Northern Cherokee Nation of Missouri ...
Tali Yona

Detroit, MI

#122 Aug 21, 2007
Osiyo Aya Udo-Agehya,
Adadolisdisgihi tohi! I Pray all my Brothers and Sister are Well, NO MATTER what "STATE" they are from.
It was once asked,"How may I tell who my TRUE
Brothers and Sisters are?" The Great Bear Spirit Leader replied,"He or she will walk like you, Pray like you,eat,sleep,hunt,survive,and be just as you are and have been taught to be, asyou were to taught to be."
So my question to all of you is,"What's the
William "Ta'li Yona"
Dan Akin


#123 Aug 23, 2007
People, following and promoting idiotic stuff like this just makes us all look like fools. To REAL Indians in REAL Indian Country this is fantasy and make-believe at it's worst. There is no "Great Bear Spirit Leader," no "Thunderbolt Lightening Warrior Spirits," etc. Just as fake as all of these fake Cherokee sub-tribes, nations, bands or clans.

Osawatomie, KS

#124 Sep 4, 2007
Guess it's what Cherokee roll a person wants to look at, just think had the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma would had signed off on the Miller roll, many of these gruops, tribes and nations would had never form. Why did they take allow the Dawes roll for membership? Was it was because many would be not allowed account they were not living inside the Cherokee nation during taht time.
Why not allow anyone that can prove they are Cherokee by blood by allowed membership with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
Even the UKB had people that didn't sign the Daws roll and were allowed membeship into their tribe back in the 40s.

Osawatomie, KS

#125 Sep 4, 2007
Dan Akin wrote:
People, following and promoting idiotic stuff like this just makes us all look like fools. To REAL Indians in REAL Indian Country this is fantasy and make-believe at it's worst. There is no "Great Bear Spirit Leader," no "Thunderbolt Lightening Warrior Spirits," etc. Just as fake as all of these fake Cherokee sub-tribes, nations, bands or clans.
Look at the many pow wows and culture events, and so called real indians that have so called white cards , always line up to take money to help put this events on. And many just want to promote the culture to othr so they can understnad the native culture.
Cj Parker

Springfield, MO

#126 Sep 25, 2007
I am a member of the NCN and was getting NCN emails from BT Crows and others. My computer crashed and I lost all the emails and respective addresses. Can someone send me an email address to get started receiving the information again? Send to

Saint Louis, MO

#127 Oct 4, 2007
Carolyn wrote:
Well after reading comments from Dan and Bob I certainly feel I must go back into the genealogy work that I have done. I did not want anything Dan (you question of what did I expect)I just wanted to satisfy a question of are we indian descentants. I have census records showing Winnie Parker registered as Cherokee and living in Indian Territory 7-2-1900. Her brother George Parker states he is Cherokee, his father Cherokee and his mother listed as white and that he is 1/2 Cherokee. This is the Twelfth Census of the US, Indian Population. I really need help. We are indian descentants and we just want to be recognized rightfully.
ONLY real legit enrollment comes from the 3 federal recognized cherokee tribes, all these other Cherokee "tribes, nations,clans,bands" of missouri are pulling your leg, wanting you to support the top dogs of that bogus group..becareful, do you research, the state of missouri pushed the cherokee off to oklahoma in 1828 (treaty is there to read), that means no tribes were left behind to govern here in missouri, so if you hear a tribe of missouri, you'll know they are just askin to have benefits that legit American Indians have, they steal our culture for their own, they fabricate their history, research girl before you get the children involved...
Carol Parker

Springfield, MO

#128 Oct 25, 2007
I am a member of the NCN and have lost all email correspondence from BT Crows and other NCN family members. Please include my email address on future communications.

My father Gene D. Smith was a member prior to his death, as are two of my sons - Jeffrey Parker and Scott Parker.


O Fallon, MO

#129 Jan 5, 2008
Mary Helen Biggers wrote:
I have been made to understand that there is not a Missouri State nor Federal recognized Indian tribe in Missouri and most probably never will be. But, you'd better believe there are Indians at my house, and I live in Missouri! As for the council meetings - Who knows when they are? The Constitution they are working with has an ammendment that states: "Open council meetings have been indefinitely suspended to be replaced with open tribal meetings for members to meet the council and ask questions after every council meeting." Can anybody come up with a date for NCN council meeting??
i will tell you the next council meeting is march 8,2008 at the headquarters and is open to the public and has been for over two years, i know this because i go very offen.

O Fallon, MO

#130 Jan 5, 2008
the next meeting is march 8, 2008 at the headquarters, it has had open meetings for 2 years the 2nd saturday of every month.

