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#105 Nov 25, 2012
Ok, Jimim523 - Are you working for PTI as a troubleshooter? You sound like a definite company man! Ok, you don't want me to complain??? I don't live in North Dakota, I live in Wyoming, Pay me the $18.00 an hour & you'll never hear another complaint from me ever! However, for 24 cents a mile & 16 cents a wait minute & not being paid for time that I AM WORKING FOR THE COMPANY, I can complain/bitch/grouse/badmouth all I want! According to the PTI website, I should be making $40,000 a year. And yes, I do believe I am worth more than PTI is paying me! I am entrusted with the lives of railroaders everyday and take that responsibility very seriously. I like what I do. I just do not like being cheated out of money owed to me. I notice you did not address the $75 I earned and was not paid in the first two weeks of employment. And that was just the first two weeks. Also, I do not know where your Toledo drivers are, but so far I haven't seen one anywhere near Casper. We handle our own trips, thank you very much, even working on our days off if requested. And if they are here, they are taking trips from us. I had only 4 trips this week & was available, so please take your Toledo drivers back to Toledo & let us do our jobs.

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#106 Dec 7, 2012
Xeno here. I'm not real sure how it works in your world. But where I work, that's in Washington state, yard drivers get paid a flat hourly rate. There are no control numbers, no pay by the mile. I work my shifts, turn in my sheet that shows that yes I worked my shift. And after dealing with losing a vehicle, and almost my home because of this crap, there are shifts that I can no longer work because I have no transportation. This company "stole" my ride. I have lost more due to the incompetence of this company, and the lack of "Union" competance... its disturbing. Unions are to HELP the employees. Help, did you get that? From what I've seen so far, this union is useless. When I asked for help I was effectively told to go away. How can YOUR union be so.... useless? What I was able to get in back pay, I had to do MYSELF. And still I magically end up missing half my check. What can your precious union do about this? From where I'm sitting... not a thing. What can this union do about my vehicle that was taken due to this companies inability to take care of its own billing? I'm treated ad though its my own fault. Especially by the union reps I've spoken with. I ask you this, what would YOU do for a fellow union member in this situation? From the sounds of it, you would stuff your head in the sand. Prove me wrong.

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#107 Dec 7, 2012
SPeppers: I am an employee just like you. I am a Union Steward and a hold a yard bid. So get off this "company man" bullsh*t!!!
I am going to give this to you straight once more and if you do not follow my advice, then complain/bitch/grouse/badmouth " ALL YOU WANT because obviously YOU are NOT taking control of your own (work) life.
Do you have a Branch Manager? Have you gone to your BM and filled out Payroll Inquiries? If you did NOT get ANY help from your BM, then call 800-471-2440 (Corporate in Evansville) and ask for Steve Groelich. He is the HEAD OF HR and tell him your story about your pay. BUT ONLY do this IF you have exhausted all avenues with your BRANCH MANAGER!!! Have ALL of your "proof" in front of you when you talk to Mr. Groelich because you will be wasting your and his time if you do not!!
As for the continguency drivers, not just from Toledo, but Chicago, Columbus (Oh), Texas, Memphis etc. etc.... and when a company takes over another company, you think the company that bought out the (failed) company just says, "oh yes, we own you now but just keep doing things the way you used to and we will not step in to make sure the change over goes smoothly, hire new Branch Managers and train the old people to the new ways you WILL now do business?" Really?? You that stupid to think a profitable business is going to hand over a Branch to drivers and/or managers from the old company to run into the ground like they did to the old company?? What are you 12??
Also, AGAIN, do you have a Union Steward ON SITE in our BRANCH?? Have you talked to him/her and filed a grievance?? Talk to your BM first, then to HR and then to the Union IF you have a PTI Union ONLY because until and unless the old Union has negotiating powers with PTI, then you do NOT have a Union!!!
The ONLY way you will make $40,000 a year is by becoming a Branch Manager, so those dreams of "big" money, ain't happening!!!
So now, follow the steps I have told you and follow them EXACTLY and see if you get paid your back pay (if you are indeed owed it) and if you are not able to make a living working for PTI, then by all means, QUIT... why would ANYONE work for a company 9any company) and if you can't make a living...STAY??? My God, who in their right mind would work and lose money (lose their car, their home, no food in the house etc) and still continue to work there?? Go work for the railroad or McDonalds or dig ditches .. whatever...

