Phoenix, AZ

#44 Jul 14, 2012
My daughter informed me one night that her step father my now ex-husband had touched her inappropriately, I confronted him about it and he denied all of it. I took my daughter to our family counselor two days later and the counselor believed nothing was going on. I still ended up filing for a divorce and a restraining order and he was removed from the home he fought the restraining order and the judge dropped it because she didnt believe there was enough evidence in time we began to communicate again and he denied to the fullest he never would do that. my daughter also had said she didnt believe he did it sexually. Within a few months i allowed him to move back in as a roomate situation and in another room with the intent of still divorcing and moving on. I then found out more info from my daughter and a lot of what looked like to me child pornography. Then I absolutely knew he did it, cops got called they spoke to my daughter took his computers and a day later cps goes to my daughters school questions her and a detective called me and said they wanted to do a forensic interview on her i brought her there and based on her interview alone they took all four of my kids and said i failed to protect them Five months down the road i still dont have them, i hired my own attorney who is pretty useless and has got me know where. Two of my kids are in tucson and two in phx. Ive pleaded since the beginning for them to all be with one of my family members with no succsses. My oldest daughter went to live with her father and he offered to take the youngest one to now find out there is a lot of abuse in that home and I'm required to report the abuse. And with the possibility of them moving back to Tucson where I no longer live all because CPS can't transfer or won't transfer the case to phx. And also because there father who caused all this doesn't agree with them moving here. I'm at a loss and don't know what else to do, my entire world and life has been ripped away from me and split up all because of a creep who still has a possibility of getting custody of them. I can not comprehend how all of this can happen, and it feels like there is nothing I can do. I just want my kids back. And a good attorney who can help me fight.

Sturgis, MI

#45 Jul 16, 2012
i have been going threw cps for two years they took my moms rights away so my grandmother took us 7 kids and they are trying to take the kids away from my grandma because of there father is making false accusations what should we do

Sturgis, MI

#46 Jul 16, 2012
i forgot to add he has a csc charge so is it even possible for him to get the kids

San Antonio, TX

#47 Jul 16, 2012
Lady u should have never let the guy move bk in I think u brought this amongst urself I know how it feels together ur children taken away it's a nightmare my ex was using drugs and didn't wanna stop so I left him and I got my babies bk and now I'm living happily

Denver, CO

#48 Jul 26, 2012
I was con'd into giving up my children, after being accused of child abuse. I gave my children to my aunt (whom they are with currently), freely because it was told to me it would look good on me. LIE! This was the day after the magistrate told me, my children could stay in my home. No I have a treatment plan and have been working deligently on it since my main goal right now is to get my kids back home with me. Now they are considering letting my 9 year olds father have temp custody while I work on my treatment plan. My son hasn't seen this man since the summer 2009, because he didn't like the fact I took him to court for custody, AFTER he tried getting my kids taken away through CPS before and I was proven innocent of all charges back then (which this county is also using against me). He stopped contacting his son, on his own free will. I think it's ludcaris that they are even considering this. I wish I could take back eveerything and start this all over cause I would be taking a more proactive approach to all this instead of being duped into thinking I'm a horible person and blah blah blah. SOrry I needed to vent.

Austin, TX

#49 Aug 16, 2012
I had a cps case and got it closed in less then a month my children wernt removed that time. Then about 1-2 months later I moved from my grandmas house to my moms because my husband and my grandma were not getting along. I moved in with my mom because it was the only other place I had to go. I wasn't trying to take my kids to a dirty shelter. Well that was a mistake. My mom is a big time drug user and sniffs lots of coke. She got high out of her mind one night and said we were trying to kill our baby boy. We have a boy and a girl. She wouldn't be quiet and kept screaming so I didn't want my kids around that so at 5 am I left got on the bus and rode around while deciding what to do. We called a friend and went to her house. We spent the night there and the next day my crazy mom calls my cell phone to tell me cps is there so i ask her to put them on the phone. She does and a man tells me if he doesn't see my kids at my mothers house in the next hour me nd my husband will have a warrant. So I get the kids there because I didn't know I could legally ask them for a warrant first. Also I had nothing to hide. The social worker then questions me about that night and i explain. He told me that the call in said something about a diaper bag on my sons stomach. I told him no that never happened. He kept asking over and over I kept telling him no it never happened. Then he stated what you tell me right now determines how quickly your children will be removed. I will never forget those words. Then I made a huge mistake. I too him what do you want me to do agree with you so I can keep my kids. I said fine yes whatever. He then told me i have very little time and need to start giving him names of family members to check their names for the kids to go with or they will go to a foster home. He good me they would be removed in a couple hours. I must have given him at least 20-30 names and he said non passed. Do u have to be god to pass or something. My kids went through 3 foster homes and 4 months before I got them in a family members home. The first foster mom abused my children every time I would go visit them they would have bruises and scratches everywhere even the face. My daughter had a bruise on her face I was mad I told cps where did she get this and what is going on in that foster home? They good me i don't know we will ask foster mom at the next visit I asked them about it again and they told me they asked her but she didn't know where my daughter got it from. Then that same foster mom took my son to a Dr. Apt which legally we were able to attend and got mad because cps told her to let me hold my son. She handed over my son and ran out of Dr. Office screaming and drove off and abandoned my son. Cps still took my kids back to that house. Well they went through 2 more foster homes with good Christian foster parents thankfully. Then we decide we are going to place the kids with my husbands aunt b/c she said we can see them whenever we wanted and made a bunch of fake promises. They are with his aunt right now and we refuse to sign our rights over. I love my children they were happy and healthy with me and as any mother would do I'm going to fight till there is no more fighting. Then I'm going to sue cps for wrong full termination.

