Healthcare Reform - Obamacare

Healthcare Reform - Obamacare

Created by Shocking on Nov 3, 2011

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Kinder, LA

#22 Apr 1, 2012
There is NO better time to be selfish than here and now.

Healthcare is NOT a luxury item. It is a necessity in life. I am not talking about booby or other body part ajustments; those are luxuries. I am talking about wellness care and treatment for diseases.

Maybe if people could afford to go to the doctor on a regular basis, they would take better care of themselves (nip issues in the bud). Then we would see real healthcre savings and a healthier/happier society!

Be selfish, support Obamacares and see volume based/negotiated savings. Isn't Free Enterprise based on volume sales?

I don't know if you heard, but last summer the healthcare insurance industry was complaining about having to cover chronic diseases (asthma). You know people change jobs/health insurance. They don't feel like the coverage of the day should have to pay for transplants from a chronic illness when the individual has been on the plan for a short period of time. Just like they are complaining about covering people with pre-existing conditions.

Is healthcare really where you want to see the 1% get richer? At your expense?????
Pre Existing Condition

Kinder, LA

#23 Apr 1, 2012
You know as you age, all will have a pre-existing condition.

By getting rid of Obamacares, you are shooting yourself in the foot and you will not have insurance coverage to pay to repair it.

Think about it!
Bogus Beware

Basile, LA

#24 Apr 10, 2012

The Bogus Obamacare-Deficit Study

Kinda makes you wonder why they would lie, doesn't it? What are they really worried about? Maybe that it would be a "Good Thing"?
IfObamacaresIsSt ruckDown

Breaux Bridge, LA

#25 Apr 24, 2012

Obamacare collapse would put employers in charge

Very interesting article. It WILL affect you one way or another.

Who would you prefer to be in charge of healthcare, Gov't (taxpayers) or Employers (1% Greed and High Profits come first)? Hope you read the article about the range of costs associated with an Appendectomy ($1600 to $183000). Once they take over healthcare they WILL go after Medicare - can you really afford, in your seventies and eighties, to deal with ever increasing premiums, if you can get coverage, and fighting to get procedures covered and paid?

Seriously consider all the facts!
What If

Kinder, LA

#26 May 18, 2012
What if Mitt R. is put in the WH and the Supreme Court reverses new healthcare law.

How will it affect you?

Those of you who are in favor, are you rich enough to pay for the ever increasing premiums (pay now) or take a much higher deductible (pay later)? According to Mitt R., tax breaks will be for the 1%. Most agree the 1% don't create good paying Middle Class jobs w/benefits (just look at the jobs Mitt created at Bain). Work VISA's will be handed out like candy - no such thing as job security.

How about the ones getting ready to retire (or retired). Mitt R. said he will get rid of the regs on WallStreet. If the carelessness (Jamie Dimon's words) continues, how will you live to pay your bills? 401k will not be secure. How will you beable to afford the ever increasing For Profit Medicare premiums?

You will not have SS to fall back on because they want to stop deducting and have you take care of it on an individual basis. Think ALL your neighbors will have a nest egg (or will they hunt at night)?

All those who are OK right now, think things will not change under Mitt R.? Based on his record, who will win at the end of the day, the 1% or you?
GOP now for Obammacare

Kinder, LA

#27 May 19, 2012
Read entire article.

More Hypocrisy From GOP's Crack Team of Health Care Con Artists

As Politico reports: "If the law is partially or fully overturned they'll draw up bills to keep the popular, consumer-friendly portions [of Obamacare] in place -- like allowing adult children to remain on parents' health care plans until age 26, and forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Ripping these provisions from law is too politically risky, Republicans say."

OK, in order for this new law to work, everyone MUST contribute - mandate. Will save healthcare and Medicare in the long run.

Has the GOP seen the light or just trying to pull a fast one on the 99%? Say/promise anything to get elected. Can you afford to find out?
Gutting Medicare

Church Point, LA

#28 May 22, 2012
Keep reading about Obamacares cutting Medicare - which is not completely accurate.

If we are going to save Medicare, we need most (if not all Americans) going to the doctor for preventive and early intervention medical care. Only way to do this is if all Americans, beginning at age of majority (18) to start paying into the healthcare system. Not all will take advantage of the coverage (that in itself would be a blessing - good health), but it would insure that affordable medical treatment would be there when they did need it. This and negotiated voulume discounts will force the cost of healthcare/insurance to go down. I really don't know a better way at this point. Take healthcare out of the For Profit market would be a GREAT Start! This would be a huge taxpayer savings if money is their only concern.

The way it stands now, you have people with severe illnesses getting lifesaving medical treatment at age 65 when they sign up for Medicare. This cannot continue for fiscal nor Christian reasons.

As a Christian, I would put medical treatment ahead of high profits any day of the week. At least this is the message I keep hearing from GOD!

How about you?

