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#64 Feb 29, 2012
Felons can't have guns, and as well as you can't have a computer or phone to be posting things on here either, I wouldn't be threatening gay people and saying that we "don't like it" and it's just a "masculine and feminine" I love being gay and getting it, so I don't see your point? You know you love it ya fag!!... Hehehe.

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#65 Feb 29, 2012
see I like my men masculine. I've dated a drag queen before. but to me that's just an occupation or a hobby. I won't date a flamboyant guy. and not all queens are flamboyant. I won't have sex with them in drag because that's kinda gross....but i think some people are scared of what society thinks with the same sex marriage and try to date as close to the opposite sex as possible. however it could also be personality. and not based on the way they act...

Saint Louis, MO

#66 Feb 29, 2012
There are a lot of straight women who don't go girly at all. There are a lot of straight men who have feminine traits.

I really have no clue what's behind drag culture. The best I can figure is that it ranges from fetish (drag queens) to biological identity malfunction (trannies). I would imagine that those who find the boy-girl or girl-boy look to be attractive either are fetishist themselves or are having a hard time reconciling their upbringing with who they are.

I would also think that a lot of transgenders have been caught in a trap by society and their own bodies. They fall in love with someone who only finds you attractive as you are at the moment. Surgical solutions must be a really hard choice for those people because of a lack of acceptance into both worlds.

This whole mess makes me sad. So much angst because other people can't seem to keep their opinions to themselves when it will cause obvious and lasting harm to others.

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#67 Mar 4, 2012
I'm bisexual and have a very supportive net of friends and family. I'm a girly girl and trust me you would never know my orientation by looking at me. I've been married and divorced at a young age. I explain my love for my girlfriend in one way ... You could mask her identity and code her voice and I guarantee you I would have still fallen head over heels in love with her. I'm attracted to personality first and formost. Yes she has short hair and wears guy clothes, but butch she Is not. She paints her toes, wears pink bras, and bikini panties, under her boxers of course, but at the end of the day she's a girl and a very sexy one at that. We laugh and play and have a great time with each other. WHY?! Because love is an outward expression of an inner emotion and I love her.

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#68 Mar 4, 2012
guest wrote:
This post is not meant to start crap or offend anyone. My husband and I were having a discussion the other day and are simply curious about something. I'm sure I'm going to get slammed and get a lot of rude responses, but if I could just get one sincere, honest answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Ok...I have seen numerous couples like this which is why I'm asking....If a man is attracted to other men, why be with one that dresses, acts like, talks like a woman...(drag queen, transvestite, etc.) Why not just be with a woman? Same goes for women. If you are attracted to women, why be with one that is very butch that looks like a guy? Why not just be with a guy? Any serious answers would be appreciated.
Because some men crossdress and it could be a fettish.

Cape Girardeau, MO

#69 Mar 4, 2012
Knowledge wrote:
All of you all use computers don't you? Hasn't your computer at one time or the other decided it just couldn't or wouldn't run a certain program? It may run hundreds of other programs just fine, but one or two programs cause it to lock up, or blue screen on you.

The psychology behind homosexuals is pretty much the same thing. The Human mind is still thousands of times more complicated than any computer. Even as you read this post, your brain computer is regulating hundreds of things going on inside your body without your knowing it. It is keeping your heart rate steady, making sure your body temperature, doesn't vary more than a few tenths of a degree one way, or the other.All of the things happen subconsciously. Sometimes one part of the brain goes haywire, even while the rest of it still functions just fine. When that happens you have homosexuals, serial killers, pedophiles, White Supremacists, White Super criminals, and other deviants from normal behavior. In the case of homosexuals, I think the part of the brain that controls impulse stops working, or it is weaker than it is in normal people.

All of us think about doing things we know are wrong. When I'm broke, I THINK about how nice it would be to rob a bank and bring in a few hundred thousand dollars. I might think about selling a lot of drugs.I might think about sleeping with a 100 year old woman, or a sixteen year old young adult. ALL of us think about things that are illegal and immoral. The difference is that we have the self control to shrug off those thoughts and stay on a legal, relatively moral path.

And of course, the most accurate, and factual answer has been overlooked as usual.

