Castlewood High Students Bulling and ...
The truth

Roanoke, VA

#23 Oct 5, 2012
Glad we got cops pushing hard to ban fake dope, instead of rape in schools
i heard

Duncan, SC

#24 Oct 5, 2012
Help wrote:
I talked to someone who knew but wouldn't give it up because they were minors. Did say one's dad was a druggie and lived with his grandma until she passed away.
This is why he overdosed a while back. And from what I understand the condition of that house is beyond disgusting.

Lebanon, VA

#25 Oct 5, 2012
Seriously wrote:
<quoted text>
So you really think the bullying didn't start at school? They ignore stuff like that all the time. They don't want to deal with anything that will make their jobs harder. I guarantee someone saw the warning signs "at school".
You've obviously never worked in a school system and tried to get help for troubled children. The parents have to ALLOW for that help to take place, and 9 times out of 10 they won't. "They" don't ignore "stuff like that" all the time. It is reported. It is documented. Does it do any good? No. No one ever takes those concerns seriously until someone gets hurt and then when that happens, its the teachers' fault that it was allowed to happen. Its a lose-lose situation.

United States

#26 Oct 6, 2012
I can't believe those kids are back in school! I was shocked and disgusted to find out what all those horrible kids did. How does anyone find the ability to sexually assault anyone ,especially a special needs kid! I think those ill bastards deserve to spend some time locked away! Shame on the parents for raising such demonic children. Take the time to teach your kids some morals!
a mom of a blue devil

United States

#27 Oct 6, 2012
i cant believe some people are stunned,,this goes on all the time.these boys should be banned from school untill this is finished. this political correctness crap should go out the window lets worry about the other kids and the poor soul this happen too.
sad and angry

Christiansburg, VA

#28 Oct 6, 2012
0ur school board and superintendent do not have the capabilities to handle this situation properly. It is not enough to "pray and hope" that no more kids are hurt. The accused are back at school and any child that comes in contact with them are in danger.
JUSt sayin

Port Republic, VA

#29 Oct 6, 2012
mom wrote:
I would to
I think that when something like this happens the names of the offeneds should be released as well as their parents becouse when something like tis happens it could be a neghbor or someone you trust with your own childeren and the athorities should release the names to infom others who these people are becouse if the childeren are doing this the parents are proubly awear of something parents like to play blind but their really not
JUSt sayin

Port Republic, VA

#30 Oct 6, 2012
parent wrote:
This is not bullying based on what the paper says it is RAPE. There is a big difference. Those involved need to be in jail not school. You cant blame the parents and families for what these kids did. They are all old enough to know right from wrong. They did the crime so they should serve the time!!!
Cant blame the parents?? are you crazy well who do you think should have tought these kids right from wrong?? it blows my mind that you would say it's not the parents you must be one of them i have a child and have always tried to show him right from wrong and these parents must not have done such a good job I agree with the other that thinks the kids involved and the parents should both be held accountable for thses actions and have to take parenting classed as well as doiing community services if not be locked up them self. These actions didnt happen at school this happend in someones home and where were the parents then sitting on the cough watching tv? I know if my child has friends over thay will be supervised and not allowed to be left alone this is lack of attention on the parents on/or gardians thes kids live with
wants to know

Lebanon, VA

#31 Oct 6, 2012
one of the boys is 18 now wonder if his name will be released all i have seen was whats in the paper so some of this stuff i hadnt heard about like it being a special needs child is that true>? and one of the homes were searched the paper said i thought im sure someone seen that goin on

United States

#32 Oct 6, 2012
I have heard that there was rape with an object. 7 boys were involved, one taped it. They shared the tape with their friends (wow, that was smart). One boys parents were arrested.

Lebanon, VA

#33 Oct 6, 2012
yeah thats what was in the paper actually used the word penetration so thats what i would call it myself is rape and said the home was searched and all computers cell phones and any device that could be used for recording was taking but didn't say anything about an arrest(so if the parents were it was prolly after?) but said it was looking for that video which on top of everything else would mean they have child pornography which if anyone is up to date on things even minors can be charged for it remember the 16 year old girl being charged as a sex offender for texting pics of a classmate topless so i just hope its handle like it should be and not looked at like oh boys being boys cause its sick and an example needs to be set
Castlewood doesnt care

Lebanon, VA

#34 Oct 6, 2012
Our daughter was bullied at castlewood when it was reported all the princaple wanted to do was tell me girls will be girls let them work it out...... and boys will be boys kids need to learn how to deal with it.
When it comes to physical actions on school property then no its there job to control it but no castlewood high princ. just blew it off and it was no big deal to him.

Lebanon, VA

#35 Oct 6, 2012
i dont have a child there thankfully so i dont have much say but action has to be takin on all parts school town and parents as a whole of its just repeats itself
concernined resedent

Lebanon, VA

#36 Oct 7, 2012
id say they were under the influence of something but i dont know it seems like things have spiraled out of control by far and something defenently needs to be done things like this just didnt happen when some of us were growing up
teenage gurl

Lebanon, VA

#37 Oct 7, 2012
im still not sure what went on but people need to start controling theyre kids a little better i dont mean put them under lock and key but some people dont even know where theyre kids are half the time things just arent safe my little cusin gets bullied all the time a kid stabbed him in the eye on the bus and they didnt even do ANYTHING about it i blame the parents and schools theyre teaching us about bullying and it doesent work you cant be aducated not to bully someone its mentality take it from me im a teenager this isnt an educational problem this is a disaplen problem we teens are show offs we want to be popular and cool even if some dont admit it ITS TRUE were too stressed and that and of all thw things that could cause it it could be stress , mentality , sowing off , being stupid or under the influence a number of things but something has to be done those people in lebanon running the schools dont know half the kids theyre bossing around so the rules and speaches and messages might get through to one kid when it wont to the other
Need Justice

Socorro, NM

#38 Oct 7, 2012
Russell Co Public Schools - Student Conduct Code - CHECK IT OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Schools responsibility and Va Law responsibility....
No different than DATE RAPE. Does anyone know what the law is in VA about Date Rape..........
concerned parent

Charlotte, NC

#39 Oct 7, 2012
I heard it was done for a roll of skoal! seriously what is wrong with these kids!

Newton, NC

#40 Oct 7, 2012
i cant believe these boys were allowed back in school. How is it that some children get into minor trouble and get kicked out of school for a whole year and with such a serious offence as this, they are allowed back in school? it sounds to me like there is favoritism going on. This is NOT bullying it is RAPE. People should pull their children out of school if these boys are still in school. God forbid, that this incident happen again and who will the next poor victim be?

Newton, NC

#41 Oct 7, 2012
The truth wrote:
Glad we got cops pushing hard to ban fake dope, instead of rape in schools
AMEN I Agree

Lebanon, VA

#42 Oct 8, 2012
I think its time to take a stand and DO something instead of just talk about it. Look at our society today...somethings gotta change! When did parents stop parenting? When did everything get so out of control and evil? Better do we fix it?

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