Carlsbad, California - January 16, 2012 Thankful Strother from Carlsbad, CA., San Diego County has written a book about growing up in the rural south. The book Alien in the Delta is a memoir filled with excitement, humor and history that's enjoyable to read.
You are taken on a journey that highlights the life experiences of a boy from the age of six through manhood. Prejudice and inequality were practiced openly in his home town. The people were indifferent and backward. His escape from the Delta wasn't fully realized until he traveled abroad. He shares with you his intimate feeling, exposing you to a variety of emotions including fear, sadness, happiness, and amusement.
The book can be purchased through www.amazon.com/books and most book stores. Paperback cost $15.50 and Kindle cost $2.99. For more information please contact: www.amazon.com/books or thankfulstrother@gmail.com
Alien in the Delta is FREE World Wide on Kindle Saturday, January 19, 2013