Southeast Kansas teacher accused of s...

Southeast Kansas teacher accused of sex with student

There are 1262 comments on the Newton Kansan story from Mar 13, 2007, titled Southeast Kansas teacher accused of sex with student. In it, Newton Kansan reports that:

A teacher at a Christian school in southeast Kansas has been charged with having sex with a 14-year-old girl who was her student, authorities said.

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K in the SEK

United States

#1 Mar 14, 2007
How about the apologist letter from the Tyro pastor in the Independence Reporter this week. All that was missing was an accusation that the 14 year old was asking for it!

Canton, KS

#2 Mar 15, 2007
Whoever wrote that first comment is stupid. Why would a 14-yr-old girl ask for somethin' like that?

Coffeyville, KS

#3 Mar 15, 2007
I think its absurd that anyone would even pretend that the Church or School is blaming anyone for anything... The teacher (whom I happended to know personally bc I am alumni) is completely at fault and I dont think that the Pastor of the church said anything differntly. He also said that the church preaches love and forgiveness and that is what they are going to practice, but that they also believe in justice, and they pray that Justice is carried out on the teacher. I have never been anything but proud to be apart of this school family, and I will NEVER change my stance on that. No one can ever know this is going to happen, christian school or not, and no one can blame anyone but the person who acted this way for anything either. Id hope that you ppl are the praying kind, and pray for these ppl of God while they are going through this... I know the administration personally, since i atteneded this school for all but 4 years of my entire school career. Dont let one on person did make you say things about ppl that have so much integrity. I think through this the teachers, staff, and administrator are going to show you nothing but that. Thank you.

Coffeyville, KS

#4 Mar 15, 2007
and im not from kingman ks... im from indy... I didnt put that there... humm...
K in SEK

Burlington, KS

#5 Mar 15, 2007
Disturbed wrote:
Whoever wrote that first comment is stupid. Why would a 14-yr-old girl ask for somethin' like that?
Hey idiot, why don't you read and comprehend what is written before you start calling people names.
If you read the comment, in context with the letter from the TCC pastor on the front page of the Independence Report(don't get me started on lack of media integrity there...)you would clearly see that TCC is only concerned about saving poor child rapist Mote and mention concern about the 14 year old only..."Lastly". Very compassionate Pastor.
K in the SEK

United States

#6 Mar 15, 2007
Nobody actually said she asked for it. The point is, is that the victim is only a footnote in the pastor's open letter which was in the Independence Daily Reporter. He seems to only care about the sexual predator and making sure she gets counseling. Well guess what, once a sexual predator always a sexual predator. They are never cured. I understand the deputy sheriff in Montgomery County is the brother of this woman and they were never interested in even looking into the situation. The county attorney had to get involved. Isn't it rather odd that the national media hasn't gotten ahold of this story? I imagine it's because the church and the sheriff's department are trying to cover this up. Wonder what Nancy Grace would think about this!!!
tyro lifer

Oklahoma City, OK

#7 Mar 15, 2007
Here's what the preacher bycroft had to say in his March 4 sermon, the day after he learnd of the incident.

Listen to it yourself here: % 20sermons.htm

The sermon didn't mention the incident in particular but was clearly about it and cover-up is clearly right on. The sermon was about faith.

It is important for us (the Tyro CC -TCC) right now because of "what is in front of us." As "God's RIGHTEOUS people" we must live by faith not in site if the immediate future, especially when something "GOD size" comes along (like lesbian child molestors).

The "target" is on them (TCC) because the "devil doesn't like what's going on there...lives changed, people growing in the Lord, souls saved." Seems to me the devil likes what is going on - christian role models molesting children. Yes, lives changed, that of the 14 yr old girl.

The devil wants to silence us and shut us down.

The devil is trying to silence them.

Then special emphasis was placed on Hebrews 10:39; Bycroft told them to "take out your pins and put TCC by it" because they are not those that shrink back. Really, is that why you took down her picture and changed the bio?

God is going to work through trials and difficulties that are "ENFORCED" upon us. Preacher do you mean the laws against molesting innocent young girls.

Live by faith in uncertain times because the earth is cursed and bad things happen to "GOOD" people. So preacher the devil made her do and Marcy is a "good" person. I know that you, preacher, would be the first to say that "good" people don't go to heaven.

