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IN Property Tax Cap Amendment, Public Question 1

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 11, 2010

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Rushville, IN

#194 Nov 2, 2010
Obama= grand dragon

Frankfort, IL

#195 Nov 2, 2010
nottrue wrote:
<quoted text>We are losing our business due to excessive taxes. This socialist regime is destroying business. I will vote no because I want to cap taxes. Our schools have been stealing from the pockets of every homeowner funding their schools with so many wasteful programs. It's time to stop the madness and vote yes to the tax cap.
Example: Sharon Shirley Superintendent and James Business Manager at Lake Ridge Schools gave theirselves and administration raises and outsourced others.Plus another fringe benefit they ended paying any money toward their insurance. GREED And plus she gets a vehicle furnished to her or bought for her. Well Sharon Shirley the money you make furnish your own vehicle!!!!!!!!!!

“We're all Bozos on this bus”

Since: Jan 07

South Bend, IN

#196 Nov 2, 2010
firstclass wrote:
We already have a statute that caps the taxes. Why does it have to be put in the Indiana constitution?
Because it goes away if you vote NO. The referndum is to make the cap permanent!!!!

Since: Apr 10

Location hidden

#197 Nov 2, 2010
No, the statute doesn't go "away". It is the law in Indiana. It can be repealed. Still voting no. The law has not been "tested" and there are too many unknowns with making this permanent. With the economic downturn, market values dropping, assessments should also be lowered. The State will have to make that up somewhere. This cap does nothing to stop the increasing of assessed values, not does it prevent the State from imposing a personal property tax on individuals. What I would like to see changed is our local property taxes being used for our local schools and not funding schools statewide. Put that in the amendment and I would vote yes.

Elkhart, IN

#198 Nov 2, 2010
The state is taking local control away, they want a more central government, the tax "caps" on property is only the beginning. It may look good now but the costs are still there and they WILL be paid.
I am voting no.

Maineville, OH

#200 Nov 2, 2010
Who want's a permanent tax? Why would we code a tax into the state constitution? That's just idiotic. There shouldn't be some minimum level of taxation requirement. Taxes should be able to be LOWERED!

United States

#201 Nov 2, 2010
I do.

Since: Apr 10

Location hidden

#202 Nov 2, 2010
If the state wants to change our constitution and have this amendment on the ballot for a vote - the ENTIRE amendment should have been on there, not just a small portion. It wasn't even close to a complete copy of the amendment. I find it hard to believe that the State can do that. Perhaps it can be challenged based on the entire amendment not being on the ballot. I don't know. I've personally talked with many candidates running at the state level and they had not even read the entire amendment.

Fort Wayne, IN

#204 Nov 2, 2010
Here the root of the topic. How is this constitutional amendment any different than what they did before? Yes there are surface differences, but at the end of the day money comes from my pocket and into the government's. This amendment does nothing to protect how much I pay. Sure I will owe no more than 1% of my property's value, but don't forget who sets that value... Yep, the same man collecting the taxes. This is even more touchy now that they get to realign my assessment every year to reflect the bottom line they want to reach. The state needs an extra "X%", property values increase "X%". Once again, taxes are still taxes. Government wants more, we want less.

Since: Mar 10

Newtown, PA

#205 Nov 2, 2010
Uh, VOTE NO, that's a *maximum* limit. Nothing in the amendment prevents the tax rate from being reduced.

Terre Haute, IN

#206 Nov 2, 2010
If this passes, congrats on raising other taxes.....just because they can't raise one tax doesn't mean another won't raise...

Florence, KY

#207 Nov 2, 2010
trouble wrote:
If it wasn't for the state telling Sullivan County how much they can and can not spend we would all be taxed out of our homes by now. Just look at the commissioners meetings in Sullivan they always say they nevr have enough money.
Although, you are dealing with a local position, what you fail to realize as being a local resident, you want things such as community services, i.e. paving roads. On the other hand everyone should vote no to this bill because; what about property appraises? If your home appraises for more, you will still pay more in property tax; crazy bill this one, because they can still be raised.

Marquette, MI

#208 Nov 2, 2010

“Trying to make sense of it all”

Since: Oct 07

Lake Titicaca!

#209 Nov 2, 2010
Unbelievable idiots. Taxes are how societies function. Without taxes you have no government, and without government you have anarchy. People will cry about the lack of police and good schools, and bad roads and crumbling infrastructure, but try to raise the money to pay for all of that, and they bitch about it and throw people out of government that try to fix these things.

These people must think there is a magical fix-it fairy that goes around fixing public things without the need for public financing. WHY?? Why would you want to limit something like taxes that might need to be raised in the future? Are you people that myopic and selfish?

And these same people whine about helping poor people that they say are living beyond their means, and yet they aren't willing to sacrifice for the betterment of what in the end, is themselves, because they love their precious money.

Ask people in Europe that have clean streets, sound infrastructure and free medical care about how they feel about paying taxes. I've talked to many over the Internet, and while they don't say it's perfect, most can't imagine a better life, and yet we piss and moan at the slightest mention of taxes. Mark these words, you're going to face the consequences of these idiotic amendments when the government that you depend on is broke.

GOD I live in a stupid damn country!

Dana, IN

#210 Nov 3, 2010
Just Asking wrote:
<quoted text>
However, the assessor cannot raise your home's value without having other documented sales in the area/county in which you live.
Not true, they can perform a "Technical Assessment" and raise all of the houses an arbitrary amount claiming the whole area has been under assessed the whole time. They did this in my area, and none of the houses in my immediate vicinity have gone for anywhere near the assessed prices.

I have an appeal in process and that will indicate how right everyone is about just doing an appeal.

Urbandale, IA

#211 Nov 3, 2010
James Huston wrote:
Uh, VOTE NO, that's a *maximum* limit. Nothing in the amendment prevents the tax rate from being reduced.
I have never known taxes to be lowered..Indiana took on a 7 percent sales tax for property tax cap...within a week the sales tax went up, but the hike on property tax was on my bill.

King George, VA

#212 Nov 3, 2010
Can someone tell us in simple terms what this is going to mean or what this will do to our property taxes?

Our values went down for the 2011 year so does this mean our out of pocket will decrease with our property taxes?

Since: Mar 10

Newtown, PA

#213 Nov 3, 2010
deb wrote:
<quoted text>I have never known taxes to be lowered..
I hadn't, either, until the ciruit breaker was enacted. I was just pointing out that VOTE NO had it backward: the amendment sets a ceiling, not a floor.

Since: Mar 10

Newtown, PA

#214 Nov 3, 2010
Please wrote:
Can someone tell us in simple terms what this is going to mean or what this will do to our property taxes?
Our values went down for the 2011 year so does this mean our out of pocket will decrease with our property taxes?
Even though this is a Rushville forum, there seem to be quite a few posting here not from Rush County, so I'll be as general as possible.

If your county's tax rate was already at the 1% ceiling (for owner-occupied residential property), and your assessment went down for 2010 payable in 2011, your payment will go down.

If your county had a tax rate below the 1% ceiling, and assessments went down, the county still has the option to raise the rate to 1%; in that case, whether your out-of-pocket goes up, down, or doesn't change will depend on how much your assessment went down and how much the county is able to increase the rate. If your assessment went down by a little and the county has room to raise the rate by a lot, you still could wind up paying more.

King George, VA

#215 Nov 3, 2010
Ok thank you for replying but does anyone know if the tax cap is or was in order in Franklin County?
Was everyone in Franklin County at the same rate depending what kind of property, rental, residential, or farms?

Would it say on our tax bills?

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