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Chambersburg, PA

#44184 Dec 5, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Republicans are afraid to support anything the UN does. They have convinced their ignorant base that supporting the UN is taking away our sovereignty. So now they are so pathetic,they can even vote to help the disabled people in other countries.
I thought you were dead. Looks like Dan the man brought you back to life.
Sergeant McPhearson

Baltimore, MD

#44185 Dec 5, 2012
Dan the Man wrote:
<quoted text>
There's definitely an autistic quality there as well.
No doubt about it.....he does like repetitve mental prossessing

But the list is long one of the most prominent diagnosis to attribute to this fool is his basic ..."stupidity"

How about narcisist...he thinks he smarter than everyone..hahahah
That's my favorite.

This list is long....

But be careful because he will now accuse you of "Psychological PROJECTION"
Something he made up when he was in one of his hallucinatory psychotropic episodes.
poopy pants

Du Bois, PA

#44186 Dec 5, 2012
i support whoever backs freedom of poop
Sergeant McPhearson

Baltimore, MD

#44187 Dec 5, 2012
Marisa wrote:
<quoted text>I thought you were dead. Looks like Dan the man brought you back to life.
Marisa, Marisa, Marisa,

You're one to talk?

So what brings Miss Marisa back...did you Mis her?
Dan the Man

Newville, PA

#44188 Dec 5, 2012
Marisa wrote:
<quoted text> You got that right... we would not know who Dan the man is.... because Topix would have cleaned up the verbal vomit of Dan the man.
I see Dan the man is still spending his days on topix. I would say this confirms he does not work. He is on government handouts, you know, food stamps, free healthcare, low income apartment (of course he could still be living at home with mommy and daddy), monthly welfare checks and the free cell phone with the free 200 minutes.
So of course he and anyone like him is going to love Obama. Obama is their provider, their daddy, their husband. Obama is their hero. Sad isn't it? Heroes used to be positive role models.
Now on to another subject... something I have been thinking about recently......Bill Clinton can't seem to stay out of the lime light, especially during the election. Most democrats think that not only can Obama walk on water, so does Bill Clinton.
Fast forward to 50 or so years and Bill Clinton will not be admired. He will be looked at as an abuser of women. The women of the future will be wondering why NOW did nothing about Clinton, why did they ignore that he was abusive to women? Why did they care more about abortion? Especially when most abortions were preformed on minority women? Future women will wonder why Hillary Clinton stayed with a man that not only abused and belittled her but did it to other women. Mrs. Clinton will be looked at as a weak woman that turned her head to a husband that raped, molested, and took advantage of young interns. Just as her husband, she will not be admired.
Of course liberals reading this will disagree, I would be surprised if they agreed with me. But later down the road when people, especially women, see Bill Clinton for what he really is, a womanizer that abuses women, and Hillary Clinton, for what she really is, a weak, over rated woman that speaks with no emotion with a lot of "you know", and "ah".
Bill Clinton WILL NOT go down in history as a good president, and his wife will go down with even less. Remember Benghazi and 4 dead Americans? And that's just for starters.
How sad...women have waited a long time and this is the best that is offered?
Okay all said and done. Now those of you that have nothing better to do but spend spend your days on topix.......knock yourself out!
Thanks for using the Marisa name. It tips me off that the post will be asinine, so I don't have to waste my time reading it. LOL!

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#44189 Dec 5, 2012
Dan the Man wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't forget to say please.

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#44190 Dec 5, 2012
poopy pants wrote:
i support whoever backs freedom of poop
Grow up.
Sergeant McPhearson

Baltimore, MD

#44191 Dec 5, 2012
Dr_Chuck wrote:
so this person is a local man????
He's from Frogtown
poopy pants

Du Bois, PA

#44192 Dec 5, 2012
Dave Rogers wrote:
<quoted text> Grow up.
Go poop yourself
Sergeant McPhearson

Baltimore, MD

#44193 Dec 5, 2012
Dave Rogers wrote:
<quoted text>Don't forget to say please.
Your damsel needs you now...He's in Marisa mode too, and boy is she in distress right now just for you Dave...you got here just in time to show him that you're a gallant knight in shining armour.

Your timing is always flawless...showing up just in time to save your sweetie pie.

Oh oh and you're smarter than everybody else too. Alsmost forgot to mention that.

I'm impressed...is anyone else?
Dan the Man

Newville, PA

#44194 Dec 5, 2012
Dave Rogers wrote:
<quoted text>Don't forget to say please.
I will if he asks. I'm a civilized human being with character and integrity.

