Man gets life in 1990 Collin County s...

Man gets life in 1990 Collin County slaying

There are 144 comments on the Dallas Morning News story from Oct 26, 2007, titled Man gets life in 1990 Collin County slaying. In it, Dallas Morning News reports that:

“The two girls did it. We believe they said he [Mr. Shy] was there because they wanted to work a deal. They blamed him because it was convenient.”

By TIARA M. ELLIS / The Dallas Morning News Seventeen years after an execution-style murder, a Collin County jury took one hour Thursday to convict Ronnie J. Shy II and sentence him to ... via Dallas Morning News

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Wendy Wilson

Point, TX

#1 Jan 31, 2008
To whom it may concern RONNIE SHY IS INNOCENT.
Cinnomon and Cynthia committed this crime and the trial transcripts prove it. Cinnmon said she never heard the shot she heard that Ronnie done it in a dream two weeks later. It was her hair found in the victs hand. They linked her by DNA and she recived a 2,500 dollar fine. Cynthia admitted during trial that she helped kiddnapp Mr. Grubstine and she also got a 2,500 fine. MR. Shy stole the radio from Mr. Grubstine's car after Cinnimon told him where to find the vehical, these girls admitted to making up this story one even said on the stand she was only saying what the officers want to hear to make it sound right. All the people involved in the case and there were several not calle dto testify or even show up, like the drug dealer that gave Mr. Grubstine the money to buy the drugs he died over. Mr. Shy has and always will be INNOCENT..

Irving, TX

#2 May 19, 2008
Wendy Wilson wrote:
To whom it may concern RONNIE SHY IS INNOCENT....
Do you know where I could get more info on this including the trial transcripts?
Local dude

United States

#3 May 20, 2008
Well, at the very least it appears from the article that Mr. Shy was aware of where the radio came from, and from your post went and got the radio from the murdered man's vehicle and very likely knew that the victim had been murdered. So, perhaps he wasn't guilty of capital murder, but he certainly was directly involved in the criminal activity which was the motive for the murder. So, perhaps he should not have been convicted of capital murder and with luck his attorney can get that reversed on appeal. But to say he was "innocent" is stretching things quite a bit. He lay down with dogs and woke up with fleas.
Hopefully, the two girl "dogs" eventually get what's coming to them.
Wendy Wilson


#4 Jul 12, 2008
Paul in Irving:
The transcripts can be purchased at Collin County
Criminal Courts Building in McKinney. You can contact them for a copy of the transcripts of The st of TX vs. Ronnie Shy II.

And To Local Dude
Any 19 year old kid would go see if the car is located where the girls said it was and he admitted 17 years ago he stole the radio from the vics car. But there is NO evidence to put him at the scene of the murder and one of the girls admitted driving the car.. Theft of a car radio is not murder nor is it punisable by life in prision. He has served his time for the crime they proved now with the help of some great people he will be released soon.
Local Dude

United States

#5 Jul 12, 2008
So, what you are telling me is that he HAD NO IDEA that the victim had been murdered, or that it was his car, and that if he did, for 17 years it just slipped his mind that he might want to come forward and let people know that these girls were the ones who supposedly committed the murder. In other words, he helped cover up a man's murder and let the people who did do it walk free for 17 years? And only came forward with his story that the girls did it AFTER he was charged with the murder?
Like I said, he may not be guilty of capital murder, but he is not "innocent". At the very least he only came forward to try and save his own neck.
I understand you and Mr. Shy are apparently close and you want to see him vindicated of the murder. I hope his attorney does get the conviction overturned. I have no problem with that, but I didn't see anything in the article referenced or in your earlier posts which indicated he did the right thing during all those years and helped bring closure to the victim's family, by turning these girls in to the authorities and clearing up the crime. If he had, then he probably would not be in the position he is in now.
Local dude

United States

#6 Jul 12, 2008
Sorry to keep hyping on this, but again based on the article and the previous posts, the prosecutors and grand jury and the trial jury all seemed to think there was enough evidence there to determine Mr. Shy was guilty of participating in the murder.
Even if I grant that he was not directly involved in the victim's death, he apparently was aware that the girls killed the man (that's what is being claimed, according to these posts) and did nothing to bring them to justice. If that is true, he should have done the right thing, come forward and let the authorities know what he knew about the girls.
By not doing it until after he was arrested and charged with the murder, it gives the authorities even less reason to believe him.
He got caught in the same web, by his own actions. Hardly seems like INNOCENT

