New Info On Belvidere Stabbing Death

Feb 3, 2013 Full story: WIFR 86

The suspect's grandmother says her granddaughter, 19-year-old Jamie Page, didn't mean to kill 20-year-old Jacob Vanzant, saying Page accidentally stabbed her fiance to death.

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forthemexicanhil lbilly

United States

#44 Aug 24, 2013
Hey dumb sh*t her charges are first degree murder so you act like you know so much but you don't know what her charge was. LMFAO do you know how stupid you just made yourself look OMG that explains everything!

Garden Prairie, IL

#45 Aug 28, 2013
Oh I'll make sure you see me :) and keep talking trash about her!! running your mouth is getting you NO WHERE. AND I'M DUMB, YOU ARE! SERIOUSLY HE LOVED JAIME THAT'S WHY SHE WAS GOING TO CARRY HIS LAST NAME :) He'd tell everyone. Idk what your smoking over there.. I hope she gets out one day, she deserves a chance. She is an amazing girl. She has a kind heart, & one MISTAKE shouldn't END HER LIFE. SERIOUSLY. & You already showed me what TRASH IS. I'M SPEAKING TO IT!!!!!!!!!! And you like paying for her food? ENJOY IT!!!!!! He is gone, lets not take another life away from someone. LET JAIME FREE
goFurselfbernalp agefam

Forest Park, IL

#46 Aug 28, 2013

Forest Park, IL

#47 Aug 29, 2013
Elma/Alma bernalpage james page suck as parents you just throw away your kid but I guess that what meth heads do!♥♥& #9829; sorry truth hurts doesn't it scum losers

United States

#48 Aug 30, 2013
Look how about you all shut the fuck up.. And jakes mom or sister u think that's very wise threatening people via internet. Real smart secondly how many court appearances have yall been to? Fucking 2 and wow you're suing is that all u care about is making money from your sons death BC that's exactly what it sounds like, and I have list someone and I would never refer to someone dying and saying they are in a fucking box in the ground ur a low life u don't care about ur son u only care about urself and money its funny that ur suing because the only person ubcan sue is Jaime and if she's in jail she not making money so therefore u get nothing yall are dumb as fuck. U can't sue her family nc they had nothing to do with it. And moat of all don't rub ur mouth about what you've heard how about u state facts and not hear say and make yourself look stupid weather u heard it from Jaime or someone else u don't know her family u don't know shit. You're trying to benefit from jakes death and that shows how low and trashy u really are. U threaten people and look who else seems like a crazy bitch.. You! You're telling lies as well so you're not much better than the rest of them.. Ur husband is in a biker gang so how about u tell him to stop doing illegal shit as well. You're family isn't as good as ur are portraying how about u shut the fuck up and get ur head out of ur nasty ass and actually morn for Jake and not try and gain from his death so u can stop living off the state

Garden Prairie, IL

#49 Aug 30, 2013
It's Friday you crazy old lady :)

Forest Park, IL

#51 Aug 30, 2013
First let me say I was so happy to hear that jaimes grandma died and she was stuck in her cage and couldnt go. No one lives off state it was jaime on the medical card having illinois pay her mental hosp. stays (WHICH DIDNT HELP). YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT ME OR MY FAMILY. BIKER GANG UHM SORRY WRONG. SUEING YOU BET YOUR TRASHY ASS IF IT WASNT FOR THE JUNKIE HOE Jake WOULD BE ALIVE. Illeagle oh u must be talking about belmas husband selling coke or maybe elma living off state or jaime selling her ass and commiting murder or jim page doing meth. Bitch u got a big fucking mouth and u know shit. I dont use my kids for money my name isnt elma. As far as court been there more then twice there is ALWAYS someone there for Jake maybe someone should tell the decrepit grandparents to use their heads and not wave to the parents of Jake I mean if they understand english. I get it , your just not smart and can't help it not sure if your parents taught u anything but MURDERERS BELONG BEHIND BARS WHEN U COMMIT A CRIME U PAY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. IF U DONT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY TAKE IT UP WITH JAIME BECAUSE SHE TOLD ME ALL OF THIS. HOW HER MOM THREW HER OUT BECAUSE OF HER NEW HUBBY ALL THE SHIT ABOUT HER FAMILY CAME FROM HER MOUTH. What do u expect if Jake killed Jaime I would like to see how u reacted if you have never lost a child keep ur mouth shut because u don't know the pain I feel. U have ur side and I have mine.

