Myth Of America and Their Right Wing

Myth Of America and Their Right Wing

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Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#1 Jul 30, 2013

The Myth
In a land far, far away. There was once upon a time, when nations all over the world sought to emulate America.
Economist within these nations searched for the truth. What they found; was that the U.S. economy was unstable even when all was appearing as well, according to the GDP. They realized that growing inequality of wealth and income was being siphoned to the 1%. Hoarding the wealth and no distribution would soon run the engine of the working class out of the fluid movement of the fuel they required. Resulting in sputtering and inefficient production. For lack of production and the fluid income to sustain consumption, it soon proved to be a catastrophic error, Demise soon followed.
Half a century in the making by right wing policies. Living standards regressed back to earl 1900’s !
USA kept up appearances with the GDP increasing from 1980 to 2010.
Increasing by three fourths. All the while the male income declined.
Increases in austerity polices of the right continued. Siphoning wealth and income to the 1 % producing ever increasing inequality.
Thus; 1} U.S. Income growth occurs greater to the 1% and lesser to the 99%.
2} Inequality of laborer’s productivity distribution blossoms.
3} Middle class and below lose their standard of living to equate with what they were a century ago.
4} Inequalities’ in wealth is greater than the inequality of income!
5} Insecurity in income, health and home materializes.
6} Increasing poverty subjugates ever increasing amount of the middle class populace.
7} Middle class essentially is hollowed out.
8} Income mobility decreases advancing America “Land Of Opportunity” to be identified as a Myth.
9} America is now recognized by the rest of the advanced industrial nations as aA land of ever increasing inequality surpassing their own.
Right wing confronted with These analyst from the economist find it “Inconvenient”. Befuddled to explain it..
2014 coming up people….
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#6 Aug 1, 2013
…The mystery of Lee County Health Care plans…
LOL here in Lee county the insurance rates are going up! Contrary to the rest of the nation. They did imply that additional coverage could be their reason for bucking the trend. Now wouldn’t that be lovely to wake up in the hospital and told that this and that were not covered under the Fl. Health Insurance plan. Give a big bill that wipes you out. Typical Republican way of getting into your pockets.
Insurance Premiums’ come a tumbling down. Individuals and families applying for 2014 Health Care are discovering their premiums at a 50% discount or more. N.Y. State as one example, of many states, has already approved the discounted premium cost. Citing an example of an individual that presently pays $1,000 per month will be able to obtain that same insurance coverage at a premium of $308 per month.
Obama’s administration followed up with their annalist of the CBO’s numbers, a bipartisan agency known as the Congressional Budget Office, did not take into account the sliding scale that is offered by the Health Care Bill. Adding a 10% to 18% greater premium savings to the individually insured, which will include additional discounts for incomes as high as $94,200 for a family of four.
Recent CBO report failure to project the accelerating decreasing debt provides credit to the Obama’s administrations Health Care cost projections. accuracy.
“Individual Mandates” written into the Health Care Bill is stimulating the insurance companies into a frenzy of competition. Factoring in, a wave of newly uninsured youthful clients.
Immediate reaction from the republicans extremist within their House is pushing their Bill to remove “Individual Mandate” from the Health Care Bill as it presently exist.
Fortunately democrats hold the Senate and Executive Branch and success of the republican extremist is not likely.
Individual Mandate’s value was demonstrated by N.Y. State. N.Y. State required that all applications for the 2014 Health Care Insurance be accepted. However they excluded the Individual Mandate clause. Needless to say the results were that the frail and sick of health applied as the youthful healthy citizens declined.
N.Y.’s experiment illuminates the value of the “Individual Mandate” clause. Republican’s House extremist seeking to sabotage, our Health Care, should be duly noted for what actions will be required by the voters of 2014.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#7 Aug 6, 2013
Blowing bubbles if one is to think that Governor Rick Scott with his republican vanguard in the legislation, would ever go for any environmental benefits for his constituents or Florida. Time to get someone in there like Charlie Christ who has proven his concerns for our Florida and its people. Governors across the nation voice their distaste for the Tea Party.
Republican Governors oppose the “Ideologues” of their party. Giving them stern warning not to pursue a shutdown of the government as it has been their custom to do so. Trying to block Obamacare by disrupting the financing of the Federal budget will backfire on them.
“I have made the case that Obamacare is not good for the economy, but I have some real concerns about potentially doing something that would have a negative impact on the economy just for the short term — I think there are other ways to pursue this,” said Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin !
Gov. Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota said “I’ve never felt that shutting down government function is a wise thing to do politically because I think, whoever is involved in it, it’s the Congress, regardless of what party they’re affiliated with, that will be blamed by the public,” And so, to me, I don’t see what it accomplishes.”
Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona agrees as do most all the republican governors.
Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi said “Many of the members of this party do not want to fund Obamacare, but what we have to do as governors who work with our legislators is realize the reality of being able to get something passed,”!
Senators Rand Paul {R }of Kentucky and Ted Cruz {R} of Texas two of the Tea Party disagree. Senator Tom Coburn {R} of Oklahoma believes the stop government ideology is doomed and will doom republicans come 2014.
Gov. Terry E. Branstad of Iowa, a Republican defines the art of negotiations and compromise is required and end all this callow bitter fighting of our extremist representatives.
New chairwoman of the National Governors Association, Ms. Fallen said “They need to buckle down, work hard, find consensus on things and certainly find ways of reducing our deficit,” said Ms. Fallin, who rejected the Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma and declined to set up a state health insurance marketplace.
Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, the head of the Republican Governors Association said “We absolutely should use whatever opportunity and tactic we can to repeal and replace Obamacare,” said Mr. Jindal, deeming the prospect of a shutdown nothing more than “a false threat” and “scare tactics” from Mr. Obama’s administration.
LOL if that is not an excellent example of how the right wing PROJECTS their erroneous ideologues’ onto their opponent. Scare tactics! False threats! Its Obama’s fault! Callow does not do justice in describing Bobby’s abilities for originality and leadership.
Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware {D} said “People are getting very tired of politicians who appear to only want to shut things down and not build things up, Far be it from me to give them advice, but it can’t be helpful to them.”
Republicans just wanted to let their constants know that they no longer favor the fragrance and or taste of Tea as it is being served by their bitter ideologues’. Will the Tea Party sober up enough to comprehend the warning of the growing chasm that will be swallowing them up?
Republicans are just now realizing that there constituents are deeply in favor of Obamacare and now they seek how to back pedal without anybody noticing. LOL!

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