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#108 Dec 7, 2012
Not sure what happened to my post to you, didn't show up, so will try and answer it again.
READ what I wrote to SPepper as well as this to you.
I represent 160 employees here in Toledo (yard and road) and we have been successful in everything from getting jobs back after being fired to back pay. HOWEVER,(IF YOUR UNION IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH PTI) then you are wasting your time with the Union if it is your "old" union. Every Branch that has a Union has a Union Steward that was elected by the members to represent them in THEIR branch. If you do NOT have a PTI recognized Union at your branch, give me your E-Mail address and I will send you the address and phone number to the Union and you can start your own local there AND you will have to hold an election for Union Steward(s).
I have given you (both) the steps you have to take IN ORDER so that you can address your back pay issues: BM, HR in Evansville and then the Union if all else fails. It is UP TO YOU to follow these steps (along with PROOF you A. were not paid and B. paper back up of the days you say you are owed money - without that, you are wasting YOUR time and MANAGEMENT time).
As for your car, all the Coach America drivers have all had the same complaint all over the country. "how can you take away 'MY' vehicle, PTI sucks" .. well, PTI does NOT allow ANYONE (other than perhaps a Branch Manager and higher) to have a "personal van/vehicle. Part of being an employee at PTI is that you need a reliable car to get to work on your scheduled days. If you do NOT have one, you can't work for PTI. You need to buy a junker to get back and forth to work. After the recession, few, if any, companys give employees a company car. PTI is no exception. If you can not get to work, then you should be expecting a "pink slip" sooner or later, especially if you are a yard driver!
YOU need to take control of your life and resources and if things do not work out correctly (missing some of or all of your pay) then YOUR Branch Managr is your FIRST stop. They can send an E-Mail to Payroll or HR or anyone in the company.. it is on their company computer, but if you don't get the correct response you are looking for, then CALL HR yourself. If NONE of that works, then go to your Union Steward and make a grievance - Stewards HAVE to take your grievance and persue it. HOWEVER ONCE AGAIN.... find out if your Union is from the (old) company or IS associated and has bargaining power with PTI. Even IF your Union is not with PTI, BM and HR and finally Payroll (BM can give you the number) can and will work to get you your back pay (IF) you can prove to them you have X amount of money coming to you.
So, get busy and take the steps I have laid out for you and IF IT IS A PRIORITY that you get your money, then it is up to YOU to do the work necessary. You can sit around and bitch about it all day long but though I am sorry for you that you are not getting your money, it doesn't affect me or any of your fellow employees out of your Branch... your issue, you need to deal with it and now you have the tools to do it, so JUST DO IT!!!!

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#109 Dec 7, 2012

Xeno here. This is a pti union. The stewards were appointed. I finally got all of my back pay. With no help at all or guidance from this union. Now... listen carefully, and read my post. I did not reference to the use of a company rig. Did I? No. You are not paying attention. Because of pti's failure at being able to pay employees correctly, I have nearly lost my home, AND, I have list my vehicle. A privately owned vehicle. Do you get that? Has this sunk into your mind? The financial hardships of having to pay late fees on every thing is staggering. And to lose a vehicle because of this is mind blowing. Can you grasp what I'm saying here? Are you the 12 year old that doesn't listen when something is being explained? Because of the loss of my vehicle, I had to cut the number of shifts I can work (I was at 3 seperate yards) because of not being able to get to all of my shifts. This is my problem with this organization. And being dismissed by the union reps is insulting. Both to myself AND all union members in all jobs. One would think that you to, would be insulted over the treatment of union members, by they're own union. If the union is this insulting towards its own......what's the point of being charged money for it? We can all be verbally abused and insulted for free, just go to a family reunion. Its all free there. But this is a job. Not family. Respect and LISTEN to coworkers complaints and problems. So... have I cleared up my points?

