Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares state of...

Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares state of emergency on reservation suicides

There are 79 comments on the Rapid City Journal story from Mar 15, 2007, titled Rosebud Sioux Tribe declares state of emergency on reservation suicides. In it, Rapid City Journal reports that:

“It's clear that there are other agencies outside of just the tribal programs that have a great interest and a great role in helping us address this issue.”

Gang violence and teen suicide on Rosebud Reservation recently captured the attention of state and national media. via Rapid City Journal

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Bismarck, ND

#21 Jun 4, 2008
damn it was gettin bad when i moved from there i am glad i moved then

Meridian, CA

#22 Jun 22, 2008
In reading some of the English slang I can't help but think that a large number of african-americans are commenting and pretending themselves to be Sioux???!?!?!??
Baby C

Sioux Falls, SD

#23 Jun 27, 2008
I kno caly wilson. He wuzz my cuz. Rest In pEace
c roubideaux

Washington, DC

#24 Jul 3, 2008
I Love You Aaron !!! You'll Neer Be Forgotten
War Bonnet

Sioux Falls, SD

#25 Jul 15, 2008
Gawd i relly hate these suicides!! I live on the Rosebud. I really kinds hate saying that i'm from the rosebud. But then again i happy bout it. But righ' now i'm in treatment to get over this grief and loss. I really miss Clay Wilson, Stony Larvie, and everyone else who i loved. Rest In Peace!!:( Please NO ONE else kill themsevles. If you got the thought think about the ones that you love and how much you'll put them in pain. Cause i thought about killing myself but then i thought about how much i'll hurt my younger siblings. I really love Ramona, William, and Jessica. So remember that!!! Lov u all
War Bonnet

Sioux Falls, SD

#26 Jul 15, 2008
Gawd i relly hate these suicides!! I live on the Rosebud. I really kinds hate saying that i'm from the rosebud. But then again i happy bout it. But righ' now i'm in treatment to get over this grief and loss. I really miss Clay Wilson, Stony Larvie, and everyone else who i loved. Rest In Peace!!:( Please NO ONE else kill themsevles. If you got the thought think about the ones that you love and how much you'll put them in pain. Cause i thought about killing myself but then i thought about how much i'll hurt my younger siblings. I really love Ramona, William, and Jessica. So remember that!!! Lov u all by the way this is Wanda Lou Frederick in Mitchell at the Abbott House

United States

#27 Jul 18, 2008
Umi wrote:
In reading some of the English slang I can't help but think that a large number of african-americans are commenting and pretending themselves to be Sioux???!?!?!??
wtf. I'm sure they prolly dont give damn bout us. They have enough problems of their own, just LIKE US, why'd they pretend to be one of us? THEY WOULDN'T.The reason the youth is talkin like that is cuz they listen to all that gangsta rap & pick up on it w/o realizin it! & you know WHY we listen to it? Itz becuz we can relate. We kno what its like to struggle just to survive...we even kno what itz like to be in gangz an shit. Gangz become like family. Who givez a fck how we talk? Its bout what we do that matterz.
mark felix

Ingleside, TX

#28 Jul 22, 2008
Are any of you people capable of reading or writing proper English? Listen to yourselves..."u b killin an ha8tin 4 lyf yur on n8tv peepz fer nuthin..." No wonder so many people are committing suicide. Out here in the real world one must cope with a variety of problems and issues. That means LEARN TO READ AND WRITE!

"Well if they want to do some good they should clean up the garbage in their front yards first."

-Ray LittleWeasle

Wall, SD

#29 Aug 16, 2008
"no wonder so many people are committing suicide.."