United States

#7 Jul 13, 2008
When was he arrested for the crime ? Was he held for 17 years ?
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#8 Aug 8, 2008
Local Dude-If you ever read the transcripts of this case you will learn that 17 years ago Mr.Shy came forward with eveything he knew even made a statement and passed 6 polygraph tests showing he had no prior knowledge of the victems death and the reason he never gave anymore information on the girls was because at the time of the murder none of these people were suspects. yes he knew the car belong to the vic but he had no clue he was deceased and the passing of 6 polygraphs says that. Now after all was said and done at trial the girls (both of them at different times) stated and I qoute..."WHEN WE MADE UP THIS STORY RONNIE WAS THE SHOOTER" "I'm just saying what the cops want to hear" Ronnie Shy is an innocent man and as far as I'm concerned the real murders got $2,500 fines and ten years probation for lying under oath about what really happened that night and If the collin county DA hadn't treatened his alibis he may have testified and told the truth. Now other people are asking alot of questions and the truth is in the transcripts. The grils came up with the story that Ronnie did it after the DA found thier DNA at the crime one of their hair was in the vic hand at the time of his death. And Ronnie never came forward with anything after his arrest he never spoke with police and he never testified at his own trial to save his neck.... as you say. He only stated in two years now that the statement he mad 17 years ago is all he knows he even passed another polygraph last year before the trial... but polygraphs are not admisable in court so this was never brought up to the jury.. maybe it should have been.
And for Petey in Houston No he was questioned and released 17 years ago because he was not a suspect in the murder and the radio was returned he was charged with petty theft and served time, but he was not a suspect. This time 17 years later the DNA showed the grils were involved and they reopened the clod case in 2004. When the DNA did not match Ronnie or his alibis they were questioned again, then the grils came up with ronnie did it. He has been incarserated for almost two years now on this false charge.
Local Dude

United States

#9 Aug 8, 2008
If what you are saying is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, then there has been a miscarriage of justice here, one which his attorney should be able to reverse on appeal.
Remember, in my last post I said, "based on the article and the previous posts, the prosecutors and grand jury and the trial jury all seemed to think there was enough evidence there to determine Mr. Shy was guilty of participating in the murder."
It seems hard to believe that, based on what you mentioned in this last post, that there was any evidence at all against him, much less enough to obtain an indictment and a conviction. It is even harder to believe that the two girls were never charged in connection with the murder.
I'm not saying it didn't happen, just that it is hard to believe.
Best of luck in the appeal.
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#10 Aug 12, 2008
Local dude the prosecuters wanted to close this case after 17 years they wanted anything they could get and when it went to the grande jury they were led to belive that the DNA at the secne of the crime was Mr.shys' and on that lie he was arrested and Im sure none of them were part of the jury trial that convicted him who only got half the story due to the prosecutors also. There was alot of evidence in this case not brought before them like Ronnies alibis and the drug dealer who gave the vic the money or the cop that took a statment from the vic two weeks before he died stating he had beened threatened by another witness who was never called to testify.. By the grace of God his appeal will go thruogh but if it doesn't pray for the good man in an awfull place for at least 15 years for stealing a car streo. And pray for the girls who have to sleep sound every night at home with their families knowing they lied to stay there and they put that innocent man in the awfull place.
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#11 Sep 10, 2008
Thank you all for your comments. Just to keep you posted Mr. Shys attorney has informed us that by law he should be home for Christmas and Collin County will have alot of questions to awnser. I thank this great group of people for their time and effort in this matter. Just yesterday another gentelman convicted in Collin County in 1990 recived a stay of exicution due to the DA sleeping with the judge at the time of the trial. Something needs to be investigated and I hope that after Ronnie is home they all get investigated. Keep prayin for the innocent maybe he'll be home for Thanksgiving. Thank you all Wendy

Irving, TX

#12 Oct 8, 2008
Hey Wendy. Would it be too much to ask what your connection is to Ronnie? It seems you are very involved and I was just curious what the connection was. Also, since there seems that they have found that Ronnie should be set free, will the girls have to stand for their alleged crimes in court again?

