Lies from Obama on The Bergdhal case!!

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East Stroudsburg, PA

#1 Jul 14, 2014
The Whitehouse claimed that we had to make a deal without congress because Bergdahl was on death's doorstep and probably would not survive much longer. Then they lock him in a hospital for days, away from any questioners. So Here's my questions.

1) In the release video, he looked healthy as a horse. Why does the White house claim he was suffering from an illness, but they refuse to define the illness? In other words, what the hell was about to kill him?THE MEDIA REALLY NEEDS TO ASK THIS QUESTION.

2) If His Life was on the Threshold of Demise why is he going back to Active duty?

3) When will the media have access to him?

I don't for a minute, believe that he has a life threatening illness. I think they are lying once again.....

So If Bergdhall's Life was NOT in any Peril, WHY did Obama Let Go five of the most Wicked men in the world to get his release? This was NOT A Prisoner of War Release, PLUS we DO NOT deal with Terrorist!! But Apparently Obama does!!!!

Some out here Like Alumni Catfish Gene and others THINK Obama is Looking out for Americas Best Interest!!!

If this is True Why Free five of The worst Terrorist ever? you know there coming back to bite us in the ass!!!!

Why has Bergdhall NOT been interviewed by A special counsel to determine IF he collaborated with the enemy and IF he walked away from his post AS some of his Fellow soldiers have Confirmed???

Many Answers Are still left unanswered because Obama has put A hold on any interviews and Any and ALL Information!! WHY?????? could it be Obama is ONCE again Hiding The TRUTH from The American People????? Liberal Ideology is killing America......

Buffalo, NY

#2 Jul 14, 2014
More Bull Crap!!!

Next you'll be blaming Jimmy Hoffa's dealth on the potus.

Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#3 Jul 14, 2014
Poor ignorant jerry. You really don't reach anything do you. You just copy and paste what they send you. You are a brainwashed sheeple in deed.

Republicons always cry about what they have already done.

Here is "the worst terrorist ever" that was released by w

The Release of ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released in 2004 from Camp Bucca by a Combined Review and Release Board, under the Cheney Administration Good Ol’ Dubya.

The Release of Benghazi Ring Leader, Abu Sufian bin Qumu: June, the ringleader of the attack on Benghazi was caught, only for it to turn out that Khattala was “low-hanging fruit.” The real leader, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu, had already been in our custody, but was released in 2008 — as part of an amnesty for militants deal, and was sent home by the Bush administration, to organize the attack 4 years later.

The Release of 523 Gitmo Detainees, including bin Qumu: Between 2002 and 2007, the Bush Administration released almost 520 detainees from Gitmo, including one suspect, Abu Sufian bin Qumu, whose release earned a special mention on this list.

Why don't you ask your fellow teaturds why they release "the worst terrorist ever"

I say bring cheney and w back and put them on trail for letting these terrorist go cause their release has bitten us in the ass.

East Stroudsburg, PA

#4 Jul 14, 2014
WHAT THE SHIT does Cheney have to do with Bergdhal?? ANYTHING??? NO, again your Lost in the past as usual' YOUR so STUPID to be stuck on The PAST your Letting Obama get away with Murder NOW and in the future!! You seem to turn A Blind eye when it comes to ANYTHING Obama does! I wonder why? could it be his Tone or shade so to speak??? ALL you know what to do is SPEW Hatred of someone who has been out of Office for over HALF A decade!!(Cheney Did This and George Did That Boo Hoo!!!) Haven't you ever heard two wrongs don't make A right?? are we supposed to sit by and Let Obama do whatever Because of Cheney's Criminal record? That's Like Letting The Fox Get away with killing all the Chickens and then Killing the Dog for Letting him do it WHEN the DOG was Locked in the House!!! your understanding of anything when it comes to Govt Policy and Obama is Ludicrous!!! its always the same song your stuck on (George did it worse or Cheney made millions on this or that!!) ANYTHING to keep Obama from Looking like an IDIOT!!!
I believe your just Pissed Your Black Messiah is stepping on his DICK and it pisses you off!!instead of doing what every other Sane American does and call for Impeachment proceedings you stand beside him yelling EVERYONE else is A raciest for disagreeing with him and Its not his fault!!!! your afraid Barack Hussein Obama will loose Face!! I have News for you!! He's already lost it! NOT one World Leader takes him serious....
Israel LAUGHED at his offer for help And the rest of the world has followed suit!!HE is A Joke Plain and simple, just as your are for trying to keep his Image shiny!! you just cant clean enough shit off Obama to make him Look clean these days!!! All the Lies of Obama care All the Lies from The IRS Now This case With Bergdhal, the Benghazi scandal And The DEATHS of So many Veterans who SHOULD have been taken care of but were left to die because of his ignorance is truly A shame!!!! you should be ashamed for Backing him just on this one thing he screwed up on!! BUT nooo you still back him for one reason and one reason only YOU don't want to see The FIRST black POTUS go down in shame...To late your both in the same boat!!!!