How can you even say something like that...there is no reason to committ suicide. Here on the Rosebud Reservation we now have the highest suicide rate. Do you know why we our on Reservations...because certain ASSHOLES..decided that we weren't fit to make it out in your "REAL WORLD." And you know...we do cope with a variety of problems...but how are we supposed to cope with something that is constantly happening. Learning to read and write has nothing to do with whats going on...Until you've lived the life you'll never know...its easy to sit there and judge other people when you yourself has never struggled. I've lost my mom to a car accident, 6 friends, 4 cousins, and an uncle to suicide. Im only 17. But HEY... I can read and write...and guess what, I've attempted to kill myself twice...but i thought about it and realized I only get one chance to live. One chance to do everything I've ever wanted to do, go anywhere I've wanted to go. I have a little brother. He was six months old when my mom died, I was 2. When I wanted to end my life...i thought about the impact it would have on him. How he would react to would you? He lost the woman who gave him life...and the only other part of her that he had left was about to leave him too. If I had gone through with family would have lost him also. I couldn't bare the thought of hurting him...after we've both been through so much together, if it had happened...all of our pain and suffering would have been for nothing. They say the more you suffer...the stronger it makes you. For some its just too hard, they give up hope. One suicide can lead to three others. Since where we live (Mission,SD) is so small...everyone knows pretty much everyone, so when one person is lost...the whole lot is affected. In my high school years so far...there has been at least one suicide every school year, even one is too many. There are so many problems that we as teens on the reservation are faced with EVERYDAY, so don't think that your the only one who can cope with your problems, we're people too, we're just stereotyped as less. So before you try to determine why so many people are committing suicide here... try taking a walk in our shoes, see how well you COPE....Since you can "read and write in proper English."

Suicide is permanent solution to a temporary problem...that just isn't worth it.
Marcus Brushbreaker

United States

#30 Sep 6, 2008
Big Crow wrote:
wats wrong wit people in my home town?
My peopls needs to be cool and think about what ues doin.
KC on the Rosebud

Burke, SD

#32 Sep 30, 2008
People think they know what our children are going through ..but you don't .i to have lost a brother to suicide . and it was a very scarey's all in our Tribe and parent's!!our children need them .what you do reflect's on them.they think it's ok to drink ,fight,and do things that you do remember our kid's need u
and as for the tribal council & the police department they label our kids as in return they act out .so think before you speak..
our children are innocent listen to what they have to say ..before judgeing them (which alot of parent's do )..
walks the watersedge

United States

#33 Oct 8, 2008
we as natives need to go back to the traditional ways of family. meaning teaching our kids how to do work and be self suffient we need to bring back strength in our mind, body,soul and spirituality
Alcohol and drugs only weaken the 4 elements of life.
i see alot of our youth just do whatever they want once the sun goes down, we as older uncles and dads need to tell our younger relatives go to sleep and wake up in the morning so you can go to school or go to work. our younger generation education is the answer nowadays thats how we make the money to support our family and to pay our bills.
so stay strong and look forward and remember that we are still warriors
Dorthea Rose Dustrude

Helena, MT

#34 Nov 8, 2008
I'm broken hearted to hear more everyday about my Sioux/Indian family. It's not just on the reservations although it seems to be moreso. I'm proud to be 1/4 Sioux and Cherokee. I've seen life from both sides. I'm living in Montana. My dad brought us here from Indianapolis when I was 8. I'm now 46. I want to someday after all my children are gone to go to Rapid City or Rosebud to learn more about my heritage. My dad was Sioux and my mother was Cherokee. Her grandmother's family died in the Trail of Tears and she was raised by a white family. I know things aren't the same since the government took control but this doesn't give one the right to trash who they are and where they come from. Alcohol/drugs is nothing but evil and if you let it control your life, you're saying that the white man is right, "We're animals." This may make you angry but I believe in saying the truth because I believe it will set us all free. You must be proud! We are a beautiful people and it makes me cry inside to hear such pain. Hear your hearts but heal with your minds and be of sound mind which is sober and strong. Love yourselves because you're a gift from God/The Great Spirit! My father passed in 1998. He told me of many stories when he lived on the reservations. He left and served in two wars. Korea and WW2. He drank and was physically abusive to my mother and my two brothers in his own way. I was the daddy's lil girl that stood in between the knives and guns. I now feel no fear where I should. He had two major strokes when I was 14 and stopped drinking. I kicked out my relatives when they came in to bring in the booze. Again, I was only 14. I had to basically live on the streets for a while until he got out of the hospital. My mom had to put us into the fostercare system but I left from there immediately because a boy wouldn't stay in his own room when I was sleeping. The fosterparents didn't believe me. Although my father was a hard worker, his alcohol use ruined my childhood. My Indian family, there's more to life than what you've experienced. Things will never be perfect but the world is out there for you to take advantage of in a positive way. My people, you're beautiful. Hear what I am saying...

