sleazy car towing from apartment complex

Odessa, TX

#50 Jan 3, 2013
So today my girlfriends car gets towed sometime today and not at 1 am. I know this for a fact because we get home every night around 4 am and she has a parking permit but all the resident spots are taken so we have to park on the complete other side of the complex. The visitor spots are very little and for compact cars only. So we parked on the very farthest spot with about 8 spots open to the right and curb on left side.The first pic is terrible shows the backside kinda angled not showing the line,tire or anything that right out shows double parking. The second from the front shows the tire might have barely been touching the line. We would need slow motion instant replay to tell if it was but from the angle it looks like it might have been touching the line maybe. Well when the apartment manager looked at the pics from getting towed. Looked at the front and back picture she notice the pics didn't show the car over the line that it just looked like it was touching the line nothing was at fault it seemed and called the towing company herself and asked for the charges to be waived. The towing company said no! hmm what to do?

Denton, TX

#51 Jan 6, 2013
Sometimes I've gone to park and the cars next to me are off centered, so I HAVE to park on the line in order to park at all. The other cars leave and my car is sitting on the line like I parked it there on purpose. I'd be pissed if I got towed in that situation... wouldn't everyone else. This happens in many parking lots.

Mckinney, TX

#52 Jan 12, 2013
My daughters car was just towed last night in Denton. She was at a party and had no idea about the parking permits. I spoke to the driver on the phone before the car had been lifted and he said he would put it down for $125 cash only. Of course, my daughter did not have that kind of cash on her, and he would not take another form of payment over the phone from me. I am really looking forward to going and paying over $250 today to pick up the car. What a scam!!

Raleigh, NC

#53 Jan 16, 2013
Then those drivers are in the wrong line of work, or that is, You are since you seem so sympathetic to them. We work, we pay for our car, we pay for our licenses, we pay taxes on the car, we pay for the permits, we pay rent to the places we park them and all we ask is to be left alone to try and make ends meet. I'm a little more worried about not finding my car at 6am when I need to get to my job than I am your idiot driver who stole my car over some inbred resident's need to not have to squeeze his fat a** past the bumper. Oh, and last I had to pay a Reputable company I paid about a hundred, and it darn sure was over 2 miles. And I've seen "Reputable" towing companies patrolling for violations, I followed one for awhile after he nailed my car at my own parents place, he got it within 10 minutes of my friends and I unloading the car and going up four flights of steps, we hadn't gotten to picking up the spare permit in the condo nor would we have had time apparently.
Comment wrote:
Some on this post feel that the $263 is excessive.
Think of it this way...
Here is what is in effect being asked of the tow company:
1)They are being called at 1am and asked to send one of their drivers who is at home with their families to come out and assist you.(And yes these drivers are dispatched from their homes in the off hours)
2)This employee has to be compensated with a fair enough wage that he can support his family. Should the company pay peanuts, turnover would be out of control and the company would constantly be training new replacement employees.
3) The company also has to carry a VERY EXPENSIVE insurance policy to cover not only its employees but potential damage to the recovered vehicle as well.
4) The company has to equip the driver with a reliable truck sufficient enough to recover various types of vehicles in all types of conditions and circumstances. These trucks start at around $60,000 and climb well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
5) So that taxpayers are not left with all the above costs and headaches, local municipalities use these companies to clear the roadways after wrecks and police arrests. These agencies REQUIRE a tow company under contract to have access to all of this expensive equipment as a condition of the contract. That half million dollar 18-wheeler wrecker will rarly get used, but you had better have one.
Now I ask, would you be woken up at 1am and do all this for a $263 payment?

United States

#54 Feb 16, 2013
Bill P wrote:
I drive a tow truck and we have rules to go by.I towed 25 cars last week 5 were stolen and the rest did not have a parking permit or were double parked or in a handy cap parking slot with out a permit.If your on the line in your parking slot its a chain reaction it affectsevery one else in your little are.The apartment managers have problems with parking or they wouldn't sign a contract with tow companies.Slow down watch how you park and you won't get towed.And I found out that most people that get towed are liars and some are total idiots.I take three to four pictures of every tow.Most apartments have visitor parking.Find your visitor parking area,get a visitor pass,park the right way or get towed its very simple.We tow 1500 a month because people are in a hurry,not paying attention or can't read.Thank you have a nice day
youre a complete dumb fuck bill, and missing the point because of how mentally retarded you are. its bullying. not enforcement of any rules. nobody cares how much money you off towing. thats all you care about. use some of that money and go get a brain transplant. its people like you that are breathing precious air that i could be breathing. who cares if its parked on the white line or a little bit over. do us all a favor and kill yourself & not procreate.

Irving, TX

#56 Apr 10, 2013
Bill P wrote:
Its not the tow companies job to call you.Tow drivers don't make much money and they get payed per car so there main concern is getting 10 cars a night safely towed like I said before do what your supposed to do and you won't get towed.Wake up.Oh what are the names of the tow companies.Pro tow may be one of the better tow companies out ther but they work there driver 80 hrs a week and they don't make much money.THEY ARE NOT DRIVER FRIENDLY.So if they you encounter a tow driver be friendly or he may zap you with his stun gun.
not true

Irving, TX

#57 Apr 10, 2013
this is so not true...
Anon Ymous

Nashua, NH

#58 Apr 11, 2013
Bill P wrote:
I drive a tow truck and we have rules to go by. I towed 25 cars last week 5 were stolen and the rest...
Sounds like all 25 were stolen to me.
Fred Flintstone

Garland, TX

#59 May 10, 2013
Anon Ymous wrote:
<quoted text>
Sounds like all 25 were stolen to me.
People just need to learn how to freakin park!!!!

