“Unions are still scum ”

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#671 Nov 28, 2011
llc wrote:
<quoted text> oh his name- kirksy nix jr. You can find him by looking up federal prisoners on their site. Hes currently being held in a indianna federal prison for running an internet scam. While serving a life sentnce for my grandpas murder seems. He also managed to have a judge and lawyer murdered from prison too.
Sorry about your grandpa. These scumbag uneducated hicks are nothing but a pimple on the ass of society.
I was there

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#672 Nov 29, 2011
Mike Thevis is still alive and currently serving a sentence in Oak Park Heights Corr. Facility. It was Jimmy Mayes that was found in the trunk of a car at Hartsfield.

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#673 Nov 29, 2011
Thevis was not a dixie mafia guy. He had strip joints and got his people to burn one of the competition. Just another punk.
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#674 Nov 30, 2011
I worked for Cinematics, and he was an "associate" of Gambino members, and even was allowed to sit down with them in some meetings. He owned adult book stores in many different states, and is currently in jail for three different murders. His 100,000,000 a year income makes you very accepted among certain circles. His problem was that he took care of his own dirty work instead of delagating it to underlings. I surely wouldnt have called him a punk. Just a dangerous businessman. He had legitimate businesses as well, like The Sound Pit recording studio, and Cinematics, and even financed some legit movies, including an Oliver Stone film.
i was there

Brandon, FL

#675 Nov 30, 2011
And if you are refering to the peep show booth maker Nate Bailen, you are correct. He paid for that too. He and Roger Underhill stole that idea that was originally intended for cartoons at state fairs, they just adapted it to porn loops.
Boss Man

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#676 Dec 7, 2011
Change In Bartow wrote:
Come on......do tell. Please.(I said please)
Carfully boy, you may get more than your bargaining for.
the real boss

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#677 Dec 7, 2011
Boss Man wrote:
<quoted text>Carfully boy, you may get more than your bargaining for.
Screw you bitch boy! Oops! I mean boss man.:)

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#678 Dec 7, 2011
I'm the real boss. Ha ha

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#679 Dec 7, 2011
Please, enlighten us Boss Man. What are you going to do?

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#680 Feb 13, 2012
Curious wrote:
<quoted text>
In what part of Georgia is this most powerful attorney located? My guess Atlanta. Just curious but where are you getting your info on the Dixie Mafia? Do these guys have a trademark that for themselves?
Why dont you try Chattooga County Summerville Georgia.And yes the stringfling wii be busted by the new sheriff Big John Everett.They allegly well it might not have been the DM but someone killed a female kin folk of his with gas and fire just to show him whoes in charge.And they have tried to blackmail him about somthing that would put him in prison.Stay tuned to Summerville and yes their was a powerfull attorney from Atlanta sent in but it was just for show Check out topix in Atlanta someone said a father and son teem was sent in.Does anyone know where Ralph Kellett is was he blond or a red head.Big John will not fail.Who is Big Johns boss man.And only one women calls him big John and she lied. Arrest my husband and I will tell everthing I knowe.What does it take to cover up murder in Summerville look at my screen name.

Long Beach, CA

#681 Feb 17, 2012
tx OG wrote:
the dixie mafia was also linked to criminal activity all over texas in the 60s and 70s. woody harrelson's father claimed to be a hit man for the dixie mafia when he killed judge woods who was the first assassinated federal judge i this century. he was hired by chagras brothers of el paso who were members of DM and were known as the "Pablo Escabars" of marijuana. Benny binion was assossiated with them. Jerry Ray James was a member and was notorious in tx and ok. and if there was a JFK conspiracy the Dm was much more than likely responsible.
cocaine hit vegas in the 1980's big time and chagra was the man -I talked to a retired bellhop-doorman over at the desert inn vegas and he told me chagra would deliver from his base downtown at binions. old man bennie probably would've had chagra killed,but ted binion was chagra's best customer. harrellson was known as a bad dude in texas. dallas bar owned by campisi- eygyptian lounge was a layoff place for bookies and a hangout for underworld criminals. for a price you could get anything done. it was jack ruby's world-he was a pimp among other things.

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#682 Feb 24, 2012
Dixie Mafia haha I love this story. Who do you suppose was right, the FBI or the NTSB...
SUGAR or NO SUGAR... Heads or Tales!

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#683 Mar 28, 2012
church on time wrote:
I did my dissertation on the Dixie Mafia and I must say that their name brings up a certain mental image that is very different from their reality. Back in the 60's and 70's they were so legit that they gained the respect of the Sicilian Mafia and managed to work together on many occasions. To this day, what's left of the Dixie Mafia remains allied with what's left of the Sicilian Mafia. If you were to see a member of the Dixie Mafia in their heyday they were generally sharp dressed guys driving slick cars. They were virtually indistinguishable from their northern counterparts, many were even immigrants; mostly Eastern European.
Do you have acopy of that disertation??!

