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Kernersville, NC

#1 Feb 3, 2012
To the North Carolina General Assembly
North Carolina residents, as well as other Americans and Canadians, allowed WRAL-TV Station and the courts of North Carolina Judicial System into their homes in the spring of 2011. We were able to “tune in” and watch the murder trial of Brad Cooper as the trial was conducted in the Wake County courtroom in Raleigh, North Carolina. The experience of being “exposed to a real murder trial opened up a lot of our minds as to just how the court system works and what may or may not happen in a court of law. At the end of this trial a lot of us had more questions and concerns than answers. As Amanda Lamb,(author of the book recently written about this trial *Love Lies*) said in a radio interview with Burl Barer (outlawcrime(dot) com) on January 14, 2012,“Americans are “angry and bitter” about what happened.
I believe a more appropriate explanation could be/would be/should be that there are a lot of people who are “disturbed and quite concerned” about how Brad Cooper, the accused Canadian, was indicted, tried and convicted of 1st degree murder without any evidence proved in court that he did it. He was sentenced to life in prison for life without parole.
We, the people and supporters of Brad Cooper, want to voice our concern to the public and also direct our concern to the North Carolina General Assembly, about how Brad Cooper was NOT provided a “fair and just trial” in the courts of Wake County in Raleigh, North Carolina.
The following statement from the “Justice for Brad Cooper” website sums up what really took place.“In a rush to judgment by the police, a clique of friends, and a community, an innocent man has been accused, tried and wrongly convicted of first degree murder”.
This website was formed by a group of concerned citizens and was activated in June 2011. The website has attracted a lot of people and continues to grow.
The website consists of board members and is registered with the State of North Carolina. The website offers videos, summaries, evidence, refuted information, timeline events, related links, media and FAQ for people to view about both the murder investigation and the murder trial which took place.
The mission statement indicated on this website is as follows:
Our Mission
“It is the mission of Justice for Brad to provide accurate and irrefutable facts that will enable the public to see that Brad Cooper did not receive a fair trial, as guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution; to encourage a fair and just appeals process; to educate the public so that we can ensure that innocent people are not found guilty in a court of law, and all defendants are given a fair trial; and to encourage an informed public to elect fair and unbiased judges and district attorneys.”

Kernersville, NC

#2 Feb 3, 2012
****continued from above post*****
One of the best sections of this website and probably the most important and a “must see for everyone to view” was added on December 21, 2011 which is:
*Top 100 things wrong about the Cooper Case*
The list can be viewed at the Justice For Brad website and I would encourage each of you to be sure and read them. View here:
http://justiceforbradcooper.wordpress.com/201 ...
The "100 THINGS WRONG" blog post describes an investigation and trial which was held in our own Judicial System in Wake County,
North Carolina. This kind of list should NEVER be availabe from
any kind of trial. This is neither a good or professional list that should be connected to any court system.
Below are some things that should have been questioned in the trial of Brad Cooper. Some are still without answers and certainly not issues that anyone would expect to be a part of any Judicial System.
Corruption and Cover up ?
Choices and Consequences ?
Wrongful Conviction and Prosecutorial Misconduct ?
Evidence or Illusions ?
Facts or fiction ?
Truth or gossip ?
There has been a lot of corruption and cover up which has surfaced in a lot of places across our country and unfortunately, North Carolina is “no exception”.
We, the people of North Carolina, request that the North Carolina General Assembly review what happened in the Brad Cooper Trial, and follow up with what should be required on each and every trial which is heard in a court of law.
You, the General Assembly, can make a difference in what takes place in North Carolina Courtrooms.
Trials held in a court of law should follow the law and be based on nothing except the truth and what is legal and lawful.
Wrongful convictions and prosecutorial misconduct have no place in any Judicial System.
Brad Cooper was convicted on a *42 second google search* which was NOT proved in court that he even did the google search, even
though the FBI expert told the police to verify that the search occurred on his computer. They neglected to do that and thus, it was NOT PROVEN. It is a known fact, when dealing with computer evidence,
that it MUST be verified by a 3rd party to prove the accused did what they are alleging. Cary Police was already dealing with Google on other
issues related to this trial so the only explanation for not doing this was that they knew the search COULD NOT BE TRACED TO BRAD and it is likely because they, themselves planted it or knew who did.
Texas criminal attorney, Jeremy Rosenthal
shared the following statement on his website blog.“The biggest challenge for the prosecutor is to ‘put the Defendant’s fingers on the keyboard.’ In other words, the prosecutor must show that the computer crime, if any, was committed by the Defendant and not someone else on the same computer.”
For more info you can click on the link below:
( http://justiceforbradcooper.wordpress.com/201 ...)
The prosecutors in Wake County did not prove that Brad Cooper made the “42 second google search” but the jury convicted Brad Cooper of 1st degree murder which was based on the “42 second google search”, according to the Jury Foreman.
Brad Cooper was NOT provided a Fair and Just Trial.

