Stark sheriff's deputies file lawsuit...

Stark sheriff's deputies file lawsuit over Hope Steffey news coverage

There are 128 comments on the The Review story from Feb 1, 2009, titled Stark sheriff's deputies file lawsuit over Hope Steffey news coverage. In it, The Review reports that:

By NANCY WHITAKER The Review CANTON " A lawsuit claiming defamation and invasion of privacy was filed Thursday in Stark County Common Pleas Court against a Cleveland television station and its owners.

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Bruce Palm

Tacoma, WA

#1 Feb 14, 2009
I do not believe they have a right to take such action when it is obvious from the video taken that these people were in the wrong. Which is why I suppose they are wanting to sue. This kind of brutality against the people of this nation must stop. I think New Hampshire has the right idea.

Englewood, CO

#2 Apr 6, 2009
This is the BCI report that Agent Christy S. Palmer sent to John D. Ferrero, Prosecuting Attorney Stark County Ohio.
Dated April 16, 2008 BCI Case #: SI-76-08-14-0147

This is part of page 3

Sheriff Swanson has ALWAYS maintained that Steffey was ASKED & REFUSED to remove her cloths.
But here’s the BCI’s OWN REPORT that PROVES this is a LIE!

But apparently catching the sheriff's dept in a lie isn't a big deal to our "independent" BCI investigator, Christy Palmer, who seems ready to accept ANY excuse the sheriff's dept wants to use.

The report also goes on to say that they lowered Steffey in a slow controlled manner to the floor. Except that Steffey says she was thrown to the floor.
She also told her husband in a phone call that she thought the cops had broken her nose.
And she was treated by the nurse for the injury.
And in page 4 of this report Christy Palmer even states that Steffey reported that her nose was making "crunching noises".

So I guess this is proof of a second LIE!

And still Christy Palmer, the "independent investigator" doesn’t think twice about accepting the word of the cops over the VICTIMS in spite of proof.
BTW, Christy also references a video that she says “proves that she was lowered in a slow controlled manner to the floor”. As far as I know, THIS would have to be on the 'non-existent' beginning of the strip video.
On May 5th when I asked about the "missing" video, I was told it would soon be released.
Now here again it looks as though it’s referenced...even though they NOW claim it does not exist.
Interesting.(I have filed a request for this video.)

This isn’t so much an investigation report as it is a smear campaign against Hope Steffey.

They are trying to say that Steffey was resisting enough that EIGHT people couldn't take the chance of ASKING her to remove her cloths, or EVEN TELL HER WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!
What crapola!

I did NOT see any resisting in the video, I saw eight cops parading her to the cell, with her in cuffs.

In fact EVERY video I have seen she is in cuffs!
And the ONLY times I have seen her react to the cops is after they have assaulted her or in the process of stripping her naked.

The cops can polish this turd as much as want, this STILL STINKS!

BTW I don't know why they bothered to black out the names of Nurse Coren Lennon and the jail psychologist Thomas Anuszkiewicz, aren't they PROUD of the work they do?

Dudley, MA

#3 Apr 23, 2009
They should all hang for gang sexual assault. It's that cut and dry. They are suing?? They should all be put up against a wall and shot as a warning to others who are this abusive and arrogant.

Henderson, NV

#4 Apr 25, 2009
QUOTE "During that criminal trial, evidence was produced that at the time of her arrest Steffey was under the influence of alcohol and medication and was not the victim of an assault.
Evidence showed that on that day, Steffey had assaulted her niece, who was six months pregnant, and that she had also attacked and choked her teenage nephew. "UNQUOTE

This is just TOO much!!

Yes, evidence was presented, but there was ALSO evidence presented that Steffey was the victim.
The cops got written statements from Steffey's attacker and her brother.
They got NO other written statements from ANY other witnesses! WHY? Because they all said Steffey was the victim, and the cops couldn't let her look like the victim after the cop assaulting her. Even though they have Steffey's cousin saying on tape that Steffey was the victim, NOT the niece.
PLUS the nephew, that was supposedly attacked never showed up in court to testify under oath.
So if Steffey attacked HIM, why did he call 911 for Steffey? He called the cops ON HIS OWN SISTER!!

But then the cops write the report up as the nephew "reported a assault"...nothing else, and then they try to write it up as the niece as the victim, even after everyone has told them Steffey was the victim.
The nephew only wrote up the statement after being with his sister for the time it took the cops to get there.

Yeah Steffey was convicted, on rigged evidence, and the word of the arresting cop. Even though other witnesses testified that the cop was the problem, not her.

This sheriff needs to be removed from office, along with a bunch of his cronies.

London, UK

#6 May 25, 2009
\i think that closer attention should be given to the last seconds of Hope Steffey's stripping. The officer on her legs did appear to at least inappropriately place his right hand between her open legs at her anus or vagina. Why has that not been questioned as still photograph from Expose them all site clearly shows this.

Englewood, CO

#7 May 25, 2009
jane, I have called the sheriff's dept and asked what they were doing to Steffey during the "mat change", but they wouldn't say, because its still an active lawsuit.