Church Point, LA

#29 May 23, 2012
I was watching a program not too long ago. On One segment they interviewed about 20 people from Mississippi about how the economy was going and their feelings on welfare.

Even after they watched it, I don't think they saw themselves as being MORONS!

They were against Obama for helping people with unemployment insurance, food stamps and healthcare reform. Almost all DID NOT have a job, no healthcare and were on food stamps. One, without most of his teeth, said the Gov't owed him his food stamps.

How many on this tread can relate to these people?

You are against temp welfare and healthcare reform because you don't see yourself in need. If Mitt R. is in the WH, the greedy 1% will do away with these programs (Paul Ryan is working on it now) and with Work Visas (bringing people from other countries to take your jobs) you WILL be left out in the cold.

Church Point, LA

#30 May 23, 2012
Oh, I forgot, the majority of the people interviewed were white men (different ages).
Good News

Hosston, LA

#31 Jun 1, 2012
Read entire article

ObamaCare Isn't Just About Health Care - It's a Winning Jobs Issue

Massachusetts is the only state in the country where you don't have to worry about losing your health insurance if you lose your job, and it will remain that way if Mitt Romney, the man who signed that Massachusetts bill into law, gets elected president. But if President Obama beats him, every state in the Union will join Massachusetts in 2014.

The number one issue in the election, the issue that will decide who will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next January 20th, is jobs. President Obama's reelection prospects will be determined by how many of the small percentage of voters who are up for grabs decide that they might as well give Romney a chance, since their economic prospects are just as shaky now as when President Obama took office. It might help if they could see ObamaCare as a jobs issue, which it clearly is.

Many of the independent voters who will determine the presidential election are confused by the Affordable Care Act, as its passage has offered no relief for a major worry in their lives: if they lose their job, they'll lose their health insurance. Or maybe they've already been forced to take a job without health insurance, or are self-employed or out of work. In that case, they may well be among the 51 million uninsured Americans who are worried that one major illness will wipe out whatever financial security they have left. Other swing voters might like to leave their jobs and start a small business, but they are locked into their current jobs until they reach 65 and qualify for Medicare. All that will change in 2014 if they vote for President Obama -- which they might be more likely to do if they knew that.

KEEP IN MIND: Mitt R. is now ASHAMED of this legislation in Mass. EVER WONDER WHY? Cannot make HUGE PROFITS if you provide healthcare. If everyone pays into the fund and receives preventive care, then healthcare will be affordable for all. Just think about volume discounts; the 1% have and they DON'T want them; will cut into their profits! NOT Christian like. They should be making huge profits on luxury items. You know, the 1% can start screwing each other over rather than the 99%.

United States

#32 Jun 7, 2012
The people of Canada were pleading with Americans not to vote for Obama's health care plan. I know of a woman from Australia that needs heart surgery ASAP, it has been over a year and she is still waiting. Everyone is getting away from socialized medicine, Americans are going towards it. What makes us think it will work here when it hasn't worked anywhere else? If you have ever been to UMC for yourself or have taken anyone else there, that was an example of how it will be everytime you go to the doctor. If the majority of the people opposed to this plan are working people with good benefits, can you blame them for not wanting this? They work for their benefits after all, unlike some. People that are paying taxes and those that have in the past, should get better benefits. It won't be that way with "Obamacare". Working people will be sitting in the waiting room along with all the deadbeats, getting the same low quality of care, yet paying for both. ENOUGH

Ville Platte, LA

#33 Jun 7, 2012
First, Obamacares, as you put it, requires people to be insured. This would not make it socialized medicine. You would follow the guidelines of the insurance "FOR PROITE" company.

Expanding Medicare would be considered socilized medicine (big volume discounts with no profit margin). I bet there are more success stories than horror. Medicare, like current health plans, would have a dollar and benefit limit based on life choices. It would make people more accountable. Maybe more would quit smoking, lose weight, exercise and eat right...DO THE RIGHT HEALTHY THING.(You know how people are tired of the ones on Welfare (cheating the system). Well I am tired of the ones not taking care of themselves and then running up healthcare bills! The people of Canada would NOT like to pay the premiums we pay (in some areas the premium is higher than the mortgage payments) and run the risk of not being covered. How many ins. cos. would be willing to sell a policy to that heart patient? Keep in mind there are a lot of horror stories here too!

With the cost of healthcare ever rising, you will not have Medicare to fall back on based on what the Repubs want to do. Paul Ryan's plan will provide premium assistance. You have to FIND a plan that will cover you. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! If you can afford the premiums, you will have a high deductible and co-pay. How many healthcare professionals will want to deal with you then. Just ask someone on Medicaid now.

BEFORE you make up your mind, research with an OPEN mind. You owe that the your "Retired self".

Ville Platte, LA

#34 Jun 7, 2012
"For Profit" sorry.
MedicareDrug Changes

Jena, LA

#35 Jun 14, 2012

Would reversing health law end Medicare drug discounts?