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#110 Dec 7, 2012
Well I have to chirp in here just a little. I have been with the company for almost 6 months now. I have had problems with my paycheck since the 2nd check I got. I started with the BM, then went to HR, and even went to the union. I still have not been paid for this stuff. And they won't even give me a reason why I am not getting paid. All I have been told is that some of the items they feel are paid as they should be because of the code set book, and some of the items they have to look into, but it will take some time. 6 months worth of time??? And I have been asking in all three areas for a copy of the code set book for months, and finally just received one from the union two days ago. In short, no one is doing anything about it. Not even the union! I am told we have a steward, but I do not know who he is or have never met him. Not sure what he's going to do for me though - according to everyone I talk to here - we're all in the same boat.
So I started watching the time I was being paid for. Basically, state law says you have to get paid the minimum state established wage base for all the time worked. Some trips come out higher, and some trips come out lower. And you should receive an adjustment on your check which brings you up to the state wage base. However, in looking into this - I find they are not paying me for the total time that I worked. Just out of 2 checks, I am more than 14 hours shorted. I figured they owed me close to $90 for this. So I called them on it. I mean - isn't this GPS supposed to track miles, wait and total time? But they have my start times wrong on a lot of trips. And I was told to go to the BM and do a payroll enquiry. First BM (we've had a change over) said he didn't know anything about this and how to even do it. I haven't spoken to the new one yet. But I certainly intend to. Of course - I don't expect to get paid for it though. But if I don't, then I can always ask the state for help. May get me fired, but then I'll have a lawsuit. Hopefully all turns out right - as I do like this job, and I don't want to loose it. But I certainly am not going to work for free!

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#111 Dec 7, 2012
Alice: this is xeno here. And, I can relate to what you are going through. Its a pain. I'm just a Joe schmuck. But if you have all of your paper work, and I do mean all of it. Get ahold of the head of payroll. Ask for Mr. Orteze, the man is amazing. If you are having issue with yard shifts he's THE man to talk to. If it is for over the road stuff, mr.orteze can and WILL dirrect you to the correct person that you need to chat with. Remain calm (very difficult I know) and speak in a relaxed manner and show humor (counter intuitive). It helps. If I could, I'd send Mr. Orteze a fruit basket or something. He cares about the problem, and if he can, he will explained in terms that all can understand. If he doesn't know the answer, he WILL find it or send you to the proper individual. I wish you the greatest of luck. And, might I add, I'm a bit jealous. Since I started working for pti, I have not had a single check that was correct. But I have found help on the inside so to speak.
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#112 Dec 31, 2012
without question this company is a joke. Look at the evidence, the company has such an attrition rate that they have to advertise for help on their vans. Who else in this whole damn nation does that? Theypay slave wages and will cheat you EVERY chance they get. The management is comprised of neanderthals that care about NO ONE but themselves. You and your family are disposible, just like slaves. Management is full of hubris and could not care less for you and yours if they tried.

