I will NEVER use this tubing service again. A recent trip cost us $75 for 4 of us, and 2 in the group had their own personal tubes. We were charged a "personal equipment fee" by this place for having our own tubes, which only included parking (not shuttle service), as we had to walk to the riverbank ourselves. The fees were outrageous, but then at the beginning of the float, a tube my sister had rented from them started to deflate on it's own from one of the "patched" holes. She's panicking and starting to sink, so my boyfriend had to swim across to another tube rental to get a new one. Come to find out that the new place was friendlier and WAY CHEAPER than the crap we had to put up with at River Sports. When we got back from our float, we tried to get a refund from the owner for the deflated tube. He refused. The attitude we got there, the lack of customer service, and the horrible rates (which seem to be the only things inflated over there) gave us plenty of reason to never go back to this tube rental again.