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#684 Mar 28, 2012
Would you have a copy of that paper??!

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#685 Mar 28, 2012
dbg1254 wrote:
i grew up here in barrow county georgia and have heard the name dixie mafia since i was around fourteen years old. i am now fifty eight.im not gonna call any names but i do know of bodies being weighted down and tossed into the river. bodies thrown into old wells with dynamite thrown in on top of them to name just a couple. i know it was for real at one time.
Were those wells along the Mulberry River?

Acworth, GA

#686 Mar 29, 2012
dbg1254 wrote:
i grew up here in barrow county georgia and have heard the name dixie mafia since i was around fourteen years old. i am now fifty eight.im not gonna call any names but i do know of bodies being weighted down and tossed into the river. bodies thrown into old wells with dynamite thrown in on top of them to name just a couple. i know it was for real at one time.
Well dbg1254,,,if you know where someones body is at don't you think you need to let someone know,,after all it is someone's child and I am sure they would like to get them back!

Raleigh, NC

#687 Apr 27, 2012
DM is legit. the ones that tell you they know everything about it are not that smart because that's not something you want to tell everybody you know. the ones that say, "i don't know anything" are the ones that were there for the whole thing and know, if they snitch, they could be next. my grandmother told me, when the cops came knocking on her door, she said "they didn't see anything, they didn't hear anything, they didn't know anything" and shut the door. when you know as much as they do you don't talk to the police no matter what your moral code is. the shit that happened back then, they don't put in books and they should but everybody's too scared to write it due to all the "accidents" before the sherrys and even the sherry murder. everybody knows everybody in the south so i don't doubt if dgb knows the people he's talking about but at the same time, even today people whisper when they talk about what happened. they're so concerned with who might hear what they're saying and when someone hears that they're talking about the sherry murder and dixie mafia it suddenly gets a little quieter because everybody starts listening in. the sherry murder wasn't the only thing that happened. there was a string of events that led up to that, which is WHY i'm convinced that people aren't writing some of the things they know. a man got a phone call at around 6pm and the guy (anonymous) on the phone said, "you will be dead by tonight. if you're not, your wife and daughter will be." so he went into his office,wrote a note, got his pistol, and shot himself. another man owed money, so suddenly his daughter dies of an insulin overdose. i believe a church was actually burned down because the preacher was in on some dirty deeds with the mafia also. they're smart by not writing some of this stuff but at the same time, it needs to be put out there and people need to know the truth. for the douchebag that claims everybody in the south is an ignorant hick, i'm from biloxi, MS and i speak 7 languages that includes russian, my ex that graduated with me got accepted to some of the top schools (including princeton) and is one of the youngest law students at his school he's already working at a firm and he graduates this year (he's 22 he got to his school on a scholarship and made the dean's list). a friend of mine that i graduated with got accepted to harvard but didn't want to leave home so she went to southern. smh she's an idiot for that i'll admit. every one of the cheerleaders from my old high school are now doctors. except one, she's at southern in classes in marketing. my brother got a mark twain scholarship to Elmira College in Elmira New York and gets As and Bs in business and management and macroeconomics. bite me ya yankee liberal douche. i'll agree not EVERY person that graduated with me is the sharpest tool in the shed but to generalize the entire south as a hick? you're retarded. how'd i do with the name calling? that probably wasn't hick enough..maybe i should go with, "ya dip" i love how yankees come down south then have their nose so far in the air thinking they're so much better than us. if you don't like the south then don't fuckin go there. God forbid it rains i swear y'all'd drown. if you've been to biloxi and hated it then go ahead talk shit about us southerners but if you haven't experienced the people firsthand then really you're just an ignorant judgemental douchebag who honestly has no idea what he's talking about. not to sugar coat it or anything. there, it's "yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank you, please, no thank you" and, even to assholes like you who look down on southerners, we'd invite you in for a drink. MS is not just straight trees and dirt roads with the occasional river. it isn't the shit you see on t.v. i'll admit up around hattiesburg, jackson, and wayyy up north in the fuckin boondocks yes there's a shit ton of woods but believe it or not, not EVERYTHING in MS is country. so, you sir, would be the ignorant one

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#688 Apr 27, 2012
HaHaHaHaHa Dixie Mafia. Who's the boss? One of the Dixie Chicks?

“Unions are still scum ”

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#689 Apr 27, 2012
The Volcano wrote:
HaHaHaHaHa Dixie Mafia. Who's the boss? One of the Dixie Chicks?
Yeah, they do like dressing in drag.

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#691 Apr 28, 2012
MSO4 wrote:
There is no Dixie mafia. Just a bunch of redneck wannabees who cannot hold down a job at Waffle House.
ignorant comment.

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