I find this proficient performance rating and $218.545 salary hard to justify. Why, you ask?

Concord-Carlisle faces ongoing legal actions against the Superintendent and the School Committee.(Bullying case see earlier Boston Globe story and Department of Labor Relations representing a teacher on staff). Additionally the TELL survey of teachers shows less than the MA average scores in many areas.

Additionally, it is under this Superintendent's leadership that Concord-Carlisle temporarily lost their MSBA reimbursement to the tune of millions of dollars. Is this really proficient?

One School Committee member claims the Superintendent makes hard decisions. In my observation it is these hard decisions that have brought: legal actions against the Superintendent and schools, poor TELL teacher survey results, issues with MSBA and general lack of ability to communicate and lead effectively.

Despite the ongoing problems, the School Committee demonstrates ongoing support for the Superintendent.

Soon we'll know if the Court system finds the Superintendent and the School Committee proficient, better said guilty or not guilty. All at the cost of the youth of Concord and Carlisle and the taxpayers.