Despite hundreds of health complaints, Secretary A. G. Kawamura stubbornly held on to his poorly researched and completely unnecessary program to aerial-spray for the light brown apple moth, crop-dusting highly populated neighborhoods from Monterey and Santa Cruz, and wanting to continue his assault on millions of people in the S.F. Bay Area. He is personally responsible for hundreds of reported illnesses (some severe) and at least two children who nearly died from respiratory problems. Elderly people and others with asthma, COP and other preexisting health conditions were also devastated by this man's blind zeal and shameful alliance with pesticide lobbyists. If you doubt this, just Google "LBAM" and visit the many websites started by normal people whose right to safety and strong desire to protect their families from known toxins and particulate matter were violated by this shameful man. He should be tried as a criminal, not honored.