Always Be Informed

Absecon, NJ

#13 Oct 8, 2008

Venus, TX

#14 Dec 26, 2008
I went to school with these people(ronnie,cinnamon,cynthia ,the victim,and was friends with some individuals named in court docs(ones subpoenaed) in jr high. I never knew about it all til the Wylie arrest 2 yrs ago or so. Wendy, how are you familiar with all of this? What was the name of the drug dealer?
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#15 Jan 5, 2009
Well it's after the new year and Ronnie's appeal started on November 11. I met Ronnie in May 2005 when we began dating. Soon after that we moved in together and the law came and took his DNA for this crime. It was not until the trial started that we found out it was cinnamons DNA found clinched in the vics hand at the time of his death her hair. Cyinthia s was the spit on the belt tied around the vics wrists. Ronnie had NO DNA at the crime or in the vics car and he addmitted stealing the radio out of his car which cyinthia and cinnamon both addmitted driving to where it was left after the vics death. The drug dealer involved gave the vic some money to purchase some pot and instead of buying the pot he spent the money on some of his friends. Not only that the vic was responsable for the arrest of cynthias current boyfriend at the time and his life had been threatened by another suspect at that time two weeks later he was found dead. Cinnamon says Ronnie was abusive and violent I never seen any type of violence from the man and we lived together for two years before his arrest. The two girls were convicted of kiddnapping and murder and both recived 10 years probation and 2500 dollars in fines for their testamony. Ronnie recived a life sentence from 1990 he will spend a minnimum of 15 years before he is eligable for parole. I attended this trial and the only thing anyone who testified proved to me is that he stole the radio from davids car after he died and that everyone knew who Ronnie Shy was. The drug dealer was named only as Arthor from Massacussets we were informed by the girls at the trial that he went back to Mass before Davids body was found. He was never questioned nor was he brought into court there's the reasonable dought that Ronnie didn't committ the crime what happened to Art? He had money invested in the death of David I'd say he'd be my first suspect after cimmamon said and I quote" I'm just saying what the cops want to hear" or "I never seen Ronnie pull the trigger I heard it in a dream two weeks later." Could you convict a man for life on that if her DNA was at the crime? Then both girls admitted to driving Ronnie to the tracks where David was shot? So girls Who really drove the vics car that night? if they both admit it who do you charge? Ronnie was a great escape for these girls and they used him. I hope they ROT in HELL for what they have done to this innocent man and for what they did to David Grubstine only GOD can judge them now. They are free and can NEVER be charged for this crime again. And as far as Ronnie he has people here who love him and know he did not do this and we pray everyday that he gets to come home real soon. If not I'll continue to drive to the state prision every month and write him a letter every week until he comes home or the real killer comes forward. As far as the Collin County Sheriff and Wylie PD are concerned they got their man... I think two killers walked away.
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#16 Jan 27, 2009
For those who judge this: many people are clueless to how many innocent people are in jail for crimes they did not commit. And nuts yes this innocent man doing time when all the physical evidence points to the two girls and the drug dealer. But since these honest girls came forward with this story they told Ronnie will spend a long time in jail for what they did. If you have any comments feel free to express them. I have no problem disscussing or explaining anything having to do with this case. This man was convicted on false statments and in the state of texas it only takes two people having the same story to convict so when the police questioned the TWO girls Ronnie became the shooter when the girls found out they would spend life in jail or face the death penalty and they both admitted it on the stand ITS ALL IN THE TRANSCRIPTS.

Irving, TX

#17 Feb 4, 2009
Wow! Just found this article while searching for some old friends on the internet.

I have to get that transcript and read it!
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#18 Feb 5, 2009
Amazed- as I said in the previous post you can get a copy of the transcript from Collin County Courts Located at 1800 N. Graves Mckinney texas. It will cost you, it's a thick file The St. of Texas Vs. Ronnie J Shy II. Did you know any of the people involved in the case? Or did you just stumble onto it? I have spoke to some of the people Ronnie knew before he met me and they all say the same thing " it's just not right!?."
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#20 Feb 6, 2009
Well Amazed I went to the site but did not email. I am curious who you are though... DID YOU KNOW RONNIE BEFORE ALL THIS????? Or did you know the girls? Or the vic... I'm not worried about it being public, if more people knew maybe someone could help.
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#22 Feb 25, 2009
To keep you all updated Ronnie goes before the appeals court on March 10th LET' S all prey he is home by April.

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