It is a sad day when headlines such as this appear in our newspapers and folks gather to get the scoop and then just make lame comments, remain in denial, and go back to business as usual. Jesus said He would return, and He will. He also described the state of affairs that would be in place when He returns. These headlines should be a wake up call. But the truth be known; to most it won't be. There will be those who are so ignorant they will make jokes and rude inconsiderate comments, about a life that ended suddenly in a bathroom at a bar just so they themselves can get a few laughs or snickers. Hmm How pathetic are those people? But yet some of you will laugh right along with them and make your own comments, like "Hey it's over and done can't change it now, life goes on." People will go back to work and school and even back to the bars. To some the bars are just a way of life. To some it will be business as usual. Can't worry or think about a life lost or ruined, gotta make the almighty dollar to survive. The death of a human being doesn't even affect them. That ought to be one of the loudest wake-up calls of all. The degenerate mind. The desensitized person with the hardened heart. Those who place no real value whatsoever on human life unless it suits them. God help those people.And then there will be those who read this and say "I believe in God" Thats nice but guess what so does Satan. He is well aware of God. But if He had really known Him and loved and understood Him, Satan would have never gotten himself kicked out of heaven. God says there is no in between. We are either for Him completely and entirely or we are against Him. His Words, not mine. The Bible says "we will reap what we sow" and we will. God's not a liar. He is coming back oneday real soon. And when He does those who ignored Him and statements like these will reap the consequences of unreptented actions and words. I was an ignorant sap myself once upon a time. Still can be at times. But I do thank God for wake up calls. His voice sounded loud and clear and His truth and grace saved a wretch like me. Thank You Lord. Don't take my comment wrong. I am not judging anyone. That will be God's job and whom He ses fit to designate in the Day of His Return. This is not the time for judging. This is the time for warning. When He calls us and we hear His voice, when we choose to come to Him and make our peace with Him, He then commissions us to spread His Word. The choice to listen or not will always remain ours.