Where and who is Charles Norton?????
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Since: Mar 12

Cave City, KY

#22 Jul 6, 2012
It looks as if Charles Norton is a conversation of the past.At least now I am finally learning who Charles Norton really is.I can say that I honestly can't believe anything he says but I have always been told you can learn more from actions than you can from words.This is so very true about all of us but mostly YOU.That pretty much tells me who Charles Norton really is and I already know he is awaiting trial in jail in Galliton Tn.

I yet to wonder though WHO drove him to the car lot?
Who drove away when he walked up the street to the car lot????? Maybe the street cameras will show it in court???

Glasgow, KY

#23 Aug 14, 2012
Charles drove himself to the car lot. He parked his truck at a nearby business and walked onto the car lot. Dunno what you're trying to say here, but judging by the way you capitalized YOU and made that last comment about who it was who took him, etc etc, you are implying he had an accomplice. He did not. After all this time you are still listening to him...girl, I feel for your heartbreak, I truly do. But you aren't using your head. I'd also be willing to bet that while he's filling your head with non-sense, he neglected to mention anything at all about the letters he's been sending to the one girl who really did stop listening and speaking to him. It's your life, you can do whatever you choose, but you are making it decidedly harder on yourself by continuing contact with him. You know why he's still talking to you? Because he's gonna need the same thing this time that he did when you met him- a friend who is not in jail to keep money on his books,keep a phone card to call all his other girlfriends, and a warm bed to sleep in just in case he gets out again. I'm not trying to be mean here, i'm saying this to you woman to woman, and as a friend. Learn from your past. Lying about everything he's ever been, done, etc etc is NOT just words- lying itself is just as much an action as being a lifelong criminal is. He's never going to change. I wish you the best girl, and I hope your life is filled with happiness, I truly do.

Hillsborough, NC

#24 Aug 14, 2012
I wondered if Norton was still contacting the women from his past. Apparently he is. I have to agree with SheKnows... Norton was a pathological liar as long as I knew him. To feel sorry for him is to invite grief for yourself.

Despite his past and life in an orphanage, he had a chance. I speak from experience. I lived at the same home. Norton could have left the orphanage and gone to college. A family helped him get a good job after high school. Norton made bad choices. We all must live with the choices we make. Norton was given a second chance after his first period of trouble with the law. He joined the Army and learned a good trade. Unfortunately, he quickly squandered that opportunity upon returning from his tour.

I know you have all endured a great deal of trouble. However, there is still a lot of happiness out there for you to find. You have to reach for it. Take it from someone who knows. There was a reason I lived at the orphanage with Norton. I was abandoned in a welfare office by my mother when I was four. I lived many years in poverty and abuse with my father. The years spent living in an orphanage were the best of my youth. I have been homeless twice. I have been down and out. I also graduate top of my class from the US Army Signal Corps. I was one of 500 students selected to attend Boys' State while living at the orphanage. Life is full of ups and downs. The key is to never lose hope. To pick yourself up one more time than you fall. I hope you are all well. Don't let this man take anything more from you than he already has.

Hillsborough, NC

#25 Aug 14, 2012
I have no idea why this forum just listed my home as Kinston. That is a good bit East of Raleigh.

United States

#26 Aug 18, 2012
rex, you are a magnificent example of changing your life. I too grew up...shall we say, disadvantaged?...i wont go into grizzly details lol..the point being that i get so tired of hearing people blame their youth for their bad choices. At some point you have to grow up and you take responsibility and control of your own actions. If i overcame what i did, and you overcame what you did- anyone can overcome anything. Im not saying that anyone should hate norton, but i am saying that it is foolish to continue believing in him and having faith in him. The first time it happens, i sympathize. But when he does it to you again- it will be your fault bc this time you went into it knowingly. Look wonderingaboutu, idk why if he's trying to convince you that he did what he did for me, or bc i somehow enticed him to do it as you seem to imply in your previous post. Frankly, i dont care what he's telling you about me cuz im quite sure its the same lies he was telling you about me when he was on the run. Let me tell you something- he gets really creative when backed into a corner on his lies. He doesnt like being called out. Bet he's coming up with all sorts of wild schemes sitting in that cell, lmao. His letter was full of them too. Believe what you want, but if youre going to believe him and stand by him during trial, you can bet you're going to hear some truths you didnt want or anticipate-and they dont involve me. Evidence doesnt lie. I washed my hands of him. I refuse to accept mail from him or correspond with him. I have nothing for him.