Huntsville, AL

#131 Jan 25, 2008
I've been reading through most of the posts here in the forum and I'm trying to figure some things out. I've always known that I have Native American Ancestry and would really like to trace it back. I have some of the old news letters from the Northerrn Cherokee of Mo and Ar. After reading through the forum I just wanted to ask what the best way would be to trace back my heritage. I want to find the truth in it all.

Thanks to anyone who can help point me in the right direction.

United States

#132 Feb 9, 2008
Dancing Eagle

United States

#133 Feb 21, 2008
Good afternoon,
I have just found this website in doing followup research for a novel I am completing in which the central character, my Grandmother, a fullblood Chickamauga Cherokee, was born in 1870 in Stone County, Missouri. As we know, the Cherokees began to splinter and divide as a result of the cultural clash with Europeans wanting our land. And we are still quarreling among ourselves! So I propose that we find the key question that will reunite the Chickamauga Nation. One question is, "What is more important than being "right"? The answer is, "Getting along". Think about how that affects relationships. Power and control are often at the root of conflicts. Let us set those conflicts aside and work together to resolve our conflicts and become strong Nation again. I share some of the resentment about not being a "federally recognized Tribe". I too do not need a beauracracy to tell me who I am. But history gets written by those in power, which explains why until quite recently, accurate portrayals of this continent's indigenous peoples were rare. That has changed dramatically and there is more work to be done. The opening of the National Museum of the American Indian is one major symbol of this marvelous trend. We live in a political system in which influence is derived in part from well-organized large groups. So it behooves us to participate within the system. So for me, the question is, "What conditions need to be in place to reunite the Chickamauga Nation?" I look forward to your thoughts.

Dancing Eagle
Chickamauga Cherokee Nation
Medanales, New Mexico
Misty Hunt

United States

#134 Feb 29, 2008
Dan Akin wrote:
A card carrying membership to one of these groups is just that and only that. It is an acknowledgement that you meet the requirements of the leadership of that group to be and remain a member. What else were you expecting to get? To me, being acknowledged as a card carrying member to one of these groups isn't worth the paper that it's printed on. They have no real legitimate claims when it comes to historical facts as you cannot find any reference to these specific groups in real history books. They have no documented functioning governments that have existed into the past that the US government has treatied with. They try to gain legitimacy by scavenging off the history of the real Cherokee tribe. As I wrote before, all three groups in MO used my Green family in their histories and on their lists of previous chiefs as their historic foundation. I am a descendant of Gardner Green, Benjamin Green, James Green, and John Harvey Neal. NO ONE, at this time, has documented a connection between any of them and the Cherokee tribe. My 5th great grandfather, Ben Green, was living in Hawkins County, TN in 1786. Between 1800 to 1833 he was living in Henry County, KY. From 1833 till his death between 1840 and 1850 he was living in Boone County, MO. There is no documented historical record of him ever living in a community of Cherokees that would constitute a Cherokee sub-tribe, Nation, band, or clan and he had nothing to do with the Old Louisiana Territory. You tell people this and they just don't get it.
Dan Akin.
Well, what was my Mother's ggrandmother doing on the Northern Cherokee Nation of Louisiana Territory list of affiliation? She was born in the early 1800's in Tenn. and, her father was a Cherokee Chief. She married her husband and, somehow ended up in Texas County,Mo.
She is listed as being full-blooded.
I am doing my mother's genealogy because she was placed in foster care at an early age and just wanted to know her history and, I am searching right now...Ended up here.
I don't know what these people are doing today and, I will support anyone who is doing good for people. But, I honestly am pretty disgusted at what I am seeing from any and all sides here.
Which side is everyone on here?
Just because my ancestors didn't "conform" like some did doesn't make them not worthy of starting a tribe where they ended up living..After all, it seems like they were just living the only culture they knew and, loved. If they lived like the "whites" then why was it started?? You can't pass judgement if you don't know what happened or why?
Like I said, I only found this during my search about my family history..Surely, if you looked hard enough...You would have found it too and, your remark...Not my family's history would never have existed....
Now, I don't know what may have happened to this tribe or who these people have become and, I am sorry if they are treating people wrong now but, it did exist in the mid-late 1800's..
My family's name wasn't pulled out of a "hat".
Estelle Weddle-Moore

