Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares state of...

Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares state of emergency on reservation suicides

There are 79 comments on the Rapid City Journal story from Mar 15, 2007, titled Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares state of emergency on reservation suicides. In it, Rapid City Journal reports that:

“It's clear that there are other agencies outside of just the tribal programs that have a great interest and a great role in helping us address this issue.”

Gang violence and teen suicide on Rosebud Reservation recently captured the attention of state and national media. via Rapid City Journal

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grey owl

Nashville, TN

#63 Jun 21, 2010
narcotics anonymous worked for me. what is our message? The message is that an addict,any addict, can stop using drugs,lose the desire to use and find a new way to live. Our messge is hope and the promise of freedom.When all is said and done,our primary purpose can only be to carry the message to the addict who still suffers because that is all we have to give. And folks alcohol is a drug it is liquid dope!
Redfeather Stands

Bedford, TX

#64 Sep 6, 2010
I never grew up on the Reservation but I was born there; Pine Ridge Reservation and it was not my doing I have lost all of my family and that really hurts but because of that I am stronger; we the ones that do-not live on the Rez need to do some thing like stop driving and us car pools if we can but we need to do some thing to get their attention to the matter at hand we can change things if we all pull together; this is what they wanted us to do, is to give up; Please If you young ones need to talk talk to us we have been threw what you are going threw WE all feel like we have been abanded.

Minneapolis, MN

#65 Sep 8, 2010
brdx in memphis wrote:
RIP aaron larvie
ya miss my nephew too I know him by Bunny I grew up in Witten So.Dak. never lived on the Rez but been there and it seemed very depressing.
Wannabe-whitegir l

Newark, OH

#66 Sep 8, 2010
NativeJBB wrote:
I'm from Mission..grew up there, went through a lot of shyt that I don't want to talk or even fckn think about. But, I got off the rez. All the other ppl I saw commenting here got off the rez too. Its like they're all running away. What the F**k. I got off not by choice, & I go back to visit a lot cuz I miss it. But ya see, thatz the difference between everyone who has commented and me -
[I'm going back.] My people need help and I'll go through hell again if it means I can help them. I'm not running away from them. What the fck has happenend to us? Our ancestors wouldn't want us to split up and f**ckn leave each other to die. F*ck you all. You SAY you care, well what the fck are you doin? Nothing! You're running away like lil bitchez.
Ya know what? Just keep away then. Don't come back. We don't need you. Nativez need other Nativez who CARE ENOUGH TO ACT. You're all just like another native tryin to be white. You're watching from a distance feeling pity for us, like you AREN'T one of us. F*ck that! We dont want your f**kn pity.
Words are useless unless you have actions to back them up.
Think about it.
NativeJBB...You talk about your ancestors not wanting you to split up and leave each other, do you really think they would want you to talk as if you have no education? I agree that help is needed, I believe the help is education. Keep doing it like you are doing it you will keep getting what you got. Strive for more, strive for better. Know that there is a better life beyond the reservation.
Wannabe-whitegir l

Newark, OH

#67 Sep 8, 2010
I am so sad to hear and read about the problems there. Its as if the youth have not been given a fighting chance. They are living the way they are raised. Children learn what they live, its not fair. I wish that they knew that there is a better life beyond the reservation and strive for it. Instead they take solace in self-pity which is sad. Its comfortable there for them, they fear change. I don't know the answer, I am just glad i was raised elsewhere.
Wannabe-whitegir l

Newark, OH

#68 Sep 9, 2010
Mbordo wrote:
"no wonder so many people are committing suicide.."
How can you even say something like that...there is no reason to committ suicide. Here on the Rosebud Reservation we now have the highest suicide rate. Do you know why we our on Reservations...because certain ASSHOLES..decided that we weren't fit to make it out in your "REAL WORLD." And you know...we do cope with a variety of problems...but how are we supposed to cope with something that is constantly happening. Learning to read and write has nothing to do with whats going on...Until you've lived the life you'll never know...its easy to sit there and judge other people when you yourself has never struggled. I've lost my mom to a car accident, 6 friends, 4 cousins, and an uncle to suicide. Im only 17. But HEY... I can read and write...and guess what, I've attempted to kill myself twice...but i thought about it and realized I only get one chance to live. One chance to do everything I've ever wanted to do, go anywhere I've wanted to go. I have a little brother. He was six months old when my mom died, I was 2. When I wanted to end my life...i thought about the impact it would have on him. How he would react to would you? He lost the woman who gave him life...and the only other part of her that he had left was about to leave him too. If I had gone through with family would have lost him also. I couldn't bare the thought of hurting him...after we've both been through so much together, if it had happened...all of our pain and suffering would have been for nothing. They say the more you suffer...the stronger it makes you. For some its just too hard, they give up hope. One suicide can lead to three others. Since where we live (Mission,SD) is so small...everyone knows pretty much everyone, so when one person is lost...the whole lot is affected. In my high school years so far...there has been at least one suicide every school year, even one is too many. There are so many problems that we as teens on the reservation are faced with EVERYDAY, so don't think that your the only one who can cope with your problems, we're people too, we're just stereotyped as less. So before you try to determine why so many people are committing suicide here... try taking a walk in our shoes, see how well you COPE....Since you can "read and write in proper English."
Suicide is permanent solution to a temporary problem...that just isn't worth it.
Very well written and very good quote.