Kernersville, NC

#3 Feb 3, 2012
*****continued from the above post *****

Below is a Link to a Petition which has been signed by supporters who also agree that Brad Cooper was not given a Fair and Just Trial.
http://www.change.org/petitions/north-carolin ...
Below are other links and comments concerning what took place in the courts of North Carolina.
http://www.topix.com/forum/city/cary-nc/T27J4 ...
We, the people, expect our North Carolina Judicial System and all government agencies to uphold their jobs and responsibilities in a professional, legal and lawful manner so that those who actually commit crimes are the ones who are punished instead of sending innocent people to prison for a crime that they did not do while allowing criminals to run free.
The citizens of North Carolina expect to be protected from those who are a danger to our society based on evidence which was proved in court that the accused was indeed the person who committed the crime in question and not someone who just got
"caught up in the system" because someone did not do their job.
Please read the links provided and view the trial at WRAL (dot) com under Brad Cooper, since"seeing is believing" what actually took place in the Wake County Courts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would urge you to please push for an investigation into the obvious police misconduct that occurred in this case because at this point, citizens have NO RECOURSE against the apparent corrruption and the Attorney General office is NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. We are requesting your assistance in this very serious and important matter for the sake of North Carolina and the people who live here.
Brad Cooper Supporters /(for a fair and just trial)

Kernersville, NC

#4 Mar 29, 2012
****Another email sent to the lawmakers of NC March 24, 2012****

Dear North Carolina General Assembly Members,

I am forwarding this link to each of you in hopes that you will take the time and effort to read it and at least know what is going on in our own North Carolina Judicial Systems.

There are North Carolina citizens who are concerned and quite disturbed by what has taken place here in our courtrooms recently. We also know that you, the lawmakers, can make a difference in how trials are conducted in our courtrooms.

There are INNOCENT PEOPLE who are being sent to prisons across AMERICA...and unfortunately this kind of thing is also taking place right here in North Carolina.

People are being indicted by the Grand Jury without any evidence whatsoever provided to the Grand Jury as backup proof that the person has committed or been involved in the crime.

The Grand Juries are putting their trust in what the North Carolina Prosecutors are telling them instead of reviewing actual EVIDENCE. Are the North Carolina Prosecutors being upfront and honest with the Grand Jury?

How can indictments be handed down without any proof being presented as back up proof for what they are claiming?

Indictments are being "rubberstamped" as the Grand Jury stands by without knowing whether or not the accused person may or may not be guilty of what they are being accused of. Money, time and efforts are being wasted on cases that are going to court without "evidence" that the accused is actually guilty of the crimes they have been charged with.

Prosecutors are supposed to get to the truth of the crimes which will provide justice and protect the citizens as well.

Innocent people are being indicted, tried and convicted without it being PROVED in court that they are indeed guilty of the crime. This can get to be a very expensive issue for North Carolina and the tax payers here in the long run. When
innocent people get convicted this means that the criminals are running free, to again commit crimes again and again.

Where is the FAIR AND JUST in this? Who exactly benefits from this kind of action?

Please take the time and investigate what exactly is going on in our North Carolina Judicial System today.

Changes need to be made to benefit us all. Only you, the lawmakers, can make a difference. It is all up to each of you to do what is fair and just for the accused and for North Carolina as well. Let's set a good example for all of AMERICA to see and keep our state a safe place too.

Thank you for doing what is best for North Carolina.

Brad Cooper supporters for Fair and Just Trials in North Carolina


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