Filer, ID

#135 Mar 4, 2008
Hello Barbara....we are cousins...Polly Ann Mary Raincrow Reno Dotson is also my great great grandmother. My mother is Floye Jorene Stansell daughter of Albert James Dotson ,Son of Doc Dotson Jr.,son of Doc Floyd Dotson Sr. & Polly Ann Mary (Raincrow) Dotson.I am also looking for the proof to the Cherokee/native american bloodline.My mother is the last of her family still living.She made a promise to her family to try & find the proof. Is there any proof of the Native American bloodline in the Dotson/Raincrow/Reno Family?You can reach me at thank you for any help you can give. Estelle
Barbara Davis wrote:
<quoted text>Thanks Don, someone else told me that and is sending me an Application. I don't know where to download one at. I have some distant relatives, like a 3 great Uncle and severl cousins way back, but my 3rd great grandmother wasn't on a roll. She died in Arkansas and is buried in the Whorton Creek Cemt. her name was of several names. Some of them are: Polly Dawn/Mary Ann Remo/Raincrow who married a Doc Floyd Dotson Sr. If you hear anything else please let me know. Thanks Barbara
Concerned CNO Citizen

Sallisaw, OK

#136 Mar 10, 2008
If you're researching your Cherokee ancestry, a good place to start would be the Cherokee Heritage Center in Park Hill. The number is 1-888-999-6007 ext. 1. The folks there I think you'll find are very helpful.
I am a Cherokee Nation citizen and grew up in a Cherokee community here in Oklahoma all my life. I definitely feel lucky to have been raised in a community like that when I read posts like this and see that there are so many folks out there searching for an identity. A card does not give you an identity. Pow wows are not traditional Cherokee culture. That's something adopted from the Plains tribes. I love to pow wow, but I also know that it does not take the place of REAL Cherokee culture. It's just a way to enjoy the fellowship of my Plains relatives, both by blood and by adoption. You do not have to be a card carrying member of any Cherokee tribe to participate in Cherokee culture. The ceremonial grounds are open to any who agree to abide by the rules. Just go with a humble attitude and a desire to learn.
I honestly think that some groups such as the White River Band, have the best intentions for their membership. I've been to many of their events and find them to be sincere and eager to learn.
I have to agree with alot of what Dan and kiowakat say and just caution you to BEWARE. There are a lot of flakes out there who are trying to cash in on those searching for their heritage. In traveling around, I've seen some crazy stuff trying to be passed off as Cherokee. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research and ask questions before you support people who claim to be "medicine men" and "chiefs". Don't waste your money buying a dreamcatcher made by a real Cherokee shaman called Two Dogs Running In Circles or some craziness and instead spend your money with those who create legitimate Cherokee art like Anna Mitchell and Jane Osti who both do amazing pottery, or Jenny Sapp, Shawna Cain or Ramona Lossiah who make some killer baskets. Don't pay some flake to do a bogus naming ceremony or bless your house. The best defense against these fakes and charlatans is education! Do your homework and get to know Cherokee people who were raised Cherokee. Learn what is authentic and what is fake. And just because someone looks dark and is "identifiably" Indian doesn't mean they know what they're talking about or have the rights to do what they say thay can. There are just as many card carrying Natives out there who live away from their tribe and set themselves up as "King NDN" and try to take your money as there are non-recognized people of Native descent who will try and cheat the uneducated public. With the advent of the internet, misinformation runs rampant more than ever! But so does the availability of genuine, accurate information. It's only when each person is educated and stops padding the pockets of those trying to make a buck that we can stop this craziness that gives all Natives and especially all Cherokees a bad name. For those of you who try to do what's right, KEEP IT UP! We need more people who support Native issues, be they card carrying, non-recognized, white, green or purple! I urge each of you whether a member of a recognized tribe or not to spend some time in Native Country. Get to know your own people, make friends, and above all, educate yourself about what your wanting to be a part of.

United States

#137 Apr 12, 2008
I thank you for what you wrote. My husband belongs to the Northern Cherokee Nation and is a council member. I have wished for some time that there could be a healing among the splintered groups of Cherokee. How wonderful that would be for all...
I am just not able to really express myself today for some reason...I am white and not a member of the tribe..but consider all those I have come to know as friends and family. I want my children and grandchildren to learn of their great heritage and never forget.
real ndn

Bella Vista, AR

#138 Apr 26, 2008
there are some stupid people out there

Gardner, KS

#139 May 2, 2008
Anyone know how the Pow wow went with the NorthenCherokee Pow wow last weekend in Arkansas?

Gardner, KS

#140 May 2, 2008
real ndn wrote:
there are some stupid people out there
Was looking and never saw anyone from OKC that was on the council, you sure you have the right tribe?

Grove, OK

#141 Jun 3, 2008
so my mother and her brothers did the reserch also and sent in and payed like i did for the indain card to not be fedreally reconized. but the schools sure do count my kids as indains so they can recive the money. my son when he was in kindrgaretn got to go to talequal to the indian musem and he had learend alot. came back very excited and looked forward going again but he didn't because the school wouldn't let him again because his indain card wasn't fedreally reconised. i persanally think it is stuipd why can't everyone have the same indain card if you can prove it like my family did?

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