2003 Chevy Trailblazer-CHECK ENGINE L...
S Allen

Holly Springs, NC

#21 Jan 4, 2013
2003 trailblazer also, have replaced all the same and still no power, fan clutch, catalytic converter,sensor 02, was told it needed updated done so cost 95.00 didn't tell me anymore than Advance Auto, and by the way they are free, LOL, knows just as much as the chevrolet place. Would love to start a Law suit, Sheria62304@embarqmail.com

Spring, TX

#22 Jan 7, 2013
While a class action law suit sounds interesting to me, I wonder how we can sue when our vehicles are as old as they are and have lasted for thousands of miles.
My vehicle still sits not running as I didn't want to spend another $600 to find out it still wouldn't run. My mechanic was telling me it was the throttle body and I am having a hard time spending $600 for a vehicle that is not worth much more than that... I am debating about having it fixed and then selling it or just selling it for parts. BTW - 2 days before it broke down, I just spent about $600 in new tires so I know I want at least that amount back. I could fix it and someone could drive it for months without a problem, I just got tired of fixing and fixing and fixing.

Calgary, Canada

#23 Jan 8, 2013
You can add me to the list. I just bought a used 2002 Trailblazer which ran fine for the first week and then the light and low rpms came on this weekend. After some quick googling I thought it sounded like a problem with the Throttle Actuator Control but after finding this thread it seems like the list of fixes (or attempted fixes)is quite long. I'm nervous about taking it in now as it has fairly high mileage and I don't want to put more into the vehichle than it is worth. Everyone on the thread has listed the same problem but can anyone tell me or send a link to most-likley solutions - I'd like to ry to narrow things down for my mechanic

Holualoa, HI

#24 Jan 10, 2013
this happened to my moms car a few months ago, driving down the highway at 75 and loss all power going 35 with the gas pedal all the way to the floor, took it to a mechanic and ended up being something with the MAFS the mechanic cleaned it and put it back together worked great for over a year it just started doing it to my wife since we bought the car a few months ago, will try to clean tomorrow and will post again, also i remember the mechanic saying that if what he did didnt fix it it would have to be replaced
hopes this helps

Charlottetown, Canada

#25 Jan 13, 2013
I have a 2003 TB LTZ which Im told is very rare. She has 157,000 on her and yesterday I was warming the engine befor driving and she turned on, idled for about 2 min and then just died like her fuel pump went. I got her fuel pump and fuel injectors changed, starter, altinator and fuses all checked but she still wont start. Sounds like she wants to start but wont. Has anyone else had this prob? does anyone know what might be wrong with her? Please e-mail me if you can help, thank you amy-spears@hotmail.com
Jose Villalobos

Deltona, FL

#26 Jan 16, 2013
I had the same issue a couple of years back , where the reduced engine light came on and i couldnt go over 25. I took it to the chevrolet dealer and it was only a sensor. They replaced and found a couple of recalls for 2003 model. Havent had any other problem. My advice take it to chevrolet
warren c

Saint Louis, MO

#27 Jan 21, 2013
Well well well! I too hav an 03 TB with reduced engine power & check engine light. Coupled with that is an electrical issue that boggles the mind. My key gets stuck in the on position, the gear selector button will not depress, the blower motor will not come on and the service 4wheel drive light is on. The car starts up fine. If you push the cigarette lighter in, the dome light comes on, the doors lock or unlock and the battery light comes on in the dash! I have replaced the ignition switch and that did not fix a thing. Are there any answers out there? Would be greatly appreciated. No wonder there is an inordinate amount of these vehicles in the junk yard burned up? warrenscaine@aol.com
warren c

Saint Louis, MO

#28 Jan 21, 2013
Carriel, did you ever find the fix to your problem? I need it too!
Carrielgagne wrote:
I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblzer that has been nothing but problems. I just spent $1,253 on it with 3 differnt mechanics that can not fix the problem. The reduced engine power ligth comes on and I lose power. I have to pull over, put hazzards on and turn off car and re-start it. I can't even pull out of my driveway w/o this happening. Please help! I have been pulling over every trailblzer I see on the road and most have the same problem. I am ready to start a class action lawsuit. I replaced the gas pedal sensor, the camshaf sensor, throttle body unit, computer, fan clutch, fuel filter, mechanics have checked every wire and they still cannot fix. I have about 6 others phone numbers with the same problem. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. If you are having these problems, please email me: carrielgagne@yahoo.com. Please put Chevy Trailblazer in the subject. Lets get our vehicle fixed or be compensated for the Lemons that we all have. By the way all the trailblazers I have pulled over are from 2002 to 2007 and all have similar problems. Please HELP! if you know what will fix it, please also let me know. I'm very frustrated!

United States

#29 Jan 21, 2013
I have a 2004 5.3L v8 trailblazer and reduced engine power light has been going on and off for the last 3 days. I'm afraid to start fixing that long list of maybes.
Marc R

Lombard, IL

#30 Feb 1, 2013
Add me to the list. This is happening to me too. My fan clutch has been clicking for awhile. The mechanic said this will eventually cause problems. I am going to replace it and pray that fixes it. However, unless people here are just blowing off steam and have no intention on pursuing a class action law suit, count me in. RASKINSM@hotmail.com.