Forest Park, IL

#55 Sep 2, 2013
You talk about my family, which you know NOTHING about. Details? Don't get upset with me just because I want the TRUTH to be said. SUEING? Jacob died because of them and if you knew anything then you would know that there is major hospitail bills from Jacob that need to be paid which they are responsible for because it was a CHOICE made by THEM to take his life. Threating? First I have made no THREATS I only make PROMISES. I PROMISE THAT I WILL SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE MAKING SURE SHE STAYS IN JAIL AND PAYS FOR HER ACTIONS. SHE IS NOTHING SPECIAL SHE COMMITTED MURDER AND SHOULD SUFFER LIKE ANY OTHER CRIMINAL. AS FAR AS HER FAMILY THEY ARE FULLY AWARE OF JAIMES ISSUES AND MAYBE SHOULD OF TRIED HARDER TO HELP HER INSTEAD OF BAILING HER OUT OF EVERYTHING. If they did THEIR jobs of being a parent we ALL wouldn't be suffering today.

Buford, GA

#56 Sep 3, 2013
First let me start by saying I've been good friends with Jake and I know Jaime, of we want to go by hear say then Jake said you live off the state you guys didn't have a great relationship and secondly I had someone tragically die and unless ur married or underage which he was neither then you debt goes with you when you go. I know this for a fact. Argue if you want but that is the truth. I morn for both hake a Jaime two lives were taken one was very tragic and one whom with suffer and live every day of her life with this huge regret. So before you go and start exploding "promising" that you're going to either beat someone up at whatever time, or you threaten them to have the same outcome as Jake hoe about you sit that and remember Jake and his goood times as well. Stop worrying about money BC I guarantee the only thing your having to pay is funeral cost and that's what u want that's why ur suing. U can't sue her family for the simple fact they had nothing to do with it. You can sue Jaime yes but as long as she sits in there with no chance at freedom u get nothing...

Buford, GA

#57 Sep 3, 2013
I've know Jake for years and I think he wouldn't want you to sit there and talk crap about her or her family and saying lies about him seeing someone else. Nor is it necessary to post things about her mom, aunt, uncle and dad. Or her grandparents Jake wasn't that guy to bash people in that way.they both had their faults, they both did drugs and they both had major issues and needed help. Jaime and hake both were adults they were on their own her parents couldn't do anything about it they paid for rehab for her she checked herself out on many occasions' so therefore they did all that was in their power. I never once saw you ask hake about his drug use and how the day he got off probation he smoked a huge blunt and ate a bunch of pills. They enabled each other with the drugs

Buford, GA

#58 Sep 3, 2013
Looks as if you're finally getting the big picture you guys are ALL suffering. They morn for you guys too they loved Jake and they do not condone what happens but they also know it was a freak accident and they know if it happens to their family they would be mad and upset too. Its not just you guys they hurt every day as well. It was an accident she was trying to kill herself and they fought over the knife you need to come to terms with that. They loved each other just BC Jake isn't here doesn't mean you can treat them that way. Treat her as if he was here they loved each other tremendously and he would never accept you doing what you're doing and deep down you know this
one of jakes friends

Buford, GA

#60 Sep 3, 2013
They were engaged I saw the rings myself they fought they had hard times but he always said one day he was going to marry her and change her last name. I believe in my heart it was a accident n I agree with above u know Jake wouldn't want u to treat her or her family the way u have been. Ur husband is in a biker crew Jake told everyone n u do get food stamps n u don't work. They both did drugs an smoked everyday. They both r at fault

Forest Park, IL

#61 Sep 4, 2013
Omg! You write 4 post in one day but change your name. If you are going to talk sh*t grow some balls and own it. Write your real name and who you are. BECAUSE IF YOU WERE SUCH A FRIEND TO JAKE LIKE YOU SAY you wouldn't be sticking up for his murderer UNLESS you got in her pants like everyone else. SUCH A GREAT FRIEND, DID YOU COME TO HIS FUNERAL??? NEXT TIME YOU THINK YOUR SO SNEAKY WRITING THE LAST FOUR POST CHECK YOUR SPELLING MISTAKES THEY ARE THE SAME IN ALL OF THEM!
ugh and abc

Buford, GA

#62 Sep 6, 2013
Actually only those two are mine I don't sit here and waste my time on the computer wondering when you're going to respond. So no sorry once again jumping to conclusions about something and turns out you're wrong yet again. So like I said before you say something how about you wait until you know the truth point proven thanks for showing your stupidity lack of intelligence and diarrhea of the mouth spouting off bs is your best asset since you lack everything else. Your heart is made of coal you have no brain I'm very surprised you were even able to have a husband due to the lack of beauty unsaid and out lack of knowledge"azz" or is that just ghetto slag with way you're too an adult act it. And yes two of them are me

