Ardsley, NY

#133 Feb 6, 2013
dream big wrote:
not trying to run the rink or Lowville but there is such a thing as honesty and consistency and fair play which is what we all are supposed to teach kids. That isnt happening here and its being pointed out. You watch even the kid that smoked weed will end up getting off because the system in Lowville and the rink is horrible. It teaches the kids they can do anything and get away with it. So you dont want me to say anymore then ill make a deal with you. Stop all the posts on here about how bad kids are now. Stop everyone from asking what we can do to stop the hoodlums and ill gladly stop. Sounds fair to me ..what do you think OMG?
yes it's a deal - everything is blown do out of proportion. And even if he gets a slap on the hand from the judge that's NOT the hockey boards fault - and the hockey board has said no matter what happens in court he will be arrested for trespassing if he comes back- not much more they can do beyond that!!!!

Ithaca, NY

#134 Feb 6, 2013
Your a moron with nothing worthwhile to contribute..move along

Saranac Lake, NY

#135 Feb 6, 2013
Lol granma. Buy agree this has gone to far and onpy going to get worse as they get away with more and more.
dream big

Old Forge, NY

#136 Feb 7, 2013
I have a question. If a kid does hurt another with a skate whether on purpose or not by it coming out of their hands and going through the air you cant do anything to them now right? Im only asking because a precedence is now set. Wouldnt want anyone to get in trouble wrongfully now would we.

Saratoga Springs, NY

#137 Feb 7, 2013
granma wrote:
Your a moron with nothing worthwhile to contribute..move along
Why granma cuz I don't agree with you?????????

Saranac Lake, NY

#138 Feb 7, 2013
No because its just not him... this is also about the girl who had the skate slip out of her hand in a forceful manner moving towards someone in a dangerous manner. Why swearing and threatining someone. But its ok she flirts with the ones running the place so its all good. Btw. SHE THREW IT. DONT MIX WORDS. We saw it and heard what was said. And with what happened my kids don't get to skate there because I don't want them around a place that don't care for her saftey I was there and proud when kicked out but then they let her back in. Thank you for the disapointing outcome.

Jamesville, NY

#139 Feb 7, 2013
Ok so what you're saying is that the rink should be closed for Public Skating?
Fine let's close it and then listen to all these people complain there is nothing for our kids to do or go during the winter months.
Come on people, did you watch the video of the (used loosely) young lady who flipped off the judge? This is the type of kids we are talking about. Should they be kicked out, absolutely. As the above posts stated, she hasn't been back since her "boyfriend" got kicked out so let's get off this topic and move on.

Saranac Lake, NY

#140 Feb 7, 2013
She was back last weekend. And I packed my kids up and left. So yes she was back and isn't banned.
dream big

Old Forge, NY

#141 Feb 7, 2013
all the posts i put on here was to get the rink people and the hockey assoc. to stop and think about how this could come back and bite them. Its going to now because now if any kid wants they can get away with throwing ,tossing,lobbing skates and they cant punish them because they didnt go far enough. I know that nobody wants to ban a kid but sometimes it has to be done for the good of the rest of the kids. It also covers the skate rink and hockey assoc. The kids that caused the trouble will be back and give even more of a problem. She is out to get Tanya and you watch she will do what she can to get her. I hope my posts didnt seem like i hated anyone there..That isnt the case. Protect the kids and the rink and the hockey assoc. by making firm but tough decisions even if you dont like doing them. Sort of like being a good parent. Sometimes your kids hate you for making tough decisions but they have to be done to keep them safe.

Ithaca, NY

#142 Feb 7, 2013
OMG wrote:
<quoted text>Why granma cuz I don't agree with you?????????
No because you are going way overboard......grownups are handling the situation . Go back to watching your jerry springer show. Ok?
There are alot of good people and good times, safe fun for our community and all you seem to want to do is bring everyone down to your mud. Do you know how hard these folks have worked? How much $ and time has been put into this free community progran? I am just sick of hearing you piss and moan.....get a job or a life a lready!

Saranac Lake, NY

#143 Feb 7, 2013
Granma I think the rinnk was a good thing but I do not feel its safe because now as dream big stated they can do what they want and yes I heard that girl saying she would "get that bit++!!!". So well see. Oh wait no we won't because as soon as I see her or her trouble maker friend I'll be leaving the rink amd since my kids can't use the rink I wont help or donate untill its cleaned up so it is safe for all.

New York, NY

#144 Feb 7, 2013
wow I was supposed to get the job and I was going to run it right but look at all this trouble . glad Im not working there after all. how awful you people all are. and I mean on both sides. time for the Lewis county hockey association to close the rink to the public and only use it for the hokey players for a few years . maybe that is the only way to solve all this. get the riffraff out of the running of the place. stand up and have some integrity

Ardsley, NY

#145 Feb 7, 2013
You know what I thinkin funny.... The only people expressing issues with the rink seem to be here on topix......

Saranac Lake, NY

#146 Feb 7, 2013
Haha, I did express my dismay to the attendent and a few parents that were ther at the time but I work so can't make it to the association meetings but I will be sending a letter and many other parents I now feel the same. I will also be sending a letter to the ones that own the grounds. This boy should be band from the fair for a year also since it did happen on the fair grounds.

Ithaca, NY

#147 Feb 7, 2013
The only problems are with you nut jobs on topixs. It makes to sense whatsoever to close the rink and take free recreation away from the public because 2 people on topix insist on keeping rumors going. Here is a thought...shut and dont go back to the rink....find some place else to darken with all your doom and gloom. My family is safe and happy and skating this weekend. Thanks to all the parents officials and volunteers! We appreciate your continued efforts!

Saranac Lake, NY

#148 Feb 7, 2013
First it isn't free. Tax payers flip part of the bill. Which I am one of who lives in the village. Second I thank some to but not all. I feel stuff that has been going on shouldn't. Third the acts of a few teens are ruining it for a few. Forth these are facts not rumors. Fifth I donate money to the hockey association along with my husband, we both work hard for our income pay our taxes and raise our kids. But these children should be gone for a full year as of incident. If they acted like this in school or the work place. This should have been a life lesson for them. Even though they haven't learned that they get away with anything.

Saranac Lake, NY

#149 Feb 10, 2013
Well has anythingbeen solved? Were they kicked out or not?
Tree Hugger

Ithaca, NY

#150 Feb 10, 2013
You know if all you people thought you could do a better job and handle this situations down there better, well why the hell didn't you apply for the job? It was advertised in the paper!
New skates have been purchased, the ice is being zambonied and taken care of, and the place isn't as disgusting as it was in previous years.
Ok we all agree the people causing problems should be banned for the year and things should be corrected. So let's stop beating the dead horse here and move on. This topic shouldn't have gotten this far.
dream big

Northville, NY

#151 Feb 10, 2013
I am waiting until the 12th when he goes in front of the judge to see what happens.
what happened

Gloversville, NY

#152 Feb 10, 2013
What happened, I tried to look it up on the moose news thing didn't find it. Marlana and Abbey are at it again!! What a surprise but anyone who wants to help has to go thru her B/F and her father Andy (joke)....

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