Experts discuss how to recognize, com...

Experts discuss how to recognize, combat gangs

There are 131 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Sep 9, 2007, titled Experts discuss how to recognize, combat gangs. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Urging parents to talk to their kids and pay attention to what is going on in their lives, one of the area's leading gang experts gave tips yesterday to about two dozen community, education and religious ...

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Towson, MD

#123 Sep 24, 2009
this donny from b.g.f family we are not just in
baltimore we are in owings mills randallestown
woodlawn park heights greenmount aveune we will
put hurting no you we little homies that do
are work in baltimore we older o.g.gangsters
make money take care of are families homie
we have nice homes cars and fine looking women
look baltimore gang problem is just like any
other city we black gangster disciples in
brooklyn area of baltimore north aveune
east baltimore we have vice lords in
north east baltimore over by morgon state u
with some crip sets and blood sets
but we do not care a bout how many gangs that are
here we just do what we do baltimore police are
the biggest bitch ass people that i have ever seen
in my life thats bull shit when other people
do shit they just say it was not that dam bad
see we have a lot of out of towners in here
from new york some from chicago losangeles
washighton dc northcarloina atlanta
see these people are from the vice lords
black gangster disciples and losangeles
that are from blood sets and crip sets
and thin we even have ms13 they have like 5 gang
sets here in the city and county other latino
gangs almghty latin kings gang sets other mexican
gangs and dominicans dont play see baltimore we
have never let out of state people come here and
set up shop now they could run with us and shit
like that but come in and stat working on the
blocks of west baltimore east baltimore
south baltimore cherry brooklyn area
that is why baltimore has had so many killings
in these city yeah most baltimore folks killing
other baltimore cats but now it these baltimore
yos that are crips and bloods that are killing
and beating up on cats yo mam this b.more
but we are at a time when baltimore has its own
bloods sets crip sets we have little brothers
from baltimore that have ties to west coast
crip sets and blood sets and they fly all the
way out to baltimore and hook up with crip sets
and blood sets and they bring that weed and
rocks from losangeles way out here to sale it
to the crip sets and blood sets in the city and
county and even some parts of howard county

Towson, MD

#124 Sep 24, 2009
this tre from park heights bounty hunters
we go red all day long we are a bout making are
hood better that is what we are a bout and that
is what other blood sets here in b.more need to
do we are family look bloods we are in towson
randallestown woodlawn parkville brooklyn area
of baltimore south side brooklyn park lwansdowne
cherry hill owings mills millford mill
as well as those dam crips but look as brothers
we are losing baltimore to the white folks
more of them are moving back to the city from
the county i do hate whites it just that we as
homies have to clean uo are neighborhoods
see the D.M.I.GANG THEY are big in numbers mosty
in the county cities of white marsh dundalk towson
essex fullerton pigtown hartford county some
parts of howard county to but as bloods we have
to make b.more a better place to live in
but see the police they are in the hood trying to
keep shit going on with us and we have to be
educated a bout that blood and see almighty latin
kings ms13 18th street mexican gang sets and
the dominicans dont play are by large in the
county cities of middle river essex dundalk parkville rosedale m.t washighton area of north
baltimore cantonsville arubtis ms13 are in
randallestown woodlwan areas as well as brooklyn
park but and the upper fells point highlandtown
caton greektown area but fuck them we have to
look out for are own bloods mayor the sister
it is not doing a dam thing for park heights
or other city hoods oh she talks a dam good
game but is not doing shit come sister stop
are a uncle tom sister like some of the black
women that work at city hall or not see if
you want us to stop killing put more jobs in
the city of balimore please
big jay

