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#1 Feb 9, 2013
This dude is in jail again I heard n I also heard his girl ratted him out. Way to go Gary you really kno how to pick them. Now I see why you are the way you are. You kno b me and a friend was talking the other day and we was saying the only reason you keep going back to prison is because that is where you can come out the closet. Well everyone just so you kno he is gay and is usin chicks to cover it up.

Honolulu, HI

#2 Feb 15, 2013
please get divorced and worry about yourself!!
someone who cares

Gloversville, NY

#3 Feb 15, 2013
First of all," attention" spell his name right. Second, His girlfriend didn't as you say "rat him out" If you knew him well enough you would know the details. Finally, He is not gay . your just saying it probably because he wouldn't sleep with you.
happily married

North Creek, NY

#4 Feb 28, 2013
i think this is all funny & its about time he went back now his wife can get HER divorce she deserves it ! & his so called G/F should be in jail right along with him ...... anyway that is that .... have a great ...

Fort Plain, NY

#5 Mar 7, 2013
First off I didn't write this stupid forum second off I would know how to spell my husbands name third off I don't care what happens with him in his life what goes on is his buisness not mine. and to happily married I can't and won't put on the blame on Garry for why our marriage failed it was both of our faults. Garry isn't a bad guy he just makes bad decisions in his life but you know what no one in this world is perfect.
kaylee durrant

Bedford, MA

#6 Mar 8, 2013
attention...this would be his ex gf who supposevely ratted him out...see this is why its called topix its drama and is all hear say how do I kno because I kno the whole situation and why he's in there maybe if yu came to me and asked what happened and everything yu would know the" truth" but like I said everyone listens to heear say jus like yu did and to "someone who cares yu must "of did yur research bc yur right thank yu....ohhh also attention. I think its funny that yu talk about garry all the time yur life must consist of nothin huh
Someone Who Cares

Gloversville, NY

#7 Mar 9, 2013
Kaylee Durrant... Yes I did my research , and I only comment on what I know. Also, there is no reason for people to "gossip" about Garry. He is a great person with a heart of Gold, and treats his girlfriend the best he can. Only his closest friends know this.
ft pl

Fort Plain, NY

#8 Mar 10, 2013
he will never learn so he makes tax payers pay his housing in jail if they would make them pay when got out of jail for there stay might think again about what they do oh i forgot he owns world so he can do what he wants

Lake Luzerne, NY

#9 Mar 14, 2013
Wow you people are really sad... Always talking shit on what you don't know... Garry happens to be my brother, yes he makes mistakes, but I guess it gives you people something to do because your life must suck enough to talk shit on other people... You don't know the facts, you didn't read his statement you don't know what he put, but of course you think you do...Get a life and grow up...
ft pl

Fort Plain, NY

#10 Mar 14, 2013
why becuse he steals and lies so he can get out of jail so look at u on ssi u can work if u loose weight and live on your not with daddy
Someone Who Cares

Gloversville, NY

#11 Mar 17, 2013
to ft pl, What do mean the taxpayers pay for him in jail. Garry pays taxes and isn't a low life on welfare milking the system.Its funny he can always find and hold a job, pay his bills and take care of his son. Too bad he didn't own the world, it would be a heck of a lot better place to live.
first offf alllll

Cambridge, MA

#12 Mar 22, 2013
if he pays his bills and holds a job then y does he no longer for save a lot.... y does he owe child support??..... and as for kaylee sayin she is his ex hahaha too funny u were with him today..... and as far as treatin girls right hahaha....... and a good dad what dad would hit his wife with their daughter in his arms??hmmmm....... something to think about.... and as far as taxpayers payin for him to be in jail/prison all the time yea they........ sooo good luck to u all who think they garry cuz no one in this world knows him as well as i do :)

Gloversville, NY

#13 Mar 22, 2013
I just happened to read this crap and unfortunately he's trash and a thief and I'm sure his girlfriend or such is trash too.
Someone Who Cares

Old Forge, NY

#14 Mar 27, 2013
To first offf alllll, If you know him soooo well, you would know why he doesn't work at Save A Lot. He had 2 jobs after that. Child Support ,If you leave someone take care of your own kids, I hate money hungry women who only keep their kids for welfare and the good ole Support Check!
Get your facts straight ,he is with his gf Kaylee. Got you wondering now huh? As for hitting you with "YOUR" child in "YOUR" arms , I don't blame him if he did. Maybe a DNA test could prove if he is the Father,go on Maury .
Know one in the world knows him as well as you do... Did you grow up with him when he was a child till now? Betcha NOT!!!!

To Sobs, Get to know people before you speak of them. Garry and Kaylee are not trash . Its just your opinion.

Winchester, MA

#15 Mar 30, 2013
I absolutely LOVEE topix!!!!! makes meee laugh my fucking ass off to all the shit ppl ssay and i think to my self where do ppl get there info?im sorry guys but this shit is funny garry and i laugh keep it up cause were ballinnnnn!!!;) now if yu guys actually wrote somthing that was true it would all make more sence! And tasha plz jus put yur scummy name down bitch cause we all kno its yu...and plz go home and shower cause i seen yu yesterday and omg yu need a bathe! Bahahah
#16 Mar 30, 2013
I take showers everyday little girl what I looked nasty because my hair was thrown up and I didn't have makeup on. Sorry that I am a mother and don't give two shits what I look like. But if you wanna get on the topic of looks bitch you looks more like a man than Garry does. Why don't you leave my name out your mouth and worry about you. You are scum to me you are nothing I could careless about you and your toothless boyfriend. And just know I DO NOT WANT HIM I HAD HIM FOR TEN YEARS AND I AM SO OVER HIS DUMBASS TELL HIM I DO NOT CARE HOW MANY TIMES YOU PEOPLE RIDE BY ME YOU AREN'T GETTING A RISE OUT OF ME. DO US ALL A FAVOR MOVE TO A DIFFERENT TOWN CAUSE NO ONE WANT YOU AROUND. HAVE A GOOD LIKE MAN DOG AND TOOTHLESS WONDER. AND OH KEEP IT UP AND I WILL HAVE YOU ARRESTED FOR HARASSMENT I AM DONE PLAYING YOUR TWO YEAR O.D GAMES GROW UP YOU PEOPLE ARE THIRTY THREE AND TWENTY I AM TWENTY EIGHT AND ACT MORE GROWN THAN YOU TWO SCUMS.
firsttt offff alllll

Cambridge, MA

#17 Apr 1, 2013
i didnt say me n my child.... second of all i have known garry my whole damn life.... guess u retards cant read.. and kaylee u aint nuttin but a dog... heck a hippos a** looks better than u.... but he has to sleep wit u nobododyy else hell nobodyy else wants u and as for sayin bahahaha how dumb and old is that
firsttt offff alllll

Fort Plain, NY

#18 Apr 5, 2013
how does garry like stalking his wife?????????? and btw i wonder who the girl was that he had in his truck today??????? looked putero rican to me......... hmmmmmmm looks like people sticking up for him are liars...... and for you kaylee you aint nothing but a punk..... remember the girl that you said you would whoop her ass and then backed out an hour before on D-block.... YEA THATS ME SCARED BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!! garry must have warned you about me "bahahahaha" as you say.....

New York, NY

#20 Jun 20, 2013
someone needs to knock Kaylee's teeth out ,

Fort Plain, NY

#21 Jul 1, 2013
wishing wrote:
someone needs to knock Kaylee's teeth out ,
haha why can't yu do it yourself bitch or ru scared, I live in st johnsville and I'm pretty sure your from fp and yu jus want my pretty teeth knocked out cause yu ain't got none!

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