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#122 Oct 29, 2011
It will drop.

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#123 Oct 29, 2011
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>I have just been thorugh this. In my case my ex had a baby with her new husband. By the child support law, she was given a $365.00 credit towards her income. So her income went down by $365. My income stayed the same. Therefore my percentage of the figure the state says is required to support the child went up and her percentage went down by alost 25%. Now the figure the state says is needed to support the child will go down also. So you pay a larger percentage on a lower state figure. Therefore my child support went up because my percentage went up. It was not a large amount and I would pay it anyway because my ex wife uses the money wisely and even though we are no longer together, we put our kids first. Unlike in most cases, child support for me is a responsibility not a bill. In you case, yes, you will get credit of $365 subtracted from you gross monthly income.
why should your first born have to relinquish because you evidently chose to have another child? Man up or get a second job

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#124 Oct 30, 2011
Ok, I am a mom to 5 children, the oldest is 18 and a mom herself. I have been married twice, I had one child from first marriage, 3 from 2nd and I had my youngest from a unmarried relationship.
I PAY child support to my second ex for our 3 kids who chose to stay there after I divorced him. I was getting support for my oldest girl until she turned 18 last yr., and I receive support from my 3 yr olds dad who I just found out is having a baby with his girlfriend.
I receive $300 a mo. from 3yr olds dad, BUT $20 of that is held by support enforcement to which I only receive it when there are 3 pay periods a month,(so about 2 times a year I get that 20 bux all added together) her dad took me to court last year to lower his support (he was paying 42 more a month). He stopped paying daycare, I PAY ALL the daycare because judge said neither of us could afford to pay for it to use our families to watch her. HAH my mom works, my dad lives outta state half the year and why is it their responsibility n not ours? I pay more in support that what comes in, I figured out all of my bills, and if I paid rent, car pmt, groceries, gas, car insurance, my child supp. I pay out, Utilities, phone, household supplies etc...I am still in the hole $550 every month. I am a full time student going to school fulltime, I have taken out $13,000 in student loans in one year so I could pay daycare, buy groceries and make car pmts., as well as buying my 3 yr old clothing etc...I am not making it period, My rent is 595, My ex whom I pay support to is re married now, but he is on ssi for a kidney transplant he had, and my kids said he got a job working at ups and starts next mo. I only get a tax credit for my 3 yr old every other yr, and never for the other kids because the judge wouldn't give it to me. The 3 yr olds dad and my ex both have a live in girlfriend and a new wife, i am not married, nor am I living with anyone. I make to much for state help and am now concerned that my 3 yr olds dad will attempt to lower support based on his girlfriend who is pregnant. I no longer get support for my oldest and since I was in court last my income has dropped $855.00 because 327 in support for my 18 yr old stopped, I am losing $150 a month in job income because I have to be off work one day a week early to make an evening school class every quarter, and I now pay support. He got his support dropped twice last yr, one time child support enforcement said he was paying too much, and the 2nd time he said he would like a hundred bux dropped off so he could buy toys for our daughter for his house ((HIS HOUSE)) lol he was living rent free in his parents home at the time and even admitted it in court and in the papers as well. Now he's living w/ his g.f. in her home, and was overheard last yr at work (we both work at same job) that he wont put his name on her house they share because he doesn't want me knowing he lives there (ya right like I couldn't figure it out) and he doesn't want me raising support on him if the court finds out he co-owns a home even tho his name isn't on it. I haven't been able to afford a. car insurance, b. 1/2 the groceries we need, c. my car pmt (paid for my school loans I keep taking out)and d. cable or internet (and 2 of my c
classes for school are online and the baby and I drive everywhere...starbux, friends homes etc to use their internet...I have been doing this for 15 mos now. I can barely afford daycare, and he doesn't pay for any medical, the judge said if she ordered him to pay that Instead of 300 i get in support I would only get abt 140 & then he could pay medical, he doesn't pay dental or travel expenses and I live an hour away from him and our work. O ya and whenever he serves me he has our co-workers do it...it has been 15 mos since our support was set and 14 mos since support was set that I pat to my ex husband...its irritating they both have other adults in households to rely on, and I can't even call out of work when I am sick!!!!!!!