Since: May 13

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#60 May 12, 2013
Tampa, Tulsa, Pensacola? Why on Grapevine board?
Texas Towing Compliance

Austin, TX

#61 Jun 26, 2013
Carla wrote:
My daughters car was just towed last night in Denton. She was at a party and had no idea about the parking permits. I spoke to the driver on the phone before the car had been lifted and he said he would put it down for $125 cash only. Of course, my daughter did not have that kind of cash on her, and he would not take another form of payment over the phone from me. I am really looking forward to going and paying over $250 today to pick up the car. What a scam!!
Please file a complaint against the towing company with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, for the driver only accepting cash, and the State will make them refund your money.

It's never to late to file a complaint.

Austin, TX

#62 Aug 2, 2013
Towing companies have contracts with Apartment complexes, which allow them to tow for numerous reasons to keep the parking manageable and not allow visitors to take over tenant parking areas and to restrict those to park any way they care to and such the like,dbl parking,hindering access,parking in handicap spaces, etc.the cost per tow is not the mileage its by law minimal prices, the tow is usually 150.00,plus the impound fee usually 20.00,and the storage fee is usually 20.00 per day(24hrs).
DeAnna Houston Texas

Houston, TX

#63 Aug 14, 2013
I understand the double park rule; however, the reason I parked there is because it was the only parking space available and the person parked next to me when I got there was a little over the line. They towed me but didn't bother their car. I asked for an explanation why me not him. Euro Star Wrecker service stated "because your car was towed at 4:36 a.m., the driver got off at 5:00 a.m. and did not go back for the car that made me park on the line in the first place. Penalize all involved. Not just one.

Arlington, TX

#64 Aug 17, 2013
I try to park within the white lines to avoid causing troubles for other people.

United States

#65 Aug 26, 2013
Anyone know what rules govern the regulations for parking stickers?
What frequency can the complex demand?
Does it matter if you park in an assigned space or not?

United States

#66 Oct 8, 2013
rick wrote:
I am very upset about my apartment complex and towing company. Please take a few minutes and read my email. I want to see if other people have gone through what I experienced and to see what I can do so this doesn't happen to other people. When I think about it, this is scam. People just taking complete advantage of other people.
I live in the park timber apartments and my car was towed because I was apparently "double parked" where as I know I parked my car where my tires where on the white line but did not cross it. Which in no way can hinder from another car from parking beside my car. but the apartment "courtesy patrol" called the towing company who then towed it but Pro Tow towing. Their towing lot is 2.5 miles away from my apartment complex. They charged me $263 to get my car back. How can you charge $263 to tow 2.5 miles? thats $105 per mile!
I have towed my car before to a mechanic and they charged me $8 a mile.
I am also convinced that the apartment complex gets a cut from the towing company because pro tows number is posted on the signs in the apartment complex. my car has a parking permit, couldnt they just take a minute and call me to tell me that car was parked improperly? couldnt they give at least one warning?
I dont know who is more to blame for being so sleazy and completely taking advantage of people. The apartment complex management or the towing company. They are both obviously profiting from the situation and abusing loop holes somewhere.
I am on a very tight budget and this really put a ding on my bank balance. Are there other people who have gone through this? What can we do to stop towing companies like pro tow from rippng people off?!
please help.
By driving off before they hook up to car. Or put gun to their head and tell them Git!

Jacksonville, FL

#67 Feb 8, 2014
I rent in apartment complex in Jacksonville Florida. My car was towed last week because they said the state registration was out of date. As it turned out,the car was up to date with legal registration, the sticker for my car had not arrived in the mail. Tow company was 8 miles away..cost me $ 138 to get my car back. Trying to get it back from management but I think my luck has run out on this one!!

Minneapolis, MN

#68 Mar 1, 2014
I get sick when I see people sympathizing with the towing companies and belittling someone who had a car towed. They all have to be employees of towing companies. Some of their trucks are high priced but they can charge off depreciation, repairs, drivers wages, office expense, and more. They can show a net loss on their taxes and still be taking money home.

What I want to know is how is how the responsibilities outlined in a towing contract between an apartment complex and a towing company can be transferred to a car owner who is not a party to the contract. Yes, there are contracts. My city also has a contract for towing. If this is legal then all of you should be able to force someone else to make your mortgage payments.

Tampa, FL

#69 Apr 25, 2014
I've always used A1 All City Tampa & Hillsborough County Towing...No complaints!!

Dallas, TX

#70 May 30, 2014
You know all of you want to bitch and complain when you Can't park like your supposed to and demand that something be done about it. Well Why is OK for that persons Car to be towed when They don't park like They are supposed to and not yours??? What makes your Car So Damn special? Nothing! What's good for them is good for you too. And if you will read the lease BEFORE YOU SIGN IT then you will know about where u can and Can't park and where the visitors can park. Yes there are some SHady tow companies that do not follow the rules that are by the way REGULATION OF THE STATE NOT CITY, COUNTY OR COMPLEX YOU LIVE IN. The prices are set for the company They have No control on the fees, and as far as the complex getting kick backs well BERTHA C get your crap right! Along with the cop you claim you spoke too you both need check facts. Unless it's TEXAS IMPOUND SERVICES LLC then They probably do pay the property management which is illegal just So u know.

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