So then I asked questions about general procedures. They still avoided the questions.

I have since got a copy of their policies, but NOT from them, I had to get them from the state. And policy states that women on their period are left with their panties on.

Well one of the questions I asked was if the cops had checked her for a tampon, the person at Stark County I was talking to tried to turn the question around on me and refused to answer.

But since the nurse never went in with them when she was stripped, I would have to wonder how this policy was implemented, if she wasn't there.

Just another mystery from Stark County Jail.

Steffey Tortured
Even blurred out you can still see the cop putting a submission hold on Steffey. Even ultimate fighters give up quickly when they are pinned in a submission hold, but then his opponent lets him go, unlike the cops that have Hope Steffey.

Englewood, CO

#8 May 25, 2009
Links to Steffey Torture

Even blurred out you can still see the cop putting a submission hold on Steffey. Even ultimate fighters give up quickly when they are pinned in a submission hold, but then his opponent lets him go, unlike the cops that have Hope Steffey.
Yeah a guy twice Steffey's size can't JUST restrain her, he has his arm jammed up under her arm, while she's in cuffs torturing her into submission.
Even after they remove the cuffs, the guy TWICE her size has her arm twisted up behind her. Not satisfied with JUST restraining her, he tortures her into submission.
EIGHT people there and they still resort to this BS! I just have to wonder where their SWAT team is!??!

Another woman that was there when Hope Steffey was assaulted, I wonder how she sleeps at night??

Saint Paul, MN

#9 May 28, 2009
"the lawsuit states [the deputies] suffered humiliation, severe emotional distress, disrepute in the community, and loss of wages and employment."
They clearly deserved all of that and more.
this is sick

Dudley, MA

#10 May 29, 2009
The police deserved so much more than they are ever going to get. This has opened up my eyes that the police are ignorant persons with violent passions and they need to be restranined as much as the criminals.
steve ross

Wheat Ridge, CO

#11 Jun 4, 2009
this is an important lawsuit, imagine if precedent is set that you can be sued for airing the wromgdoing of police.

Englewood, CO

#12 Jun 4, 2009
I don't see how this lawsuit is going to go anywhere.

For one thing I don't see how they could ever let this get to a trial, theres just too much "missing" evidence, too many excuses that make no sense, and too many unanswered questions.

Plus only one they are suing is the local TV station, but they aren't suing the national stations, and they looked just as bad on them as they did the local station.

Thats what these criminals don't get, it wasn't a news story that made them look bad, it was THEIR OWN ACTIONS!!

Somehow they just don't get it.

North Olmsted, OH

#13 Jun 5, 2009
Ukrainian woman should get day in court over botched translation at jail

By Shane Hoover staff writer
Posted Jun 04, 2009 @ 05:51 PM

A jury should hear a Ukrainian immigrant’s claim that a botched translation led to her wrongly being placed on suicide precautions at the Stark County Jail, a federal judge ruled this week.
But an appeal of that decision by the county and Sheriff Timothy Swanson means Valentina Dyshko’s case won’t go to trial next week as scheduled.
Dyshko, of Lake Township, filed her lawsuit last year.
In court papers, her attorneys say the jail employees violated Dyshko’s constitutional rights by communicating with her through an unqualified interpreter, and that the sheriff’s office has no policy on how to handle detainees or inmates who don’t speak English, which is contrary to national standards.
Further, Dyshko’s lawsuit says she missed three doses of medication for a serious blood disorder while in the jail, and that the ordeal caused her severe emotional distress and led to her being hospitalized.
The county argues that Dyshko’s rights weren’t violated and that the jail staff acted reasonably.
Neither David Malik, an attorney for Dyshko, nor James Climer, an attorney for the county and Swanson, would comment on the ruling.
The appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will take months to complete.


On March 10, 2006, Dyshko turned herself in on a misdemeanor warrant issued by Stark County Family Court. The charge, related to the home-schooling of her children, later was dismissed.
She speaks little to no English and sheriff’s deputies were unable to communicate with her. Unable to get a translator from a local Ukrainian church, the jail staff enlisted the help of a woman who is the mother-in-law of a corrections officer, according to court papers.
The interpreter spoke to Dyshko over the phone and asked her about her health and whether she was suicidal, and reported that Dyshko wanted to kill herself.
Dyshko was placed on suicide precautions. She voluntarily removed her clothing and was given a quilted gown to wear, which she maintains didn’t stay fastened.
She spent the weekend in jail, but was allowed to make phone calls to relatives and the Ukrainian Embassy, according to court papers.
The county asked U.S. District Court Judge John R. Adams to dismiss the case, saying Dyshko’s constitutional rights were not violated.
Procedures exist for communicating with Spanish-speaking inmates, but Dyshko was the first Ukrainian-speaking inmate encountered by the jail, and there was no reason to believe the interpretation was incorrect, the county argued.
In his ruling, Adams said a jury could reasonably conclude that Dyshko’s rights were violated and should hear the case.
He noted that, according to a translation of Dyshko’s comments at the jail by a different interpreter hired by the county for this case, Dyshko actually said,“Why would I want to die? I want to go to my kids.”
“A reasonable jury could conclude that this entire circumstance could have been avoided if a policy existed within the jail for attempting to obtain foreign language interpreters when the need arose,” Adams wrote.
Referring to the sheriff’s deposition, the judge took aim at what he called Swanson’s “declaration that the occasional foreign-language speaker resembles a space alien whose existence in Stark County does not require his attention or the promulgation of a policy.”
Dyshko’s attorneys also represent Hope Steffey, a Salem woman who is suing the jail over its use of suicide precautions. That case is pending before another judge in federal court.

