Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

There are 18 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Dec 5, 2007, titled Letters to the Editor. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Rush to judgment unfair to firehouse There is more to the letter and rope issue that needs to be addressed than was aired in "Firehouse incident with noose was a hoax" . The morning of the incident, it was ...

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United States

#1 Dec 5, 2007
In response to the letter about guns protecting people from Government tyranny, the writer is correct. However he overlooks another reason why individuals should have the right to own firearms: self defense. If Sean Taylor had had a loaded handgun or rifle next to his bed instead of a machete when the thugs who killed him broke into his home there is a good chance he would still be alive and at least one or two of his killers would be dead instead.

Clawson, MI

#2 Dec 5, 2007
I have another response to Mr. Marcus who claims that my "assault" rifles cannot protect me against tanks and missiles.

What happened in Vietnam...how about our current fighting in Iraq? A determined force, dedicated to a cause can wreak havoc on a modern military using the most primitive of means. Why else would our military have millions of rifles and other small arms? Why do our soldiers carry bayonets?! I suppose you believe we should ban bayonets, because they have no use against a tank.

And I personally DO believe that our Founding Fathers WOULD want us to be allowed to own larger weapons. The whole point of the 2nd Amendment is to allow us the capability to overthrow an oppressive government. They realized that sooner or later, even a democratic government would become too large. They realized that a group of people would ultimately try to rule the rest. It's simply human nature for people to yearn for power and control, therefore they included the 2nd Amendment as a way to protect us from just such a thing.

Our Founding Fathers were not weak men. They knew what they believed in and they were willing to fight for it. Believe it or not, there are still strong men in our society, and we are still willing to fight for what is right. So feel free to disarm yourself if you don't feel that your life is worth fighting for, but do not disarm those of us who feel our lives are worth fighting for.
Bruce from Bel Air MD

Westminster, MD

#3 Dec 5, 2007
Most definitely the NAACP needs to apologize to the Caucasian firefighter in east Baltimore. All Don Imus did was recite lyrics from a hip hop song and the NAACP demanded his job, the Duke lacrosse team was demonized by the NAACP before they were found innocent. I feel that the spokesman for the NAACP who made the statements against the Caucasian firefighters from east Baltimore should receive the same punishment he demanded for them. After all he did make a racially motivated accusation much like that found in the letters at the firehouse. What would have happened to a Caucasian who made such an allegation against an African-American? I dream of a day when a person is judged by content of their statements and actions and not given a pardon because of the color of their skin.

Hyattsville, MD

#4 Dec 5, 2007
Hoax ..... seems funny when a black person hangs a noose, and leaves a note. I think it is hillarious. Now, can I hang a noose outside of a black Firefighter's locker, too? After all it would just be a "hoax" and just think how hillarious it would be.
Mike Klein

Burtonsville, MD

#5 Dec 5, 2007
"Let us put aside the idea that an armed individual, even in 1791, as the Bill of Rights became effective, was able to make a revolution against the federal government. That's ludicrous."

Of course it is. It would also be ludicrous to suggest that George Washington alone could have succeeded in ending British tyranny. That's not what we're suggesting.

Washington needed to work with many like-minded allies. But there's no way they could have even started if they didn't have their own guns that were not controlled by the state.
D Marshall

Cambridge, MD

#6 Dec 5, 2007
The fire department DESERVES an apology. I am an African American female, born and raised in Baltimore city. I'm sick of the NAACP jumping to conclusions in every case. I think they (the NAACP) should investigate things fully before they pull out the big guns. The NAACP looses creditibility in my eyes. I don't trust their judgement like I used to. If a White person had done something to insult a black person they'd be on CNN with their lawyer apologizing. Come on guys...Baltimore has enough stains.
D Marshall

Cambridge, MD

#7 Dec 5, 2007
Point well taken! From a Black woman from East Baltimore!!
D Marshall

Cambridge, MD

#8 Dec 5, 2007
I agree wholeheartedly Bruce!