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#113 Jan 1, 2013
You know what Xeno, I don't give a crap about you losing your car or your Company vehicle that you drove around for personal use while NOT working. Seems that ALL new drivers and especially those of you that came from Coach America, have a LOT to learn. You work for PTI now, not ANY other company, they all went Bankrupt and PTI bought them out. Things you USED to do, you probably can't do anymore and you have to get used to it or get out.
This is the chain of command if you have a problem: Branch Manager, General Manager (you can reach YOUR GM by calling Dispatch and having them patch you through to him/her, HR, Payroll (if this is your problem) and then your Union Steward. Don't know your Union Steward? Ask your Branch Manager for his name and phone number, but the Union is the LAST person on the chain of command. When you file a grievance, you need to have in writing the time and date you talked to EACH step up the chain of command. Once that is documented (by you) then the Union can (in most cases) work to get your money or your job back but like all unions in this country today, they have a FEW sharp teeth, but the BIG BITE is pretty much gone.
For those of you that are having trouble understanding "code set miles", ask and then TELL your BM that you want a book in your office that you and everyone else can look at at any time. If you do not get any help with this from your BM, then go re-read the "chain of command" and get a book in there. The GPS/computers are NOT 100% accurate and by keeping your wait time, mileage on paper, THEN CHECKING THE CODE SET BOOK against what you have written down, THEN you can do a payroll inquiry about it. But once again, I will tell you this, if you drive to X yard to pick up a crew, you are NOT PAID A DIME from your van pickup location to the yard. Your pay STARTS when you GET TO the yard.(unless you are covering another area because they do not have van drivers, then you get paid from point A to B and then the run). Code Set says from (example) Toledo NS Lower Level to Bellevue Oh, they pay 102 miles. It doesn't matter if you had to go around road construction, the crew wanted to go to Indianapolis to get something to eat, then to Chicago to see a show, and finally back to Bellevue, a total of 10,000 miles, you ONLY get paid for 102 miles...C O D E S E T M I L E S. Get it? Understand it? No, then go in and sit down with your Branch Manager and have them EXPLAIN in DETAIL how this works. Print this out if you want so you can refer to it while you talk to him/her. DEMAND the Code Set Books for ALL Railroads you drive for, CN, CSX, NS, Union Pacific...whatever, they ALL have Code Set with PTI..GET THE BOOKS!!!!!!!
As for this job, yes it sucks. Yes you get screwed out of road miles out of your control and we "should" get paid for those, but we don't. The money is not good. If this is your ONLY source of income, leave, get away now, do not stop to look will, make that WILL lose your car if you are making payments, you WILL have trouble paying your RENT or MORTGAGE... if anyone, and I mean ANYONE told you that you will make $40,000 a year, he/it/them/they were LYING TO YOU. A Branch Manager averages $32,000 a year. Do you, really, think a ROAD driver or a YARD driver will make MORE than a BM?? If so, you need your head examined.
So once again, here I stand telling you how it is and what you have to do but if you choose not to, then stop your bitching and get a life OUTSIDE of PTI (get a life = get a new job). YOU will not EVER change PTI, so either get "on board" or "quit" because it is not going to change, YOU do not have the power.
Now that you have finished reading this, go back and RE-read it and take notes if you have to because I am truthfully, tired of arguing the same points over and over again. READ, ACT, DO and then, MOVE ON.

Janesville, WI

#114 Jan 4, 2013
I am a PTI manager. You can hate me, or listen and learn something. The company does not care about you, me, or anyone else. This company was founded by a car dealer and is operated on old-school car dealer ethics.

In the 32 years of existence this company is now seeing ridiculous liability costs and even more ridiculous fuel costs. The margins of profit suck in this industry and the company will continue to chisel away your pay and mine to save their own a$$. I sat in Evansvile and watched a "voucher analyst" change the wait time on a voucher submitted through the CREW system. Not only is it unethical, it is illegal. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations do nt permit tampering with an electronic record generated to be used as a source of employee pay.

PTI drivers need to do a few things including keep track of every trip and all mileage and stops. Mileage is paid by codeset, which is an industry standard throughout transportation companies, not actual odometer. Wait time is liable to tampering, keep accurate records. Justify the pay stub against the records you have, make sure you are accurately paid.

If you feel that you are not being paid fairly, take your accurate records to the company and seek answers through the payroll inquiry process. Use the forms, keep your own copies, and then escalate to HR if you do not rceive an answer. If, a that time, you are still not satisfied you should contact he US Department of Labor.

Finally, although he sounds like a prick, Jimim is correct. No one can or likely will try to stop you from finding a better position or career. Feel free to look for a different job. Living in misery is not worth any price, certainly not what this company pays.

