Eddie Dodson VS.Chrissy Oconner

Eddie Dodson VS.Chrissy Oconner

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Gloversville, NY

#1 Oct 3, 2012
SO all have you heard the news?????Eddies girlfriend is haveing a baby,and the whore Chrissy is getting married..Can you believe that the hogger is gonna lay with one man??? Eddie is happy and so is Dorothy,Chrissy lost weight from snorting dont let her tell you stress,Lets put in a bet Chrissy wont stay married 1 YEAR.IF Eddie told her to jump off a cliff she would this is how much she is in love with him still as for Dorothy she has no use for Chrissy she has a new mommy so poor Chrissy is out....

United States

#2 Oct 4, 2012

Long Lake, NY

#3 Oct 5, 2012
eddie go steal some more,now you be stealing toys

Woburn, MA

#4 Oct 5, 2012
Just got told we're Topic celebrities again!! Yay!! So glad that everyone is so concerned with us!! Keep posting because we just read and laugh!! Great stuff!!
Congratulations to Chris on her "engagement". That's a real pretty ring you posted on FB last night! Alongside all the other tacky ones.... Some class amongst the trash!
Just wondering when you plan on callling/texting the beautiful child you handed to us on a platinum platter? It's been at least 2 weeks since the daughter you claim to love has heard from you. Her # hasn't changed.

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Oct 26, 2012
To yuppers and psml....you two people seem to suffer from your own personal problems and then want to put it on someone else...spend more of your time being happy and living your lives instead of worrying about others. The secret to a happy positive existence starts with yourselves. Seek counseling it may help you two with you're issues.

Canajoharie, NY

#6 Oct 26, 2012
Seriously "factitioner", you must be a dumbass or the crackwhore herself....Dorothy's father and Jennifer are the BEST thing that could have happened to that girl. Nobody has to "put their problems on someone else" Christine O'Connor is a drunk, crackwhore, and child abuser. You need to get your FACTS straight. Christine needs counseling. And rehab. And anger management. And a rubber room!. You obviously dont know her. Or you've contracted an STD from her and are delerious. Good luck with your delusions......

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Oct 27, 2012
People seriously. As someone who lives here and knows all the people involved on this post I have a couple of things to say. How many kids does Jen have now and last time I checked she is still married to someone else so who has a problem keeping thier legs closed. Also I'm sure the other person posting on this is the woman who's photo I still have from the paper. You know with all the law enforcement around her so if anyone knows about snorting something she should know. As far as Christine goes I ran into her with her fiance and she is happier than I have seen her in years. She is moving forward with her life perhaps a couple of others could too and while your at it move away you give Montgomery county a bad name.

Brooklyn, NY

#8 Oct 27, 2012
To iamafollower- not trying to ruffle any feathers mearly stating that its a clinical fact that people who lash out at others are the ones that are harboring animosity. People who live thier lives and spend thier time despising others often live an unhappy existence. You cannot make others happy if you are angry and if you are angry those closest to you often suffer. It is better to avoid this type of behavior than to succom to it.

Charlestown, MA

#9 Oct 28, 2012
lolplz wrote:
People seriously. As someone who lives here and knows all the people involved on this post I have a couple of things to say. How many kids does Jen have now and last time I checked she is still married to someone else so who has a problem keeping thier legs closed. Also I'm sure the other person posting on this is the woman who's photo I still have from the paper. You know with all the law enforcement around her so if anyone knows about snorting something she should know. As far as Christine goes I ran into her with her fiance and she is happier than I have seen her in years. She is moving forward with her life perhaps a couple of others could too and while your at it move away you give Montgomery county a bad name.
oh so Chris has behaved for a whole month!? She's kept her psychotic side under wraps to lure this guy in. She's 43 years old and hasn't changed yet. It just a matter of time before she screws this up too and we all know it. Jenn may be a lot of things but she's not a drunk nor a child abuser nor a baby killer. All 3 of which Chris is. Ask her how many abortions she's had. I know of at least 3. And while you may not like Jenn, she's gone above and beyond trying to make a stable environment for Dorothy. She got the girl into counseling, got her on the right track at school, is home being a mother EVERY NIGHT to her kids and Dorothy unlike Chris who choose the bar and her friends over being a mother which is exactly why Dorothy was removed from Chris. Chris didn't hand her over she rolled over like a dog because Ed had evidence and proof that Chris wasn't being a productive parent. Chris has seen Dorothy ONCE since December. And that lasted all.of 8 minutes because Chris' true colors came out during a supervised visit. And Catholic Charities kicked her out of the building. So that's the kind of person you're supporting. Chris uses her FB to bash on Ed and Jenn and to post skanky pictures of herself. Jenn uses her to brag about her kids and post pictures of her children and new found happiness. Sounds to me some of you are bitter because she got out of a bad situation and found happiness.

