Janet Danahey ****Grant Clemency Peti...

Janet Danahey ****Grant Clemency Petition for Janet Danahey

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Greensboro, NC

#1 Jul 20, 2012
Please go to the following link and sign the Petition to support Janet Danahey****


You can also read the Clemency Petition on DigTriad and WGHP....
Since when are some people's lives more important than others?
Tolly Carr got a very short sentence for taking the life of a young person while drinking while drunk.....You can also read about this by googling his name....this is only one example.
There were 2 other young girls with Janet while this horrible accident happened....but the 2 girls were not charged with anything at all....and Janet took a *plea deal* for life in prison without parole while the other 2 girls were not charged with anything....

Janet Danahey did not have good representation at the time this plea deal was made....

She was young and scared and feeling guilty of what took place....SHE DID NOT MEAN TO KILL ANYONE....she took the plea instead of going to trial....


Help change the laws on this....IF INDEED THE LAW WAS FOLLOWED

Greensboro, NC

#2 Jul 21, 2012
she had good representation, they took death penalty off the table and she would have gotten it.she plead guilty and knew her sentence was to be life w/no parole. she should do 80yrs 20 for each murdered victim

Greensboro, NC

#3 Jul 23, 2012
I guess that there are some people who do not feel this way william.....as the Petition now has 230 plus signatures....and counting....

The Prosecutors could have charged the other 2 young women who were there as this horrible accident happened....they could have called someone right away....they could have tried to stop it or even put it out....they could have knocked on every apartment door there and woke everyone up....Janet was NOT the only person there.....but she is the only one who took responsibility.....makes me think that there is a lot to this *story that the public does not even know and perhaps never will"....you think????

Fayetteville, NC

#4 Jul 26, 2012
As the fire chief said, when we can have a hearing to bring the 4 dead victims back, then we should consider her petition.

Greensboro, NC

#5 Jul 27, 2012
http://www.change.org/petitions/the-governor -...

There are now 400 signatures and counting....on the petition above....

There is a lot more to this incident than anyone knows....or will probably ever know....only Janet was charged and sentenced....NO TRIAL...NO PLEA DEAL...FAIR AND JUST?????????? NOPE...
I Am The Sheepdog

Morganton, NC

#6 Jul 28, 2012
1. She did it. This was no "Accident" Shes guilty of two murders.

2. Just because someone else "could have" been charges in no way absolves her of these murders.

3. saying "..they could have called someone right away....they could have tried to stop it or even put it out....they could have knocked on every apartment door there and woke everyone up"...so could she! Then she had the forethought to hide evidence and RUN!

She should be released from prison only after the victims come home safe and sound. In other words, NEVER.
I Am The Sheepdog

Morganton, NC

#7 Jul 28, 2012
Excuse me....she's guilty of FOUR murders.

Greensboro, NC

#8 Jul 29, 2012
There is a wonderful/great article in the Greensboro News and Record / in Editor's Section....Dated Saturday - July 28, 2012
it is titled:

Does Punishment fit these crimes....by Bill Hancock.

Everyone should read this....it speaks VOLUMES about the JUDICIAL SYSTEM...

Taylorsville, NC

#9 Jul 29, 2012

All your points focus on things OTHER than what Janet did. Testimony and evidence shows Janet was ALONE when the flame was set. Yes the other two girls were with her that night, but at the point of when she set the SECOND fire....the fire that KILLED...she was alone as the other girls had left.

She still has yet to accept responsibility for what she has done for if she did, I doubt she would be dragging the families and emergency workers through all this again after only 10 years. She and people that are acting in her interests are hounding the families so much that the parents of Ryan Bek moved out of the country!!! The time DOES fit the CRIME to a tee!!! I personally think they should have gone to trial and found her guilty and put her in the gas chamber or on a table with a needle in her arm. She has received MERCY from the system by way of allowing her to plead guilty.