Homosexuals may be good workers, nice people, good to their friends and families,fine members in the community, but from my observations over the millennia, they don't seem to have the impulse control they should. Lots of people lack that and they do other unethical, immoral and crazy things besides being queer.
If you can't regulate your behavior YOURSELF, I feel that you should see the appropriate psychologist until you get your mind free of the viruses, rootkits, and worms that make you do these negative, anti-life, immoral unethical things which in many cases put you behind bars, or in the cemetery.

A smooth running society simply cannot allow every behavior that people want to do. After the homosexuals get their SPECIAL rights, I guarantee you the pedophiles will start demanding their right to have access to children, I have already seen a guy on NBC tell Faith Daniels a decade ago that he believed the five year old children were mature enough to have sex with adults. That sound weird to us, but to many homosexuals it may not, and they may want to legalize that. Then you will have people who want to marry their dogs, cats, Skunks etc. Once the pedophiles are in high offices, they will quickly say "sure come on in the waters fine. Why not legalize that?" Do what you wanna do. As long as you don' bother me, I don't care. That is a sure recipe for the destruction of a society. Legalizing behaviors that have been punishable by death in MOST societies around the world. Homosexuals need massive mental counseling. They also need to take that filthy lifestyle and put it back in the closet where it belongs.If they don't I suspect the majority of Americans will begin turning against them, and sangue will be correndo nella strade!

No links, no Youtube. Just my opinion from studying this behavior a long long time, having to constantly control my own behavior to stay on the right path, and watching all the rich, educated, and decent people get into serious trouble when they can't control themselves
Are u a pedophiles? You sound like one!

Edwardsville, IL

#70 Mar 4, 2012
i myself am attracted to both sexes. In a man i wan a well defined man and in a woman a feminine woman. i have male friends who are gay and go for the more feminine males. they say that they think women are beautiful creatures but when it comes to the genitals they are plain disgusted by them. i have female friends who are more attracted to the more masculine females as well who just want to feel dominated by their partners or more secure in their arms.

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#71 Mar 5, 2012
I guess it takes all kinds. What difference does it make?

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#72 May 2, 2013
I am a gay black man who requires lots and lots of attention, especially from men. Please say something to me. Let me know I'm special.

United States

#73 May 2, 2013
Gays are almost as bad ass negras

Cape Girardeau, MO

#74 May 2, 2013
Knowledge wrote:
I am a gay black man who requires lots and lots of attention, especially from men. Please say something to me. Let me know I'm special.
im a middle aged white guy. id like to make you feel special
Guns R Great

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#76 May 3, 2013
I'm a gay republican love guns and like men .. Fem gays are liberal sissy's very weak!

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#77 May 4, 2013
come on guys im avalable right now for anything you want. im wm mid 40's. let me know
Guns R Great

Edwardsville, IL

#78 May 4, 2013
Juice ... Your a typical pervert .. Your the reason gays like me look bad ... Stop trying to pick up people on the net!

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#79 May 6, 2013
Les wrote:
I am a lesbian, and I often wonder that same thing myself. I, personally, like girly girls as I am one myself.
well hello get back to me I'm lookin for a good girl

Brighton, MO

#80 May 6, 2013
curious wrote:
<quoted text>
I am wondering that as well !?!? Where can you meet attractive,nice lesbians in cape and jackson ?!?!? I dont think there is any. Would like to find one that looks and acts respectable.
I'm rite here get back to me maybe we can you.have a Facebook

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#81 May 6, 2013
interested wrote:
Well I am bisexual, I love girly girls. They are beautiful and amazing creaturesn I wouldn't be attracted to one trying to come off as a man. I want the real deal if I'm going manly. And where is a good place in cape/jackson to meet ladies?
glad I got on this thing I'm lookin for a woman too

Brighton, MO

#82 May 6, 2013
kallye wrote:
Where are gay clubs at in cape? I am seeking a woman. I'm bisexual but I haven't found a good place to meet other bi women
you can meet me I have a boyfriend but were lookin for something diffrent spice things up alil
cash flow

Brighton, MO

#83 May 10, 2013
jojo wrote:
<quoted text>
Are u a pedophiles? You sound like one!
so r you the jojo at haveco

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#84 May 13, 2013
anybody know where i can find a she-male?

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