Los Angeles, CA

#50 Aug 19, 2012
What's sad is to me are people like you. CPS steals children from loving parents and rents them to "foster homes". Where they are abused molested and neglected. Should that not scare any parent? Ignorance is not bliss. I had my kids stolen from me over a year ago. My husband died in his sleep. My kids and I were and still are devastated. my husbands sister called cps and said that my children were being neglected. A sister who my husband was never close to. She was never around any of us. My husband and I are great parents and love our kids. We r respectful working americans who don't do drugs or hurt our kids. CPS IS EVIL AND I AM MAKING IT MY MISSION IN LIFE TO EXPOSE THEM FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE AND TAKE BACK MOTHERS AND FATHERS RIGHTS THAT WERE GIVEN TO THEM BY GOD. So how dare you defend such discusting people. I question your charactor. Maybe you should too.
robert memmer

Delphi, IN

#51 Aug 24, 2012
i have been fighting cps for going on 3 years ihave 5 children in foster care rite now i haven failed a drug test for 6 moths what can i do

Uvalde, TX

#52 Aug 24, 2012
SMW wrote:
CPS doesn't follow the rules of the law. How can this be? If we are protected by the 4th or the 14th Amendment how is it that they can still take your children out of school and interogate them! How can we fight CPS if they don't need a search warrant or court order.
CPS takes kids from some parents just because of a phone call without having facts but gives them back to others parents to a home where drugs are sold, how is that a right thing to do

United States

#53 Sep 18, 2012
My baby Logan was taken from me 3 years ago he was almost 6 years old then other child was 16 teen. Cps said I deprived one of my children. Only one was taken thank God and not both all my tights was taken from me I have no rights to my baby Logan whatsoever I was a good mom not perfect but did the best I could I don't do drugs never did but thay are mother's out here that do drugs sell their foodstamps to get drugs while their kid or kids do without but cps takes my baby Logan from me in Woodward Oklahoma where is justice in our country I hope cps in Woodward Oklahoma and the court that took my baby from me rots in hell this goes for you too Leah Bradley of cps I pray if God blesses you to ever get pregnant I hope when your child is born it dies in your arms then you can feel have my pain thanks to you when u took my child from me may God never blessed you with children and if he does I hope thay all die I curse you the rest of my living days on this earth with every breath I take may your soul never rest for the wrong you have done rot in hell bitch
falsely accused

Richmond, KY

#54 Sep 19, 2012
It is not true that CPS workers have to abide by the constitution. My child was taken from me almost two years ago. I was getting ready to go to an appointment and asked them to come back later. There were two of them. One of them said, "Oh no, we need to see this now." They physically forced their way into the home and started taking pictures. I was unpacking boxes after a move, so the place was messy. The worker smiled and said, "You should have unpacked faster."

I was not allowed to testify in court. The judge said she didn't care about my constitutional rights. If cops had done that then the pictures would have been thrown out and the cops reprimanded. CPS workers are above the authority of law enforcement though.

They made it a point from there to assassinate my character and ruin my life. I was falsely accused of things I would never do. The judge said she didn't care whether it was true or not.

Not much true things were said about me. It was almost all lies. And the true stuff would not have even been abuse. It was everyday life stuff.

All the lawyers I had just went along with them. My child was not returned to me even after I complied with everything on the case plan. I jumped through all of their hoops for nothing. I am not even allowed to see my child anymore.