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#125 Oct 30, 2011
Fthesystem wrote:
<quoted text>
Well here you go a typical child support receiving woman! Go feel sorry for yourself somewhere else. If the guy should have made a better decision, you should have too!!! If he's not around it's probably because you forced him out through the courts. I didn't let my x do that but it cost me a whole lot of money. Some guys don't have a whole lot of money to keep their kids in their life. Sole sucking pocket predators such as yourself take it all away from them! I don't feel sorry for you and nobody else should either. You had just as much to do with making that kid as he did! If he was so bad why did she have kids with him???
I actually waited 8 mos to file for child support for my 3 yr old daughter when she was 1st born. Her dad was 26 and I was 34 when we had her, we both work at same place along with his sister in law and his brother. I was treated like crap at work because he didn't want our child. He had support lowered twice saying he was broke, all the while I am supporting 5 children from 2 marriages, and this relationship, and paying rent and I pay child support MYSELF!! I pay more than what I get. He all the while was living at his folks home rent free, and now lives with his girlfriend and they are expecting a baby. Last year support was lowered $42 bux lower because he said "your honor I want to be able to afford toys in my home for my child" laugh...ya ur home, whatever! And now he is having another baby and "your honor" he said, "I can't afford to pay daycare," so she said neither of us could afford to pay so now I PAY ALL the daycare, and we both work, I can only afford food, car pmt and daycare because I am a fulltime student and I have taken out $13,000 in student loans to help. Now I am sure he will try to lower it again, b.s. I don't make enough to even pay car insurance I haven't had that LUXURY , nor cable or internet (even tho 2 of my classes are online, because I can't miss any more work.) He and his girlfriend both work she doesn't have any kids and he only has ours. My ex I pay support to is on ssi, but got a job and starts next month, his wife works for the state (DSHS) ya I am only adult in my household, and we are not making it, should have thought first before he is having another kid, I want him happy but not at the expense of me having to say no even more when I take my 3 yr old to the grocery store when she wants certain things to eat, because I have to say no alot. We have no extras, no cable, no internet, I pay support, my car pmt is killing me I have too many miles 150,000 to be able to re finance and was considering letting them repo it, but then I would have no vehicle and a, an hr away from work. I am not trying to screw him, example: I have an 18 yr old daughter from my 1st marriage who I received support of 327 a mo for 18 years, her father after we divorced and had support set, I came to find out was making $15,000.00 a month at a large company (not to be named) and has a senior LAN position. I NEVER upped support on him ever, but in this case I am effin irritated because we can't afford crap and I am going to school to make my childs life better. I am responsible and take care of all my kids and help my 18 yr old who lives outta state with her son who is autistic. Not all women are bad, and some dads and some moms try to exploit it, should his support drop some because he is having a baby? I don't think so, it will further cause a hardship in our home, because I can't afford car insurance since support dropped, and we barely can afford food, one of my checks is $800 a mo. I pay 372 in support, and 477 for car pmt the other paycheck I get is 800 I pay 595 rent, I get 280 in support to cover: food, 250 in gas, household stuff, utilities, phone bill, car maintenance, or clothes baby or I need for work, or other, not counting daycare either...always $550 in the hole every month.:(

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#126 Nov 7, 2011
your child support is supposed to be lowered by texas law. although u still have the obligation of the first child the law still acknowledges that all the children should have some type of support. just because u had one child u are paying for the law will take into consideration that if other children are born that they too have financial support as well. so yes it does get lowered

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#127 Nov 7, 2011






Deadbeats go away

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#128 Nov 8, 2011
mommy wrote:
<quoted text>
Um so your saying that women who get married to men with a previous child don't deserve to be happy and have one as well.
Exaxtly, thats the risk u take when u get involved with deadbeats that think they dont have to pay childsup. N u can have as many kids as u wanf but u still have to take care of the previous ones too. So stop having kids deadbeats n dumb asses stop marrying men with kids that they dont take care of
Deadbeats go away

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#129 Nov 8, 2011
News Flash: deadbeats stop producing children you claim you cannot support, dont get remarried dont have more unneeded children instead get a job or two get your shit together take care of the children you have already put on this Earth thennnnn go on to start a new life. To the dumbasses that choose to marry n have kids with a deadbeat that doesn't take care of his previous kids, dont get involved with them!!!!! Otherwise you must deal with the bullshit that you allowed him to bring into your life so oh well!!!
Just my thoughts

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#130 Nov 10, 2011
First family always comes in first. You knew you had a child, then decided to have another. You don't get an award for having the second child. You have an obligation to maintain the child support on the first child. After all, why should the first child suffer needlessly because you want to play house with another mommy. It may just backfire on you & you have an increase to pay.

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#131 Dec 5, 2011
Does anyone know a good lawyer, that deals with child support cases?

