Name Released in Fatal Motorcycle Acc...

Name Released in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

There are 36 comments on the WCTV Tallahassee story from Sep 4, 2006, titled Name Released in Fatal Motorcycle Accident. In it, WCTV Tallahassee reports that:

Around noon Sunday afternoon, Wakulla County sheriff's deputies and Florida Highway Patrol troopers responded to a four-vehicle accident on Highway 98.

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Jeff Meister Maryland

Plano, TX

#23 Dec 17, 2006
Nice to see bikers sticking together we need to have more aware of bikers out there I have seen cars cut corners at intersections not aware of bikers comming down the rode and cutting them off.
Bikers have just as many rights as car drivers we pay insurance and our bikes cost as much as some cars. We all need to be better drivers and slow down. Above all when you prchase a bike take a refresher course every two years as we all tend to get careless and less aware of the dangers around us.
Jude Walker

Saint Petersburg, FL

#24 Dec 20, 2006
Helmets save lives in 37% of the accidents in which they are used. That means that 73% of the time they are not a factor. Besides, none of that matters. The point of your post Mark, is that you are trying to shift the blame to the biker by even bringing up the fact that she was not wearing a helmet. It is not her fault she is dead. It is the fault of the woman that was driving the car, pure and simple. She alone is responsible for the death of that rider and the injury to the other two.

As for the family and friends of Ms. Quall. I understand your desire to protect your friend, but you serve no purpose by rabidly defending her in this forum and calling the friends and family of the victims names. Let them grieve and vent in peace. By attacking them you have shown yourself to be ignorant and uncaring, despite your claims otherwise. You have no right to speak against the dead or the injured or their loved ones. You have no right to invoke your faith or the faith of Ms. Quall as an inoculation against responsibility. I too am a Christian, and one thing I figured out a long time ago: I'd rather face up to my responsibilities in this life than have to pay for them in the next.

I have been riding for about 27 years. I commute 100 miles round-trip on my bike daily. I have to actively avoid an accident of some sort on an average of three time a week. Usually it's someone trying to crowd over into my lane because they are not physically looking for traffic prior to a lane change. If they don't see a car out of the corner of their eye or in their mirror, they figure no one is there. Bikes are smaller and require more attention on the part of drivers. However, I am not foolish enough to think that they are going to look. I consider everyone behind the wheel of a car or truck to be an idiot, and that is what has kept me alive.
Jude Walker

Saint Petersburg, FL

#25 Dec 20, 2006
edit the above for math. 100 - 37 = 63, not 73.

DeAnna Boyer


#26 Feb 15, 2007
I have read many of these postings regarding Brenda Qualls. Was she drunk? We will never know since the hospital botched the blood test. Was she held accountable? Sadly no. It is a shame that you can kill and mame in the state of Florida and not even have to apologise. At the hearing, all she got was a slap on the wrist. She didn't even lose her license. Dressed as some school marm she sat next to her attorney and stared straight ahead. Not looking once at the women who's lives she had ruined. At her attorney's prodding, she reluctantly said "She asked God for forgiveness and hopes the families would forgive her too if she did anything wrong. If? If? She killed my best friend and I will NEVER forgive her. There is no IF about it. Sherry is dead and Brenda Qualls is hiding behind a Christain charade. She didn't even say she was sorry. I can't tell you how many tears my friends and I have shed. How many lives this Qualls woman has affected with her wrecklessness. If you are reading this....Qualls you are a murderer.
DeAnna Boyer


#27 Feb 15, 2007
And just for the record...Sherry was an experienced rider who never drank while riding. They were riding in formation as usual and as far as the helmet issue...You could have had ten helmets on and it would not have mattered. The girls were side swiped and Sherry took a full body blow with the front of Quall's car she died on impact, her head was ok.
David Naja

