Dog's death has Dracut owner question...

Dog's death has Dracut owner questioning safety of rabies vaccine

There are 109 comments on the Lowell Sun story from May 27, 2008, titled Dog's death has Dracut owner questioning safety of rabies vaccine. In it, Lowell Sun reports that:

Massachusetts requires all dogs to be vaccinated for rabies on a yearly basis, but Joann Camilli is not sure she'll ever do it again.

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Better dog than me

Boston, MA

#1 May 27, 2008
I am sorry your dog died. But I will gladly take the miniscule risk as opposed to having sick animals running around.
People have no concept of statistics. ONE dog dies as a complication and this woman says "I'm not going to take it anymore". Give me a break! How many sick animals do you want to have running around?

United States

#2 May 27, 2008
sorry for your loss but the law won't change, too many people in this world don't think dogs have rights, so they will continue to make all that money on a vaccination that isn't needed, its a shame a real shame

Plymouth, MA

#3 May 27, 2008
We also lost a dear friend/pet last vet said that it was trauma sustained . but we have our doubts. Went in for our routine shots and the next day my big boy was having differculty breathing.....but why :( ... we are still crying over the loss. I try to see that the vet did no harm yet given no explaination to the cause I still can't come to terms. You have our deepest of sympathy.

United States

#4 May 27, 2008
My Beautiful Little cat past away in February. She was seen for a sick visit and on this day she was also given the rabbies vaccine. She was scheduled to have testing done for diabetes and kidney disease. Within 2 days from having the vaccine, she was gone..... Such a devasting thing for my daughters and i to watch her die in front of our eyes. I'm am still mourning her loss.... Pet Owners ought to have the chance to titer-test there pets.

Cobalt, CT

#5 May 27, 2008
I don't believe in vaccinating my pets. My mother had two cats vaccinated, one died and the other one she spent over 9000 dollars to keep it alive. If your pets stay indoors why have them vaccinated?

United States

#6 May 27, 2008
To the person who said better the dog than me... you ought to not make any comments, because you are not a animal lover... this article is not saying to not vaccinate our pets.. you may want to read it again.

Nutting Lake, MA

#7 May 27, 2008
Vaccinations are one of the biggest sources of revenue for vets. I stopped going to one vet becuase of their pressure to have my dogs get more and more vaccinations. We are over vaccinating our pets. There is a high danger to their health from them. There are many expert articles on the subject on the Internet. There are now vets who take a more modern approach. Look for them. Canine rabies has been eradicated. It does not exist any longer in America. Unless your dog has been bitten by a rapid wild animal there is almost no chance they will get rabies. But the law stil requires 3 year boosters. The alternative is just don't register your dogs of take them to a vet. A caring vet will not vaccinate a dog with serious health problems or past a certain age. They can provide an exemption letter so a license can still be obtained.
Dawn - Billerica

Florham Park, NJ

#8 May 27, 2008
The same happened when we brought our Dog who was 11 years old. He lived somewhere else and we discovered that he hadn't had any vaccinations for 6 or 7 years. He died exactly one week later. After that I often wondered if I should have just left him the way he was without the shots. I did not want to have the dog officer take him away because he wasn't licensed and to get the license he required the vaccinations. I agree that we shouldn't have to put our pets through this. There should be more sufficient testing done on a pet before giving full vaccinations.
Dawn - Billerica

Florham Park, NJ

#9 May 27, 2008
I was reading the postings and when my dog was dying he also was having trouble breathing. He was lying on the floor when we came home and he had an accident all over the floor. I do believe that we need to keep our pets healthy but maybe the vet shouldn't have given him the vaccinations since he was an older dog.
Vicky - Townsend

San Antonio, TX

#10 May 27, 2008
In Massachusetts, the rabies vaccine is required every 3 years, not every year as stated in the story. For older dogs, I believe it is possible to apply for a waiver. Taking blood titers prior to deciding whether to give a vaccination is prudent, though more costly than the vaccinations!

When we have a concern about vaccinations with an older dog, we will leave the dog at the vet's for the day for observation in case of a reaction. Also, we space out the vaccinations -Rabies then if needed wait two weeks for the next vaccination.
Lowering the Bar

Lowell, MA

#11 May 27, 2008
rabies vaccines are a racket. I have a cat that has never been outside except in a cat carrier, yet I am supposed to get it vaccinated by law.