Tulsa, OK

#14 Jun 5, 2009
If you go to jail, you don't get to talk your way out of being strip searched. You do what you are told and that's it. If not, force will be used and you will comply. Don't like it? Then don't act like an ass and go to jail.

Saint Paul, MN

#15 Jun 6, 2009
Boohooo well another commenter that has no idea what they are talking about, since the cops claim that this ISN'T a strip search.

And its easy to see you haven't seen the videos on YouTube. NONE of them back up the cops stories, but they do back up Steffey's claims, at least the videos that are there and not "missing".

And there are PLENTY of "missing" videos. And there are plenty of other victims of this county's police/corrections/etc people.

Not to mention the time after time the police have gotten caught in their LIES.

Just so you don't look like a fool on your next post, you might want to try to look some of this stuff up first.

Cleveland, OH

#16 Jun 9, 2009
It strip search would have been worth the trouble if she were hot. Sadly, though....

Lowville, NY

#17 Jun 14, 2009
boohooo wrote:
If you go to jail, you don't get to talk your way out of being strip searched. You do what you are told and that's it. If not, force will be used and you will comply. Don't like it? Then don't act like an ass and go to jail.
Let's see if you think that way when it is your family member being violated.

Vancouver, WA

#18 Jun 28, 2009
Invasion of privacy in the performance of a public duty. Taped on government video gear. Hmm, It will be interesting to see how they try to lay this argument out.

Englewood, CO

#19 Jun 29, 2009
They are laying it out as following their own policy. So if the sheriff makes the policy, it would be pretty hard to say they were doing something "wrong". And so far all the "investigators" have reported all the police polices & reports as fact.

And any video/audio that would directly support Steffey claims is either non existent or "missing".

Such as the strip video, the beginning of it, when Steffey says her legs were knocked out from underneath her and her nose slammed into the floor, is "missing".

The camera operator says she has no idea WHY the camera failed to record it all, BUT THEN the magic camera fixes itself JUST as they force Steffey to the bunk to strip her.

So was the camera examined? How many times had it done this before? How many times did it do this after this?

I have over 600 pages of evidence the BCI gathered in their "investigation", but I don't see anything that covers the magic camera mystery.

And that Lawrs is how they are are "laying their argument" lies & deception.

I can't post a lot of links on here, but check YouTube for Zemo999's list of videos on Hope Steffey.

Englewood, CO

#20 Jun 30, 2009
A few things get bent out of kilter in the news sometimes, heres a cut & paste post to resolve a few of them.

At Steffey’s trial it was brought up that she ’slipped a cuff’, the arresting officer testified at her trial that she TOLD HIM ABOUT IT, and was NOT trying to escape.

She was suffering from a concussion and she testified she was sick to her stomach with her hands forced behind her.

Same as her dead sisters license, the officer also testified that she was NOT trying to pass herself off as her dead sister with a PHOTO ID.

So all the ’speculation’ on that issue can now die.

The cop also had a body mic & remote for his cruiser video, when asked WHY he didn’t turn it on BEFORE assaulting Steffey, he testified in court that he “didn’t feel the need” to do so.

I called & asked the sheriff’s dept if that’s the way taxpayer supplied cameras are supposed to be used.
They said it “All depends”. I said you don’t have a written policy for when the cameras should be turned on? They said Yes, do you want a copy?
I said yes, send it to me.(That’s been like July of 2008, na da so far.)

Then we have the papers reports that there was “confusion” about who the victim was….OMG this is SO lame!

First we have Steffey’s cousin ON TAPE telling them they have to KNOW she’s the victim.

Second we have all the witnesses telling the cop Steffey was the victim.

Third we had the testimony of the cop HIMSELF saying that he went to his car to document Steffey’s injuries.

Forth the guy that actually called 911 was Steffey’s nephew, who is the brother of the 6 month pregnant niece that attacked Steffey.(This niece also testified that she had been drinking also.)

Seem “confused” to any of you?

Also Steffey’s cousin told the niece that SHE had called the cops, so she wouldn’t get mad at her brother. She testified that the niece then threatened her.

BTW this nephew was NOT at Steffey’s trial, he took off back to another state where he lived.(I guess maybe he didn’t want to have to testify against his sister.)

WOW, puts a little bit of a different slant on what you have heard maybe huh??

Massillon, OH

#21 Jul 13, 2009
I see she went for the money and decided to settle. Way to cave in John.

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