I was not even allowed to have a trial at all. I had evidence that the worker was lying about at least some of the accusations. If a normal person were to lie like that then it would cast doubt on the rest of the testimony. Not so for a CPS worker! Instead they wanted to make an example of me for showing how they were lying!

They lied to my child about me the whole time telling her that I didn't love her or want her and that she had to accept that she was never coming home. How is that not abuse on a child?

CPS workers do not have to abide by the constitution. My case is proof positive of that. You obviously do not even have the right to a trial if they take your child. I never did. I was never even given a chance to testify!

I was innocent of the allegations. Innocence does not matter in CPS court. The word of the worker is enough evidence to take your child forever.

I was a loving, caring mother. My child came first. I went without to make sure my child had everything she needed. I was not perfect, but I did the best I could. And now I am forever branded as a monster for things I never did. I am angry. I am heartbroken. I am devastated. And there is nothing I can ever do about it. I have no power over my own life. That is what happens when CPS sets its eyes on you.

Bridgeport, WV

#55 Sep 23, 2012
Great video. 10 Reasons NEVER to talk with police or ANY Govt. Agent.

&fe ature=related
Legal_Advisor wrote:
Amendment IV
The right of the people (now including kids too!) to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants
shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly
describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
You don't have to talk with CPS agents, so DON'T.
You Have The Right To Remain Silent: Fifth Amendment Explained
by Bill Rounds
December 9, 2010
Copyright © 2010 How to Vanish
“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a
presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval
forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall
any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor
shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life,
liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public
use, without just compensation.”~ Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution
The right to remain silent is a fundamental principle of liberty. It gives American citizens better
privacy. The burden falls on the accuser to build a case against a person. If the accuser does not
meet that burden, the accused is free to go. The accused never, ever, is required to furnish any
evidence or testimony against himself.1 In other words, liberty requires that you have the right

Bridgeport, WV

#56 Sep 23, 2012
Watch this video. Great Stuff!!

&fe ature=related

Uvalde, TX

#57 Sep 24, 2012
bipolar wrote:
<quoted text>CPS takes kids from some parents just because of a phone call without having facts but gives them back to others parents to a home where drugs are sold, how is that a right thing to do
How can this type of stupidty be justified! In Carrizo Springs the cps workers are leaving kids in households where both the parents were arrested for selling drugs. Please pray for the innocent childrens that live in these type of household and that the cps workers do not protect.
dsrren freeman


#58 Oct 19, 2012
Cps are just bullies. Liars n corrupt. Rochdale social services are a disgrace n bully innocent people to make up for neglecting the young girls who were abused n they allowed it to happen. They push people to the brink of suicide while they go home to family life after destroying innocent families. Who investigates the abuse that lyin cps workers commit on innocent people n prob their own children.

Tenino, WA

#59 Nov 18, 2012

Winter Garden, FL

#60 Nov 19, 2012
whatever wrote:
IF it is soooooooooooooo true that cps gets paid just for taking away your kids OR twist the parents words just to get your kids then why arent they taking aways more kids? it dont make sense! if you aint got nothing to hide then you should allow law enforcement to come in your house and answer any questions they ask you. Its when you dont speak and dont cooperate and LIE that makes one suspicious and for sure hiding something! look what happened in the anthony case! so dont come on here trying to educate how to get your kids back...If you were doing your job right the first time then you wouldnt have the state stepping in! and im entitled to my opinion ....thank you very much!
It is 100% true, and yes you are entitled to your opinion but these are facts. Look it up. You will see.
also here are some good sites
also here are some good sites
por andar de

United States

#61 Nov 19, 2012
Open your door and talk to CPS . If you are a good parent why hide.. YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW YOU BEETER THEN YOUR OWN FAMILY. They see and hear everything. So STOP fuck...g married oil workers and truck drivers . And going to the bars wasting money the kids need
For food and shoes. It is that simple PERRAS !
dasha cousins

United States

#62 Nov 20, 2012
I have been involved with CPs all my life when I was 12 I was put in Foster care and now I'm 26 and have kids of my own and because I was in Foster care they taken my kids away just because I. Live with my mom but I have a sister who lives with my mom and cps said its OK for her 2 kids to be in the home but I can't have my kids around her

Garland, TX

#63 Jan 12, 2013
My family has been victimized by the state of Texas CPS in Dallas county for a year now. We will soon be filing a lawsuit, and are seeking those individuals and families who will ralley behind us in our fight. Please read the whole story here

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