the truth, they should be so proud... wow, people like him make me ill. Mr. Brown is more of a man than that clown will ever be, who cares about the socioeconomic status, Mr. Browns character is loads above this scum bag.
chris murphy

Perrysburg, OH

#19 Feb 24, 2013
ROY BROWN: I hope you sue that scum bag poor excuse for a lawyer who stole so many years of your life. He should be in prison for knowingly putting you in prison the entire time, all twelve plus years, knowing who the real killer was, withholding evidence. Why isn't he rotting in prison. No surprise to discover he was a republican. No democrat would ever do something so dispicable. We care about the regular Joe. He is just another example why the GOP is dying, and will NEVER hold another national office again, and if it wasn't for gerrymandering, wouldn't even hold a congressional office outside the south. That man is lower than pond scum and I hope Roy Brown sues him for everything he has. But, it's not like the justice system is fair, the rich always get away with their crap. But, in the next life, he'll get his.
Larry Franklin

Falmouth, ME

#20 Jun 26, 2013
My best to Roy Brown. Just the opposite to Judge Peter Corning and District Attorney James Vargason. The Bite mark "specialist" and the police can also join Corning and Vargason as gentlemen who probably flunked Kindergarten!.

Baldwinsville, NY

#21 Jun 16, 2017
people Seneca county is t like cauyuga

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