The reason there was no trial was because she did not want one. From the evidence I have heard and seen presented it was an open and shut case as far as evidence and she even admitted to doing it!!! So MiMi...I am tired of seeing your posts on every blog from here to there saying things are not fair! Tell that to the victims who died and who carry scares fron Janets acts. Janet is a spoiled brat who never was taught the difference between right and wrong. Momma and Daddy always made things right and that is why she ran to them after all this happened.

MiMi...focus on Janet and what SHE did. Not what others did or what kind of laws there are. If the felony death rule was not in place...when firefighters die in a blaze set by arson, then no one can be charged with their murder. As a firefighter/Paramedic I think it is just fine and works the way it should. There is a reason all children are taught from an early age NOT to play with fire!

Taylorsville, NC

#10 Jul 29, 2012
And MiMi

Refrence your post above and the opinion listed....I agree that they both caused death and received very different sentences. Deaths involving DWI are NOT a felony listed under the felony death rule. As a Firefighter/Paramedic who sees this time and time again...I think they should INCLUDE it as an offense covered by the FDR and they should receive the same as Janet. I never will understand why people want to compare apples to oranges and expect people to believe.

Greensboro, NC

#11 Jul 30, 2012
So Guardian.....the PROSECUTORS said that they could have charged the other 2 young women, but elected NOT TO.....it was 2 against 1 and Janet happened to be the odd woman out....NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH about what really happened that night and probably never will.

Janet ADMITTED her part of GUILT and she served over 10 years for what she did. What happened to her should have NEVER HAPPENED. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

It is time that she be given mercy.

What happened to Janet was NOT FAIR AND JUST...and I think a lot of people knows and understands this.


For anyone who cares to SUPPORT JANET and those of us who believe it is time to give Janet mercy please sign the above petition.

It is time to LET GO, LET GOD.

Greensboro, NC

#12 Jul 31, 2012
500 signatures and counting....



Taylorsville, NC

#13 Aug 2, 2012
MiMi Just remember the grief and hurt you and others who support Janet feel. Remember how aggrivating it is to communicate with her. Feel how lonely it is during special times where you wish Janet was there.

Now...multiply that by 10 and you are getting close to what the families of the 4 victims live with everyday. Janets parents get to speak to her and tell her they love her and she can return in kind. There are 6 parents who cannot do that because of the actions of Janet Danahey.

It does not matter what she intended to do. Comparing her actions to that of someone else is just an excuse. Every crime is it's own. That is why we do not gather people together by acts of arson or killing and try them as a group. New York has different laws than North Carolina. Janet MUST take the consequences of her actions. Maybe she needs to be considered for parole in 50 or 60 years...maybe not. By Janets own comments she lite the fire that killed and she was alone when it was done. End of story. I personally think she has been shown mercy in what has happened.

If it makes you feel better keep on making excuses for her and others. The Felony Death Rule is what allows people who commit CERTAIN felonies with DEADLY WEAPONS to be tried for murder because a prudent person would know that what they are about to do is SO wrong that it is HIGHLY PROBABLE that someone may die during the corse of the crime. The law PRESUMES that intent was there because of the action itself. This is the law that allows people to be held accountable if Firefighters die while putting the fire out or police officers are killed stopping a robbery or if a woman dies after being forcably raped and beaten.

The Time DOES fit the crime. She asked for it too.

Greensboro, NC

#14 Aug 2, 2012


Wanted to share the link with anyone who might be interested in reading it.

Lincolnton, NC

#16 Aug 4, 2012
And your point MiMi? Apples compared to Oranges. Similar but not the same. Different laws too.

Greensboro, NC

#17 Aug 5, 2012
What would Jesus do??????????

It is interesting as I read some of the downright rude and ugly remarks that people make. Apples compared to oranges? Really? Similar but not the same? Different laws too?

Laws are laws...and you can read into the law one way while someone else can read the same law and see it another way...it is the interpretation of the law and who is reading it...so who is right and who is wrong??????????

You are correct.....the NEW YORK case took several years to solve.....Janet admitted her guilt in what happened and for whatever reason there was NO ONE there to provide her with what would be FAIR AND JUST....for a crime which had NO INTENT of harming anyone....

