Cherokee Sheriff's Deputy Charged

A Cherokee County Sheriff's deputy has been arrested for allegedly plotting with a woman and two inmates to smuggle drugs and tobacco into the county jail through the U.S. Postal Service. Full Story
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Dark Knight

Loganville, GA

#1 Sep 12, 2006
I know Jeff personally and I know he would NEVER do anything like that. He is my best friend and I know that he's being set up or something. Jeff is the most upstanding and trust worthy guy you can ever meet. He doesnt even smoke. This is just plain crazy.
Not the Judge


#2 Apr 1, 2007
You know you may have a good point there on the SET UP deal, but just because he is a sheriff, and maybe an outstanding one are you sure he is so perfect? I am not accusung him as I don't know him, but when you say he is being set up please look around and really see he is not the only one that is being set up, but I guess you didn't see that or even gave it a second thought because it wasn't Your friend. there was a young man being held in the Cherokee County jail, on false charge's also, and was being hasseled the whole time he was there, by the so called guard's who are also sheriff's and who swore to protect and uphold the law . but sometimes I guess they even need a scape goat or alittle more money in their pocket, but now this young man doesn't have to worry about the harrasement and cruelty, he never got the chance to prove himself innocent, they already had him judged, tried , and convited and now took his life. Yes, he is not there any longer as he was found in his cell Thursday ,the 29th DEAD!!!!!!!!! How different it all is when it hit's home to someone you know or are close to , or you love, Bet he had some good stories to tell you when you were together laughing and joking about people and things they were accused of , but bet it didn't matter to you cause you weren't close to them . Did you care at all, when you read the paper, or did your friend ?. Bet not, you ask in your own way for mercy for your friend, where was your mercy when you read about this tradgedy? or the whole time he spent in jail . did you think about the childs Mother, everyone in the surrounding area, must have put the mother on a pedistal , she was no saint, they forgot she was a drug user, a stipper, but parents had money and now swept her away out of the state and apparently someone needed a scape goat . whats to say she didn't have a heavy hand in the matter herself, Maybe we all should raise some eyebrows and take a good look at what really is going on. I hope your friend can prove his innocence, He must have really made someone mad. Good luck and please remember not to judge unless you be judged It's to late now for Dale J. Richter but maybe some hope for the other innocent's that are still incarcerated, Maybe your friend can help them prove their innocence as well as his own. Ps if you read the whole story from the beginning I bet it will be an eye opener for all of you

United States

#3 Apr 4, 2007
suicide is a fitting end to a child abuser and child murderer. the only innocent person was his 4 year old victim. not to mention your comment is loaded with false statements. his mother was devastated and was not "whisked away" as you say. she did not see the monster that lurked beneath dale's smile anymore than you apparently did. she remains here, in GA, and continues to face ALL the consequences of this tradegy. the truth is not always what we want it to be, but your denials and lies don't change it either.

Dawsonville, GA

#4 Apr 4, 2007
Now, I am not sure who it was that put the title on you as GOD but I don't think any of us have the right for judgement and that day is so coming for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US and that does include Dale Richter and him and God DO know the truth and if you TRULY would have known Dale.. and don't try to tell me you do because if that was true you wouldn't have put the post in you did so don't even try to lie about it but I did know him all of his life and he was not a perfect human being and neither are any of us. I know it's truly awful about the baby not being able to be here for a full natural life which he truly deserved and my heart goes out to the people who truly loved that baby dearly including Dale. As far as Dale being the reason that Sebastian's destination was what it was is so not so. He loved that baby with all of his heart and actually was trying to help the baby since the mother didn't see it as her obligation. I have lost a child in my life so I know how devestating it is but Dale didn't take that babies life but I guess ya'll will figure that out on JUDGEMENT DAY!!! The best I can tell you now is I'm glad I won't be in your shoes on that day.

United States

#5 Apr 6, 2007
you seem to be the only person who has thought to call me god. i make no such claim. it is not judgement to speak the truth. you are confused. since you seem to be genuinely in sorrow for dale, i will not be cruel and state facts that will only serve to hurt you. but when you can face the truth, take a look at the evidence. but don't think that just because you aren't ready to face the truth, that no one else can or should.


