Beauty School Students Say Their Scho...

Beauty School Students Say Their Schooling isn't Cutting it : W...

There are 211 comments on the WFMZ story from Sep 9, 2008, titled Beauty School Students Say Their Schooling isn't Cutting it : W.... In it, WFMZ reports that:

It's billed as the place where beauty begins, but a cosmetology school in Allentown isn't getting high marks from some of its students.

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salon owner

Hamburg, PA

#1 Sep 9, 2008
Call Paul Mitchell Systems. They are leaders in our industry and would not be happy to hear bad things about a school that carrys their name.

Hate to tell you guys but no school really teaches you the realitys of salon life. Find a good salon where you can grow and success will surely follow.
Good luck in your career .It is the best industry in the world.
I have been working in this field since the age of 15 and at 37 have never regreted being a beauty professional.
PM Future Professional

Emmaus, PA

#2 Sep 9, 2008
We have called PMS. They have not done anything. No one will. We're working on everything right now. Thanks!!
Unhappy student

Woodbridge, NJ

#3 Sep 9, 2008
Seems it boils down to Paul Mitchell corporate has signed a contract with the devil. Not sure it is true but heard Truc Do pays $25,000 a mnth to use the PM name. They have heard our complaints mnths ago and have done nothing. It appears that it is all about the benjamins. Our education is suffering because of it.
PM FP Fighting back


#4 Sep 9, 2008
I carefully made the decision to enroll in the Vision. After being told Paul Mitchell strives on education and giving back. Well this school definately cares about neither. Students are threatened on a daily basis "if you don't like it leave!" Hey If that's the case they should have that attitude when you enroll. As far as the staff goes anyone who cared about the students was either fired or resigned because they were unable to do there job! I work for free at the Vision and as long as my financial aid money shows up on time the owner could care less. As for JPMS we started complaining in April and they have done NOTHING!!! IT's not personal I'm just a consumer who hasn't received what I paid for and at the end of the day I have kids to feed. If I don't leave that school with anything I will at least have my Pride, faith, and my integrity.
FP Fighting Good Fight

Bethlehem, PA

#5 Sep 10, 2008
I, too, carefully made the decision to enroll at the Vision. The school is making great strides in changing the problems it faced in the past. The teachers that "cared about the students" left or were let go because they were ignoring corporate policies and allowing students to walk all over them. The new staff is stronger and is bringing Paul Mitchell culture into the school as it was meant to be. Winn Claybaugh, dean of Paul Mitchell the School, teaches to surround yourself with visionaries and ignore the resistors. In my opinion it is no wonder that the company ignores the complaints of these students who are unwilling to be adults and take responsibility for their education. These disgruntled students expect everything to be spoon fed to them and that is not what Paul Mitchell teaches. The visionary students walk out with a higher education and are more prepared than any students from any other cosmetology school in the vicinity. There are many changes occuring within the school and unfortunately many people are resistant to change. They are in for a shock when they realize that this industry thrives on change.
Outsider Opinion

Bethlehem, PA

#6 Sep 10, 2008
I've been the this school on a couple occasions to have my hair colored. I'm not surprised by this report. It was only a matter of time. I've had students that actually complained to me about their education and then I've had wonderful students that focus all their energy on me and make me feel great. I'm disgusted by the immaturity of the students that brought these silly complaints to the news. You wouldn't see a Princeton student calling on the local media because they felt they were being short-changed. You are adults! Welcome to the real world. If you want to succeed, you need take matters into your own hands. The school is there to provide you with the information, not to hold your hand.
Visionaries Fight Back

Bethlehem, PA

#7 Sep 10, 2008
I'm also a FP at this school and it's hurtful to see so many people I considered friends to bash our school in this way. I can't believe how far they've taken their ridiculous complaints. I'm proud of our school and I'm excited about all of the changes it's undergoing. To address the "teachers that cared" issue. Mrs. Dodd let everyone walk all over her. She was a wonderful person but her absence has let the school grow. Another "teacher who cared" actually was encouraging students to rebel! Unbelieveable! It's no wonder they were let go. Our new clocking system is still a work in progress but the staff is always more than willing to work with students to get the hours they've earned. I wish I would have been there friday to stand up for the school as well...
Happy Student