It is sad that a person who needs an attorney never knows what kind of work the person is going to do....only until it is TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE...

People put their *trust* into the system and those who are *supposed to know what it legal and lawful and are suppose to follow the guidelines of the law*...which is NOT what happened in this case.

SO many people knew at the time, that what was done, was not RIGHT....a few tried to do something about it....but it did not change what had taken place. DOES THIS MAKE IT RIGHT??????????

ABSOLUTELY NOT....Janet served over 10 years for a stupid prank, with NO INTENT of harming anyone. She was 23 years old and scared. SHE WAS THREATENED WITH a death penalty, which should have NEVER HAPPENED....was it right?????????? NO...just because Stuart Albright decided to do this did not make it OK....a lot goes on in the courtroom which should NEVER BE ALLOWED....who oversees what the attorneys, prosecutors and judges do?????????? NO ONE...these people can do anything and get by with doing it....THESE PEOPLE TAKE AN OATH...and then ABUSE their *power* in the process. There is too much *trust* given in the courtrooms and it has been this way for many years. NO ONE REVIEWS what is going on.

I have been *blessed or cursed* with going to different NC county courtrooms on numerous occasions in the past several years...I have seen and heard so much....when a person goes to court once in a blue moon...they are not blessed or cursed with seeing and hearing what I have been exposed to. PEOPLE WOULD NOT BELIEVE HALF OF WHAT I COULD TELL THEM. THEY WOULD SWEAR THAT I WAS MAKING IT ALL UP...I have learned more about the *judicial system* than I ever cared or dared to know.

People pay good money to have an attorney who is SUPPOSED to know how to handle *issues* when the courtroom is nothing but a game for a lot of them, and some of them DO NOT FOLLOW the rules of the game either. People who are *accused* of crimes can be intimidated, pressured, tricked, co erced, forced or threaten (or whatever one cares to call it) into taking a plea deal when they have no other choice to do anything else. IT IS EITHER/OR....and IF you do not have an attorney who is honest and trustworthy....the accused person is SCREWED....

The DEATH PENALTY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN AN OPTION in this case. JANET did not have proper guidance. It is now very obvious that whomever was in charge did what they wanted to do, NOT WHAT WAS FAIR AND JUST...and it seems like now they are all trying to say it was indeed the right sentence....that IT did not matter IF there was NO INTENT present at the time. WRONG....in so many ways...


THOSE IN CHARGE FAILED.....and the JUDGE WHO was presiding over this case should have STOPPED what was happening right then and there.....but NO ONE DID...and now they are still trying to DEFEND what happened....MISTAKES HAPPEN....and this was one BIG MISTAKE which should be/could be corrected.

Janet has served over 10 years for her part in this crime.....and it is time to LET GO, LET GOD.....and so far there are almost 600 people who also agree...

Raleigh, NC

#18 Aug 23, 2012
You'd have better luck going after the felony murder law to try and get that taken off the books.

Janet did have a lawyer at the time and she did cut a deal. Of course she doesn't want to be in prison anymore and of course she didn't intend for anyone to die that night. However, the way the law is written and applied, intention of outcome doesn't matter. Setting a fire, even as a stupid prank, is an intentional action. That alone constitutes a crime. Then 4 people died as a result of that action. There's no "oopsie, didn't mean that, give me a do over!" The law exists now and it existed the day she set the fire.

If the law is bad then work to change the law. The argument that a felony murder charge shouldn't apply because she didn't intend anyone's death and she made a mistake is irrelevant. The law itself exists and it was properly applied.

If she instead got 2nd degree murder she'd be in prison for probably 15 to 20 years and eligible for parole. No governor is going to release her after only 10 years in prison no matter how nice she is. At the 15 or 20 year mark she may have more of a chance.

In the meantime, work on getting the law changed instead of spending time insulting everyone in the system, because insulting people who work in the system...leads nowhere.

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