Old evidence at new trial

Old evidence at new trial

There are 1122 comments on the Rocky Mountain News story from May 12, 2006, titled Old evidence at new trial. In it, Rocky Mountain News reports that:

An Adams County judge Thursday ruled that notes and blood evidence taken by a now-dead investigator at a murder scene 25 years ago can be used in the case against Troy Brownlow.

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Denver, CO

#939 Oct 23, 2009
Never does recollection fail when I read of a heinous crime, especially against children, as with 7-year-old Somer Thompson whose body was found in a landfill where in a short time would have been buried beneath thousands of tons of debris. I recollect 15-year-old Nanine defensively grabbing Troy’s knife from his hand in which he had to grab it back and in so doing suffer injury. He suffered sufficiently enough so that his parents took note of it and knew how his injury occurred. Yet, they had the balls to go into court and pray to their God that he would be found not guilty. As Adam and Eve became the first humans, Troy’s parents became the first members of his fan club. A half dozen or so would follow in his parent’s footsteps and become fans. It would be welcome if these delude fans would come on board and confess their deception. I suspect that Laura, Gina’s sister, accepts the jury verdict and gives up her fan status. Troy is a blight on society as evidenced in this blog even if he had not butchered Nanine; however, for his fan club to stand by him turns them into reprehensible members of humanity. Many, many men have been convicted many years later by virtue of DNA with a shocked community in disbelief, such killers having a family of their own. Priests commit horrific offenses against children. I guess I’ll live out the rest of my life recollecting with Troy’s fan club cheering.
Dana Rood

Aurora, CO

#940 Nov 3, 2009
Yes God is the true juge of all, and yes everyone should have their day in court. But when the facts are there what should you really think? If he did not do it he sould have spoken up 25 years ago. Now he has to pay the price.
Deanna Grimes wrote:
You would think differently if you had found your baby sister not only murdered but mutilated and abolished from the earth with 86 stab wounds. His DNA and her DNA were the only DNA found in my bedroom; go figure. The only problem here is he isn't eligible for capital punishment, where God is the one and only judge.
auntie nadine

Missoula, MT

#941 Nov 7, 2009
hi deanna i would love to hear from you.......you can reach me at [email protected] you to brenda ill be waiting love you both.....
auntie nadine

Missoula, MT

#942 Nov 7, 2009
I am aunt to Deanna, Shirley Horn Nanine was my niece. Richard is my brother and our whole family took a horible mental beating when this happened my deceased husband was a suspect although he met Nini only one time and I know where he was ay the time this happened. Ihope that Troy gets what Deanna hopes for X10 and I would like to ask Troy WHY WHY WHY!!!1880
auntie nadine

Missoula, MT

#943 Nov 9, 2009
deanna i would like to talk to you [email protected]

Denver, CO

#944 Nov 11, 2009
Why, why, why auntie nadine? You introduce your husband as a suspect and now his fan club is mouthing: "See, I told you so. There was another man in the house." Surely, if "deanna" had wanted to touch bases, she would have responded the first time you asked. This blog has a purpose; your purpose is not what it was intended. Reveal what you know about Troy Brownlow.

Denver, CO

#947 Dec 23, 2009
Christmas: Time of the year where everyone celebrates and enjoys. My joy will be tempered. Nanine enjoyed her last Christmas when she was fourteen. The guy that ended future Christmas for her is imprisoned. The guy’s fan club is convinced he, Troy, is innocent. Troy’s fan club will have their Christmas also tempered but not by Nanine’s death, but by their innocent Troy caged to protect society though his rage over Nanine’s refusal to acquiesce put him there.

It is a bitter pill to swallow for the overwhelming majority that believes he is guilty; that the fan club lobbies for a socio-path whose conduct is established by the entries in this blog should go free.

Troy’s parents carry a heavy burden. Had they come forth the day after when Troy’s wounds revealed to them that he was the killer, Troy may have served time and been released. Society would have been spared. Troy is certainly guilty; however, his parents are culpable in Troy’s conspiracy to keep silent. I will be lamenting on Christmas day.
me to

Rapid City, SD

#948 Dec 23, 2009
I will be lamenting on Christmas day.

Redwood City, CA

#949 Dec 24, 2009
Mike you said the last Christmas Nini enjoyed was when she was fourteen. I remember that Christmas well. She made me a mini Christmas card and I carry it in my wallet to this day. Merry Christmas Mom and Deanna, your always in my thoughts.

