Wareham Hauntings? Tell your story.

Wareham Hauntings? Tell your story.

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#1 Dec 14, 2008
Has anyone have any personal experiences with hauntings in Wareham?
I've had a few at my house, which, obviously, is in Wareham. I know there's a few places which are supposedly haunted throughout the town...
But anyone got any first hand experiences?
I'd love to hear them!

Cleveland, OH

#2 Dec 23, 2008
well, heres the deal i dont live where you live but i do have a story about huantings which i have exsperienced i swear. Well i used to go to this school called beach school in rocky river ohio.... and there is a stage that is very old in a gym. also this school is very old and it is now called chapion school elemenary it is a day care for k-5 grades also preschool.it was burned down on axcedent once before and wen i went there which was not to long ago they had painted they had painted the wall black when i was in 2 grade to do a play with stars. well when it burned down before they had it burn down there was a pool under the womans bathroom. And supposofly two younge gurls died and there names were anita and wendy and we nerw that because the black paint on the wall on the stage with paper stars and the wall had a white spot and it said "ANITA" and then next to it ,it said "WENDY" then we all made up storys on how it got there but the teachers all said that intruction wokers might have done it and stuff to make it seem not real but they new the truth. One day all the girls went to the bathroom to wash there hands before snack time and we heard a screem really loud sooo loud the adults cant hear this and this is proven by scientists that not all adults can here what kids here look it up if you dont belive me. Then after the screem was a laugh and everyday these goast's had fun trying to scare us we had ran out of the bathroom screming for our lives and no one not one person goes alone into the girls bathroom. somtimes the girls get mad the goast's i mean when we talk about them in the bath room so they push us out which never happend to me but iv heard but the screem i heard it the bathroom also looks like a horror movie bathroom then one day the teachers knew that we knew the truth so they told us everything and i never went back and now champion had to start all over again with getting new people some stayed most didnt the teachers are really i think no everything and might be dead idk but that is wat i heard and i never went back! tht whole story is true no lie so dont go to that school but if u want to check it out the bathropom im talking about might be torn down but idk well it is the one next to the gym in the school you can go there in rocky river ohio!

United States

#3 Dec 23, 2008
hey aure-io! wuts upp omg thats just creepy! ILY! cant w8 2 go 2 the tunnel of death!

United States

#4 Dec 23, 2008
y does it say im from cleveland? im from river!

Rutland, VT

#5 Jan 28, 2009
Rylie wrote:
Has anyone have any personal experiences with hauntings in Wareham?
I've had a few at my house, which, obviously, is in Wareham. I know there's a few places which are supposedly haunted throughout the town...
But anyone got any first hand experiences?
I'd love to hear them!
i have. i live in vermont i got a 3 story home 12 bedrooms 8 1/2 bathroom built in the 1900's more than 3 murders have been made in my home in the past. i have 3 kids. my youngest is a girl she's not yet 5 months old and when i would put her down to sleep in her bed, she would fall asleep fin but almost a half hour later she wakes up screaming and crying so i walked in there and something went from foggy to clear near her bed, i dint think of anything right then and there i just picked her up. She was bleeding on her inner leg, there were 4 gashes on one side and a snall gash on the front, like someone grabbed on to her with their nails. my 2 boys are 6 and 11 and they come running down to me saying they see kids playing with thier things. i dint go up there i jsut sent them outside. i was in the kitchen the next morning and the kids were in school and i have a spiral staircase in my kitchen leading up to the hall way and i could swear at the corner of my eye i saw a little boy sitting on the bottom step and when i turned around it was fading. i can hear alot of things movin or braking in my house when im in my bed. but nothing really compares to when me and my husband where bring laundry to the laundry room i went out and all the doors were opened so i just began to walk and the doors seemed to close one by one it wasnt a fast shut it was a slow kind of shut.
thats my experiances
feel free to email me at ([email protected]) if you would like more information on my stories or if you would like to hear more
MY house is NOT for sale though!

Since: Jan 09

Mansfield, MA

#6 Feb 3, 2009
Dartmouth Anomaly Research Team

Do you believe your Historical building has Paranormal activity? Have you ever wondered if those sounds you are hearing are supernatural or is it just normal house phenomenon? Creaking doors, whispers, shadows, tapping and knocks are all sounds we look for during our investigation. Let us investigate and determine what is fact and what are figments of our imaginations. Do you want to tell people about your experience but do not want to be ridiculed or laughed at? Well D.A.R.T. is here to assist you in any way that we can. We will research your location free of charge and document all activities found during that investigation. D.A.R.T. uses all the new state of the art equipment and have staff members that have been in this field for over 20 years. Depending on the size of the location being investigated, their could be up to 6 staff members present during any investigation. Each investigation last between 4 to 6 hours. For larger buildings expect up to 10 hours Most investigations are completed at night with a time frame around 8:00pm to 2:00am. This will bring down as much outside noise as possible that could contaminate the investigation. As soon as the investigation is complete .It may take up to 2 weeks to go over all data. When the data is finalized, a D.A.R.T. team member will meet with you and go over all information found during that case. D.A.R.T. will give you a copy of any data that was found during that investigation. Please contact us a set up a walk through with the founder of D.A.R.T. Also here's a known fact, finding paranormal activity in your city or location will also bring 10% to 20% more business as it did for the Q-Club on Main Street in Fall River. Please call the Q-Club and ask for Dan Silva the owner and ask him what he thought of the D.A.R.T. staff and the investigation. Founder: Eric LaVoie
Email: [email protected]

Wareham, MA

#7 Mar 3, 2010
hauntings in wareham haaa find it scarce only one ive seen is one that haunts computers... heard its on a new project.