Syracuse, UT

#115 Jan 5, 2013
Thank You. I am not a "prick" by a long stretch, though if you take the time to go back 110 posts and read forward, you will find that I have given the same advice, over and over. The thing that irks me is that most who read this, will NOT go back and start from the beginning to see if their problem is answered. However, most of the bitching started from Coach America Drivers that do not like the fact PTI will not allow them to take their vans home, there by, "robbing" them of their own personal PTI "home vehicle". Also, they have complained, over and over, of these BIG amounts of money that they claim PTI owes them. They will not listen to me about Code Set Miles and how they work. Also, and this -may- include PTI drivers (before CA purchase) that either do not have a Union or do not know how to use the priviledge of a company with a driver union. Reading back, you will find drivers that do not know how to talk to their Branch Manager or how to escalate a problem if their BM doesn't explain things to them. In Toledo, we have been lucky to have BM's that have an "open door policy" though they, like everywhere else, do not work 24 hours a day therefore, making it the responsibilty of the driver to stay around the office until that Manager comes in, or leave a message for the BM to call them when they do get into the office. Drivers have complained they have never heard of a "Code Set" book for each and every RailRoad they cover out of their particular branch and then ARGUE with me it doesn't exist. They have complained they are UNaware of a Union Steward within their office and again, will not contact that Union Steward saying "they don't know who it is", "no one is ever around", no one ever told them about a Steward"...well, we do not work 24 hours either. Each Branch should, if they do not have one, have a Union Dry Marker Board or a Push Pin Board JUST for the Union Steward(s) to be able to post notices and if nothing more, their phone numbers and when and how to contact them. I have helped (2) Branches contact the Union in New York and are now members of the Union in each of those branches.
The BIGGEST complain over these last 110 posts is that they are not making the money they think they are supposed to be making and do nothing but complain over and over about losing their cars, not being able to pay their rent or mortgage and those are definitely legitimate complaints, however, they will not quit or at the very least, while still working for PTI, go out and look for work which will pay a living wage. The PTI Handbook might was well say on the very first page, "Welcome to PTI and remember this, if you are not happy, there is another pair of jeans that can fill your (driver) seat tomorrow." One guy just said in his post that he saw on the PTI Website a comment that "Drivers should make up to $40,000 a year" .. A. I do not believe that is on the Website and B. the only way possible to make that kind of money is to become a Branch Manager AND to take every run and yard job possible in that Branch.
This is a good job for someone who is retired, looking for a second job and living on SS as well as their PTI pay, or a homemaker that needs a few extra dollars each month to suppliment their family income or someone that can get by making $1500.00 or less a month. This is not a career, this is not your path to be able to "grow riches and watch your nest egg become a "golden egg" as these things will not happen here.
I am not a "prick" just tired of hearing the same old reteric over and over and if they are crying here, they are crying AT work which is not good for morale of the empoyees of that branch AND they are more than likely bitching to the crews they transport which honestly, the crews do NOT want to hear about it. They might say, "aww, that is too bad", but they do not go home and threaten to leave the RR if PTI doesn't pay their drivers more money. PTI is a terrible company and they do screw over every driver.

Waterloo, IL

#116 Jan 5, 2013
Jimim - I have gone back and read every post many months ago. I understand what you are saying about the process for these things, however I have followed that process and it surely does not work here. I just received a check yesterday which I was supposed to have cleared about $690 and only received $450. This happens ALL THE TIME. And I don't care who you take it to - the BM, payroll, hr, the union - it never gets paid. I finally got ahold of a code set book and am in the process of checking all my jobs against it. This will take some time - but I surely intend on doing it. Personally I don't care what costs they have with liability or insurance - and gas prices - this they have to work out with the client and shouldn't bid their jobs so low that they can't make any money. And I feel they are still making plenty. How else would they be able to afford all these new gidgits like the GPS's and robo callers. I feel they are just greedy and figure they can mess with our checks all they want because 80% of the employees don't even check their checks and or don't know how. And they get away with that. And for those that do check their checks - well they aren't going to pay it the right way anyway - so what do they care if they check their checks.
I am disabled and really don't know what other work I would be able to do. This job is hard enough for me, let alone something where I had to stand all day or walk all day. Or deal with a lot of people. But I am not retired, nor do I have any income subsidy, and I do have children at home I need to care for. I am not a house wife needing a little extra income and I don't have some man at home to pay the bills. I am on my own and I need ever dime I make. I am dealing with the code set thing - however there should be no messing with your check - and that stuff happens every check. The saddest part is - you will never see the money! I work the holidays in hopes of seeing a little extra money, and I jump when they call and say they have no one on board and need someone to take a trip. Yet no matter how much you give to them - they surely don't care about you. This is the saddest company I have ever worked for - and what is even sadder is that I need this crappy job.

Gretna, LA

#117 Jan 9, 2013
Anyone know where the office is in New Orleans? I can not find it in phone book. Calling PTI i just get recordings.