#6 Apr 6, 2007
truth...Marietta...where is your proof? Were you there? And do yu believe that a suspect is automaticallly guilty because htey have been accussed? Do you not believe in the justice system...and that it should be operated within the law? Where is all this evidence you speak of? What a hypocrite!! Dale J had his life taken away as surely as the baby did...And no proof of how of why!! SHAME!!


#7 Apr 6, 2007
SHAME on the system...and on the hateful comments that roll out of others mouths...about the and others don't have a clue anymore thatn did the Sheriff Department...that's why it never came to court...the constant search to try to find something tangible to use against Dale...and they couldn't!! And now matter how many times you say that you know it is true...Where's proof?


#8 Apr 6, 2007
Maybe you are having your own grief at the loss of the little boy...just as Dale's family is having it's grief over his death...God forgive you and your hateful heart!!! And maybe you should go to the Sherrif if yu have all the answers for them that they could not prove!! Your own statement of finally accepting the truth should apply to you as well...This whole thing is a tragedy. System Fails All.

Lake Odessa, MI

#9 Apr 7, 2007

Monroe, GA

#10 Apr 7, 2007
Well, Well, Well, Yes.. I did call you GOD because you seem to be the one that THINKS all of your answers are correct but guess what.. I'll bet your missing one MAJOR piece of evidence. Bet nobody informed you that April told police the night this tragedy happened that she knew that it was an accident because Dale would never harm a child, am I right.. you need to go back for your investigation degree?????

United States

#11 Apr 9, 2007
i see denial. have it your way. lets see if i understand YOUR truth...mother is unfit and probably was the one that drove sebastian to kill himself. or no, lets see...hmmmm...oh yes, it was an accident, and baby got all tangled up and killed himself, but poor dale, the innocent victim, not to mention the horrible conspiracy of the forensics, the crime lab, the DA, the police, the sheriff, to frame him and charge him with murder, throw him in jail, brainwash or bribe other inmates to threaten him, and then once all these people realize they won't be able to make the charges stick, they hang poor dale in his cell and make it look like a suicide. no more facts are needed here! it all makes sense now. lets not mention the previous injuries, the drug use, the drug charges, the prior criminal charges, report to DFAC that sebastian was in danger, or the fact that sebastian was forcefully suffocated and NOT by being tangled up. sorry i even dare to mention there are supporting facts. evidence of the truth. shhhhhh.


#12 Apr 9, 2007
The mother unfit, well, you do know her after all. The paper trail that they had to follow Dale, botched!Conspiracy, well, your learning Cherokee County FINALLY, Duh!!! Are you not aware of the fact that the county has been under investigation for over three years because of the wrongful doings in their jail system? I honestly do feel sorry for the people that Sebastian left behind and it's a sad tragedy for sure but April was just as much into the SCENES as Dale was and if you look back at the newspaper articles right from the beginning of this it will tell you that the grandmother stated that she feared the baby feared his mother!!! Get your facts straight!. I'm really having a hard time understanding why you can't seem to understand that there was no murder, just a hard on for a man that took some of "Their own" down in a different county so they were hell bent to get him for whatever they had to and they did so now with your close mind you can be soever grateful that Dale no longer can haunt ya'll and April can go on with her life and she'll never have to worry about Dale taking care of her and her child, supporting her and giving her and her son love any more now will she. So since the case is obviously closed now she can go on with her life and not worry about death any more, let's see what her trial brings out though huh!!! hmmmm, imagine, she has to go to trial and why if she is such a good girl and such a wonderful mother?
a family friend


#13 Apr 11, 2007
I can see the pain of both families in this double-death tragedy...and the natural response to defend one's own family...but the actual truth was never presented in court...and all the time in the world and all the "defense" family makes now will not bring back their loved one...The investigation is now on the side of the "law" and their part in the wrongful death of an inmate placed under their watch..Beware to April...accused also horrible acts...And any thing that was in the history of Dale's previous charges were never acts of violence to a child!!! He was no saint, never claimed he was!! And Spril is not a saint either.
All the name calling now and the accusations flying out of hateful hearts and from the grief left behind is not going to bring either one of them back!! It is time to let it go and lay it at the feet of Jesus!! After all, He / God is the final judge in all things...and no grandmother's hate, no family member's defense is going to anything now but to keep dragging the memory through the mire of despair...It is time to rest and remember the love that we shared...that you shared with lost family member!!! Hate is the action of Satan, and will only keep you in his power...nothing good can come from harboring the insanity of hate!!