United States

#28 Mar 24, 2007
Dear Lori,
Your mother killed my Aunt that day. Don't bust me up with the old "my mother was leaving church". Drunk or not, your mother crossed the center line and plowed head on into not one but three motorcycles. Your outrage at Marcia is totally out of line and she has every right to feel the hurt that we all feel. I love the way you keep the "church" thing going in your response. It's almost like you think that it is acceptable this happened as she was leaving God's house when this occured. Again I remind you that is was your mother that not only killed my aunt but took the career of two of our states emergency response family. The point is, these people are hurting and the anger thay feel towards your mother, drunk or not (and no blood test was done)is understandable. you never knew my aunt and just how outstanding and outspoken she was. She died doing what she loved and as her family, that gets us through all of this. Stop feeling like you are the victim here and just know that as long as there are people who are still alive that knew Sharon (Sherry), this will never be out of your life. PS...It's nice to see that such Christian values allow you to feel disgust towards people that just lost a loved one.
Lori Crum wrote:
My comment is to Marcia D. Shad. My mother is Brenda Qualls and I am furious at your comment!! Obviously you don't know my mother and have no right to comment on her being a "drunk driver". My mother is a good christian woman who was leaving church when this tragic ACCIDENT occurred. It is people like you who need to locked up and put away forever because obviously you have no love, compassion and forgiveness in your heart. My mother would never hurt ANYONE intentionally; or on purpose for that matter. Unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that 3 other families were affected by this devastating occurence. I want people to know that my mother WAS NOT driving drunk, nor did she have any kind of drugs in her body at the time of this ACCIDENT and although your opinion doesn't much matter to me, the families of the victims will remain in our thoughts and prayers forever. We are not bad people and my mother is not a bad person. YOU DISGUST ME!!!!!
Dawn Tallahassee Florida

Tallahassee, FL

#29 Jan 18, 2008
Throwing these hurtful words around will not take away any of the suffering friends or families have to indure when a loved one is hurt and sadly, even killed. I wish all of you peace.
aka rc

Marianna, FL

#30 Feb 18, 2008
This back and forth fighting is not going to bring back the dead nor will it ease the suffering of those who are in pain this moment.
If this death is to make any since then the fighting must stop and the living must move beyond attitudes and prejudices and work for a solution to the problem.
To do otherwise will only insure that nothing has been learned and the carnage on our highways will continue.
not a fan of dave naja

Valrico, FL

#31 Oct 23, 2008
do not listen to a word this guy says. he's an evil person and there is not a kind thought or warm gesture in his body. he has some real issues with his personal life and when he can come to terms with them he might be a better person. until then he will continue to have this confrontational attitude towards everyone. so dont worry and dont spend an ounce of energy trying to defend yourself, he's a very ugly person inside and out.

“3 Years into Criminal Justice ”

Since: Mar 07

Wilton, Maine

#32 Feb 5, 2009
ned wrote:
The law says, that if you cause an accident, even if you are trying to avoid one, that you are at fault.
I moved to FL from CO, a state that gives bicycles equal rights on the roadways.(Funny that we don't try to run our pedestrians down there either but i digress.) In CO almost ALL drivers can, and do, pass between a bicycle on one side, and other vehicles on the other. The funny thing about bicycles is that they move so slowly that hitting one almost requires that you not be paying attention.
Motorcycles move faster. I have ridden one for 28 years.(Before you start, I have also ridden bicycles, and driven trucks, cars, busses, and even flown airplanes, all except the bicycle with licenses)With the exception of some sport bikes, which the dead and injured where not riding, motorcycles still move slowly enough to see, and prepare for.
Given the circumstances explained here, the non-drinking, god fearing, terrific parrent, grand parent, friend and all around great person, must just be a very poor driver.
My bible says "thou shalt not kill." She did.
Her family will have to live with it.
Unfortunately, so will her victems, and their families.
You might ask why I am writing. My good friend Sam McCall was killed in Tallahassee a few months ago, while on his motorcycle. The woman who killed him didn't feel a sense of responsible either. She said, " I saw him, I didn't think i would hit him," or something to that effect. In that case, just like in this one, someone died. There is NO justification that anyone of you can offer that makes this OK.
You are infering that the law says something it does not. It says you are responsible for the accident that incurs not intentional murder.