Forest Park, IL

#63 Sep 6, 2013
Yet again you do not have the balls to use your real name. I really don't care what you or anyone else has to say. Once again I have based my answers on the facts that were given to me by the detectives and the states attorney. Say all you want about me atleast my friends aren't herion junkie whores who murder the only person that gave a shit. I hope and pray that you all suffer something tragic in your lifetime. Jaime should stop talking shit and just kill herself because its getting very old and she only does it for attention. You talk shit about me but YOUR FRIEND SUCKED DICK FOR A LIVING!
But we a trash??? So keep being a pu**y and not give your name. If your embarrassed I would totally understand.

United States

#66 Sep 7, 2013
Omfg ur an adult ur a mom and a grandmother how about u can't like one and talk like one instead of some ghetto ass bitch thinking you're impressing people BC you know slag. Grow up. I'm so sick and tired of reading what you write and all the bullshit that is said. Everything I've stated was the truth like it or not. Wow she was a stripper... U blame that on her family how about you realize that she is 20 wtf can her parents do she is an adult just like your son taking her money when she got home to by drugs so guess that makes him a nasty ass pimp.. Yeah so she was a stripper but guess who took care of your son when he didn't have a job and paid for everything and never complained... Ur son knew her occupation and didn't say shit. U act like u knew him and from everyone on th outside looking in definitely can tell that's far from the truth and u lie about another girl as well as him coming him qt the end of February how was he seeing someone when they were never apart and he was always at the house wow want to keep bullshitting definitely not scared of you or anyone else in ur family y'all are all jokes and now I believe everything Jake and Jaime said about you.. And I agree with Jake ur all about money and attention.. Stop lying saying u have to pay his medical bills when anyone that is smart enough knows if you're an adult with no spouse your debt goes with you when you pass or you're a minor then it goes to your parents so yes ur a money hungry bitch "words right from his mouth back in December before he passed"
Jacobs Sister

Joliet, IL

#67 Sep 10, 2013
Here are the facts I know to be true: my brother Jacob was savagely taken from his family on Feb.2. Jamie L Page stabbed him to death. Now I feel very comfortable saying that I knew my baby brother pretty well and one thing I know BEYOND doubt is that Jake was very close to his family but the closest to my mother. If he could hear you accusing him of calling my mom a "money hungry bitch" I know he would be pissed! As for the devils family :YOUR family member killed MY brother. She was not trying to kill herself because that was just a game to her, if she really wanted to then she would have done it already. She is a con artist, she wants the world to feel bad for her but nobody cares about her. She Is where she needs to be and I pray she stays in her cage until her last breath of life. she took away my brothers life...why should she be allowed to have one? My mother is a fabulous mom don't sit here and try to defame her. She is a mother grieving, she is allowed to say and feel whatever she wants. It is a shame the devils family couldn't raise her correctly. Because of their laziness my family has to suffer, and I will never see my brother again.

Forest Park, IL

#68 Sep 10, 2013
I am glad Jake lived off her for the 2 months he stayed out there because when she was here she only prostituted on the weekends and her cash was mostly gone before she even came back here. Im sorry for talking ghetto I just wanted to make sure that your type of people understood what I am saying. I just find it funny that you call yourself Jake's friend but you talk crap about him and stick up for the person that murdered him. if my son was to say anything about me it would of been out of anger, like children do. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND AND HEART THAT JACOB LOVED ME. Also they weren't together all the time and he was seeing another girl, she was blonde infact she was at his services. Your just afraid to give your real name because you're not who you claim to be. Jaime and Jake stayed at one of his friends house quite abit until Jake came home after work and found her all doped up in bed with one of his friends. Call it stripping all you want she admitted to me what she did. Please remember Jaime and Jake came by my house just about everyday before he left so I know what I saw and what I was told. I hope her mother takes her duties of a mother seriously so that Alivia doesn't end up like Jaime. It is very sad that Jaime had no one, also words from her own mouth.

Oak Park, IL

#70 Feb 3, 2014
Jaime did you celebrate your one year anniversary behind bars! I know we did! Hope you have many, many more!

Houston, TX

#71 Feb 6, 2014
How's the whole thing going? Did she get fully convicted yet? Haven't heard anything on how its going...

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