Alcoholics can't control their drinking as some say. If you are an alcoholic, you have a compulsive desire to drink. When you drink, your negative personality traits, such as anger, may be intensified and your problems may seem magnified. In order to cover up your alcoholism, you may tend to overdo in other areas of your life.
Chances are, you need a drink at certain times of the day in order to get going, to face your problems, or to relax. And you may even drink on the job. Of course this means that your work and efficiency is slacking off. And your home life is probably suffering as well. You are enslaved by the sin of alcoholism.

Yet there is hope. God is able to deliver you completely by cleansing, sanctifying, and justifying you (I Corinthians 6:9-11). Though alcohol abuse is a failing of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21), the Holy Spirit can, and will, produce the self-control you need to overcome it (Galatians 5:22-23).

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law" (Galatians 5:22, 23).(God will produce will power for the powerless.)

"Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit" (Ephesians 5:18).

"Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler: whoever is led astray by them is not wise" (Proverbs 20:1).

Love, your sister...Dorthea

Mankato, MN

#35 Nov 12, 2008
Hi my dad is from the rosebud reservation and we moved down there for awhile and it didn't work out we ended up moving back to minnesota. I'm half native american and half chicana. I'm 19 so i was hanging out with some of the kids who took teir lives... Well from my understanding the reason why there was so much drinking and drugs is cuz there is absolutly nothing to do but that. I think in order to better things there the tribe needs to clean up the rez and update it. There are so many old broken down buildings that make the town look horrible, there are no jobs, no hot spots for entertainment, and no places to shop so they can get good clothes n stuff to higher their self-esteem. JOBS are the biggest problem there!! There are none! I think the only good experience there was the school spirit that they have, it was crazy how right after school is when the partyin started cuz pure boredom poured on thick... I think one reason for the young teens not leaving there is because it's their home no matter how broken it is they try to make the best of it and so they should get some support. I give them all my support... All I'm tryin to say is that these people have a reason why their killing themselves i doubt they just wanna die because of a gang, drugs, and alcohol. They do those things to ecape. For them it's tha only way they can look at the rez without feeling alone... don't look down on them unless ur gonna help them up. I hope the tribe starts helping their people build up self-esteem and make it better. Oh yea and good work for the parents who still teach their kids on the rez and let them know how their suppose to look on life and show them love. I hope its not to late for the ones who have false idols for parents...

Cora, WY

#36 Nov 13, 2008
Troll No Heart wrote:
all the youngsters need to grow up before they get themselves in some real trouble. they need to stop hating and realize what they are doing to their families, their mothers, sisters, grand parents, and every one who loves them. I left the rez and grew up, and so should all of the youth in rosebud. Its alot better now that im not in a jail cell every weekend.
man how can we grow up when no one is really there to help guide us. we know are families are there for us but some time we feel neglected, so we find another solution. the only thing that will listen is the booze, and the weed. but yea i here you but growing up and running away is not the only answers. we need to face them as a group not when we are alone

Boulder, CO

#37 Nov 14, 2008
Hired as a speech therapy aid... I am trying to get some responces from an Indian boy 15 yrs. in foster care from His res. Alcohol fetal syndrom has slowed his ability to get thoughts into words.( Yes I'm white ). I began to read about Indian History, and began the process of attempting reintroduction to "The Old Ways". Which makes no sense.... I tried to go back though the placement angency to get direction, but Spirit stopped that twice now, so it's not the way. This young man should have been inichiated into mandhood. Instead He's learning about all the Gang stuff, drugs, and sex without morals. This is not my area, anyway... but I feel that this is hwere kids get lost. In our culture too of course. Martierialism is being brought down by God's wrath, and loss of patcience with our greed. I wnat to say things, that will help him think and speak. He's smart, and interested in everything.... just doesn't know anythng except the ruin that was his family,can't even remember their faces. I saw a fleeting image of their faces... once in a dream. My role is only 15 min a week... any suggestions?