Columbus, OH

#31 Feb 3, 2013
I just bought my 2003 Trailblazer LS. After driving it for around 30 min and letting it sit and run for about 30 min it never stalled once. After paying for the vehicle in full as is, i noticed the Trailblazer stalls and the Reduced Engine Power light comes on. It seems to only do it sometimes and mostly only when i stop. The dealer that i bought it from replaced the fan clutch for me for free the same day i bought it. The Trailblazer only has 91,000 miles on it. I need help, i do not want to take it to a dealership only to be convinced it is something its not, money is tight and i bought the truck thinking it was a good solid family vehicle and it hoping it was a good investment. Please if anybody has any advise for me on what i would need to actually fix this problem my email is BigSagraves@yahoo.com Also i would like any information on the class action lawsuit. Thank you for taking the time reading this and replying to me any help is welcomed on this matter. Thanks and god bless
Chris Lane

Carlsbad, CA

#32 Feb 4, 2013
Anybody moving forward on this lawsuit? I'm in...

Chris Lane
Kristie wrote:
I have a 2003 trailblazer with 217,000 miles. It also cuts out and says reduced engine power. It's very aggravating cause you have to pull off and restart the truck. The Chevy place cleaned the throttle admit didn't fix it. Now they want to replace the throttle which is about 500 dollars. I am very interested in the law suit. Please email me some information. kristiejohall5@hotmail.com.

Aurora, CO

#33 Feb 5, 2013
I'm glad to know that I am not the only person with this fan clutch issue!!! I'm sure that my fan clutch and water pump went out while driving on the highway.. I have put so much money into my 03 Trailblazer and 2k later find out the issue is the clutch fan. If there is a class action someone please email me the details.

Chris Lane

Carlsbad, CA

#34 Feb 5, 2013
UPDATE - I replaced the Ignition Switch (just the electric part, not the tumbler) and my issue is resolved.

My '04 Tracker had the following symptoms
-Severe power loss (unable to make it up a driveway)
-Check Engine light
-If I put the car in park the gear indicator light would indicate 3rd gear
-Key would not release from the ignition

Took it to the dealer and they got 7 codes related to the transmission and fan. Luckily their recommendation was the ignition switch which I have replaced myself about a year ago. The dealer wanted $350 for parts and labor. The ignition switch itself costs $40 and it can be done in 20 minutes without getting your hands dirty. Everything is done within the cabin of the car (just have to remove the lower cover to the steering column).

This link on the trailvoy forum will walk you through how to do it:

Don't every replace a throttle body, fan, or computer, without replacing this $40 part first. This is the 2nd time I've had to replace it and last time the symptoms were slightly different (the A/C blower stopped working and the 4 wheel drive switch was unresponsive amongst other things).

I don't know why trailblazers burn ignition switches so fast, but I'm going to keep a spare on hand and try replacing every time the car acts up.
Howard Daniels

Columbus, GA

#35 Feb 7, 2013
2003 Chevy Trail blazer , the reduced engine light keep coming on while I'm in traffic , it's very dangerous I'm afraid something bad is gonna happen , I want to join the class action lawsuit to make General Motors take care of the problem
Howard Daniels email clarkdark01@aol.com Atlanta Ga

Silver Spring, MD

#36 Feb 9, 2013
Ditto to all of the post above. I have a 2002 Trailblazer w/166,413 miles with the reduced engine power and check engine light issues as well. Change camshaft sensor didn't fix issue. Transmission is been replaced. transfer case has been replaced. fuel filter has been replaced. I was looking to replace the o2 sensor and the catalytic converter. After reading this thread I don't know what to do. If there's a class action count me in, jmkier@yahoo.com.
Shari of NB MN

North Branch, MN

#37 Feb 19, 2013
I also have a 2003 Trailblazer, with same problem. Engine light comes on, loss of power, and have to pull off the road, wait a few minutes and restart. this happens about 4 times in a day, then won't have the problem again for a couple weeks, when it starts all over again. Mechanic says lots of codes coming up, has not been able to narrow down, so does not want me to incur costs that won't fix it. Have already put some $$ in on diagnostic's. Help!! I am original owner, truck has 246,000 miles. This is dangerous on the freeway! Info on the class action suit, can someone send to me?

Charles City, VA

#38 Feb 20, 2013
I had the service engine soon and reduced engine power light that came on yesterday. After turning it off it was fine. It has done it twice today. Changed filters changed. No way can I or will I spend thousands of dollars on this. If you have any lawsuit information email me. Nikki11884@gmail.com
Never again

Los Angeles, CA

#39 Feb 21, 2013
I have a 2003 with the reduced engine power as well. 104,000 miles. Ill jump in on the class action if its been started. Sad part is that i am disabled and cant afford to try and fix a hundred different parts to find the problem. Immaintainin@yahoo.com is my email. Let me know.

Loves Park, IL

#40 Feb 22, 2013
Same issues with my 2003 Trailblazer. Reduced engine power and won't go over 20mph. I have to stop and turn off key and most of time it goes away. Would like any info on class action suit and repairs that work
E-mail is the3mellons@hotmail.com

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