Auburn Hills, MI

#9 Dec 5, 2007
Unfortunately, it often happens that the person leaving the racial hate messages are in fact black themselves and are trying to get attention or discredit whites/asians. You would think by now, the media, for example the Sunpapers, would mention that fact before assuming some white person did the deed.
Joe Kirk

Phoenix, AZ

#10 Dec 5, 2007
How can it be when a white person hangs up a noose it is racism and a crime but when a black person does it, it is just a hoax. Oh well O J simpson got away with murder so I guess the city of Baltimore can forgive a black man for commiting a crime also. No wonder this ciuntry is going to the dogs.
Joe Kirk

Phoenix, AZ

#11 Dec 5, 2007
How can it be when a white person hangs up a noose it is racism and a crime but when a black person does it, it is just a hoax. Oh well O J simpson got away with murder so I guess the city of Baltimore can forgive a black man for commiting a crime also. No wonder this country is going to the dogs.
Balto County Firefighter

Towson, MD

#12 Dec 6, 2007
Mike Campbell said it all when he said the VAST majority of firefighters will show up and put their life on the line for you regardless of your skin color, religion, national orgin, sex or sexual orientation, or political beliefs.

I'm sick of morons in the general public making comments about how "racist" firefighters are as they sit in front of their TV passing judgement.

I'm not saying every firefighter is a saint. Far from it. Most are pretty ordinary people with an extraordinary calling.

The overwhelming majority are good people who train hard and are willing to face dangerous situations to help those in dire situations.

Many of us do it for no pay.

We don't ask for praise or profit, but the least people could do is stop the negative stereotyping.

Mike C


Towson, MD

#13 Dec 6, 2007
Our local branch of the NAACP was quick to call the "noose" incident a racial occurence. Will they be honest enough to call the beating of a white female on a transit bus a hate crime as well?

Towson, MD

#14 Dec 6, 2007
Let's see now...the students on the MTA bus say that the woman caused the melee when she did not want the students to sit next to her. So they forcibly dragged her from the bus, breaking the door in the process, and brutally beat her before she could be transported to Shock Trauma. It seems to me that the lads and lasses may have over reacted just a bit.

Oh, I wanted to take the light rail into the Washington Monument fireworks this evening, but I'm afraid what would happen to me if I happened to look sideways at one of Baltimore's finer scholars.

Parkville, MD

#15 Dec 7, 2007
The MTA is incorrect in calling the incident on one of its buses, in which a passenger was brutally beater, a hate crime. A hate crime occurs only when an African American is mistreated by a Caucasian. Since the perpetrators were black and the victim white, it was most definitely not a hate crime. More accurately, it was just an example of nine juveniles who went a bit to far. Chalk it up to the exuberance of youth and not to hatred.

Hyattsville, MD

#16 Dec 7, 2007
Typical black street thugs beating up on vulnerable white victims. Ever read where a group of black teenagers picked on a group of young white males? No, know why .... because they are cowards. And, their parents raised them to act like animals. It is just that simple.
Charles Cager

Manchester, MD

#17 Jan 27, 2008
I am not going to comment on any of preivous responds. I hope this comment or observation gets printed. I am African American who believes that America has yet to reach its potential. Will Ameica, especially white American really go to the polls and vote honestly for a person of color. Or will Americans follow the old belief that America is for White Americans. I wonder how many of us believe that?? Can we take a poll? The world is watching us..Are we listening; do we really care what the world thinks??? or are we just going through the motions. Mr. Obama has a tremendous amount to over-come and I don't think it has to be discussed. We all know what that something has been, is now, and hopefully will disappear. Are we the home of the brave and really the land of the free? Only you can answer that question and answer it honestly. He would make an ecellent president, not because he's black but because he really cares and has something to say. If you want change you can't continue to vote for the same old guard with the same old tried ideas making the same promises. There was a time when I believed that nothing would ever reaaly change in this country until the blood of whites and blacks darkened the streets. Than here comes Mr. Obama!!!There is hope for us yet!! If we can elect a person of color to the highest postion in the country than we can hold our heads up above the clouds, look the entire world in the face and say we have finally arrived. Dare call us a racist country or any other name. As human beings and Americans we need to remember that it's written that all men are created equal and endowed with certain rights, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our forefathers wrote those words.It was written by some one from another country. Are they just words to us and the world or do they really mean something. It would be great to look the world in the face and say we have arrived..Not just arrived but finally arrived. Thinks about it...We know we are the home of the brave but are we really the land of the free..
Charles Cager

Manchester, MD

#18 Jan 27, 2008
I agree with all of the comments involving the MTA. These folks aren't going to vote for anybody who's black because of what they believe or read.
There minds were set long before the MTA incident.
They were raised a certain way and they believe a certain. Maybe one day their thinking will change.
Thugs are thugs regardless of their color. Blacks take side with blacks, whites take side with whites. We never stop long enough to really look at the issues. If you comitt a crime you should tried and sentence reguardless of your color. This sentence should be across the board on am equal basis. If you believe in the law of the country you shouldn't have a problem with that whether it your child or someone elses. However, how many of us really believe this.

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