Syracuse, UT

#118 Jan 9, 2013
robtg722 - this is the Corporate phone number, there is NO recording on this one, call it during business hours and if you can't get the information you need from the receptionist, ask for HR Department. 800-471-2440

Syracuse, UT

#119 Jan 9, 2013
Whether you are disabled or not, you care exactly right, no one should mess with an employees pay check. However, you are doing the right thing now that you have a code set book(s). I take it that you have talked to your BM, you have called HR about this problem and have talked to your Union Steward and filed a grievance with the Union, right? Also, is your branch a Coach America branch that PTI took over or always been a PTI branch?
If you have done ALL of the things above and have not gotten any satisfaction, in your favor or not, then once you finish your trips vs the code set books, take that information and contact A. a lawyer who should be willing to deal with PTI and your pay issues. He/She should be willing to do this on behalf of you and any other employees in your office with the same problems for free in a lawsuit charging PTI and not you to get your pay. B. contact the Illinois Labor Board and file a complaint and make sure you tell them that PTI has other lawsuits against them in Federal Court for this same problem. DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE (A or B) until you have completed your research of trips vs code set books. Though you can not take the books home, ask the BM or Office Manager to make a copy of each and every trip you have made against the code set book pages. You will need this to fight your case (attorney or labor board). It is a Federal Law that any company has to pay what an employee has earned, so you have the right to this but need the proof.
One other thing, do not for one minute think that PTI negotiated contracts with the railroads we service around the country at a "minimum - lowest bid" type of thing. They are NOT stupid (lots of other things they can be called, but business wise not stupid) and they make plenty of money for each of these trips and the railroad does not nickle/dime PTI in pay. They need PTI and other companies like them, to move their crews from place to place because the railroad is NOT in the business of moving crews around. They need "us" as much as "we" need them. Railroads get paid by their customers to have one time performance and if their crews are not where they are supposed to be (on time) then the railroad starts losing money and they do NOT lose money on crew performance - they blow money elsewhere, but not with their crews.
DO NOT be afraid to go to an attorney nor the State Labor Board.(IF) you have the information in your hands, they are MORE than willing to go after PTI. Be very patient with the people you talk to when trying to explain how we get paid because it is somewhat the same as an Over The Road semi driver, but still different and much different than an employee at Walmart. Talk to any driver in your branch and ask them if they are not getting the money they deserve and have each of them document (code set book vs runs, HR and Payroll contacts concerning pay issues) and include them when talking to an Attorney and Labor Board.
Also, you can mention that this does not just happen at your branch, but nationwide (approximately 600 branches) with employees there as well. Attorney: can you say "Class Action Lawsuit"? But I warn you ahead of time, HAVE YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW BEFORE TALKING TO ANYONE!!!
Good Luck Alice

Rock Springs, WY

#120 Jan 12, 2013
crewtransdaughter wrote:
My father works for Coach America in Gillette, WY...PTI has bought them out here too. And theyy just recieved notice that they will all be laid off and must apply with PTI. At Coach America, he has over 10 yrs seniority. He has worked hard to make the money he earns now...and he also has the burden of carign for my mother who is very ill. While he has family to help. her expenses are already taking every penny he has. He is so concerned about PTI and wonderring if he should waste his time. He has worked for crew transportation companies for almost 15 years. He even survived a lawsuit of Coach regarding overtime that they didn't pay. A lot of what I have read so far sounds like the same BS he has been manuevering through for years. I would really like to know if there is any positive things about the company...or if it is as it seems...another crew company with the same tactics and procedures as all the rest.
PTI in green river wyoming is misbehaving here too. One needs to keep a sharp eye on the paycheck as mistakes are frequent, and if u dont catch them in time you will not get paid. As they are two weeks behind in pay periods and with the ever-changing policies, that is difficult to do. The guarentee of pay rate not changing was displced with only mileage and wait time so no hourly pay is recieved, and when you figure wait time it come out to 10.20 an hour. There is no overtime so dont go over your 40, if you do tough luck it is your fault for not keeping track. This applies to OTR drivers, the yard drivers are on a set scheduale.For refusing a run because of fatique you will not be called out for a long period. This is same s#%t different day. PTI promised change but nothing has been done.