Johnstown, NY

#10 Oct 28, 2012
As Dr. Phil says "you're a right fighter" You want to be right about all the things you THINK Chris has done in the past, but at the cost of who? That would be Dorothy's happiness. You see for over 12 yrs. she took care of her with little help from anyone. Dorothy had fashionable clothes, food in her stomach a warm place to live and lots of love. You can keep bashing her but to what pupose? For no matter what you say or do Chris will always be Dorothy's real mother. She will always LOVE her. Do you think Dorothy wants to keep hearing what a bad person her mother is? What kind of a message are you sending this child? A stable environment is not a place where a child is made to choose. A stable environment is not a place where one parent would take away from their child the love of the other one and try to make that child hate the other parent. Yeah, you are a "right fighter" and Dorothy's paying the price

Bedford, MA

#11 Oct 28, 2012
I've been in the home when Dorothy has referred to her mother as "Chris" and Ed corrected her, "that is your mother.' Chris made one effort in almost a year to see her daughter. She doesn't want to obey the court order. She wants things her way. Would you allow your child to enter the home of her abuser unsupervised? Chris never wants to own up to her actions and deal with the repercussions. And you act like Ed hasn't been there all of 12 yrs. He was gone for 3 years. Where do you think the money came from for Dorothy's stuff? The child support he paid under the table. Many nights Ed's mom took Dorothy food because Chris was no where to be found. You people are sick. Nothing but chris' enablers. Maybe if some of you so called friends and family stood up to Chris than the child wouldn't have fallen.through the cracks! And what fashionable clothing? All the hussie clothes her mother picked up from yard sales and consignment shops? Please! Warm food?! What food?! CPS found NO food when they investigated the night of her attack. She may be Dorothy's biological mom but she's far from "mom" material. Goes wks without calling, neglected her @ Christmas and her birthday, wants to pick a fight whenever she calls. But you're probably one of her hypocritic family members who turned a blind eye for 12 years and made a big scene at Christmas but haven't seen her since because you blame the child instead of the adult. Chris has her number so any of you could obtain it and call but you don't. You all ought to be thankful that Jennifer loves and treats Dorothy as one of her own instead of bashing on her. Dorothy will tell anyone that Jennifer is a "mom" to her. Dorothy is glowing any time I visit the house or see them out.

Fort Plain, NY

#12 Oct 28, 2012
I never heard of the attack? I want more info

Brooklyn, NY

#13 Oct 29, 2012
I'd like to see that too. But there is no proof only more one sided lies. If Jennifer is such a great mom why are her biological children living with the other parent or families. Everyone here knows ed is a thief and a liar so keep trying to portray him as a real father. You people are the scurge of Montgomery county. Remember not everyone of us that live down here are as stupid as you think. Also not everyone that Jen and kaylee talk to are thier friends. I will be the one laughing the hardest when your karma comes for you.

Lexington, MA

#14 Oct 29, 2012
Chrissy got drunk and when Dot got home ffrom a weekend w/ her dad Chrissy got pissed because Dot wouldn't trash talk her dad and Jen and beat Dot up. Dot snuck a text to her dad and he sent the cops over their. The cops witnessed Chrissy holding her daughter down around the throat. They gave Dot to Eddie and the judge granted him custody that week and an order was put on Chrissy having no contact until they went back to court. She was @ the bar that week crying the blues but as soon as you got a few in er she was happy as a clam calling her daughter all sorts of bad names. Then she got evicted cuz she got reported for welfare fraud for never telling that dot wasn't with her anymore. Pretty funny stuff. She sits @ the bars claiming to be an independent woman but she's not. She got caught stealing from different bars, uses men and uses the system. I'm glad she lost Dot. She had her in the bar all hours of the night. Ask Marie or Linda. I'm just glad I seen the light when it came to Chris. As did a few others. With our help Dot got put in a better place. It was us that contacted her law guardian and told the truth.

And in reference to Jenn's kids. It's called "joint custody". She has the children more than her ex does. And if the kids ask to go to the grandparents she lets them because she wants them to be happy. Lolplz... They call people like you two faced and two faced peeps get karma first.

Colorado Springs, CO

#15 Oct 29, 2012
You people are crazy! You know nothing about the truth!