Towson, MD

#125 Sep 30, 2009
whats up this big o.g jay from compton varrio
setentas70 from north baltimore blue and white
e.m.e mexican mafia b.k.killers c.k.crip killers
we mexicans from the west coast are like underground here in baltimore but we keep it real
homie we know that ms13 gang sets are the biggest
latino gang here in baltimore but we do not
care a bout that we are here to vato see baltimore
police think that they know a bout us mexican
gangsters on how we do shit but they do not
know because we keep it gangster killer all day
every day homie we sale that good west coast
killer dope and other drugs that we bring from
the west coast and mexico cities we pick it up
at the air port b.w.i or bus or at the baltimore
port stop see drugs come in from new york city
miami dallas houston chicago and losangeles
south america and the jamaicans bring shit down
from new york just like the almighty latin kings
and the d.d.p dominicans dont play do
but we do not care a bout those gangs we just
care a bout us the.e.m.e.mexican mafia
other mexican gang sets here in baltimore metro
compton totilla flats patterson park caton area
compton varrio 117 the street brooklyn area
south baltimore pigtown area
18th street bordway and 7th street brooklyn area
of south baltimore and brooklyn park maryland
compton varrio cantonsville maryland essex maryland compton varrio alondara east baltimore
compton varrio l.a cinco 155th street lwansdowne
maryland compton varrio largo 36th street middle
river essex maryland overlea maryland
compton varrio l.a.s tres 133 rd rosedale maryland
longos eastside towson maryland longos north side
parkville maryland los compadres varrio 13 l.c.v.3
highlandtown greektown se baltimore
clicka los primos c.c.p.s overela maryland
florencia 13 m.t.washighton area of north baltimore see washighton dc metro has some of
these gang sets over in dc metro
see ms13 gang members are big here because a
large number come the washighton dc metro areas
and have set up shop in baltimore metro
we have guns just like the blacks here do
baltimore has a large number of african americans
it is 65 prcent and we are olny 4 precent but
see we latino mexican gang sets have moved to
the baltimore metro areas that is why the latino
gang problem is picking up here in baltimore
and around maryland bloods and crips are not
real like west coast but they think they are
look it is a bout money

Brooklyn, MD

#126 Oct 4, 2009
And y'all are reppin on an internet forum. Man I love technology.
gang expert

Pearland, TX

#127 Oct 17, 2009
white gangs control baltimore

Riderwood, MD

#128 Oct 24, 2009
baltimore is a city of hate im from sanfrancisco
ca i am moving back to sanfrancisco iam a african
american that has been here nine years i cant believe the the hate with blacks and whites here
it is bad man back home in i go back i do not
fine the hate between whites and blacks and latinos
like i find out here i see why some of the good
whites move out of baltimore man mostly it is
with the blacks here in baltimore blacks here talk
a bout white people like shit and kill each other
it is sad look sanfancisco has its problems but
like out here i live in owings mills maryland
the black women here are ghetto as hell they do
not go work out like other women do if you date
outside your race black women look at you like
you are nunts look back on the west coast you
white men with nice look african american women
latino women black men with nice looking black
women white or what ever it just dones not matter
baltimore is backwards as hell the only reason i
came out here was for my job but think god iam
moving back to the nice west coast where we have
nice looking educated african american women ok
and for these young african american yo gangsters
that they call them selfs man you might think
because you are from baltimore east side west side
park heights look man you could bring 300 young
tough want to be thug to sanfrancisco you would not
last just because the movie the wire or the movie
the corner was made out here in baltimore dones
not mean a flying fuck back on the west coast ok
i mean when t talk to my friends back home and
tell them a bout the blacks out here in baltimore
they say dam its that bad i say hell yeah it is
that bad baltimore is like the south it is not
a real city like losangeles new york city sanfrancisco chicago or even atlanta the dam mayor
she could not run no other city thin baltimore
hell washighton dc african amercans are more educated thin baltimore and for the talk show
on the air the larry young radio show with the
guy from washighton name butch or coach they do
not have the have one of the best talk shows in
the united states of america i mean ok some
whites here have a lot of hate like i would be
down in upper fells point with a nice looking
white women and they would at and say dam he is
with her it would make me mad but come man this
2009 you do just do not see that bull shit back
in sanfrancisco