Bethlehem, PA

#8 Sep 10, 2008
Unhappy student wrote:
Seems it boils down to Paul Mitchell corporate has signed a contract with the devil. Not sure it is true but heard Truc Do pays $25,000 a mnth to use the PM name. They have heard our complaints mnths ago and have done nothing. It appears that it is all about the benjamins. Our education is suffering because of it.
Paul Mitchell signed a contract to produce happy future professionals. If you're not happy, it is no one's fault but you're own. People who place blame are unwilling to take initiative or be productive, instead sitting around complaining about wanting others to change things for them. Truc Do has spent thousands of dollars making The Vision what it is now. Students have an amazing school to learn in but would rather complain about tedious problems. Paul Mitchell the School has heard your complaints and it's no surprise that they haven't come knocking at the door. I wouldn't want to be surrounded by a mob of angry, complaining, whining students either. Our education is not suffering. Your (not directed directly at you - I just see this all the time with many students) education is suffering because you are unwilling to open a book, or ask a question, or actually pay attention instead of checking your cellphone or sneaking outside for a cigarette.
Also from Bethlehem

Bethlehem, PA

#9 Sep 10, 2008
i was encourage by a friend who goes to the Vision to come on here and voice my opinion. perhaps more people should move to bethlehem, it seems like that where all the happy people are. lol. anyway, my friend is always excited about school and has nothing but good things to say about it. they've mentioned these problem students and tell me that they are always trying to bring everyone down. it sounds to me like some of these kids need to grow up. as a college graduate, i often felt like my lectures were lacking or my classes weren't that engaging but i knew that if i wanted to be successful i needed to work hard despite the obstacles. you're paying for a diploma not a world-class education. and you're paying more than you would at generic mc-beauty school because you are getting, from what i understand, an outstanding lesson in salon culture and the backing of one of the beauty industries leaders. i hope these problem students realize that they are only hurting themselves.
Rob from B-hem

Bethlehem, PA

#10 Sep 10, 2008
Wow! I'm excited to see all the positive comments...and all from my little hamlet of B-hem! Normally, I wouldn't want to focus on such a negative subject matter but I feel it's my duty to defend my school. I'm saddened to see so many students unwilling to accept the changes that are going to make our school amazing. We have a great staff on hand and outstanding learning leaders. There is always someone there to help you, you just have to ask. Truc Do, our school owner, has spent thousands of dollars to make our school amazing and all these students can do is complain. Why just sit around and complain, when you could get motivated and take advantage of every opportunity available. Say "Yes!" to everything and quit complaining. Your future is up to you and you alone. It's not the media's job to fix your negative attitude.
here in PA

United States

#11 Sep 10, 2008
People should take advantage of CIT and vo-tech schools while attending high school. I did and I got all the educaton I needed to pass the boards and make me a good stylist. I had to take classes to continue my education to become a great one.

I do feel bad for the students, but if you're not applying yourself, you will miss some of the material, and there is a lot of it.
Academy Needs NEW Owner

Emmaus, PA

#12 Sep 10, 2008
I know plenty about this school. Let me say that this Owner has had more staff changes over the years. Why? Because he does not want a cohesive, interacting staff. MOST of the staff RESIGNED, due to the stressful working conditions this man put them under, some went through it for YEARS. He does not want staff members to work together, as in most educational systems.
The students who are complaining have a right to complain, and I applaud their efforts. Those who are in defense of the school know that they didn't have just the 3 instructors through-out their course, and they too, were angry about educational issues long before this came to light in the media. This coming from those who DID take their education seriously.
On the Spanish edition of this report, a student, who busted a hole in the wall of the school, among other things, was interviewed. This school is being misrepresented in a big way. In the real world, this student would have been expelled but instead was HANDPICKED by the Owner to give a good review of the school in Spanish.
The staff, including Mrs Dodd was a cohesive staff. The Owner did not want that, he wanted something completely different then the PM Culture states.
The PM Culture states, Put People first, Success will follow. This is not happening at this school. How can it, when the staff has a turnover of instructors quite frequently? How can it when the educational tools are NOT there for the students?? Classes start, and the students do NOT get their materials for a few WEEKS!
If the OWNER would practice what the PM CULTURE teaches, there would NOT be a problem there.
There is way too much GOSSIP within the school, because of this Owner..Students and faculty alike. Students know too much about the Staff issues whether they are true or not.
Granted, there are some students(in any educational facility) who do need to be spoonfed their information, some never open a book, are never satisfied with their educations and some never do their work. Those students have no right to complain. But those who HAVE the right to complain, who take their education seriously, Do it! Don't allow the school to threaten you, do what you believe is right.
This is a pathetic situation that has gotten way out of hand and many great teachers are now gone.