First, you have nothing better to do than to talk about other people. Get a life!!!!

Second, you only see the outside of the pictures. Wow, Chris behaves for a whole month and is now marrying the first guy she meets?!?!

Third, don't you wonder why kids grow up and turn out like Chissy O'Connor begging for drugs and money and willing to give up her own flesh and blood for a price?! It's from pathetic people like you running your mouths all over town before you KNOW the facts. Is this the life that Dorothy deserves? A life full of gossip. If she is happy and Ed is happy and Chris is allegedly happy, can't you people get a life and move on?! They all apparently have.

No one knows EXACTLY what is going on with both sides.... Not Jen, not Ed, not Chris, not Dorothy. So don't pretend you are all full of knowledge.

Regardless what has gone on, the bottom line is that there are kids involved everywhere. For the sake of ALL the children involved, you people need to grow the fuck up and get over. You are hurting INNOCENT kids. Dorothy and Jen's kids. Until you pay HER bills, let's not be so concerned with how many kids she has or where her kids spend some of their time.

At least she is trying to live an honest life for her children. She has never abandoned her kids and never wanted to give up her kids. She may or may not be a lot of things, but she isn't a bad mom. She is a woman with a big heart who has gotten the shitty end of a stick. Stuck being married when she has not wanted to be for some time and forced to share her kids.

It is people like you all dragging her name through the mud making these kids' lives hell! I am tired of seeing them hurt over all this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Let all of them settle it all between themselves. That's what court and lawyers are for not redneck, low-life gossipers.


United States

#16 Oct 31, 2012
To roflmfao- your no better than us follow your own advise as you listed as first. You have a problem with us making statements then you go on and make your own. Why don't you get a life loser. Every story has two sides and reading your post it is apparent that your a ed and Jen supporter. Not all of us that live here believe thier story. So keep trying to portray them as good people. Once a thief and liar....always a thief and liar.

Canajoharie, NY

#17 Oct 31, 2012
When I was told that my name was mentioned in this post, I had to check this out. You people are unbelievable!! First of all, my name isn't spelled with a Y. It's KALEE. How did I get dragged into this shit?? Second of all, I dont need a phoney name to voice an opinion. Cowards. And going into back comments, I assume Im also the topic of the "newspaper article" LOL That was over EIGHT years ago! Why would you assume I made those comments?? Thats pretty lame. The only person I can think of who would throw a cheap shot like that is Christine herself, or mommy Pam. Also, if anyone WANTS to know facts about Christine, feel free to call me. I've seen first hand what mother and daughter are really like. I have 29 years experience! Now...who came up with this bullshit site anyway???? Ridiculous

United States

#18 Nov 1, 2012
Kalee first of all stop your own lying. Your wrong its not Christine or Pam rather someone you know and who still knows what you do. I talk to people who say their your friend but that's only for thier benefit. You only married pat for the money and if he knew what your doing you'd be out on your ass. Like I said before some of us live here and have seen how this has unfolded so go bullshit someone else. From what I've been told Christine moved away so I'm glad she doesn't have to see or hear about74 the shit posted on this site. I think you people have hurt her enough in the past. Your married to her father and you don't have the decency to even try to support her. You should be ashamed and I still can't believe that pat puts up with the shit he does.

Canajoharie, NY

#19 Nov 1, 2012
Whoever this is, is a complete moron. I've been clean for over 8 years. I'll even put my honesty out there for the world...I tried a spot of coke 2 and a half years ago, and had an instant panic attack. I dont do coke and Im scared to death of it! You obviously dont know me. As far as fake friends, everybody has them. I really dont care, because the many friends I have are awesome! As far as marrying Pat for his money, what do think he is, rich?? He has a JOB! And he works damn hard for every dime. Alot of people call that rich because so few people have a job at all or live on welfare. I dont need Pats money. I'm happy to have a GOOD man. Christine has NEVER been good to that man. She sucked off of him into her 40s and treated him like shit! You know nothing. You're such goof friends with crazy chrissy....go smoke some crack with her. Or get drunk. Or abuse your child. Or tell YOUR father he's an f'ing asshole. You dont know either Chris OR me

Somerville, MA

#20 Nov 1, 2012
That's right. Chris sat right @ the Forrester's bar leaving voicemail after voicemail on her Pat's cellphone screaming for money. Then when he denied her money and a lawyer she called him every name in the book. Then wanted the MC nomads to take Kalee out. They just laughed @ her. Chris is far from independent. The only reason she moved far away is because she's burned all her bridges in Montgomery and Fulton county.

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