Baltimore, MD

#130 Dec 27, 2010
black guerrilla family gangsters 410 gang gang colors black and white we are in santown winchester
area we are brothers and sisters that want to
make bmore better we need to take a real stand in
are neigbrohoods build new homes in sandtown
here in west baltimore clen up are blocks we are
real strong here in baltimore new york area of
bed sty east flatbush brooklyn jamaica queens
south west phiadelphia camden nj atlantic city nj
buffalo new york south east washighton dc
boston ma memphis atlanta neworlens miami stlouismo
detroit mi sanfrancisco losangeles jails
cleveland ohio have many members that are in
baltimore county randallestown millford mills
some in pikesville and north east baltimore look
we are the new man and new woman gang that has been
here in baltimore since 19 98 the baltimore police
is full of shit they like killing are black brothers
and sisters here and thats bull shit brother
and sisters look baltimore has a lot of gangs that
do not like what we are down for like rollin 90s
rollin 60s 52 broadway gangsters eight tre gangsters
fruittown pirus denverlanes these gangs are here
but look we are going to be going to city hall fighting for are black neighbrohoods in are city
we are sick of brothers getting killed out on these
city streets we are going to be like the new black
panther party in 2011 look we have vice lords and
black gangster disciples from chicago that are here
latin kings ms13 d m i white gang 18th street gang
we have cats from new york that are crips down with
baltimore cats bloods from new york jamaican gangsters dominican gangsters and mexican gangsters
look we are going to sit down with many gang members
from all gangs and talk a bout peace in this city
and how we need to all work with each other to
make baltimore a better place to live

Ocala, FL

#131 Dec 31, 2010
you can find all these gangs at your local welfare office.

Brandywine, MD

#133 Jan 27, 2012
tony jackson look i live in randallestown maryland
iam 35 years old i have two sons that i love so much they get good grades in school and they also
play baseball iam from north carolina but i have
been here in the baltimore metro eleven years now
baltimore could be a real cool place to live their
are some nice people here but man i tell you
are young people in this county and city have
really got in to these dum ass gangs i mean over
here in randallestown which is still a nice area
with hard working people we still have gangs
like bloods crips we even have ms13 and jamaican
gangsters living over here look people here in
are town work with the police to keep the bad
people off the streets we have to i have talk to
the county police a bout gangs and they tell me
that gangs are all over the county and city
gangster disciples almighty vice lords b g ffamily
d m i the white pride the blvd gangster crew
the neighbrohood mafia boys these are white gangs
the tirgers wild side thin latino gang e m e 18th
street mexican gang compton varrio 117 compton varrio 118 compton varrio 125th street garpe street watts varrio boys watts 13 look i really
did not know that we had latino gangs here in bmore
but the county police say that they are here
and making big moves out here in the county
Caring resident

Philadelphia, PA

#134 Jan 28, 2012
Stw murderwd two children

Brandywine, MD

#135 Jan 29, 2012
look man gangs out here in baltimore county
ms13 have sets in dundalk rosedale middle river
essex parkville catonsville arbutis randallestown
harford county lwansdowne white marsh bloods
have sets in dundalk rosedale towson randallestown
overlea brooklyn park woodlwan parkville essex
cockeyiesville harford county rosedale east baltimore and west baltimore
crips have sets in randallestown woodlwan overlea
towson cockeyiesville rosedale essex white marsh
parkville owings mills park heights cherry hill south bmore brooklyn santown west side and patterson park se bmore 18th street e m e mexican
gang dundalk brooklyn s w baltimore brooklyn park
overlea towson essex middle river cockyesville

rosedale parkville brooklyn area of bmore highlandtown and parts of greektown
almighty vice lords woodlwan rosedale townson
randallestown owings mills overlea dundalk
parkville highlandtown park heights north west bmore santown winchester west bmore compton varrio117 compton varrio 118 compton varrio 125th
grape street watts varrio boys and watts 13
they are sureno mexicans they are in these areas to
thin you have white gangs like d m i i n c wild boys
white pride the tirgers blvd mafia boys blocc boys
these are white gangs that sale drugs in parts of
the city like the brooklyn and brooklyn park
greektown dundalk cationsville towson essex rosedale parkville and harford county
BALTIMORE OUT SIDE OF BMORE randallestown millford
mills baltimore gang problem will grow if things
do not get any better they need jobs in this city

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