Lugoff, SC

#38 Nov 16, 2008
I'm not Sioux and not an official member of the Eastern Cherokee, but I have strong feelings about native people because of my own ancestors. It breaks my heart to read these posts, and I while I certainly dont have any answers, I can only hope the suicides and gang violence stops asap.
Please dont anihilate yourselves, young folks!
Look at all your people have come through, and honor that by living the best life you possibly can. That's the best ammunition in life.
Being in a gang means you cant stand up alone, and there aint no pride in that.

Boulder, CO

#39 Nov 17, 2008
I've been reading the Biogarphy of Chapita, and Ouray... Southern Utes tribal leaders in the early 1860's. They were trying to introduce thier people to the white culture, since they wanted to belive that the whites would honor thier treaties, and let them keep their land. That ofcourse never happened... or was changed time and again. It's makes me feel terrible to know that they were cheated to and lied to over and over again. Whites were predjiduced (?). Most of of us now, know that we missed the opportunity to learn from the Native Americans, and work together to make a new world order, based on the balbance of nature, and respect for each other. There's a lot of romanticizng about Native American Culture out there, which also makes me ashamed!
The wrongs need to be righted. The poweres that be, have promised to do so for a long time, but don't follow though. Nothing new to you!
Out world is crumbleing... and it's unpaid karma... or acutally a owrld economy based on nothing . While the real world gets trashed.
I have hope for Obabama... but also I know it must be hard to change things too fast.
You young folks... are precious! it is hard to stay sober, and clean, when you are boared,loney and sad! I am a recovering addict alcaholic too. I had to surrender myself to God's will, change my patterns, and companions... and get active in helping others. That also meant picking up my art talent again and forgeing ahead. I have a son suffering form the same problems... and a lecture from Mom, isn't appreciated.... I will keep you all in my prayers too !!!

Boulder, CO

#40 Dec 4, 2008
I met a numerical frequency healer some years ago. There are numbers, ( said 5 to 7 times each day )... whihc carry energy. I have said these for my son every day. Alcohol and durgs allow bad spirits to inhabit the person's soul. These are addicts, who are earth bound... and who still want to be high. They are unclean, and warp the choices of the addict so that they fall deeper and deeper into disrespectufl behaviors, and loose all confidence in themselves. Or they just keep hurting others. The persons ego gets too big ( espeically the meth and coke heads ). Then they crash, and suffer so much paranoia, that they have to get high again, to stop the hell visions that plague their minds. So I say the alcholic recovery numbers for my son each day, as well as pray that he finds the moral strength to stay sober. Now He's grown up, and lost 20 years of development. That means the struggle to get his liscnese back, and pay off all the classes, and fines, hangs over him like a ton of bricks. I have to keep remeinding him that yes he can have a better life, and if he puts his faith in God, on a dialy basis, He can recover. The AA groups in his area, havn't been as helpful as they should be, too many blow hards there. God reminded me that I need to reach out to you today. I hoped to read your feelings. I told my Indian student about you all also.

Gillette, WY

#41 Jan 16, 2009
NativeJBB wrote:
I'm from Mission..grew up there, went through a lot of shyt that I don't want to talk or even fckn think about. But, I got off the rez. All the other ppl I saw commenting here got off the rez too. Its like they're all running away. What the F**k. I got off not by choice, & I go back to visit a lot cuz I miss it. But ya see, thatz the difference between everyone who has commented and me -
[I'm going back.] My people need help and I'll go through hell again if it means I can help them. I'm not running away from them. What the fck has happenend to us? Our ancestors wouldn't want us to split up and f**ckn leave each other to die. F*ck you all. You SAY you care, well what the fck are you doin? Nothing! You're running away like lil bitchez.
Ya know what? Just keep away then. Don't come back. We don't need you. Nativez need other Nativez who CARE ENOUGH TO ACT. You're all just like another native tryin to be white. You're watching from a distance feeling pity for us, like you AREN'T one of us. F*ck that! We dont want your f**kn pity.
Words are useless unless you have actions to back them up.
Think about it.
What's wrong with being white...or black or brown or tan? It's not about the's about what's going on inside the hearts and minds of troubled people. Stand by your fellow man, not just your fellow "native".

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