Brooklyn, NY

#69 Oct 8, 2010
Savana wrote:
hello, me and my mom leave in a city out of state, and i was wondering if anyone knows about my uncle Quentin lapointe aka blackbonnet, who died down there , my mom was never notified bc i guess no one could contact her we had to hear it on facebook... and it breaks her heart not knowing he was my grandmas heart the baby of the family my moms name is jennie black bonnet.... and i would like to now pls pls email me @ or write me here... we called the tribal office as kin but they didnt have much to say but he died... if anyone has any info pls let us know..
change to names
prairie fire

Columbus, OH

#70 Oct 21, 2010
Jonezy wrote:
..ii am from rosebud n hearing u
ppl dat is from rosebud give mi
chillz. da res is no place for babz
they should have them..then send them off
idk..our ppl are dieing!!
I feel bad about this horror. i wish someone who is having a baby would give me a call. Id raise that tiny baby for you.. out here! not a granma so I can learn to be one. lol.. but i am sorry about this... ppl cry about it out here all the time.! BUT! they wouldnt last a HALF day here on any of our reseerrvations..they would take one look after two hours and LEAVE.. yes you sympathisers guts,no honour to help a once reigning proud nomads.. now they all nomading to bars and hospitals for births or deaths.. too sad. ima write a lament about this.
Wannabe-whitegir l

Lima, OH

#71 Oct 21, 2010
Umi wrote:
In reading some of the English slang I can't help but think that a large number of african-americans are commenting and pretending themselves to be Sioux???!?!?!??
Its very embarrassing to see the way they are if they have no education at all.

Brandon, SD

#72 Nov 19, 2010
Wanda Lou Frederick

Freeman, SD

#73 Nov 24, 2010
I could actually really care less about Rosebud now mainly becuzz i got out of there and staying out. But that doesn't mean that i still don't care. I do. And i would still say take my advice that i said earlier. Mainly becuzz there is still hope. Trust me i would know

Melbourne, FL

#75 Jul 8, 2011
Big Crow wrote:
wats wrong wit people in my home town?
My peopls needs to be cool and think about what ues doin.
Why are you all talking like a bunch of Detroit gangstas?

Melbourne, FL

#76 Jul 8, 2011
Why do all the bloggers on this site talk like a bunch of Detroit gangstas?

Baltimore, MD

#77 Jul 22, 2011
Whats up with all these suicides?

United States

#78 Dec 19, 2011
seems like a lot of people on this reservation think they are black. Be proud of your herritage and don't act like a bunch of coons.
frankie j

Sioux Falls, SD

#79 Jan 7, 2012
you all dont know shit!i lost three of my brotherz 2 suicide!eric swalley,chad swalley, and jesse swalley some of the natives you never wanna try 2 mess with and thy had family tht they could stick 2 but thy had their own choice and thy chose 2 leave people filled wth pain,some wth regret,kids wthout fathers!if anybody tryz 2 judge shout your mouth and judge tht!you dont know where thy gonna go you aint god bitch i dont think so so keep hell off the map believing tht catholic bullshit but you gotta find tht little thing in life 2 keep goin no matter wht the situation!yeah i know its messed up tht or native youth or takin their own lives thts why people gotta communicate wth each other alot because i see awhole lotta family tht just dont let each other no whts goin on fuck a therapist you need family and thts their choice if thy wanna seek out tht help but enough of tht!i just wanna say i know how most of you feel tht lost family members to suicide keep your heads up and dont dwell on could of,should ofs its done just keep it strivin for a better life,keep thm remembered for the good thy done and smile because your not alone on tht note R.I.P to my brotherz and everybody else!
This is Chayo MRFTH

Timber Lake, SD

#80 Nov 9, 2013
defends the people wrote:
<quoted text>
Please don't believe this story as chayo is not married to don. she is a psycho runaway from oklahoma and is trouble. she does not have a plan for a teen center as she relocated to another rez again. pples need to be careful of this woman as she tries to get money from pple. pple are slowly figuring her out.
I don't know who you are, but it is too bad you have to speak about me like this. I have nothing to say, other than you will answer to the creator. I have nothing to hide, please come forward.

Eagle Butte, SD

#81 Mar 17, 2014
defends the people wrote:
chayo torres is trouble when coming to our rez's. she is first of all NOT a kiukanpi..meaning she is not married. Lakota need to be aware of her as she is not from here and manipulates people trying to get money.
She is now living on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in Eagle Butte, SD. She is saying she wants to open up a Clinic for "Autism Awareness in Indian Country." After reading your post, I agree she is nothing but trouble, since she started alot of trouble with a local call center she momentarily worked for about a few weeks after having started alot of political trouble amongst the employees and the tribal council. She loves to brag herself, and asks for money, and does not pay it back. She says her granddaddy is Albert White Hat, and she is a Pipe Keeper. So, I just wanted to throw that in here, that be leery when Chayo Torres "Makes Room For Them" is coming your leery!

Okreek, SD

#82 Feb 19, 2015
IKR~ He is sadly missed

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