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Crack B nimble

Saint Louis, MO

#1 Jul 22, 2011
"I wouldn't touch any of them. Have you seen what they look like?"

"I didn't hit you, if I hit you I would have broken your jaw."

“I don’t buy it; they call me to see if I can hook them up. So, I go pick it up for them.”

"I should be allowed to go out anywhere I want. You want to go out? I don't think so!"

"The reason why I did crack was because you let my laundry pile up for a week now!"

"Can you look for another job for me? I know you're at work, but I'm tired here at home..."

"I do it to help me sleep."

"You have serious issues."

"I love you madly, however I am a very unhappy person."

"Don't piss me off."

'I swear on my daughters life, I did not <cheat, use, steal>.'

"So I made a MISTAKE!!! Like you've never made any in your life Miss Perfect"
(after being caught using drugs w/ the children in the house)

"I want you to have my babies."

"I don’t know where my cell phone is. It must have fallen out of my pocket."

"You don't believe me? Then why don't YOU tell ME where I was, Dick Tracy?"

"You always hold on to the past, You never just let it go"

"I don't have a retirement fund or savings account because all my money goes to pay child support and/or alimony."

Saint Louis, MO

#2 Jul 22, 2011
(Said when drunk...) "I lost one of my jobs due to crack." Then when sober, "no it didn't go that far I didn't really lose any jobs over it."

"When I do crack I have no feeling in my groin area whatsoever."

"Why are you always throwing my past in my face (sob)?"

"Your always assuming, and I hate that."

"If I lived with you I would not use."

*"Every time we get too serious, it seems like things start falling apart."
(Every time the relationship got serious, you went to the crack house!)
Crack jump over

Saint Louis, MO

#3 Jul 22, 2011
My phone died, that's why I didn't answer for 5 hours."

"We didn't get paid this week."

"I put the whole hundred dollars in gas."

"You're just being paranoid."

"If you can't trust me then why are we together?"

"I drank some energy drinks and they made me feel funny."
"My stomach is upset. I think I have diarrhea."

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Jul 22, 2011
“Brillo pads work better WITHOUT soap, THAT’s why I bought them.”

“Kelly is a HEROIN addict. We have a good recovery relationship because we don’t like the same thing.”

"Not everybody is horney when they smoke crack, not me"

"I'll go on welfare before I take a minimum pay job"

"You're bogue, you didn't even bother to call to see if I was OK " (after being gone all night)

"My cell phone was on vibrate in my purse, I didn't hear you call"

"I left my cell phone in the car and went into a bar with friends?

"I will always love you, no matter what happens between us"

"Why are you trying to change me? I don't do that to you"

"I wanted to get caught (after getting arrested) I need help"

"I can't do this alone"

"I can't do this without you"

"You can't have sex when you are high."

"Are you crazy? I would never have sex with another man."

"I didn't touch her. We were just getting high."

"She's just a friend that needed help."

"If you would have been with me I know I would not have used."

"You just can't throw away X years."

"Don't worry, I have a great job lined up."

"You can't make me leave. My name is on the lease."

"What about the wedding vows."

"I would never do this to you. I would be there for you."

"You are cruel and mean to (a) throw me out."

(b)not allow me to be around the kids
(c)not give me money
(d)not take me back
(e)not give me another chance
(f)not feed me, I have no money

"This time it will be different."

"How could you possible think that I would steal money from the kids."

"No, I haven't seen the kid's Christmas presents."

"No, I haven't seen the kid's piggy bank."

"The cameras are at work, baby. I just keep forgetting to bring them home."

"No I haven't seen your debit card."

"No, I haven't seen your checkbook."

"I lost my wallet and had the cash from my paycheck in it. How stupid of me." (three times)

"I don't know how those charges for the porno Web sites got on your credit card."

"It's not my fault, I'm an addict."

"They shorted me on my check again."

"I just need the debit card to get gas. I'll be back in 15 minutes."

“GOP Redistribution is Fascism”

Since: Feb 07

Location hidden

#5 Jul 22, 2011
"I'm Gene and I'm here to molest you."
Far Away

Anchorage, AK

#6 Jul 25, 2011
"Let me be clear..."
Zombie Wolf

Memphis, TN

#7 Jul 25, 2011
I would rather get fried on payday than to get paid on Friday!!!!!!!!!!

United States

#8 Aug 2, 2011
Hey,hey,hey man lemme get a 20, and don't pinch my shit.

Addison, IL

#9 Aug 7, 2011

Addison, IL

#10 Aug 7, 2011
I want some crack lol

Addison, IL

#11 Aug 7, 2011
Yo mayne, I want som crak
hays employee

Wiggins, MS

#12 Aug 8, 2011
My cheating husband gave me herpes!!! Let me run and tell everyone that I was dumb enough to sleep with my husband even though I knew he was cheating and now I am SUPRISED that I have a STD!!!
Glenn Baby

Saint Louis, MO

#13 Aug 8, 2011
"Yeah Glenn you can come home after you cheated on me again and bring that STD infested dick that I have been bragging about on topix back with you. Please Glenn Baby....."

Saint Louis, MO

#14 Aug 8, 2011
Far Away wrote:
"Let me be clear..."
...I dont have a clue as to what I am reading off this teleprompter...
looney toon

United States

#15 Aug 14, 2011
Barry Dixon

Katy, TX

#16 Sep 29, 2011
I have a small dope problem (3 grand a month) and you called the police on me, that's why the wife and kid are homeless.
I'm not a normal CRACKHEAD, I don't have crack whores.(Wife has and Std now because of me)
I can't deal with my mom dying, I need more time to find closure.(She died a year ago, I haven't seen her in over ten years because she was ashamed of me, drug bust on front page of newspaper)
Barry Dixon

Katy, TX

#17 Sep 29, 2011
I was getting the oil changed on the motorcycle, it took 36 hours, I took the day off from work. Actually never showed up to work.
Barry Dixon

Katy, TX

#18 Sep 29, 2011
Let's back out of buying this house, it doesn't feel right. (I took the 3 grand and was gone for 3 days smoking crack)
Barry Dixon

Katy, TX

#19 Sep 29, 2011
Look I've been good, so I'm gonna make a call to celebrate my 3 days clean, in reality only 3 hours.
Barry Dixon

Katy, TX

#20 Sep 29, 2011
I didn't buy any, I have left overs from last night.

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