Since: Oct 11

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#5 Jul 14, 2014
Now your not very thankful for the information I gave you.

I know how much ISIS and Benghazi has bothered you

I know you want the truth....right. That's what your about.....right

w released the "worst terrorist" the NOW LEADER OF ISIS

So don't worry, Obama didn't release the "worst terrorist" w did.

W released what turn out to be the ring leaders of Benghazi

So far we don't know what if anything the ones Obama released will do

If the military wants the guy to stay... I trust their judgment.

But so far the ones w let go sure as bitten us in the ass

Republicons do phuck up everything.

East Stroudsburg, PA

#6 Jul 14, 2014
Here we go again it's Never The IDIOTS fault in The White House its someone else!! Someone who has been OUT of Office for quite awhile..The Truth could smack you in the face and you wouldn't believe it or Them if it involved Obama!! Talk about having Blinders on !! YOUR ineptness and Lack Of Knowledge truly is Showing!!! But keep trying to lay the blame with ANYONE else except the Commander in Chief!!
Its usually his (The POTUS) job to make sure things are ran by the Constitutional Laws Laid down by our founding fathers and to Follow the Letter of Those Laws ...UNLESS your A LIBTARD named Obama and you have followers such as you Alumni Gene and others then it seems to NOT matter?? wonder why Obama can get away with Breaking Federal Laws and Destroy your Inalienable rights and not be adhered to the Laws of the land and GET away with it!! Its one reason and one reason only HE IS A BLACK Muslim and thinks the laws do not apply to him because America has to pay for its Past!!!! any other questions you need answered just let me know!!!!

East Stroudsburg, PA

#7 Jul 14, 2014
Lets Not forget the 20 trillion in debt were in !! When George Left we were at nine and Holding In comes Obama and BAM!!! twenty Trillion!! Cant blame George for that tho Im sure you will try!! only problem is ALL you rants about George and The Last Admin NOBODY believes you anymore, its been too long for ANYONE to actually believe that George is to blame for The Shit going on today!! Well ALMOST everyone!!! YOU LIBTARDS still believe the world is flat and If Obama told ya the sky was falling You'd have your head stuck up Chicken Little's Ass yelling the sky is falling!!!!!but keep trying!!!! Your G.E.D. is showing..LOL

East Stroudsburg, PA

#8 Jul 14, 2014
And Once AGAIN what does ISIS Benghazi have to do with Bergdhal and Him NOT being Deathly Ill? and WHY did Obama LIE once again to the American people about Bergdhals Health? Why did we Deal with Terroust when were not supposed to, its A Law!! And WHY if Bergdhal was NEAR Death as Obama stated why is Bergdhal Back on actice duty ? More Lies from The Lier In chief The MUSLIM Obama!! Keep sucking that Obama Koolaid and getting Your Guvment Handouts Catfish !! your g.e.d IS SHOWING

San Jose, CA

#9 Jul 14, 2014
Bergdhal is the latest Obama hero. Our president thinks every soldier fighting Muslims should desert. He can't help it. That's just who he is.

He also thinks every marine that takes a wrong turn and ends up in a Mexican prison, should rot there.

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