I see now crime stoppers has succumb to the PC crowd. They now post so called criminals faces mostly white to cover up the high black crime rate and Hispanic crime wave in Indiana and Indianapolis area. They are posting face of people with simple battery charge against them, They were all white people.They know who is committing the most heinous violent crimes . They know who most the pimps and dealers are also.Even the book sold at local stop and go stores displays all white people on it's cover wanted for crimes lol.I mean really crime stoppers , Do you think by showing only white criminals that that's going to make black people steal, rape, rob. and kill less?All the freebies in affirmative action and quotas over the past 50 years hasn't worked. They still demand more from the Govt and white people.I love how crime stoppers is now calling light skinned Hispanics and Light skinned Asians white. That also is to make us believe the crime rate is up amongst white people.The real crime rate is amongst black people. Look at the murder rate thus far this summer and whose doing the killings.Stop being PC crime stoppers and report the true crime rate facts and whose committing them!!!