I was working with Tweeter (Montgomeryville Mall, PA) in September to have a TV installed over our fireplace and install surround sound, etc. They finally worked up a quote and asked for 20% down to hold the merchandise and schedule a date for installation. I put down the $2,500.00 via check on 10/18 which was about 3 weeks before they decided to declare bankruptcy! Then my sales guy got wind that they may go into bk, and told me he was going to have my deposit refunded…2 weeks later, I still didnt have my money back. I called him to find out what was up and he told me all accounts were frozen, and there was nothing he could help me with to get this money back and to get an attorney.

Bottom line is that now I have to petition the courts as a creditor to get it, and who knows how long that will take, not to mention the grief, or if I will ever get it at all! To me, this $2,500.00 was never their money to begin with, it was simply used to “hold” merchandise. They have now held my money for over a month. I have no TV, no DVD player, absolutely nothing in my hands. I essentially giftwrapped 2500.00 to Tweeter to use as cash for their bankrupcy mess. THIS IS BS.

Also, the courts have allowed gift cards to be used until the stores liquidate, which is supposed to be over in December…the stores can remain open and sell stuff, but I cant get my money refunded?? How can this happen ??????????