“Murderer Troy Brownlow”

Since: Feb 07

Denver, CO

#950 Dec 24, 2009
I'll have a blue Christmas without you;
I'll be so blue just thinking about you;
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree;
Won't be the same if you're not here with me.
[email protected]
Anthony Gazotti

La Veta, CO

#954 Jan 16, 2010
Heres a thought that maybe you havent cocsisered! Look into your own families or those of your loved ones and I'm almost positive that there are things that have happened that are never mentioned or talked about and everone around thinks "HE or SHE is such a wonderful and good person" , but then there are those that know! Like Troys mother who aided in this coverup to avoid the humiliation and pain of losing her child over this! She to thought NOT MY SON but she knows! And is every bit as guilty as TROY !!!! If he wanted to help her and you believe his story ? And its not even a very goodstory considering he had 25 yeears to work on it!!!! He could have helped her no matter how you look at it! By getting help from any number of sources because there are businesses and homes ALL around! A church across the street !! But the best way he could have helped her was to take his own pathetic life and not that of my beauitiful coisin whos last memory I have of Nanine is of my birthday when we slept outside on the trampoline and she wouldnt let me in the house because of this reason or that ! But you couldnt hide the smell of the chocolate cake they were baking! It was deliscious and I couldnt wait to go back to my aunty and cousins , and because of HIM I havent even seen them for 25 years!!!! So you people who say you know its hard!! Think about the full price my family has paid!! We didnt just lose Nanine !! We lost eachother!!!!

Denver, CO

#955 Jan 17, 2010
Your anguish is acknowledged, Anthony; however, outside of Nanine's immediate family, it is Robyn whose suffering is the greatest. If she has access to a scanner, I'm sure Nanine's mother would appreciate the mini Christmas card in her possession. Yes, Anthony, we concur: Troy's mother (and his father) shielded their adopted son who rather than become a member of society chose to become blight and stain as evidenced in this blog. One can only surmise how many times Troy was not caught militating against society.
Auntie Gwen

Rapid City, SD

#956 Jan 18, 2010
Anthony, You bring tears to my eyes. That memory of Nini is so realistic. That sounds exactly like something she would do. She sure liked to tease her cousins and friends. and when she started it seemed like she could not stop herself. I can almost hear her laughing at you and keeping you out. She could be like that.

I wish you well, I hope life has been good to you.

Denver, CO

#957 Jan 29, 2010
Today’s news brings to the forefront a young girl whose body is found in an empty field. Her parents are interviewed on television. Mother seeks arrest and conviction of the killer but not because he murdered her daughter. She seeks prevention of future attacks claiming that the killer graduated into heinous conduct his sordid past leading up to it, sort of like trying marijuana as a stepping stone to heroine. Here is the rub: Troy’s heinous conduct was not a graduated step. Troy’s conduct is immediately reprehensible and he goes on to commit lesser evil for 25 years. Mother, in the instant case, must entertain the notion that her daughter’s killer who dumped her in an open field is a 16-year-old committing his first loathsome offense in which the killer’s parents fully aware will petition their god that he be found innocent in a court of law.

Recently, a misfit was arrested for dragging Buddy, a German Shepherd, with his pick-up, a gruesome death, in which his sister lied to protect the murderous oddball. Charges are brought against the sister which begs the question: Should charges be brought against parents who know their offspring is guilty and lie, cover-up, and conceal from authorities the truth? And even worse, piously pray for celestial intervention to favor killers? Nanine’s grisly demise has a hold on me and won’t let go. Punishing those who conspire against justice would help my continuing anguish. I still hear Laine’s or was it Gina's observation that Troy’s parents are wonderful people.

Denver, CO

#958 Mar 15, 2010
https://exdoc.state.co.us/index.php Killer Troy M. Brownlow 131992 is now firmly ensconced at a private facility with amenities at Bent County Correctional Facility in Colorado. Nanine is no longer with us; however, her executioner is enjoying the gift of life and even though the facility lists a death row section, all I can hope for is that someone may toss him into it.

Laine can be seen making tracks towards the facility with Gina gassing her gas guzzler to show her baby what an assassin looks like, what a baby killer looks like. In this case, black on one side and white on the other. His living quarters are so desirable, he would practice recidivism just to get back in on the taxpayer’s dime from whom he took so many dimes in his wretched life of societal pondscum evidenced in the blog.
Kurt - Up Here

Denver, CO

#959 Mar 17, 2010
On a scale of one to ten, the senseless knife attack is at the top; however, in the top ten offenses to the sensibilities is belief in a 16-year-old kid juggling a Gatorade jar that fell to the ground and shattered in which the pieces must have bounced into Troy's hand and fiercely cut him since it is a given, a kid is not going to stoop over and clean the mess he made. What kind of gray matter would believe such claptrap? Another in the top ten is mentioned: Troy's parents knew the next day he was guilty and went to court praying the jury would find him not guilty. Dear Lord Master,“Every man is a liar," Romans 3:4 so if our son, Troy, takes the stand make it look like he is telling the truth. Thank you "Lord/Master."
(Killer Troy's incarceration cost taxpayers $29,000 yearly with prolifers contending the death penalty costs more with killers granted parole to go forth and kill the innocent.)