Bedford, MA

#8 Mar 21, 2010
When I first moved to Onset, I went into my cellar and saw, if I can explain it clearly, all but the head of a spirit walking up the stairs toward the kitchen. Here's what may be hard to describe (why I couldn't see the head). The way the steps are built, you can watch someone going up the stairs, but there's a wall that blocks the top of them from view. I very clearly could see a man, wearing painters' pants and construction boots, flecked with paint, walking up the stairs. At first I thought it may be my brother (though I've never seen him in painters uniform), and I wondered why he'd be going up the stairs since you can't really get into the kitchen. A previous owner had walled off the other side of the door.

Even though I was afraid my neighbor would think I was nuts, I asked her if she knew of people seeing spirits here. By "here" I meant in my house, but she responded, "Oh, they're all over the place."

You probably already know that when the settlers came to America to escape religious persecution, the Spritualists settled in Onset.

You may be able to learn more by going to the First Spiritualist Church of Onset on(Hyland Avenue-not sure of the spelling) or to the On-I-Set Church near the dummy bridge at Muddy Cove. Both churches are full of people with various mediumistic gifts.

When I moved here, the first time I went to the First Spiritualist Church of Onset, a woman told me that I had a tall, thin man behind me who was wearing painter's pants and one of those hats with a brim and that he had speckles of paint on the clothing. I've never met or spoken with her before. She actually asked if we'd ever met because while meditating in church she kept hearing a man's voice in her head saying my name over and over. This was all before we ever spoke to each other.
Rylie wrote:
Has anyone have any personal experiences with hauntings in Wareham?
I've had a few at my house, which, obviously, is in Wareham. I know there's a few places which are supposedly haunted throughout the town...
But anyone got any first hand experiences?
I'd love to hear them!

Bristol, RI

#9 May 11, 2010
you might want to go back there and take basic spelling 101!!!

Washington, DC

#10 Feb 15, 2013
I've lived both in Onset and Wareham, and I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Onset is haunted! The first house I moved to was on sandalwood lane in Onset. It was just my infant daughter and myself. Every single night while I watched tv in the sunroom (which was off to the side of my kitchen) I would hear a loud noise that sounded like a big bag of potato chips falling off something high like the fridge. It sounded like it made a mess with chips everywhere on the hardwood floor! I would jump up, turn the kitchen light on and there would be no mess! The kitchen was spotless! It would scare me to death!!!! I would call my sister up so much she started putting her phone off the base so all i would get was a busy signal. She would say the same thing every night. She would tell me to ignore it and just go to bed. Easy for ger to say, she wasnt living in a haunted house. Just when i would ignore the crinkle and crashing noise I would hear the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs to the living room. In my lease I wasn't allowed to have cats which was fine by me. One day my landlord was driving by and supposibly saw a cat in the window. She marched in and ran upstairs yelling at me about breaking the lease. She went into my daughters room and said where is the cat??? I explained to her i had no cat. I told her to check every room. She did and left looking dumbfounded. After she left i sat and thought what the hell is going on in this house? I do not put stuff in windows. My baby was 2 months old so it wasnt her playing with a toy in the window. I did not have a cat, what could it have been??? And finally The last scary happening was my basement light would always turn on. My mom and dad would come over to visit and lecture me about wasting electricity, but I never turned the light on! The only time I ever touched the light switch was to turn it off after someone telling me it was on. I would never go in my basement. It was scary feeling. The first day I moved in I went down there...and that was the last time I ever went down there!!! I only lived there for 8 or 9 months, and that was the scariest feeling being stuck in a place alone ( with a tiny infant) and fearing nightfall every single night. After moving out of that house i moved to another house in onset on east blvd. that too had freaky things happen, but nothing like the sandalwood house. I since moved to wareham and never had any freaky noises or scary feelings in my house. Well, that's my experience. Freaky as all heck! I will never spend another night in onset again.

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#11 Mar 21, 2013
Are ther actually hauntings in Wareham? That would be awesome to experience

Brooklyn, NY

#12 Sep 2, 2015
jcsemass wrote:
Are ther actually hauntings in Wareham? That would be awesome to experience
There definitely is i lived in a house on great neck road its a big white house and it has a well in the front yard. That house was haunted without a doubt someone killed themselves in that house but there was so many encounters too much to list. I feel bad for whoever lives there now

Colorado Springs, CO

#13 Oct 11, 2015
I lived in 13 Old Glen Charlie rd house. Many experiences in that house. Voices in the bacement, loud knocking front door at 3 am every morning, microwave turning on by itself, shadow figures, evps recorded with Nextel phone.
HAve moved to Colorado. Has anyone else had experiences in that house?
From what I've heard it used to an old brothel and gambling joint.

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