Deltona, FL

#27 Aug 18, 2012
Thank you for your kind words, sheknows.

I wish that I could say that I have faith Norton will change. I may not have known him as intimately as you ladies, but I have known him longer than any of you. I must state again... he has had trouble with the truth for as long as I've known him.

Sadly I've known others cut from the same cloth as Norton. My brother, like Norton, lies constantly in an effort to take advantage of women who will lend him a sympathetic ear. He talks about our difficult past and uses it as a crutch for every trial he encounters in life. He upended the life of several women. He is selfish and does what he wants and expects them to pay for it. He cheats on them. He steals from them. He hasn't seen his own son since he was two. He makes every effort to avoid paying child support. They are con men, using their past unfortunate circumstances to explain their current predicament. There is no honor in that.

Like many of you, I have some good memories of Norton. I remember talking about girls and music. Even then I loved to write. I would write a story and share it with Norton to get his opinion. I never imagined that he would spend the majority of his days in a room no bigger than the one we shared then. Despite our childhood at a very special place, Norton and I made different choices. I knew that happiness still had to be earned. It you aren't owed happiness because life was less than gracious in the past. Norton is locked up now, but he was never a free man. Rising from the ashes, if you will, and doing something good with your life and making a positive impact on others is true freedom.

One of my best friends from college was a prosecuter in Aiken, SC for a dozen years. He met Norton when we were younger. He said it is likely that Norton will be a very old man if he ever leaves prison. No matter what Norton may tell you... who he was doing what for, etc... he made a choice when he stepped on that car lot. He made a choice between telling you the truth or lying. He made a choice to do something positive with his life, or use his past as an excuse. I truly hate what has become of him, as I would for any "orphan." However, Norton is responsible for the choices he made and must accept the consequences for those actions.

I digress. Thanks again for your kind comments.

Boynton Beach, FL

#28 Aug 31, 2012
I was a cell mate of Charles and have similar stories. Not sure if I should be divulging info on here, but I found it interesting and sad on how many people he has effected. Let me know if I should continue.......

Since: Mar 12

Cave City, KY

#29 Sep 2, 2012
It doesn't concern me who Charles is calling,writing, or if he wants money .I only wish there was a way that other women could be warned befor he hurts or destroys like he done not only me but to so many others. I write to Charles to be a friend but more so to help me in understanding. I am very open with him that I will never trust and have moved on with my life.If he needs a friend here I am but he will never hurt me again. I did not mean to point fingers and no I wasn't pointing at you "SheKnows" if it werent for your honesty with me i would have never been able to get this far. THANK YOU. I honestly mean this. Now those questions were meant as They already know and you (Charles) wont be able to lie your way out of this one.And as far as all the rest of you,Everything that you have put on here helps me understand just a little more each time. I hope that I get the chance to learn even more .It's hard to explain and I don't expect for you to understand but I cant hate Charles or any one. All that he has done that almost desroyed me, has only made me stronger.Once again I AM SORYY. and THANK YOU.
Shane Pitts

Tucker, GA

#30 Nov 6, 2012
I believe I was in Summer County jail with this guy. He had some tall tales....

Durham, NC

#31 Apr 19, 2013
What's the latest?

A group of former Orphanage athletes from the late 80's and early 90's are having a reunion next month. That made me realize that there's been no updates about this guy in a while. Is he still going through the court system in some state? Has he been sentenced and is sitting in jail? I often think of his kids and what his actions have done to their lives, as well as the lives of those he victimized.