Then the sermon goes to Romans 8 where he tells us that no matter what you encounter or go through God intercedes for us when we call. Just call on the lord Marcy, He will save you from prison.

Your not defeated; your an overcomer, a conquirer, victorious, triumpant enven though uncertain circumstances fall on us. They didn't fall on Marcy, she chose them.

So it seems that the sermon was all about Marcy, a good person whom the devil made do bad things but God will save her. I didn't here anything about personal responsibility, the victim - pretty much have faith and sweep it under the rug.

As was said before they can do no wrong - the devil made me do it.
mom of 2

Abilene, KS

#8 Mar 16, 2007
THe whole ordeal is very odd! Why first and for most you want your kid to go to a school that is more of a cult then a church.THey all try to press them selves on the comunity as good people.Ha they all smoke and drink and sin just the same as the rest!SO maybe now some one will take head and see the example of what it's member's are really like.I never would have sent my children to that school for a moment.And secondly the women schould be very ashamed of her self for even doing this.And I can only say I feel sorry for her own family who now knows that there mother is sick it is very sad when you know they have young children at home and doing harmful thing's to those that are suppose to look up to them as a role model.
for all have sinned

United States

#9 Mar 16, 2007
where did the cult thing come from??? Maybe you don't know the members of that church.The bottom line is that Marcy and the young lady need our prayers not our bashing. People make mistakes are you human??? We are all human and often sin. The important thing is that we make it right before God not before men. Men will always turn against you but God won't. These comments are all crazy. Why is it necessary that we need to judge her, God will do that when the time comes. I think what she did is wrong but I also know that she needs our prayers not our bashing.. The school is not a cult either. How could they be when they are teaching math, reading, and the basics.? How can they turn that into a cult?? the comment about they all smoke, and drink? When you say they all your talking about all 1000 people I don't think so.!!! Get your facts straight!!!!!!!
K in the SEK

United States

#10 Mar 16, 2007
She didn't just make a "mistake" as you call it. What she did was morally and ethically wrong. She committed a crime against a child which to me is as bad as it gets. We are not judging her. She has admitted to committing these horrendous acts.

Please remember we are brought into this world having been given free will. She made the decision to act and now she needs to be punished her on earth by being put away for as long as the law allows so she will never do this to another child!!!
tyro lifer

Oklahoma City, OK

#11 Mar 16, 2007
Amen K

Coffeyville, KS

#12 Mar 16, 2007
Mrs. Mote isn't the horrible person that everyone trys to make her out as. Im a freshman at Tyro school, and i had her as a teacher for the last 2 years. She is a wonderful person who made a mistake. We all do. What she needs most right now is support, not people insulting her. And if you went to Tyro for just one day, you would see that we are not a cult. And people shouldnt use this situation as an opportunity to talk bad about the school or their teachers. It's not right.

Bartlesville, OK

#13 Mar 17, 2007
My husband went to this school and i laughed at the situation,yes it sux but i laughed b/c this church is so hypocritical.they shunned us b/c we had premarital sex YET one of the members there had a bastard child and nothing was said,when sex accusations at other schools happen they would basically hang the accused teacher and talk all this smack and would say rhat norhing like that would ever happen at Tyro.yea right it didnt happen there.and honey ur a FRESHMEN you dont know anything.youre gullible right now.everyone makes mistakes yea i know,but shes a PEDOPHILE(has sex with children)dont forget.

Bartlesville, OK

#14 Mar 17, 2007
and yes that place is more of a cult than a of the reasons we stopped going.i always knew something fishy like that was gonna happen.maybe now thye will stop being so stuck up and actually letting outsidders in.
B from coffeyville

Coffeyville, KS

#15 Mar 17, 2007
I feel sad for all the families involved...its heart breaking.
Proud Momma _01

