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anybody got batteries

Gainesboro, TN

#1 Feb 3, 2011
what's up with the electric company and these outrageous bills?
drug buster

Baxter, TN

#2 Feb 3, 2011
I don't know but if mine gets any higher ill say screw it and buy a wood stove. Mine was 350

Gordonsville, TN

#3 Feb 3, 2011
Your telling me,I've got a $477 and a huge wood burning ashley stove,I dread this next month.I think we need to bring in JesseVenture to "follow the money" .Someone has to be getting rich off the top on us!

Hilham, TN

#4 Feb 3, 2011
I think we need to have some kind of audit done on the electric company!! They have changed our meter two times in less than 6 months. This sure seems to be suspicious. Immediately after the last meter change our bill went sky high!!! We weren't even here at the house for a week of that bill. Who can we contact to demand an audit and to have the meters checked? Both meters were digital and both are suppose to be new, what gives? Time for a new election for the electric board!!!
hot wire

Lebanon, TN

#5 Feb 3, 2011
How about starting lowering your bill,by cutting those high ass salaries,ins.,etc.Some of them people are making twice what they're worth.Everone knows that Upper cumberland electric is a ass kissing,political job,that has been handed down thur families for years.

United States

#6 Feb 3, 2011
Its only going to get worse. See where they will charge more in the winter months. When it costs them more to produce electric. On the news a few days ago. Greed is a inconsiderate, low life, parasite, that gets to the best of folks. This is what happens when you dont have a way to check their claim as to how much electricity you use. After all, how much fuel does it cost to open a gate and let the water flow? I am sure the dam was paid for two fold, many years ago. Another project paid for with our forefathers tax dollars.

Gainesboro, TN

#7 Feb 3, 2011
Look at your bills!

Why do we have 34 & 35 days in the months that have the highest cost per day and 24 days in the months that have the cheapest cost per day? Looks like we are being ripped off!

August - 29 days 7.00 per day
September - 30 days 7.50 per day
October - 30 days 5.50 per day
November - 24 days 3.00 per day
December - 28 days 5.00 per day
January - 35 days 11.00 per day
February - 34 days 14.00 per day

I went back and looked and the months that we do not use air and heat are short months and our higher rated days are 31-35 days in a billing cycle. If we own this company, why are we being cheated like this?

We need to make a stand!

Chicago, IL

#8 Feb 3, 2011
I thought the new digital meters was to take place of the meter readers to save money or what?

New Orleans, LA

#9 Feb 3, 2011
When you have people keeping jobs at UCEMC for 50 or more years some 70 years old. People should raise a RUKUS over all these people, doing nothing but running up down road using gas, Over half of them need the BOOT !!! My light bill went up about $50.00.

Lebanon, TN

#10 Feb 3, 2011
I dont know what the problem is with the electric companys all my family lives in smith county and last month for some reason they were all extremely high my grandmas normally 200 dollar bill was 415 and they dont touch anything so i dont know how it would be that much different. i live in lebanon and my light bill is usually 80 cause we live in apartment but this month some reason it was 250 out of control

Cookeville, TN

#11 Feb 3, 2011
My bill was 300 and just the previous 2 months were between 107-150. How the hell it go up 150.00 when I keep set the same all the time. Doesn't make any since. I'm not one that keeps it too warm, I like it a little cool. They have us all by the balls on this you know. It's not like we have anyone else we can use.

Portland, TN

#12 Feb 3, 2011

Cottontown, TN

#13 Feb 4, 2011
I would have loved to have some of y'alls bills this month..mine was almost 700 for a normal size house! Last mth was 450... Idk what's going on either...but damn

United States

#14 Feb 4, 2011
I feel the pain. Mine was $452 and usually runs about $150. It was a terrible cold month last month. I have kept my thermostat at 66 to 68 all this month to see if there is a difference. I also get my bill on the same date each month but I don't understand the 28 days to 35 days.
Wood Stove

Gordonsville, TN

#15 Feb 4, 2011
my electric bill went from $218 to $368 then to $510. We burn a wood stove with blower, keep our thermostat set on 65, keep EVERYTHING unplugged that we are not using at the time (except the stove,fridge, and dryer)we only use the spiral bulbs, and there is only three of us in the home! We called the electric company and told them all this and she read our digital meter from her computer and said within a ten day period we had already 1,840 kwh and our bill for next month was already about $180 and we still had at the time almost three wks left for the month. There is NO WAY possible. My bill has more than 30 days charge each month also and the cost per day is all different amounts. We have read our meter everyday at the same time for two wks and were going to compare it with what our bills says! Our electric bill is higher than our house payment every month.

Lafayette, TN

#16 Feb 4, 2011
Time for windmill generators, and Solar Panels.
At this rate they would pay for them selves in 5 years time. Worth the investment to me.
We the public, have to pay for TVA's mistakes (ash spill)
They go up, and Upper Cumberland does too. They have no choice but to raise our prices. After all they got to make a profit in this right?
We the customer, gets screwed. AGAIN.
Just a Suggestion

Gainesboro, TN

#17 Feb 4, 2011
Just a suggestion: This has helped tremendously at our home. We live in a 1200 sq. foot mobile home. You don't get much more energy INefficient than that. We installed a programmable thermostat before last winter. I set it to 56 degrees for a couple of hours before bedtime and for the remainder of the night. Yes, it is FRIGID in the house at night, but we cuddle up under 3 blankets. The thermostat is set to come up to 68 about 30 minutes before everyone gets out of bed. Your heat will run sometimes 2 hours solid to gain back those 12 degrees, but that is actually still saving you a ton of money. We paid $80 for our Honeywell, and it has paid for itself many times over. Our absolute highest electric bill for the past 2 winters has been $218. It's certainly worth a shot.
tonys big bro

Scottsville, KY

#18 Feb 4, 2011
Drive truck. Home less than 8 days a month. Electric bill 280.00. What the h$*ll going on?
Just a Suggestion

Gainesboro, TN

#19 Feb 4, 2011
I'm guessing you leave your thermostat set to a certain temperature all the time. When the outside temps go down, your thermostat cycles on many more times to maintain the temperature you have set. Since you are home less than 8 days a month, do you turn your thermostat WAY DOWN while you are away? I mean really low, like not even 50 degrees. If not, try that. If nobody is home, there's no reason for the house to be even moderately warm, just warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing. But, I do agree something seems wrong with the electric bills shooting up so high this time of year. My brother doesn't use electric heat AT ALL. He heats his home entirely with wood. His electric bill went from $70 up to $180. Now, what sense does that make?

United States

#21 Feb 4, 2011
Does the UCEMC have monthy meetings that are open to the public or should I say the owners of UCEMC? That would be a good place for all of us to come together and bring it to the people.

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