What I would really like to know is what caused my house to shake like it was in a california earthquake yesterday around 10am. I found the area it happened, which was easy to find living in such a small town. Only reason it concerns me is because I live in williamsburg, CO which is a few miles away, yet even with that distance, it shook my whole house, scared the hell out of my wife and I. We were home just relaxing, with our 4 month old daughter, and first thing I thought was something happened to her in her crib while she was sleeping. Of course it was an overreaction, but still concerns me that the local police refuse to ever give us actual information. They act like they are secret service or something. When I called the non-emergency number all they told me was "we have it under control "for now". Then nothing. No news on it, at all. What is going on in our community? Was it a drug lab blowing up or a water heater? We all need to know these things to protect our families... So if anyone knows what happened, PLEASE Spill the beans!