Illinois Girl

O Fallon, MO

#1 Jan 27, 2013
I owe a business money. I was turned over to collections----I understand---my fault. I owed 1000.00 and was paying 120.00 month to Credit Bureau. I was told 120.00 would come out of my ckg until all was paid. After 5 months all of a sudden nothing was taken out anymore. Which meant I paid 600.00. So, after 5 months went by I got a call from Credit Bureau wanting to know when I was going to take care of this? They said a couple more bills had been added on to this from the same business. I was confused. They were even confused. My point is-----they stopped taking payments out of my ckg and now months later want to start it up again. I said ok. But technically after it was said in the beginning to take out payment until its -0- balance, can they start it up again? It wasn't my fault they messed up and they sure weren't going to tell me they did. They were very smooth about it.

Jackson, MO

#2 Jan 27, 2013
Never, ever allow a company like that to take money out of your bank account. Get written confirmation about what you owe and make monthly payments in person. These types of companies are a sham and will screw you over if you let them. If I were you I would speak with a Lawyer about the issue and let the company know that you are doing so.
Illinois Girl

O Fallon, MO

#3 Jan 28, 2013
Never, ever allow a company like that to take money out of your bank account. Get written confirmation about what you owe and make monthly payments in person. These types of companies are a sham and will screw you over if you let them. If I were you I would speak with a Lawyer about the issue and let the company know that you are doing so.
I know " Live and Learn. The thing is I told them that 120.00 month was going to be hard to come up with. They didn't care. So now Im barely surviving to pay them off. She wanted to know if I could pay it with my credit card. I said no. She called me at work. The funny thing is ----in the beginning, it was a man I was dealing with. Well now all of a sudden that man doesn't work there anymore. They wouldn't let me make payments. They had to set it up to come out of my checking account. And, when I asked for a print out ---they told me it was impossible to do that. Yes. I'm very upset over this. And, now if I get a lawyer it will be money on top of that. I learned my lesson once again in life.

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Jan 28, 2013
Get free advice from a lawyer or advocate, if you can. Stop paying the Credit Bureau anything. Sever all ties with them. Refer them to your lawyer or advocate if you get one. You would be better off just ignoring the collection efforts. If they are calling you at work, put an end to it. Your life and/or credit will not end if you just ignore them.
Isac Bickerstaff

Oran, MO

#5 Jan 28, 2013
If you want them to stop taking auto-withdraws from your bank account close the bank account and move your money to another bank. When they fuss and demand payment tell them to contact your county prosecuting attourney or accept payment through the USPS.
Collection companies are all bark with little bite. What are they going to do screw up your crappy credit rating that you have already destroyed? Reputable collection companies will accept payment through the mail. Shady outfits avoid the mail as much as possible because what they do is considered mail fraud and becomes a federal crime for the company and its owners and employees. That is why you always want a paper trail that goes through the USPS.
I have experienced a collection company that claimed to have bought my debt from another collection agency. They hounded me and threatened me. I kept asking for a detailed list of charges on the account. Finally they sent me a paper that said the charge was 9 years old and from a business I shopped at but had no clue if the charge was accurate. I pressed the issue for 90 days and finally went to the County Prossecuting Attourney office to ask what to do. I was told by the Prosecutors Office to give the collection company the phone number and mailing address of the Prosecutors Office and have the collection company call them directly for assistance in collecting this debt. Which I did. It has been over five years since I gave them that information and never heard back from them.
If you force the collection company to obey the law they become reasonable and if it is a legitimate claim and you have notified the prosecutors office that you are concerned they are doing something illeagal the prosecutor will assist you in what to do if their office agrees it is a leagal claim. You spend no money for lawyers to defend you and if they are shady the prosecutor knows about it. If it is a legitimate claim you can pay it though the mail and have receipts to prove you are paying on time. That is what credit reporting agencies want to see, proof you did make payments.
In the future why don't you learn some financial literacy and prevent this nightmare from happening again. There are groups out there who teach financial literacy for free and do not sell anything. The members are all volunteers all they do is educate the public how money works. Check your local library to see where your closest group is to you.
Illinois Girl

Fairfax, VA

#6 Jan 28, 2013
You guys have been so helpful. Thank you for all the info. I've learned a valuable lesson here. Thanks again!