“Thank a Veteran”

Since: Jan 08

You owe them your FREEDOM

#12 May 27, 2008
Ban Rabies vaccines !!! I'm outraged!!! You can't even take your dog to the vet without someone shooting them.(up)Looks like this is just as safe as letting him run loose in the State Forest.

Acton, MA

#13 May 27, 2008
I've had many cats and a dog over the years and never had a problem w/vaccinations. I'm not a vet either.
Could there be any other underlying issues like obesity or other illnesses that coupled w/vaccinations could have caused the animal's death? Believe me, I empathise with your loss(es), but find it hard to believe that just the vaccinations caused the death and/or serious illness.
Joe - Chelmsford

Lowell, MA

#14 May 27, 2008
Cats and dogs must be vaccinated for rabies by law. If they are not current on this vaccine, they are susceptible to rabies and are putting anyone who comes in contact with them at risk. It is very sad about dog and as someone who has multiple pets I feel her pain, but deaths from the rabies vaccine are uncommon and it is a necessary risk.
Lowering the Bar

Lowell, MA

#15 May 27, 2008
Joe, I understand the risk of outdoor dogs and cats coming in contact with rabid raccoons and the like, but some pets will NEVER come in contact with the wild. My cat has no idea what a dog looks like, or even another cat. A rabies shot is a useless expense for me.

Nutting Lake, MA

#18 May 27, 2008
Tony: You need to do a Google on vaccinosis. There are countless articles with most from veternary organzations.
It has gone as far as one vet suing the State of Texas over mandatory vaccinations.

Merrimack, NH

#19 May 27, 2008
Unfortunately Joann is the 2nd person I know that has lost a healthy looking dog(member of the family) just hours after receiving the mandated shots. Because the vet took test after Louie got sick ,they were able to tell he could not fight the rabies shot ! No one is ever told by their vet that on the bottle it states that the rabies shot could kill older dogs.My other friend was told that sometimes it happens in older dogs ....they just can't fight the shots.I think they should automatically do blood work on older dogs before getting any vaccine.
It's unfortunate that there is not enough money put towards research on these shots.
The laws that are in effect now are from when dogs and cats were aloud to run freely.I hope there are changes made to these laws so that fewer pets die from shots they didn't need.

Pepperell, MA

#20 May 27, 2008
I had the same thing happen to my 5 year old healthy indoor cat who lived in a condo. I used to fight with the vet over this, my cat never went outside he had no contact with wild animals , my vets answer was what if a bat or a rat gets into your home and bites your cat ? I said I live in a condo how could that happen ? But of course I started to think maybe it could happen. I should of trusted my gut. I thought I had to be responsible and have a physical every year and have the shots, I thought if I didnt my cat would suffer. I trusted my vet. I took him on his physical as I did every year he was in perfect health had his shots, three weeks later he was dead. I came home from work he didnt greet me so I went looking for him I found him under the bed he was having a hard time breathing, so I took him to the vet and sure enough my option was to put him to sleep or keep him on meds till he died. He didnt even have the strength to take a drink of water. I always suspected the shots and my vet disagreed. I decided 6 months later to get another cat and had her first round of shots and had her fixed and never brought her back to the vet. I have had her 9 years and she is very healthy. I will never let another vet scare me into all those unnessary shots for an indoor animal again. Trust your gut.

Pepperell, MA

#21 May 27, 2008
Tony wrote:
I've had many cats and a dog over the years and never had a problem w/vaccinations. I'm not a vet either.
Could there be any other underlying issues like obesity or other illnesses that coupled w/vaccinations could have caused the animal's death? Believe me, I empathise with your loss(es), but find it hard to believe that just the vaccinations caused the death and/or serious illness.
Maybe its like infants and their shots, I have heard of perfect healthy babies developing problems after shots.
Better dog than me

Boston, MA

#22 May 28, 2008
Wow, all these stories are really compelling. Maybe there is something to this.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Of course there isn't!!

Think about it you simpletons! How many animals get immunized? THAOUSANDS!! And a handful of stories is supposed to mean something? Does anyone here even understand statistics?

Heart wrenching anecdotes are MEANINGLESS in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence that rabies vaccines for domestic pets has a tremendous public health benefit. Screw the pets, I don't want kids to get rabies because they played with the neighbors dog.

And don't give me this "my pet NEVER goes outside" crap. That's like saying it's okay to keep a loaded gun in your nightstand because your children never look there.


Just because your opinion is shared by a good number of people, does not make it right.

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