Ashburn, VA

#16 Mar 17, 2007
Okay I agree totally with Htothet87. I went to that school. It was a joke back then and its a joke now. My aunt always said that Tyro was a cult. 2001, two female students were kicked out for getting pregnant. I was one of them, I felt like all the adults (teachers) had turned their back on me...They might as well have stoned me to death for my sin. I accepted that I was responsible for getting kicked out just a few weeks before graduation. The other girl and I were not allowed to have anything to do with the rest of the students when we came in to take our finals. They told us we could come to the graduation but we WERE NOT allowed to walk with the class. The following year my friend had told me about two girls in the senior class had been drinking and was making out. Their punishment? They had to apologize in front of the school. Abomination?!?! Apparently they didn't believe so. Now this, Mrs. Mote a trusted woman...a "role model" ...a woman of God? You people that said we all make mistakes? Having sexual intercourse with a 14 yr old girl who is a student isn't a mistake. What would you do if you had a child and your child's teacher introduced them to child molestation and homosexuality? Would you just pat them on the head and nicely say "Hey its alright, you just made a mistake?" HA! The only thing I'll pray about for Mrs. Mote is that she with receive the punishment she deserves. Tyro needs to accept the fact that they are no better than the sinners that they shun.
Proud TCC Member

Wann, OK

#17 Mar 17, 2007
First of all none of us know all the facts, the paper only gives you the information they want you to have and make it alot worse so they can make more money. Unfortunately everyone wants to judge Marcy or the church, this is not a church issue but a person that admitted she had sinned. The Bible teaches us that we are not to judge, ONLY God can. Second if you would take the time to read the paper Pastor Bycroft did send apologies to the victim and her family and offer to pay for counseling. Third TCC is not a cult. If you would take time to attend the church you would see that for yourself. No TCC is not the perfect church but the leaders of the church go by the Bible. Forth if any one wants to listen to the message that was given last Sunday if was about admitting sin, asking forgiveness, understanding how God sees sin (Sin is sin, if you haven't sinned then yes you may throw stones......but everyone of us has sinned!), understanding how God wants to forgive all sin, then understanding how to help those who have fallen. No I don't agree with what has happened, but I do forgive, and I for one will stand behind her and her family!
tyro lifer

Oklahoma City, OK

#18 Mar 17, 2007
From post above - "First of all none of us know all the facts, the paper only gives you the information they want you to have and make it alot worse so they can make more money. Unfortunately everyone wants to judge Marcy or the church, this is not a church issue but a person that admitted she had sinned."

Facts? What more do you need to know than Marcy Mote penetrated at 14 year old student? It would be interesting to know with what though? What did the sheriff search for and find with that search warrant. BTW, it is public record and when I get to Montgomery County I am going to get a copy of the report (if any of you up there want to get it I am sure many of us would like to see the "facts").

"not a church issue" - she was employed by the church, as is her husband, and if the incident happened in her home, right across the street from the church, I am 99% sure it is owned by the church.

I to was shunned by that church. H from B'ville is right on. I have seen it happen more than once. TCC won't marry you if you been divorced before. That is very strange seeing how God forgives and you would think they would want a couple who is trying to live godly lives starting out w/ a "christian" marriage. TCC won't let you be an elder if you have been divorced - I thought god forgave them - why can't TCC?

But alas, once your an elder it doesn't matter what your children do; molest children or be on your 3rd marriage it's ok - god loves them. Too bad, so sad for the rest of you suckers. And yes when you are that involved w/ the church and your children are; I think you should step up and say obviously I didn't raise my children very well when they make those kinds of choices in there lives - so Jerald Medsker step down! What did you do to make both your daughters turn? Molest them or was it your overbearing, overprotecting ways? I spent a year or two in school (FKHS)w/ Lori before moving - she was drinking alcohol during lunch hour when she was a sophmore. I remember her family wanted her to stop seeing her now ex-husband because he came from a broken home or something. Bet he wished they would have succeeded now; I heard she left him for an alcoholic. BTW, does anyone know where he is now?

I am going to make it back there in the next few weeks and am going to go back to that church just to see how they will "welcome" me back; I'll report back what kind of reception I get.

Okmulgee, OK

#19 Mar 19, 2007
It is a horrible thing that happened but what we need to remember is that if we cast the first stones and judge we are no better than she is ... A sin is a sin no matter who or how big it is God looks at sin all the same. Calling the church a cult and critisizing also makes us no better than her...A SIN IS A SIN NO MATTER.... What we need to do is pray for the victim and her family and for Marcys family....I will be and I will pray for all you judging her when it is not our place, so God wont judge you to harshly......Lets Pray...

Coffeyville, KS

#20 Mar 19, 2007
For those of you who "believe" a sin is just a sin, I will pray for you. A CHILD was involved. A child is supposed to be Pure and Innocent! Just ask yourself what would you do or think if it was your child...

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