Carmel High School Class of 2010 in D...

Carmel High School Class of 2010 in DISGRACE.

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Carmel, IN

#13 Apr 10, 2010
It appears that you all don't have your facts straight, apparently there isn't much to do in Zionsville besides oil the rumor mill. Hello, there is corruption where ever there is money, lots of money. This case of four bad apples should not over shadow the good works of the majority. To put the entire class of 2010 in the same boat as these boys is a crime of narrowmindedness. This is the same class that raised over 100K for Riley Children's Hospital with their Dance Marathon (putting some of the money from our community to good use, I'd say). There are hundreds of socially responsible young adults in this class, in the school in general, two of them happen to live in my house. They have had wonderful opportunities to learn in this school system, it's one of the reasons we moved to this community 20 years ago.
Get over yourselves, our police force is one of the top in the nation, they are working diligently to make sure justice is served and nobody skates on a technicality. The fact that money buys justice for the few, the obscenely rich, was not invented in Carmel, Indiana.
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Carmel, IN

#15 Apr 10, 2010

Thank you for your kind wishes. The point in my post was to suggest that this horrible incident could have happened anywhere. I apologize for losing my focus and becoming defensive. I was by no means making excuses for the behavior of the accused. At what point in a conversation among peers would a teenager decide that the alleged actions in this situation were socially acceptable? It is my opinion that the root of this problem did not start in a school administrator's office, it started at home. How to handle such an unimaginable situation with your own child is tough, how to handle it as a school administrator on a public stage, even more so. It is also my opinion that keeping the details of this investigation out of the court of public opinion until all stones have been over turned is the correct path. I do not believe that there is some cover-up going on; nor are there any facts to back up this theory. There is not a blanket or check big enough to cover up this atrocity. If some of the guilty parties - or their family members - are footing the bill for the victim(s) to attend private school, that is the least they could do but it does nothing to lessen their liablity. I'm no lawyer, but I believe at this point it is criminal case, not civil. That will come later and I doubt that our glorious media will have the time to talk about that.
My kids were exposed to these scum bags, it is part of living in the world. They were affected by this case, they were shocked, dismayed and left wondering about the people involved. I can not give them answers as to why this happened but I still sleep well at night knowing that my children know right from wrong.
On a side note, a lot of the really wealthy Hamilton County residents don't darken the doors of public schools, they send their kids to private school.
I vote for letting the slow hand of justice take the lead in finding the facts, bringing the proper charges and punishing the guilty. Rumors have a way of dividing communities.
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Carmel, IN

#18 Apr 11, 2010
To: ScuseMe-

Yes, another Columbine at Carmel High School or anywhere would be a tragedy. I agree with what you are saying, bullying is a bad thing and the results, if left unchecked, can be devastating. Bullying has been around since before I was a kid in school. I remember some of the bigger boys taking food and lunch money from the weaker ones. Used to flip them with towels in gym class or give them a swirly. Knock their books out of their hands. The victims were too scared to "tell" on the offenders for fear of future retaliation. This situation at CHS is way over the top on the bully scale, it is criminal in nature. Again, I must reiterate, these problems start at home. Occasionally you have a rogue kid, but as a general rule, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Responsibilty for our childrens' behavior lands on us, the parents. Our school teachers and administrators are there to implement a program to educate our kids. These problem children (bullies) are an imposition on the other students and the faculty. Once bullying is recognized on school grounds, the parents should be notified. On subsequent occurences the bully should be suspended from school. After that, I guess expulsion for the balance of the existing semester and the next. And that would be expulsion from all schools, public, private and parochial. An approach such as this may be the only means to eliminate the problem. Force the parents of the bullies to deal with the fruits of their loins. How many lawsuits from angry parents of bullies will come from that? Incalculable, but I would welcome that if the choice were given. This would send a message that there is zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Everyone has a right to an education, but there are rules that you must follow in order to participate.

About the boys' diplomas: It is my understanding that these boys will not be showing up at graduation. To the best of my knowledge, they are not completing their graduation requirements at Carmel High School. Simply being implicated in a crime like this, even without proof of guilt in a court of law, is enough to tarnish a young life with far reaching consequences.

I look forward to the day this is debacle is in the rear view mirror of our community. I believe the guilty parties will be rightfully punished. I also believe there will be a call for some serious restructuring of faculty, from the Carmel Basketball coaching staff further up the atheletic administration and school administration ladders.

This will not go silently into the good night.

Best wishes to you and yours.
Concerned Carmel Parent

Marysville, OH

#19 Apr 11, 2010
It is obvious the bullying started many months ago. The "locker room issues" comment in the police report, the attorney for one of the victims confirming the Jan 22nd incident was not the first time the 9th grader had been defiled and humiliated. The fact that there are multiple victims assaulted in multiple locations on school property on multiple occassions shows the seniors felt they had the coaches tacit approval to perpetrate these vile acts. As the season progressed the senior starters ratcheted up their reign of terror while the coaches turned a blind eye. This was preventable!

A gross lack of leadership, the coaches failed our children, fostering a cuture where a state title takes precedent over mutual respect and decency; where the weak are “shark bait.” Multiple victims, multiple assaults, in multiple locations….The coaches had to know, but did nothing! We have damaged lives because the coaches cared about the stats, not our children. Disgusting! The other victims (remember these are 13 and 14 year olds) are afraid to come forward, fearing reprissal from the coaches who have instituted a code of silence.

Now the Carmel Clay School School Board is failing the community by a lack of action regarding the basketball coaching staff! Dr. Swenson promised quick and decisive action. It has been a month since their internal investigation was completed, and the coaches are still on the payroll, having meetings about the next season. EXCUSE ME!!! I hold the coaches responsible right along with the seniors, who have succeeded in damaging our children, our community, not to mention the civil suits that are sure to follow, and possible loss of 43 good teachers by jeopardizing the success of the referendum. It is an outrage! The coaching staff should be asked to resign. NOW! Is the School Board turning a blind eye regarding the coaches? In the last 7 weeks all the School Board has managed to do is talk about is adding a paragraph on hazing to the student manual. This is neither quick nor decisive. Dr. Swenson and the Carmel Clay School Board, now is the time for action.

Carmel, IN

#24 Jun 16, 2010
Okay, I think you all are freaking out about it "tarnishing our repuation" wayyyy too much. I'm offended that you think people use it to label all of us. Bullying in schools? Sexual harrassment? I'm sorry, but maybe you don't remember high school. This isn't a new issue, and I refuse to believe incidents like this only occur in Carmel. Just because this incident was brought to the media's attention and poorly handled by our administration does not mean incidents like this didn't happen in YOUR high school and doesn't still happen today. Get real, this doesn't shame the rest of our class, we in this situation are being the mature ones I guess, and focusing on our successes and acheivements rather than the poor decision making skills of four teenage boys.

Milliken, CO

#27 May 7, 2011
Now a homoseual scandal with a SAME-SEX
couple raped on April 2011, at the PROM
in Carmel Indiana!
Concerned Parent

Carmel, IN

#28 Aug 5, 2014
If you have taken any notice of the behavior displayed in public by Jim Inskeep, then you may get a better idea of what we are dealing with. He's a disgrace!
Carmel HS sports.......... get your act together!

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