Glasgow, KY

#32 May 14, 2013
Charles has gone threw his trial in Tn and pleaded insanity & was given 12 years. In Tn you only have to do 50% so then it goes down to 6. he has already done 1 and is eligible for parole,If he doesn't get parole he will still only serve 2 more years in Tn and be out because of pleading insanity. He has already signed his extradition papers to return to Ky and should be back any day now. Its so funny how some one who does so wrong gets such little time and insanity gets him back where he wants to be. OUT

United States

#33 May 24, 2013
So true

Glasgow, KY

#34 Jan 11, 2014
wonderingaboutu- Are you still in contact with Charles? I was just looking for any updates as to whether he is back in KY or still in TN jail? Last I heard he was in Fayette County TN? I just read where you posted he plead insanity. I'm disgusted. He is a persistent felony offender, why should that even matter? You'd think it would be more reason to keep him behind bars. I heard back in May from an agent that he'd received 12 years, I had no idea it was under an insanity plea, or that he'd be up for parole so soon.
Mother 2 four

Farmville, NC

#35 Jul 14, 2015
Rex wrote:
I just came across this forum. I could probably enlighten you about this man. I have been shocked and dismayed to learn some of the recent news regarding Norton.
Norton and I were roommates in an orphanage in North Carolina in our youth. Even then he had an extraordinarily difficult time with the truth. It would be an interesting case study... how does a young teenager begin with exaggeration and tall tales and morph into a hardened criminal and con man?
I watched him develop into this over the years, but I'm shocked and dismayed. Even when we lived at the orphanage, myself and others were unsure of his real name. He called himself Chris Norton. Eventually another boy from his hometown of Sanford, NC came to live at the orphanage and called him "Charlie." We just called him Norton. I saw a news report that said he used the aliases Caleb and Devin, the names of his sons. I last saw Norton when he left Caleb's mother to run off with Devin's mother. Devin's mother was a successful business woman, but I believe Norton changed all of that. I had been wondering what became of him. Did he get himself back on track and build a life with Devin's mother? Had he learned from past mistakes? You always want to see students leave the orphanage and do well. I was shocked to discover multiple arrests, bank robbery, theft, stealing cars, etc. I had no idea his life had come off the tracks to this extent. It's tragic on so many levels. I feel for the various victims left in his path. It blows my mind to read these news reports and recall laying in a dorm in an orphanage at night as teens talking about girls we liked, music, cars and basketball. Norton has always been obsessed with cars and they seem to get him in trouble. Suppose I'll close for now. Please let me know if I can help you find better understanding, if such a thing is achievable in this matter.
Hi Rex. I have met you before. My name is Mary and I am Caleb's mom. Caleb is now 18 and had been adopted since he was 11 by my current husband. I have not heard from Chris since then but I def don't want to ever see him again.

Farmville, NC

#36 Jul 14, 2015
wondering mind wrote:
Yes I posted in glasgows too but no I dont know you or have your number.I would like to talk sounds like I am not alone. I have many questions.My name is Gloria Moore I am from Canmer Charles lived with me in Munfordville when he was released from Prison.He left me in Sept 2011 took all my money alot of my things. Send me an email and figure out when to talk. Thank You
I was married to him and he is the biological dad to my son , Caleb. Very similar stories...left me , stole things etc. Long mess....

Farmville, NC

#37 Jul 14, 2015
Don't know if any of you still check this site...if so, please cintact me as I have some important info

Durham, NC

#38 Jul 14, 2015
Hi Mary,

Of course I remember you. I actually currently live in the same town you did with Norton. In fact, I drove down Rand Rd the other day. I hope you are well and happy, and Caleb too. I have thought about Norton's sons from time to time and figured Caleb had to be about 18. I am happy to hear that your husband adopted him and he got to have a dad. Dads are so much more important than fathers. Virtually anyone can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a Dad. I hope Norton's other son is as blessed as Caleb.

I haven't heard anything from Norton in a decade and a half. Once I left the company he and I worked at, I didn't hear from him again. Oddly enough, I was recently visiting with the families of a brother and sister I knew at the Orphanage and Norton came up in conversation. Somehow we got on the topic of people being untrustworthy and lying. Naturally that led us to remembering Chris... if indeed Chris was an actual name.

Feel free to touch base at shaynewrites at yah... you know. I'd be interested to know what information you have to share. Again, I'm glad to hear that you and Caleb are well. You certainly got dealt a bad hand, but you overcame it. I still shake my head when I think about Norton going to the race to meet the other woman, then telling you he was covering for me because I was seeing her. Hope to hear from you soon.

Minot, ND

#41 Sep 28, 2016
GreyGoose wrote:
I was a cell mate of Charles and have similar stories. Not sure if I should be divulging info on here, but I found it interesting and sad on how many people he has effected. Let me know if I should continue.......
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