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Saint Louis, MO

#1 Aug 25, 2009
Can anyone tell me what it is like working at Nars. Saw empl. add in paper. Trying to ck it out before applying.
Roger Dollingly

Jackson, MO

#2 Aug 25, 2009
It is one of the best places to work in the area. It gets a bad rap because of the turnover but most call center jobs do. They pay above scale wages and have many very cool managers.

Do your job, put the cell phone away for 8 hours and you'll be fine.

Since: Aug 09

United States

#3 Aug 26, 2009
Put the cell phone away while at work? Now you're just talking crazy!
My Opinion

Denver, CO

#4 Aug 27, 2009
Nars is a very good place to work. If you don't like sitting down all day, it is not the job for you. You work with a very diverse group of people. The call center is not ghetto and surprisingly, there are alot of women in the top position.

Really, all you have to do is go to work and not take your job personally. If you have empathy and need a job, Nars is a great place
Vera Bradley Fan

Eureka, IL

#5 Aug 27, 2009
I worked there for about 4 months, and it was the most stressful job I have ever had! The customers that call dislike you from the minute you pick up the phone, and you are overly pushed to upgrade selling and deescalate issues. Supervisors were always hard to reach on the floor, and 'tier 2'(higher superversors you could transfer calls to if needed) rarely p/u or stayed on the phone until the issue was resolved.

Cape Girardeau, MO

#6 Aug 28, 2009
I worked there for 6 months and I couldnt take it anymore. Sure if you dont want to enjoy your job,like listening to griping all day, watch lazy supervisors walk around, make decent money, and just basically HATE going to work. I tried to make the best of it but like Vera Bradley Fan wrote -- stress city--run the other way!!!
stop complaining

Jackson, MO

#7 Aug 28, 2009
well join the unemployment line then...

Imperial, MO

#8 Aug 28, 2009
Yes, I worked there for four months as well. That is about the going rate for Nars. Few people stay longer than 6 months at the max. Here is why: It is managed very poorly and there is too much stress and pressure. Unless you don't give a crap about anything, you will not stay there long. The people who stay at Nars, don't care about their job, nor the customers. I can tell you that Charter customers are the most unsatisfied customers I have ever heard from. Bills were NEVER correct!! EVER!! It was very frustrating trying to explain charged to customers that you couldn't find information about yourself. As well, the above posters are correct.. you can never get a SUP to help you... this is their reply for all you who call and ask for a sup:::: "De-escalate the calls yourself, Sups should not be on the phone this much".... Here is my response... If Charter did their job correctly, Sup's would not be requested as much. Nars has the BIGGEST turnover of anyone in Cape Girardeau.. Trust me, when I say, there are in danger of losing Charter..
Black guy

Cape Girardeau, MO

#9 Aug 29, 2009
Ive never worked at nars, but just standing in line to pay my bill at charter ercks me sometimes. They're customers n front of me complaining about their bills everytime I go n there. If u agree to a certain amount b4 the services, then pay that amount people. It's simple, agree to a plan u can pay. When I go pay my bill there's always some1 there taking up about 30 min asking the same question and getting the same answer. It only takes me about 30 sec to pay my bill. I've never really had an issue with charters business. The only thing I don't like about charter is that they don't have the sports packages that directv has. NFL Sunday ticket, NBA season ticket, ect........ It's not charters fault half u folks don't pay ur bills like ur supposed to. My point is this. If the ladies at the charter office go through BS everday, then I really feel sorry for u nars workers. But hang n there. Good jobs r hard to come by these days.