Syracuse, UT

#121 Jan 12, 2013
You people from Coach America have to let it all go. Coach America is..........gone. However Coach America paid you, allowed you to take vans home as a personal vehicle, trips you ran etc., is gone. Have you noticed that your "dispatch" out of Bismarck is gone?? Yes, even they could not get with the program and now it is all handled out of Evansville. You signed up to work for PTI. As I have stated before to previous Coach America employees, you need to read your handbook, you need to ask questions point blank to your Branch Manager. If you do not have a Union, that has a contract with PTI, you need to start one.(let me know if you do not have one and ALL/Majority of your fellow employees want a Union to help protect yourself._Also, in message 118 I have posted the Corporate phone number in Evansville. You need to contact HR department for pay issues and work issues IF your Branch Manager or General Manager for your division cannot help you.
Just like you worked for Wendys in your home town and McDonalds took over your stores. They are the same, right? Put out the same product (food) and handle food according to your local Health Department regulations. However, McDonalds has their own rules and regulations. They are different. You must now abide by the McDonalds way or you have to leave. CA and PTI, same business but CA made its mistakes and went bankrupt because of it. If you have read the previous posts and have not gotten the idea, once again..and I do get tired of writing this stuff, but you have to follow certain steps in order to get your pay or find out how your dispatch board is set up etc etc etc .......... YOU need to take control of YOUR life with PTI. If you get NO relief going up the ladder and feel that you are being "cheated" out of pay and can PROVE IT, then you need to find an Attorney that is willing to represent you then collectively all of the drivers at your branch need to chip in on the Attorney fees and start a Class Action Lawsuit against PTI. You can NOT be fired for this action, as then it is a Federal case but this is the way a number of PTI employees have gone and have won their case. BE ADVISED, if this problem is about "I drove 3,001 miles and I only got paid for 100 miles", then you need to ask your Branch Manager for the CODE SET BOOKS for EACH railroad your drive for because the miles are set between the Railroads and PTI. Study them, copy them and compare them to your pay stubs with the run numbers on them. One other solution is to go to your States' Labor Board. But, HAVE THE PROOF IN YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU CONTACT them. If you call and say, I am not getting my money from the company I work for, they will say, ok, prove to me what you are talking about and until you do, they can't do anything to help you.
Now, you have options. Talk to your BM first, if nothing, go up the ladder to your GM. If that doesn't work, call HR and Payroll. If that doesn't work, file a greivance with your Union Steward. If you are not getting anywhere with that progression up the "corporate ladder", Labor Board and then private Attorney. Get other employees out of your branch and maybe even some others from surrounding cities and make this a joint effort to get relief.
The ball is in YOUR court. Bitch about it on here all you want but be assured, no one has **EVER** gotten back pay by bitching here, only by the actions I have laid out for you.
Just remember this little phrase and take it to heart: ducks in a row

Gretna, LA

#122 Jan 13, 2013
jimim 523 Thank you for your information. Be safe out there ~~Bob~~

United States

#123 Jan 13, 2013
Jimim523. Wow... I don't drive vans for personal use. Now, I have a question for you. If you were in my shoes, ie, not getting paid for 160 some hours, in a one and a half month or so period, and because of this lost your transportation to and from work, would you be upset over this? Or just be "oh well."? I must be missing something here. You sound like the type of person that blames a home owner for being robbed. Thank goodness you're not my union Rep. Ours have actually pulled they're head from someplace and are finally getting it right. Things over here work differently than where you are. We have two divisions. Otr, and yard. Different divisions mean different pay. Yard gets hourly, Otr get mileage and by minute. You do make good points, but with that, you also have a habit to ignore what is being said. Unless of course it fits into your mold of ideas. Your analogy of Wendy's and mc-y D's is great. This isn't coach. Here coach didn't allow for personal use of rigs. Only work related. Yes at times they were taken home by drivers. At the time, the call list worked differently. No one here is winging about that (the area of work). I have had good results by doing things on my own research and contacting the right people is the best avenue. But... I still have not gotten satisfaction in regards to the loss of my personal vehicle due to the lack of payment from this company. Aside from your standard "if you don't like it quit" answer, what would be a legitimate course of action that you would suggest?

United States

#124 Jan 13, 2013
Dismayed. The reason mainly for coach employees having to reaply for the jobs that they had is this: (thankfully I wasn't working for coach at the time) when pti stepped in to take over, they found that nearly ALL coach employee information had been wiped clean from all of the system computers. All. Including all files on who they owed money to for repairs and maintenance on the fleet of vehicles that they operated. Coach was very shady with how they preped for the change over. Unfortunately all who had years with coach got hosed. I'm thankful that I'm not one of them, and I truly feel for those that are. Good luck.

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