There have been many car motorcycle accidents here where the driver could not stop or swerved to aviod pedestrians. You can not assume you know the circumstances.

These people are not saying the women is not responsible for the accident, they are saying she is not responsible for murder.

I do not know anyone involved in this incident but it is best to reserve judgement if you do not have all the facts. And, if you are not an investigating officer on this case, you do not have all the facts.

Tallahassee, FL

#33 Feb 6, 2009
M Shad GWRRA wrote:
When will our drunk drivers be taken off the road FOREVER? Most Likely, Brenda Qualls has had several DUI's & bailed out of those too!! Those of us on Motorcycles are people who put safety first & foremost. Lock them up forever & throw away the keys. No license ever again. She is a murderer now & changed lives of these other fellow Gold Wingers forever. Marcia D. Shad
"Most likely" in a situation like this could very well get you sued for libel, and it probably should.

Think before you post.

Tallahassee, FL

#34 Feb 6, 2009
A Rider wrote:
<quoted text>Interesting. I really liked the comment you made "the families of the victims will remain in our thoughts and prayers forever.". I guess they might be but I find it interesting that with all that Love and caring you and your family supposedly have, not you nor anyone else from your family (or church for that matter) came to visit, send a card or flowers to either of the other two women that were in the same hospital as your mother, one on the first floor and one on the 3rd. I doubt if any of you fine Christians attended the Memorial Service for Sherry Reid. She was the beautiful woman that your mother KILLED in the "ACCIDENT".
The issue is not whether your family and mother are bad people. It is about responsibility. Your mother not being impaired and a good Christian has nothing to do with it. Your mother is directly responsible for one death and crippling two other for life. One is a Deputy Sheriff and the other a professional Firefighter and Paramedic. Neither will be able to return to full duty ever again. Both were very close to retirement and now both may be denied that. Their hopes and dreams have been smashed as well as their bodies. And Sherry's future, dreams, and life were smashed and ended on the hood of the vehicle your mother was operating. The impact of what you casually refer to as the "ACCIDENT" goes on and on.
FHP is conducting a homicide investigation of the “ACCIDENT.” At its conclusion, your mother will be charged and arrested for manslaughter. It will be determined she is responsible. The court with a jury of her peers will find her guilty and she will then go to prison. You will have a luxury that we do not. You will get to visit her. We will never visit with Sherry again.
Another person who wants to be sued for defamation.
And one that can tell the future too. Why aren't you out using your supernatural powers to make the world a better place, or even preventing traffic accidents?
Don't let your grief lead you into saying stupid things.

Tallahassee, FL

#35 Feb 6, 2009
Karen Smith wrote:
For being a good Christion woman she could at least call the ones who are living to say she is sorry or give them a helping hand she ruined alot of lives with her carless driving to big a hurry
Which she was probably advised against by her attorney, and a good thing too, judging by the posts on this thread.
Sue B

Beverly Hills, FL

#36 Sep 3, 2013
Dark day in 2006... lost a wonderful person, Sherry Reid. 2 others had life changing injuries.

Very confused why no one was held accountable.
sharon white

Ormond Beach, FL

#37 Sep 13, 2013
M Shad GWRRA wrote:
When will our drunk drivers be taken off the road FOREVER? Most Likely, Brenda Qualls has had several DUI's & bailed out of those too!! Those of us on Motorcycles are people who put safety first & foremost. Lock them up forever & throw away the keys. No license ever again. She is a murderer now & changed lives of these other fellow Gold Wingers forever. Marcia D. Shad
I want to know if this is the same Marcia D. Shad who LIKKED my daughter on October 5, 2001!
DeAnna Boyer

Crystal River, FL

#38 Nov 20, 2015
Its been 8 years now and while Brenda Qualls enjoys her life, friends, family and holidays and am still mourning the loss of my best friend Sherry.
My only consolation is that one day if my prayers are answered Brenda Qualls will burn in hell.

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