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#132 Dec 7, 2011
Let me ask this... If a parent lives in an expensive state (DC) and the non custodial parent lives in a much lower cost of living state (however, pay is higher for the non custodial parent) can the court take that into consideration in calculating child support? Also, if the non custodial parent is married with a spouse who works to support their new born shouldn't that also be considered? I mean, if the non custodial parent has two incomes to support the new born then why should the first child suffer?(especially if the custodial parent is still a one income household)

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#133 Dec 21, 2011
you know i just dont get it if you dont pay they take your license so know you lost your job and then if you dont pay they throw you a\in prison thats a automatic felony good luck getting a job with no license and a felony the us laws are so messed up its unreal you have the right to bare arms but if you get in a fight with your women its automaticaly taken away if she even says you hit here the laws are a joke and they need to change before we have more prisons than churches
disgusted parent

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#134 Jan 5, 2012
vluera wrote:
your child support is supposed to be lowered by texas law. although u still have the obligation of the first child the law still acknowledges that all the children should have some type of support. just because u had one child u are paying for the law will take into consideration that if other children are born that they too have financial support as well. so yes it does get lowered
Thank you! Nice to see someone has some sense in here.
disgusted parent

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#135 Jan 5, 2012
I can't believe how naive some of these comments are. These are children we're talking about, not paychecks!

If someone happens to have a child from a failed relationship/marriage, yes, support should be given to the custodial parent for that child. But to say that the non-custodial parent shouldn't be able to share the joy of having a child with a new partner, just because they have a child from a previous relationship is just wrong! And to say that the new child doesn't deserve an equal share of the non-custodial parent's support is even more unjust. Really?? So, basically what you're saying is the first born get's the "lion's share" no matter what. That's just stupid logic. It wouldn't be that way in an un-broken family, so why is it any different just because the children don't share the same dad/mom?

Every child, no matter how many(2 or 200), is entitled to proper support...and that doesn't mean that the non-custodial parent should have to get a second job or work overtime to do so!

Oh, and if you're gonna say non-custodial parents are deadbeats, then I guess it's fair to say custodial parents are gold diggers.

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#136 Jan 5, 2012
I loved the last part of your statement... Lmao!! You can't have said it no better. Not saying all parents are that way but you just described most parents.

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#137 Jan 5, 2012
5 kids? Really?!? Wow perhaps you should have went to the dr and gotten a prescription for birth control,& btw why should ur support be lowered? Surly ur ex spends more $ on the kids since they live with him. What u pay probably doesn't buy school supply's and lunch for the month. Just because ur a woman doesn't mean u should be treated differently than a man!!!

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#138 Jan 10, 2012
bssouth2008 wrote:
<quoted text>So you are saying that your obligation to your child should lower because you decided to add another obligation. I don't think it works like that and if it does it shouldn't. What does how much the mother makes have to do with your obligation to the child in the first place??? That logic does not even remotely compute. If that were the case then you could have 300 children and lower your payment to almost nothing.
you must be a bitter woman!!! Another obligation?? It's called another child which comes from moving on with his life.. its not the second child's fault either.. I have children with my current gf and my ex wife is a deadbeat.. no job, no schooling.. totally living off of their child support, literally telling my daughters to tell me they need more money.. so when I pick my children up wearing torn and faded clothes.. its my gf who takes them shopping cause mom is the deadbeat... I hate when ppl say ignorant things... know what you're talking about.

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#139 Jan 18, 2012
SOMEONE wrote:
I believe it's every 5 years your child support case can be reviewed. They will look at your wages and take another child into consideration and determine if you should pay more or less.
It's every three years, I have my two kid's 2 weeks out of the month, i'm now married and have a child on the way, I pay $720 a month, and have them half the time, the system is screwed up, my ex makes $17 a hr, I currently got layed off from my job but hey she get's all my tax returns for back child support even tho I don't have a job.

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#140 Feb 5, 2012
bssouth2008 wrote:
<quoted text>So you are saying that your obligation to your child should lower because you decided to add another obligation. I don't think it works like that and if it does it shouldn't. What does how much the mother makes have to do with your obligation to the child in the first place??? That logic does not even remotely compute. If that were the case then you could have 300 children and lower your payment to almost nothing.
The father's income determines how much support should be paid. Why shouldn't the mother's???

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#141 Feb 5, 2012
Tom Tidwell wrote:
<quoted text>right answer! If ya can't afford another child, either get snipped or keep your woohoo in you pants.Why should your first child suffer for your bad decisions?
Bad decisions? They were never married. The woman probably got pregnant on purpose so that she could collect a check each month. Why should that keep this poor man from having his own family? I think that the addition of the new child should lower the payment. Like if a married couple has a baby, that baby will probably be extra spoiled until a sibling is added to the equation. Then not as much money is spent on the first child, so that each child can have equal amounts of toys, clothes, etc.

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