Billions of dollars in drug savings for Medicare beneficiaries may come to an end if the Supreme Court overturns the 2010 federal health law, a drug industry spokesman said.

Don't miss these Health stories

The law provides “the necessary legal framework” for drug companies to slash brand-name drug prices by half for seniors and people with disabilities when they enter a coverage gap in their Medicare drug plans, Matthew Bennett, a spokesman for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, said Tuesday. Eventually the discounts grow so that the gap, known as the doughnut hole, is closed by 2020. Butif the law goes, the discounts may go, too.

“Without that legal framework, there are many questions that arise about whether the discount program could continue,” he said.

As part of the negotiations in the health care debate in 2009, drug makers pledged $80 billion over 10 years to cut the doughnut hole expenses for consumers and help provide funding to cover the uninsured. More than 5.1 million Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in the Part D drug plans saved more than $3.2 billion on prescription drugs from March 2010 through December 2011 because of the health law provision, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. In the first four months of this year, seniors saved another $301.5 million.

Until the Affordable Care Act’s coverage gap drug discounts,“nearly one in four seniors reported skipping doses, cutting pills in half or not filling a prescription, simply due to cost,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said at town hall meeting for seniors on Monday

AFTER READING ENTIRE ARTICLE, STOP AND THINK HOW THIS WOULD AFFECT YOUR RETIRED SELF? Still willing to repeal it and make the 1% richer??? Notice how Mitt R. doesn't take much about this; only about removing regs from EPA and WallStreet?

Hosston, LA

#36 Jun 17, 2012

GOP on health care: Repeal quickly, replace slowly

After reading this article, they are telling you that they DON'T care about the 99%. They will NOT put back the GOOD parts of the reform.

Those of you who say REPEAL, I hope you DON'T lose your house when the CANCER diagnosis comes to you. The Repubs in the Insurance Cos's back pocket DON't care about you now and will certainly will not care about you when you lose your house and are on WELFARE! THEY CARE ABOUT PROFITS!!!


I wonder how Mitt R. will flip/flop on this one. He is great at "unearned income", where is his experience with "earned" income and other 99% issues? Ever thought about that?

Church Point, LA

#37 Jun 28, 2012
It's official, the law stands - individual mandate will be handled differently.

This is Great News!

It is the first step in getting healthcare costs under control. We need to move to individual policies and then expand Medicare for basic coverage (SAVE MEDICARE!).

This is a Great day in our life!!!!

Church Point, LA

#38 Jun 28, 2012
IT IS ABOUT time we use American Taxpayer taxes to cover social programs that benefits all taxpayers.

WE NEED TO spend DEFENSE money more efficiently. If we stop giving the bank away to corporations with Gov't contracts, tax revenue could more than cover healthcare, save Medicare, save SS and pay down the debt. Need to cut out subsidies to oil cos. We need to support green technology so one day (in the near future) we will NOT be dependent on the Middle East for oil. LA should be on the forefront of green technology. We SHOULD be getting more money to save our coastline NOW; not a maybe in 10 years!!!

DEFENSE spending in the past has been out of control. Proof, there are war planes costing billions of taxpayer dollars that will NEVER see war; unsafe. We had helicopters that were not safe enough to fly. STAR WARS was a joke.

How about the Defense department treating these big Corporations using the WALMART guarantee - if the equipment doesn't work - return for a FULL REFUND!!!!!

Church Point, LA

#39 Jun 28, 2012

Top 5 falsehoods about the health care law

It would pay to learn the truth about the law and see how this will help all Americans in the future.

Mitt R. lied to you today. He said he would repeal the law his first day. HE WOULD NOT HAVE THAT POWER! Does he think he would be elected "DICTATOR". Isn't he the one that criticizes Obama for using his executive powers?
fed up

United States

#40 Jun 28, 2012
Another Goddamned thing this president and congress is legally forcing people to do.we all know damn well these insurance companies are going to jack up prices just because they can now- legally.always somebody thats got to change things, make new laws , regulations,etc.the bottom line is money. All in someones pockets if you look deep enough.its sad.very sad that the government we have forcing people to do something we dont want to do.not much different than hitler forcing poor people to the gas chambers.

Church Point, LA

#41 Jun 28, 2012
Top management in insuance co. now make millions to "jack up",as you put it, premiums and find creative ways to NOT pay claims.

No longer. This law will NOT allow insurance cos. to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions (that may be you now or later) and raise premiums for sick people.

Maybe the reserve will work the way it should; pay claims not millions in compensation packages to mgmt.

The real answer is to expand Medicare so more of the premiums go to healthcare instead of mgmt. compensation! Other industrialized nations have done it with success.

Hitler and the gas chambers - REALLY!!! You need to turn Fox News OFF, NOW!

The law is NOT perfect, but a REALLY good start!

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