Monroe, GA

#14 Apr 11, 2007
I certainly agree with you and at the same time it is so hard to not be the voice of the ones no longer with us to speak for themselves so your right, no argueing is going to bring either one back and they were both truly loved by many. They are both with God now and Both are free.. even without a trial which should have been but!!!!
To Marietta TRUTH


#15 Apr 14, 2007
I only see the grief and pain in your statements regarding the death of your little loved one--Sebastian--amd a great hate for Dale Richter...and I see no proof or truth in any thing that you harbor in you statements...Why is it that you can see what even the law couldn not find...the proof of Dale's accused wrongdoing??? The hate and fear in your heart is going to be the devastaion of ruin in your heart!!! Why did grandma fear for her grandson on the acts of the mother??? Why did the grandmother call DFAS about the fears and not mention Dale...only the mother???? Why is it that those condemming Dale so certain that he was guilty...the predudice of the few is sad to behold...Dale loved his family...he loved Sebastain and he loved life!!! He did not take that little boys life...and He did not take his own life!!! Justice will only be served when Cherokee County is held accountable for their harrasment and failures!!! DFAS should be accountable for not following up on the grandmother's call!!! Maybe then the two lost lives could have been avoided!!! One family cannot grieve more than another...loss of a loved one is still a loss that burdens the heart forever...Quit being so darn hateful!!!! and start being more helpful!!! Demand an investigation....find some compassion in you self for the other family...and if you do have all the proof that the Cherokee County investigators could not find...then maybe you should be forth coming with it and put and end to this COLD CASE....You seem to know many truths...Were you there?? Or are you just one of the many hateful and spiteful persons that just want to keep Satan's Rule controlling you life and the lives of those that are truly grieving over this abhorant insident??? Let go of your predudices and hate...lay it at the feet of Jesus and be done with it!!! There was no proof and there is no proof and Dale was not guilty of child abuse nor was he guilty of murdering a small child...nor did he take his own life without help!!!! Face those truths !!!!


#16 Apr 17, 2007
How did this article of a sheriff being suspect to an answer column to the demise of the youg man found hanging in his cell...and what a tragedy that was... I certainly hope that the officer is treated more fairly in his investigation than what other "suspects" are!!

Monroe, GA

#17 Apr 17, 2007
Don't know how it ended up in this article but I agree, hope the officer gets better treatment than Dale Richter did, Suspect not convicted, case closed.
Edison Hisown

Woodstock, GA

#18 Apr 18, 2007
Pathetic that some people have nothing better to do than sit on here and ant about something they know NOTHING about. Too bad you don't know Miss Nowak- she truly is a wonderful person who loves her little boy more than anything in the world. My suggestion is this: get busy living your own life and leave this poor girl alone. She has been through enough.

Justice and vengence is only God's to give- for only he truly knows what happenedd to Dale Richter and to beautiful little Sebastian. Dale, nor any other envolved, will escape the eyes of God.

Monroe, GA

#19 Apr 19, 2007
You are right, God is the final judge of all but Dale's defense didn't start this posting, it was someone who either knows April or just read the stupid papers. I don't expect April not to defend herself or Dale's family either but she can speak her mind, he no longer can so the family NEEDS to defend him. Leave the poor girl alone, well, maybe they should have left Dale alone also but they didn't and his family is going through as much pain if not more than April's is, they both lost their lives but Nobody took Sebastian's but Dale paid the ultimate price for his death just the same so now April can rejoice!!!!
Edison Hisown

Woodstock, GA

#20 Apr 19, 2007
True ignorance at it's finest... you read it here just above my posting, folks.

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