Bob Hartnett continues to avoid the Orange County Sheriff's office Alias Summons that has been issued against him due to his failure
to accept Service in the $100,000 lawsuit filed against him by Mike Russo.

The lawsuit was filed on 9-12-08 and the Sheriff's Officer has gone to his office in Maitland and his residence in Winter Park and Hartnett has refused to come to the door on many occasions. I guess that Hartnett does not think this lawsuit is so silly afterall and continues to evade the Judge's Alias Summons.

Hartnett and Lloyd Weber were introduced by me on 6-30-05 and both parties went behind my back for over 16 months. I brought $750,000 to Weber and he did not even have the decency to thank me.

Who would want to put their deposits in a bank runned by Messrs. Hartnett and Weber?