Unlike you, Roger the Racist.

Pittsburgh, PA

#44195 Dec 5, 2012
Happy Birthday Charlie Batch.. I have your autograph...

Erie, PA

#44196 Dec 5, 2012
Getting back to the original text of this thread, Gov. Corbett had better enjoy his last two years in office because he is done!
He is even getting competition from within his own party and look for more.
Corbetts claim to never raise taxes is a ruse, he just passed the burden off to local municipalities and school districts. Typical republican double talk and the public is catching on. Finally!
Mike Ice

Erie, PA

#44197 Dec 5, 2012
I see where Corbett is proud to move the "official" Christmas tree from inside the Capitol to outside on the front steps, he better get used to doing the same, in the next gubernatorial election Corbett is going to be out also.
What a blow bag Corbett is, no forward plan, no leadership.

Wellsboro, PA

#44198 Dec 5, 2012
I must say I respect Corbett for delaying Jerry Sandusky's arrest. Letting the Jerry get a couple extra thrusts in there. Bravo!

Corbett 2013 or 14 or whatever

South El Monte, CA

#44199 Dec 5, 2012
Dan the Man
Carlisle, PA


If Topix would clean up the verbal vomit of the mentally retarded troll, this thread would probably have half as many posts.


Do you mean terms like


psychotic lies and hysterical bullshit

Grow up, chickenshit.

Why do Republicans hate America?

argue about irrelevant shit

their asinine ideas

you're a chickenshit coward

[I am] your moral superior

Dipshit the Fool is back

I've pasted it here half a dozen times, dipshit. Can't you read?

chickenshit liar

you might just be plain stupid

their asinine ideas

it makes you a psychotic jackass

Get a grip, freak

[?]Undermining the democratic principle of "majority rules" to prevent the will of the people from being enacted is un-American.

People who do un-American things obviously hate America.

your irrational pathetic existence

Chickenshit liar?

You lie. I do not.

[of North Carolinians] party while you can, bigots.


that makes me morally superior to you.

[love this one] You're a boring and tedious child who just doesn't have the mental capacity to have adult debate.

You being an idiot doesn't make me a liar.

you've never been right about anything.

Facts and reality are irrelevant to the right.

Jesus Christ, what kind of backwardassed bunch of bigoted nitwits are running that fking state?

Find a new bone, chickenshit.

hide behind "privacy," chickenshit.

don't you worry your racist little head


[of West Virginians] ignorant redneck racists


find the balls


you wouldn't sound like a know-nothing jackass.

You ALWAYS sound like a know-nothing jackass


Dipshit the Fool

the chickenshit

aren't going to come out and vote for this ridiculous jackass.

conservative Christians have such little REAL regard for marriage
take their "war on marriage" and stick it


Dan the Man (punk liar)
Carlisle, PA

South El Monte, CA

#44200 Dec 5, 2012

Debate dannyboy, protect your lying oppressed black girl.


I try to keep you on task, but you simply can't bring yourself to back up anything you post with any evidence whatsoever.

I'm starting to think that you CAN'T back up what you post.

I'm starting to think that you just make shit up and run away when confronted with that fact.

I'm starting to think you're nothing more than a cowardly, lying troll.

A f**king obummer drone.
poopy pants

Du Bois, PA

#44201 Dec 5, 2012
hes a poopyhead
Louis Harris

West Mifflin, PA

#44202 Dec 5, 2012
GOP Opposition Defeats Treaty Protecting Rights of Disabled
Treaty modeled after Americans for Disabilities Act fails to get two-thirds majority in Senate vote

The disabled are amoung the 47% that the Republicans dont care about.........

The 61-38 vote failed to reach a two-thirds majority needed to ratify The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. All 38 votes rejecting the measure are from Republicans.

But the treaty has Republican supporters, including former Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole, who made an appearance before the vote to urge lawmakers to ratify the treaty. Politico reports:

Dole, who was in wheelchair, came to the floor shortly before senators began to vote. Accompanied by his wife, former Sen. Elizabeth Dole, he listened as Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) made a final push for the treaty. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) walked over to greet Dole, smiling and patting Dole’s back.

In a touching moment, Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.), who also uses a wheelchair and has publicly urged the Senate to ratify the treaty, joined Dole at one point, holding hands with him as they talked and listened to Kerry.

Why do the Republicans hate the disabled people?

South El Monte, CA

#44203 Dec 5, 2012

Debate dannyboy, protect your lying oppressed black girl.

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