Cape Girardeau, MO

#10 Aug 29, 2009
Black guy... You are everywhere.
white girl

Cape Girardeau, MO

#11 Aug 29, 2009
Well I do work there, and most of these comments above are true. I would like to add that if u have already graduated from high school, u get to go back. Everyday is like Junior High all over. With gossip,drug addicts and favortism, the list is endless, but as a single mom the pay is the best I've ever made, with my education level. If u choose to work there...just stay to yourself and keep personal life talk to minimum, and never never be late for work.
Black guy

Cape Girardeau, MO

#12 Aug 30, 2009
Jessy Im everywhere I'm needed

Imperial, MO

#13 Aug 30, 2009
Yup, everything written seems to be pretty true to form. Good ole Nars. Trust me, this place could be sooo much better, if they got a better management staff in there. Ones that actually have experience working in the real world. The present ones are something they dug up at the thrift store, I swear. One used to own a flower store. Go figure.... Anyway, the place sucks and no one stays. The only thing I would recommend to anyone looking for a job, is that it's the easiest three to four weeks of pay during training that you'll ever find. Sit through the training, get paid for three to four weeks and get the hell outta there. Walmart is better than this joke of a place.

Centralia, IL

#14 Aug 30, 2009
I worked at NARS for 10 months. It was the best job I ever had. The only thing that is bad is ppl calling you and screaming at you bout their bill. BUT once you explain it they are cool. IF you get hired stay there. They have great benefits.
My Opinion

United States

#15 Aug 31, 2009
As for the comment about them higher less educated people, there are all levels of education at Nars. The last time I checked we were in a recession. Good paying jobs in Cape Girardeau are hard to come by and alot of small businesses have gone under.

Yes you deal with customers calling in about their bill. As long as you remember that it is not personal and how Americans take their cable tv something serious. Americans will pay someone $30 and hook their cable up before they will be without.

I work there and I just remember how I can sometimes be when I call talk to my bill collectors.

The job is not for everyone. But the first day on the job, you start receiving holiday pay, paid time off accumulation, and a chance to apply for open positions within the company.

There are racially diversed in their supervisors' positions. The center is ran by practically all women. They have prize giveaways all the time. And they offer a daycare so your child(ren) can be next door while you work. And they deduct it from your first check.Day one!!

As far as cliches, there are cliches everywhere you work. I don't know of any jobs where people don't gossip or "cliche" up.

Like I said, it isn't for everyone. But for the ones that want to know more information about the company, I would submit a resume online instead of turning in a paper application.

Good Luck
Dont Do It

Wentzville, MO

#16 Sep 5, 2009
This was the worst job I ever had.

Jackson, MO

#17 Sep 7, 2009
do you have to be a high school graduate, or have a GED?

Jackson, MO

#18 Sep 8, 2009
guest wrote:
do you have to be a high school graduate, or have a GED?
I have a GED and they hired me. The job is not a breeze, but the best I have had. Good pay, good benefits and they treat you like a person. Lots of opportunity for advancement. I have not advanced because of care for my kids, but if you want to be a manager you can get there if you apply yourself. You need to come to work and not do stupid things to keep job and get ahead - duh!
Cape lifer

United States

#19 Sep 8, 2009
YOu are so right Rachell lady! If you want to stand around with your finger up your butt this is not a job for you. But if you want to work you can make a good amount of cash. Decent starting wage, goes up up every 3 months. I make dollar/hour extra just for night shift, bonus for attendance, bonus for not being a f**king jackoff, overtime lots, prizes all the time. Have made some good friends there too. You are busy all the time - but I like that. Like I said, if you want to stand around with finger up butt, go work in mall or flip burgers. You want $$$$$- this the place - come on over - we need more good people. Some hot babes here too!!!!

United States

#20 Sep 8, 2009
I worked @ NARS as well. the management is aweful! i can handle stressful situations or unhappy customers, but they were unhappy ALL THE TIME! the bills were never right and i dont think i can really blame NARS because charter is one of their clients, but what i do blame NARS for is their poor training, they dont train you for the job your doing which in most cases is telephone billing. they teach you order entry which you cant even get into after training. the sups act like they dont wanna take your calls and when you try to calm a customer down and they still want a sup, the sup thinks that you didnt do your job. dont get me wrong the pay is good but to take that stress all day everyday... no pay is that good. also they act like there is not a life outside your job. im not talking about not coming to work because you have a hangover but alot of ppl that work there have kids.. kids get sick things happen.. life happens! they are not understanding of that @ all and you will get an ''occurence'' if you miss work. look for another job because NARS isnt the best place.

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