Perkasie, PA

#13 Sep 10, 2008
I was very disappointed to hear the negative comments in the report from my friends. I recently graduated and felt that I got the best education because I applied myself. It was difficult to learn because there were several students that would be on cell phones, leave the class, or just complain about the lesson plan. I took it all in as a challenge to better myself and not become that. I have a sister that is earning a phd and she is constantly dealing with hardships with education. She just does it. I mean that's what its all about. You wouldn't want your social worker complaining about her life to you. Right now I'm starting my career and I have come to know very important ppl in this industry because of my school. I was inspired through my time at the school to manage my career and my two children. It is not an easy job, but I love being a stylist and it makes the single mommy job a bit easier. If I had any problems at school, they were never with the staff, lesson plan, or with the owner. It always seemed to be with some students. They would steal, do drugs, disrupt...the list goes on. I think ppl really need to open their eyes.
Ashley Matlock

Augusta, NJ

#14 Sep 10, 2008
I completely agree with Johnathon. I graduated in June and feel like the education I received from The Vision was awesome. I have taken and passed both parts of the State Board exams. If you put something into the school and the time you're there, you're going to get something out of it. I was involved in almost every student activity and participated in class everyday. I am 19 years old, graduated from school, taken my states tests, and now work in a salon on the South side of Bethlehem DOING HAIR. The staff has helped me with anything I have ever needed, including personal things. I called and sat down on my day off of work to get all of my things together for my test and passed with flying colors. I just do not feel like this was necessary at all. Beyond the complaining that was started before I left. Senior, Nazley, Robert, Abby, and Mrs. Dodd are some of the most amazing people I have met.
former student

Bangor, PA

#15 Sep 10, 2008
I as a former student before visions I know how horrible the school was.The teachers constantly brought there personal lives into the school. One teacher many have talked about had constant temper tantrums like a 2 year old.. Would play students against each other. I felt i was there to clean bathrooms I do not mind cleaning my work area but to be made to clean bathrooms the school was constantly being repremanded by the board. So for those of you who dont like the changes be glad you were not there 5 years ago. I ended up leaving and did not graduate and I still owe 3000.00
be honest people

Washington, DC

#16 Sep 10, 2008
Hi! Ashley shame on you. I do know you complained yourself numerous of times. Oh yeh that's right you and Robert are good friends down to partying together with him. For those who don't know he is a teacher who taught without a license for months of course you got to defend the school show your loyalty to him how noble but while doing it be honest. Is that the type of strong staff members they are looking for who get drunk with the students.
PM Future Professional

Emmaus, PA

#17 Sep 10, 2008
First off...I am a former student at the Vision. I see many things wrong with this school. I'm sorry you are all blinded by the free hours and money you got to be on camera and clean the school, windows, shampoo/conditioner bottles, water the plants, put balloons out so the whole world can be kenived on how great the Vision academy is (not). I'm sorry that you feel this way. I will speak up for myself and my fellow classmates who feel the same way I do. I take it upon myself to learn, i do the book work on my own, i do my own theory at home, or while i'm sitting in the class room for over an hour WAITING for the teachers to get back from their "break". I take it upon myself to work out side of school to learn what i should be learning at the PAUL MITCHELL VISION ACADEMY. I have learned more from those teachers who have been taken away from us then from any one else in that school. Miss Abby?? Took the time to help me understand things i didn't understand by just the book. Tought me to be more positive and turn my negativities around.I don't beleive that my beleifs about the unprofessional education is wrong or negative. i'm fighting for myself, for everyone else that is too scared. If you call fighting for what you bleive in, negativities, then maybe there's something clouding your judgment..hmmm.. For Mr. Andre. God Bless that man. He has been through so much for all of you. Even after everything Truc Do did to this school. Mr. Andre still came with a positive attitude FOR US and still tried to teach under these circumstances.
If these changes were for the good, i'd be all for it. But knowing that this is just a cover up makes my stomach turn.
PM Student

Washington, DC

#18 Sep 10, 2008
I know I take my education 100% seriously. It is so obvious who is writing such lies that those complaining are students who do not take their education serious. People like you are obviously ignorant and self absorbed. KARMA is real. The Vision is a joke. Miss. Dodd educated alot of people who became owners of high end salons. Weak that's a joke. Wouldn't doubt that it is the negative staff currently working at the vision writing such lies. If you gotta lie and insult someone else to feel good about yourself you need to seek help.

Washington, DC

#19 Sep 10, 2008
Any genuine educator should know that every student is different. Some need more help than others. It makes me wonder what type of teacher tells a student who is attempting to question their education that "IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT GO HOME!" That is a technique I am not aware of. Comments that students want to have their hands held is so degrading.Maybe they aren't getting the help they need.
Why not have a cigarette

Washington, DC

#20 Sep 10, 2008
We sit around doing close to nothing all day let's be real. Over 2 wks with no theory. That's right per Nazly Trial and Error is she serious this is our education we are talking about.

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