United States

#960 Mar 18, 2010
Hello everyone... everyone's still on her bashing me and Gina and Troy and his parents? Wow! I thought you all would be able to move on and have a life.

Guess what! I have some really good news...

Denver, CO

#961 Mar 20, 2010
“Fat ho Laine,” according to Gina’s sister, Laura, makes an easy admission:“Wow! I thought you all would be able to move on and have a life.” It is easy for “fat ho” to move on and have a life. Her concern is for Nanine’s killer. Nanine was just a stranger to her. For us, Nanine, was someone we loved. We cannot move on; we cannot have a life. Nanine is always in our heart and prayers. Paraphrasing Nanine’s sister:“How would Laine like it if she walked in and saw a bloody body in the fetal position of her child partially submerged on a water bed with nearly a hundred stab wounds in her body?” Would Laine be able to get a life and move on? The answer may be yes since pursuant to her intervention herein, Laine’s concern would be for her daughter’s killer needing succor, another word for assistance, support and relief.

What kind of heart lacks compassion, sensitivity, kindness in knowing that their son has committed a horrific aggression and prays that the off-spring will be found innocent by the god they prostrate themselves? Extend the same scenario described above and Gina comes home to find her daughter as Deanna found her sister. Could Gina get on with her life? Could she move on? If the answer is in the affirmative, Gina can join parents who know their off-spring is guilty and pray for god’s intervention in jury tampering.

The circumstances weren’t nearly as ghastly in my case; however, everyday, I am reminded, and often a little bitty tear announces my grief to the on-looker. It has been a while and I can’t move on; I can’t get a life. Only my death will create a theological spectrum on which I will travel to “get a life,” while you and your ilk is deploring the killer’s incarceration with your head in a part of his anatomy where the sun never shines who according to this blog needs to be incarcerated even if he had not killed Nanine. Laine: Let your good news be that you removed your head from the stinkin’ hole, or I guess leaving it in is good news.

United States

#962 Mar 21, 2010
Mike I didn't bash you - does it make you feel better to call me a Fat Ho. For one, I'm not fat and I'm definately not a Ho! So why don't you dislodge your head from your ass and think before speak!
I know you don't like me and I really don't care but you need to back off of me!

Denver, CO

#963 Mar 22, 2010
Laura June 14, 2006: Laine, do you want to know where she has been??? She has been in Tucson Arizona working to support the child that her and Troy made together!!! Excuse me but you live there! She lives here and when you support yourself and kids alone you don't have the time or money to fly! Ya know what she sent him money very frequently and often when she really couldn't afford to! When he lived here with her, he quit his job when she was pregnant, and she worked 7 days a week on her swollen feet to support him! Why? She loved him and thought he would be around to help raise their daughter! So I can say shame on you, were you there to hear the victim impact statements??? I think you are jealous and maybe you should just go back to his cousin you two timing fat ho!

Laine: I am aggrieved. Your erroneous conclusion that I have my head in a stinky place, your allegation is directed at Gina’s sister. It is Laura that calls you a two timing fat ho. From that conclusion, it is clear to me that your relationship with Troy is a lusting (lusting) matter and your anxiety registers in your “good news” shout in which you grovel over an appeal based on ineffective counsel hopeful killer Troy will come home and satisfy in the loin arena again. Again: Laura’s description of you instills in my mind your fanatic conduct for the killer’s freedom. I find myself in your corner on groveling; surprisingly, in knowing that your killer is not a happy camper and seeks his freedom.

If your lover gets his freedom, he will go to his parents and demand his inheritance before they die. They will deny him and he will stand before the judge, again, pleading mercy for the orphan. Laine: It is not me. By your conclusion, Laura is in hers; whereas, by my conclusion you are in the killer’s.

It’s me, Mike, maligned by you, fanatic Laine, who by virtue of Laura’s allegation lusted with the killer’s cousin and two-timed him and made it with the killer. Maybe I should not believe everything I read, huh, Laine. Clear the air, Laine; who made you the happiest: Cousin or Killer?

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