Fairfax, VA

#7 Jan 28, 2013
The way it goes with Drs, Lawyers and so on, I bet you should find a lawyer from a different area, otherwise same ole song and dance!

Saint Louis, MO

#8 Jan 29, 2013
If you close a bank account make sure it is spelled out that they cannot come back and charge you fees for anything that might be presented after the account is closed. Otherwise they can charge you for overdraft fees and fees on top of fees. I know U.S. Bank operates like that. I would not use the account for a period of time, before actually closing it. You may have to work out the timing to leave the Semo Credit Bureau hanging.
Debt Collector

Henderson, TN

#9 May 14, 2013
Coming from a Debt Collector of 10 years. Do your research on the company. Do they have a web site? Whe setting up ACH payments... how will you have proof of the payment. What type of collections is it... first part, third party, etc.... FDCPA protects you but the laws are different for each type of collection. You have rights...but make sure you know which laws are for the type of collections you are in.

My advice is... pay your bill. You created it and you know the right thing is to pay it.....but, never agree to more then you can afford. A NSF doesn't help you or the debt.

As for the USPS.... you right a check and place in a box....its transfered through several hands until one undetermined day it arrives to be placed in another hand or two to be processed and applied to your acct. Hmmmmmm how many hands do you really want touch in ng your private info? ACH leaves the info between you and your represenative. You have proof on your bank statement and the bank has the name of the company with contact info. The payment is paid and noted on the day you choose for it to be withdrawn.***If it makes you feel more a second acct just for the purpose paying ACH... things like ur car, phone, or car insurance. They cant take more then what is there. FDCPA protects you from this as well.... they cant take a penny more then you agree to...a day before you agree.
Debt Collector

Henderson, TN

#10 May 14, 2013
On a personal note... Don't place all debt collectors in the same pool of blood sucking, heartless a$$holes they are pertrade to be. Personally... I start as sugar and spice.....but if you wanna go to the dark side I will open the door and let you through it. I stay where I am and move on to somebody that has enough self respect to handle there business... Pay in full, down payment followed by monthly payments, small payments....etc.
Screw em

United States

#11 May 15, 2013
I agree with Isac Bickerstaff.
Good advice.

I co-signed for a loan of 8500 dollars years ago. After the payments were late several times they came calling.
I contacted the person I co-signed for and they said they would pay. They never did and moved away and I lost contact with them.

The collection agency contacted me several times which I ignored completely. Then I married and moved away. Five years later a company bought the loan I cosigned for and started hounding me again. I asked for proof of my cosign.....they sent me a copy. Needless to say I was pissed and told them to fck off! They sent me a letter saying they would take me to court and that with interest now the amount was up to over 16,000 dollars cause a payment hadn't been made in over six years.
I told them to fck off.
I talked to my spouse, who is much calmer and easier to talk to on the phone and asked them to talk to the collection they did and after a while of discussion got the amount down to a little over four grand...which I then paid ....I requested a letter of payment in full and received it a few weeks later.
I have no idea if they would have even taken my to court or not, after the years have went by I ha e thought of this and now I doubt it, and if they had ...what would make me pay it even then?

I now have a credit score of 730 and things are back to normal (as society defines it anyway)
One thing I will never do again.....ever be a cosigner.
Debt Collector

Henderson, TN

#12 May 15, 2013
Why be so angry at the debt collector? Your friend/family was the one thar screwed you over.

It is very clear when you co sign that you are accepting responsibility if the primary debtor doesnt pay. You should look at co signing the same as loaning a friend money...... free money you may get back...but probably won't. Sad...but true.

And with every will earn interest until its paid. Always ask if the interest will stop when you set up arrangements. It does with the company I work for...

Running from you responsibility will not help... the debt will come back to haunt you until its paid or you die... if you dont get a good collector...keep working til you do. I am one of 1500 at my company... I work with ppl that wont help you....but there are so many that will... payments, reduced intetest, and in your case....a settlement that got rid of the debt your friend put you in.

I'm glad you found a good collector that would help you resolve the problem.

Poplar Bluff, MO

#13 May 15, 2013
bahaha, dont you retards know that credit/debt was one of the leading causes of the great depression?!?! i cant wait till we are all in the same boat!

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